So one of the big Purposes of my channel is just to show you that you can create really pretty looks without Like a degree in art or makeup artistry this hey guys, welcome back Thanks so much for stopping by today’s video is going to be another three looks one palette video Remember all these looks are achievable in under 10 minutes and they are easy and quick and doable So if you want to see this look in to others keep on watching If you haven’t already done so definitely hit that subscribe button and the notification bell fell very very important So you get notified when I upload? new videos Ok guys, so I’m not gonna lie. This first look is definitely geared more towards my subtle gals who don’t mind Creepy colors. I really really wanted to see what I could do with this mossy shade Sweet poison It definitely is a trickier shade to use. It’s probably a better suited to more of like a background Transition shade as opposed to kind of a forefront shade like I used it here but nonetheless we are going to Do it because this is the look I created and I do feel like some of you guys might like this sort of like mossy tones, so I’m just gonna start off with my m57 3 and I’m going to take that poison shade and just Softly start buffing it through the crease right into that inner corner there and As you if you recall from my review video of this palette, these colors are very the mats are very very powdery so if you are not a fan of fallout you might want to Skip this palette because there is definitely a ton of fallout in the pan and on the brush so I’m just taking that big fluffy brush and buffing it through the crease as you can see. There is some decent pigmentation It is a very very unique shade. I can say with like a hundred percent certainty I don’t have this shade anywhere in my collection. And as you guys know I am a massive eyes shadow palette Junkie, so if I don’t have it It means it’s probably pretty unique. So I’m going to go in with a slightly more tapered brush This is my Mac two one seven, and I’m just gonna add more definition to this outer corner here Now as you guys know you have heard me say this a bunch of times But if this is your first video that you’re watching with mine these looks that I do for my three look videos are all designed to be quick and Ideally under ten minutes and also recreate able for a lot of different Expert Tisa levels. So I I feel like on YouTube a lot at the time I’m gonna grab Pause for a second main boo Which is like a taupe with a very very slight shimmer, and I’m just gonna buff that ever so slightly Onto the edge there. This is a very very cool toned. Look Which is really out of my comfort zone I much prefer warm tones on myself. But what can you do? Alright, I’m gonna take this Glittery this is also a very very loose pan. It’s like spinning around when I touch it This iridescent green And my finger and I’m gonna pop that all over the lid I do find my fingers are probably my best tool when it comes to these Shadows, unless you want to wet the brush which obviously you are more than welcome to do if you want an even more intense Pigmentation. So what I was saying is I think a lot of the tutorials on YouTube are really really beautiful and artistic and gorgeous but they are really hard for kind of the everyday person who doesn’t study makeup to recreate so one of the big Purposes of my channel is just to show you that you can create really pretty looks without Like a degree in art or makeup artistry, this is a Sigma e 20 and I’m taking the purple shade And I’m just buffing that Along the upper lash line and just winging it out ever so slightly Just to add some definition to that upper lash line definitely keeping with these cool tone Shades Now I find Another big reason why I do these videos is I find I get a pallet in for a long long time I was like paralyzed like I felt like I couldn’t pick up and use the pallet because they didn’t know how to use it I was like, okay, there’s all these beautiful colors, but I don’t know how to put them to use So a big reason why I started creating these videos was I wanted to help you guys kind of conquer the dilemma that I had been confronting for so long and just give you ideas of how to dive in and just Pick up your pallet and use it put some different color combinations to there do some different eye shapes but nothing that’s going to take an insane amount of Practice basically in time that is essentially the finished look I’m gonna leave the bottom lashline bare because I think if I put that mossy color Along the bottom lash line. It’s going to make us look a little bit sickly, which obviously I’m trying to avoid that So I’m just going to pop on some lashes and a lipstick not pop on too long so I’m gonna do mascara and I’ll zoom you guys and so you can see but again This is super super simple easy doable. Look. I hope you guys like it. I know it’s not for everybody I know it’s not the typical color combination, but nonetheless, I hope you like it. So I’ll be right back for the close-up Okay guys so for look number two We’re gonna start off with my favorite shade in this palette and that is the bright orange color I have to say the shade did not disappoint. This is not only Insanely pigmented but it also blends really nicely as well. This is definitely my favorite shade in the palette It’s the big reason why I purchased the palette to start. So I’m really really happy that it did not It wasn’t it done basically because it is a big reason why I purchased it. So this is the morphe 518 And I’m essentially just pulling this shade All through my crease and winging it out We’re not going to do a cut crease but we’re going to kind of do a fake cut crease a Much much quicker version of a crease It doesn’t quite have the drama that a traditional cut crease has but it’s still pretty so alright I’m going to take that tan shade. It’s just a tiny bit and just buff it right along the edge of that orange We are going to intensify the orange, but I just want to make sure that edge stays blended. So there’s a nice Gradient, I’m going to go in with a slightly more tapered brush This is the morphe 17 and just tap the tip of that brush into the orange And we’re just going to further Intensify and define that orange shade I’m actually winging out past my eyebrow of Course these all these looks are just ideas for you guys so you should kind of Elevate them and tone them down as much as you see fit for the occasion for your comfort level This is just sort of to give you some inspiration For how to use your pallet? Okay, so I think that’s looking up out like the other one So I’m going to go into my Mac 239 just a packing brush and the bright yellow kind of sunflower color And I’m going to pack that This is sort of a similar method that I did for the review video So definitely go check that out if you want to see How my overall thoughts on the pallet but I’m just gonna take this shade and I love this brush because the tip is super super Like thin and defined so you can really almost like carve out your crease with shadow so I’m pulling it up and right up against that orange and Bringing it about halfway across my lid. And I’m gonna take the other side of the brush and this color. Let’s see Freak on it’s like a darker it’s like a kind of antique gold green shade, and I’m gonna start packing this next to That first shade and I’m gonna drag it up into like a wing Underneath the orange and I’m just going to fill that in Now this is obviously pretty dramatic So again, like I mentioned if this is too dramatic for you Just like cut it off like here so don’t wing it out all the way past your brow Cut it off a lot sooner and it’ll have a lot less dramatic look, but it’ll still give you all these cool fall colors And it’ll still have the impact that you want just won’t be quite as dramatic so again with the e17 Just gonna redefine that in our corner a tiny bit And make sure you’re nice and blended to finish off I am gonna do a little bit on the lower lash line I’m gonna take that color. We just used and I’m going to do the outer corner of my lower lash line and connect it up Just for some continuity and some shading then I’m taking this little ether t6 and batshit-crazy And just hit my inner corner to your duct area and just drag it across To meet the shade we just put down okay, so to finish off this look I’m going to go in again with my 18 and just a tiny bit of Halloween which is just like a very very light peachy taupe And I’m going to Just ever so slightly shade under the outer corner there just to give a little bit of definition Guys is the completed Look, I will never lie to you and say a look tastes more than ten minutes if I say it takes ten minutes It’s gonna take ten minutes. It might not be the both. Can I speak the most earth-shattering in the world? But this is pretty dang cool and it did not take very long at all. So I’m gonna touch up my mascara I’m going to cold zoom you guys in throw on some lips and then we’ll be on to look number three I Just forgot to press record, I’m glad I just caught that so I’m taking best witches and a dense packing brush And I’m just basically packing it. I’m getting a lot of Fallout, but that’s okay. We can brush that away I’m just winging it out towards the end of my brow and just kind of Tracing it back in you can definitely use tape or some sort of guide for this step You don’t have to So just kind of layer that shade up as needed I Definitely find that a pressing motion helps with these types of shades as opposed to a Swiping motion I’m going to go in with this little Kylie cosmetics blending brush and a little bit of the peach shade and We’re just gonna very gently blend out the top edge As well as the bottom and just kind of like smoke it outwards. So It’s not quite as Harsh of a line, I want it to be a little bit more Like this one kind of just like smoked out Definitely getting a lot of fallout on that shade. I didn’t get quite as much on the other side But that side is getting up time. Alright, so I’m gonna take another Real Techniques brush And just make sure it’s clean I think I swapped my brushes I think I use the wrong brush for that last step But anyways, I’m gonna grab the kind of antiquey gold color and I’m gonna Place that All on the inner portion of the eye that we left blank And just kind of mesh it in with that color. We just put down I Love the way those two colors look together. I think that’s super pretty okay so again, I’m going to grab that little Kylie brush and just a tiny tap of that peach color and Just buff it along the upper edge. Again. This is just going to add a little bit more dimension And give the eye some shape so it’s not just like shimmery shades pull opt on there Okay, so now I’m going to take the same Real Techniques brush and that same exact color that we just used and I’m gonna place it underneath my Whole eye And then I’m going to grab this little brush here this again is the e36 And a little bit of that gold and I just want to brighten up That area a bit I’m just gonna layer it right on top And then take that same little brush and a bit of the Maine blue color it’s like a gray shade and I’m gonna basically run it Along the lower lash line I’m not really being super shy maybe add in a dab of that peach color. I Just want it to be nice and smoky and dramatic at this point after this is my third look and I do Have a bit of eye shadow remnant. So I’m sorry if this is looking a little messy at this point. I’m trying to Brush away this fallout, but it’s being extremely stubborn which is disappointing. So you might actually be seeing some shadow down here But that is the finished third look a little bit more dramatic I am gonna add some lashes to this look and That’ll be about it I’ll throw on my last pair of lips and that’ll be the last look so I will see you guys in a second Okay, so that completes the video I really hope you liked this edition of three easy looks using one pallet again We used the Kylie cosmetics Halloween palette So don’t forget that don’t forget to hit the like button and comment down below if you like this video and I will see you In my next one. Bye

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