Kylie Cosmetics | Extraordinary + Bad Lil Thing + Mind Ya Business | Lip Swatches on Fair Skin

Kylie Cosmetics | Extraordinary + Bad Lil Thing + Mind Ya Business | Lip Swatches on Fair Skin

Hey guys! It’s Phae, and this is Day With Phae. Today I am gonna be doing three lip swatches for you from Kylie Cosmetics.
These are her three newest lip kits. I have “‘Extraordinary,” “Bad Lil Thing,” and “Mind Ya Business.” As always, I have timestamps in the description below for when
swatches begin as well as lip swatches because you know I got you guys. So, “Bad Lil Thing” and “Extraordinary” are both mattes. And “Mind Ya Business” is a velvet. I usually prefer the matte liquid lipsticks compared to the velvet liquid
lipsticks, just because matte is kiss-proof. I prefer kiss proof more than comfortability, but I wouldn’t say matte liquid lipsticks are uncomfortable
because they’re not for me at all. I actually have linked down in the bio
below for how I prepare my lips for matte liquid lipsticks. And I do that I
have no problem whatsoever, but these are definitely much more moisturizing
feeling but they are not as kiss-proof so they fade a lot more throughout the
day and require much more application. First up we have “Extraordinary.” And
“Extraordinary” is a dirty raspberry. Okay guys, I am in love with this color.
You know how like there was the “Traveling Pants,” “The Sisterhood of the
Traveling Pants,” where there was pants that fit all of them even though they
were different sizes. I think this is like the travelling lip kit color that
I think personally would look good on a lot of different skin tones. I am feeling
it so I’m super excited about this one. I love how it looks with blue. I’m
definitely gonna take a picture with this like combo. Which, by the way, I have
an Instagram if you want to follow. I would really appreciate it because
sometimes I asked your guys’s opinions of like what videos do you want to see from
me, or like what swatches you’d like to see, compared to the new swatches. So give
me a follow if you want. You know, NBD. But I definitely love this color it
is the color in my opinion for Spring, so I’m excited to see what the other colors
are about. The next color we have is “Bad Lil Thing,” and “Bad Lil Thing” is a
warm burnt red. Spoiler Alert! I love it! It’s so cute.
I am just like obsessed with Kylie Cosmetics shades, like honestly I love
lipstick. I could wear lipstick all the time. I feel like lipstick defines my
look. I’m interested to see how this red compares to other reds but I’m going to
do that later in the video. But, this is cute, mad cute. I love it. I love warmth. I
have like warm undertones, so I feel like when I wear warm it’s like, “Hey!
We’re happy! Cuz we match your face!” This is just a really good spring vibe. I am
feeling it! Feeling it! So, we’re gonna go on to the next. And the next one, and the
last one before we do swatch comparisons, is “Mind Ya Business.”
“Mind Ya Business” is a velvet. I sounded like a song a little bit. “Mind Ya Business” is a velvet. But it is a dusty rose mauve. I’m interested to see how this
compares to “Love Bite.” So honestly out of the three, I was most nervous
about this one. Just because mauves can be a little bit hit or miss with me. Like,
sometimes it’ll be a little bit like… They’ll be good but it’s kind of like,
I’m trying to like pull like an emo vibe and I don’t always want to do that. But I
think that this is a very good color to wear every day honestly, and I was scared
I thought maybe it was like one of those special occasions kind of shades, if you
know what I mean. And this shade too, I also noticed, that it looked good with
darker shades, and I was scared I was like “Oooh, is that gonna be too dark for me?”
No honestly I think that this is a perfect color for fair skin or dark
skin, everything in between basically. I’m here for this whole entire
collection so let’s get on to the swatch comparisons.
Okay, so first up we have “On Wednesdays,” and then we have “Extraordinary.” They’re
pretty different but this was the closest lip kit that I could find in my
collection at first glance that could be compared to “Extraordinary.” So the
difference between this is that “On Wednesdays” is much more neon pink, and
“Extraordinary” has a like raspberry element to it. First up we have “Goals.”
This is “Bad Lil Thing,” and this is “Kristen.” So they’re pretty similar
honestly but I would say the difference between these two is that “Bad Lil
Thing” is brighter and more warm red than these two. Okay so lastly we have
“Love Bite” at the top, “Mind Ya Business” in the middle, and “Poison Berry” at the end.
So, definitely I would say “Mind Ya Business” is lighter. It’s definitely on
the lighter mauve spectrum compared to these two and that concludes my swatch
comparison. I would love to hear your thoughts. Which of the three is your
favorite shade? Or if there’s any swatch comparisons that you felt were missing
and you want to see it, comment down below and I will get that out to you as
soon as I can. I always try to help you guys. That’s the biggest thing in my
whole entire channel is being helpful for you guys and being there for you. If
this video is super informational I would love you to give a thumbs up.
Always really appreciate it. And I would love for you guys to subscribe to my
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here’s some other Kylie videos to watch if you haven’t already watched them. I
hope you guys have a good rest of your day! Bye!


  • Bianca mcgill says:

    Hey 👋 Thanks for the video 😘

  • monica reddy says:

    Love this❤️

  • ReeGwee says:

    Ok I LOVE mind ya business on you, very flattering. Looks like a great everyday lip color. Although it’s pretty close to poison berry 🤔

  • Alison says:

    All the colors are beautifuls!!! I live in France and most of the time when I order I get duties… so I am waiting for her annual BOGO :p I Think i'm gonna get Mind Y'a Business for sure 😍

  • Lisa O says:

    Love extraordinary on u! Your videos are the most helpful, just ordered mine 🙂

  • Michael Cossa says:

    Great video! Love all your stuff 🙂

  • Rebecca Levine says:

    so glad you uploaded! i was considering extraordinary to order along with her new setting spray next week ! Is Extraordinary similar to Jordy? I know Jordy was described as a raspberry

  • Esther Freeborn says:

    Been waiting for this vid and worth the wait. Defo getting Extraordinary when I next make a Kylie order 😍

  • Tayler Gomez says:

    YES I was waiting for this vid 😂 all the shades look amazing on you!💕

  • Idk? says:

    Phae I’m so glad your channel is growing. You deserve soooo many more subs

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    Yes! Finally! I was waiting for your video with these swatches! I purchased all of the three shades as well and I cannot wait to try them!❤

  • Nicole Alexandra says:

    I’m not sure if you have the shade Victoria but is it my all time fav shade for my pale skin!! If you do have it I would love to see a swatch comparison to bad lil thing. Xx

  • Nusa Mad says:

    Is extraordinary similar to tipsy? I think Snow Wae Bae from the holliday collection is the best pink ever. So unique. If you know another pink similar to Snow Wae Bae, help me!!! XD your videos are great!! Thank you!!

  • Mariah Penton says:

    I was wondering if you could help a gal out and compare the velvet shade 'twinning' from the kkw2 set to 'mind ya business'? I love all your videos, they honestly get me so hyped bc i'm super pale and its hard for me to find flattering shades that don't look almost completely identical on me. thank you for this one, I want them all!

  • Yoshea Lux says:

    Phae! I am loving the colors you got! I do love Kylie’s lipsticks! ❣️❤️ I fk t like the Matt ones as much as the gloss! I love the first lip color you put on! You definitely know how to nail your sexy look girl! 💕

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    Could you please compare extraordinarily and bad lil thing with autumn? 😇

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