Korean shoppers drop Japanese artwork, cosmetics and other consumer goods from shopping basket

Korean shoppers drop Japanese artwork, cosmetics and other consumer goods from shopping basket

amid the ongoing trade spots between
Seoul and Tokyo Korean shoppers happen buying much less of Japanese products
according to the korea international trade association imports of consumer
goods made in japan dropped last month by 5.4 percent on-year amounting to a
total of 164 million dollars imports of artwork plummeted nearly 99% fish
products such as caviar by 79 percent and cosmetics by more than 70 percent
stationary products and kitchenware also tumbled 44 percent


  • Priscilla says:

    Koreans should boycott all Japanese product until Japanese government say their sincere apologies.

  • 百地三太夫 says:

    It's much quicker to impose a total ban on importing all of Japanese products than to do such a cheap movement. It can provide fully feel satisfaction, can't it??

  • lambchopxoxo says:

    yeah but you had to buy those things to pour them out

  • lambchopxoxo says:

    I love both of you. I hope you kiss and make up soon.

  • Denver says:

    When my country (USA) boycotts imported products based on diplomatic disagreements, I always feel like it's just sooooo silly. One day it's French wine, the next it's German products… It's ridiculous! And now, our clown-president Trump imposed huge tarifs, which ultimately makes American consumers pay more.

  • Nat Sashikata says:

    Good good, keep up the boycott

  • BenHesed Iszrael InfoSystems : Change the way you 'see' and do says:

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  • Charlotte Nixon says:

    Way to go Koreans! We support you in Australia!

  • Wild turkey Dolphin says:

    I really feel sorrow about SKoreans. If you recall what happened in 1997, and why more than half of Samsung electronic's shareholders are foreign investors, it's not the time to do self-economic sanction rather protect Samsung. Samsung's revenue (top line) accounts for
    ◆more than 20% of Korean GDP
    ◆25% of market cap
    ◆ more than 20% of revenue comes from export (semi-conductor)
    ◆1/3 of total national wealth.
    Moreover, Korea itself is highly dependent on export, which accounts for around 44% of nominal GDP (Japan is 17%). So, you can clearly understand that how Korean economy is highly dependent on "Export (especially semi-conductor)" and "Samsung", however, since majority of Samsung's shareholder are foreign, everyday, Koreans are working hard FOR Foreigners, but could not fully enjoy the benefit from the Samsung's performance. In other word, this is called "Neocolonialism" under capitalism. But don't think about blaming Samsung, which Moon is doing right now, if you beat Samsung, your economy will easily systematically collapse.
    In 1997, when Won sharply depreciated and Korean sought and begged for help to other countries, what foreign investors did was to buy the bargained Samsung stock in the market. And what currently happening is that Korean government came here to request Japan for currency swap again (means admitting the danger of default, mainly the USD external debt I suppose), since Japan rescued several time on the verge of Korean crisis, but Korean government never told or revealed to the nation this fact, since if once told people this fact, it contradict to its "anti-Japan" policy. So, what if happens again, when won depreciates sharply (which is starting right now)? It's all up to you, Koreans.

  • 3888motoy says:

    In the mean time at a local supermarket at grocery section in my city in Tokyo, each and every section has a sign in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean on one same board. No sign of BOYCOTT never posted here.
    It is sad to see the 40 percent of population of Korea overtook the whole country, and rest of 60 percent, composed of 40 percent anti-Moon and 20 percent neutural, must keep their mouth shut to be safe. Is this a democracy? Where is freedom of expression that we cherish with pride when we talk about suppressive governments all around us?
    This channel rarely tells opinions of anti-Moon people but we know.:           https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bj9ZNzi6dt4

  • 3888motoy says:

    It is just a matter of time the nightmare of 1997, 2008 and the third,  currecy crisis will hit Korea.

  • leepakim says:

    0:10 they are also boycotting "Le Coq Sportif"??? ROFL LOL hahahaha

  • 3888motoy says:

    こっちも反日がいます。51G sub big ass.:      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyR5usRJik4

  • Dana Warwick says:

    It was imprudent for Prime Minister Abe to impose export curbs on South Korea in the first place. Abe stupidly betrayed customers as a seller.

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