Kylie Cosmetics | Kybrow Kit + Brow Highlight First Impressions & Review

Kylie Cosmetics | Kybrow Kit + Brow Highlight First Impressions & Review

Hey guys, it’s Phae and this is Day With
Phae. Today, I am going to be reviewing the Kybrow kit in the color dark brown.
I am also gonna be reviewing the matte brow highlighter. So before I get into
that, I’m going to be announcing my first ever Day With Phae giveaway. What’s up! So
for the next few seconds, I’m gonna be talking about the giveaway, but if you
skip to this… I will start talking about the Kybrow kit. Right now, I am giving
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all that jazz… ready for you. This sold out, but I got one for you guys
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This is a thank you giveaway to my subscribers and I will be checking. Step
number two, go into the comments down below, I want to know a little bit about
yourself, so tell me your name, where you live, a little fun fact about yourself,
whatever you want to do. That’s it. It is that simple. Side note: I also wanted to
say that I’m doing another giveaway on my Instagram channel and this is for the
Kylie lip kit, which is what I’m wearing on my lips right now. All you gotta do is
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You got two ways to win something free. It doesn’t hurt to try. I’m gonna be giving
you guys a week to enter. Entering will close exactly like a week from now,
details are in the bio below. This is no way affiliated with Kylie cosmetics
or anything like that. This is just a Day with Phae thing. So yeah, I hope you guys enjoy.
Onto the Kybrow review! Okay so in the Kybrow kit, you get a
Kybrow pomade, you get a Kybrow pencil, a Kybrow brush, and a Kybrow
extreme brow gel. Now I got this in the shade dark brown, because I have really
dark hair – so I hope that that was the right color for myself cuz otherwise it’s
gonna be a really awkward video, but I think I’m good.
And I also got the brow highlight. I got the matte one. So let’s talk about
the packaging. I think the packaging is super beautiful. I am a huge fan of the
Millennial pink – that’s like what I call this and other people call this kind of
color. I love the pale pink look it’s very girly very like reminiscent of like
Barbie times but like Barbie pink 2.0, where it’s not like in-your-face and
super neon. I love it. I think that this box is beautiful. I also like how much it
comes with this kit. This is the perfect kit for your eyebrows – it’s like
all you need. I mean it doesn’t include the duo brow colors, but personally I
never have done my brows that way. So I was okay with that and it also doesn’t
include the highlights. So the brow pomade is $16 and it’s .15 ounces. So let me just do a cost comparison to a really popular brow
pomade which is Anastasia Beverly Hill. The Anastasia Beverly Hill dipbrow
pomade retails for $18 and this is for .14 ounces. So this is more
ounces and less money, which was different to the powder – the setting
powder – which was way more cost-effective to do the Anastasia Beverly Hills. But
this one you get more bang for your buck. That’s cool. Let’s add up everything
together and see how much you save with the kit. The Kybrow pomade is, as we
said, $16. The Kybrow brush is $10. The Kybrow extreme hold
gel is $16. And the Kybrow pencil is $14. So that comes
to a total of $56 and if you buy this as a kit
it’s $45 – which is the savings of $11. I think that this kit is a
wonderful price for everything that it comes with. So let’s get cracking. We’re
gonna put it on my face and then I am going to wear this all day. I’m gonna do
an intense workout in it to see how much it holds – do you know what I mean?Because
that’s gonna be the biggest test. If it can survive that, it can survive anything.
Let’s go. Okay, so first up, I’m gonna do more of a natural look on one side that
just uses the pencil and the highlight’s gonna go on both. This side’s gonna be
just pencil and gel and this side is gonna be pomade and gel. First things
first, I gotta spoolie out my eyebrows, because
they are a mess and I want to set myself up for success. So now I get my eyebrows
waxed every four weeks and I think I got them waxed like about less than a week ago.
So they’re in a pretty good shape. Now, I’m gonna focus on this side and do
my pencil. So now I’m moving on to the pencil and I just want to comment but I
like that this is clear, just aesthetically pleasing in my opinion.
Hopefully I don’t lose it because it’s clear but I like how it looks. This is definitely more of a natural
look. I am definitely more of a natural look kind of vibe kind of girl. So on
this side compared to my bare side, this is definitely much more filled in and
more of a natural look. I want to comment real quickly that I felt like this spoolie right here was really good at blending the product. Sometimes when I
have experienced using brow products in the past, especially brow pencils, I feel
like the product just doesn’t transfer on to my skin for whatever reason, but I
am really liking how this one looks. I think it’s perfect for a natural kind of
vibe. I will be placing the extreme hold gel, but I’m gonna be doing that towards
the end. All right, so now the biggest moment of truth: super scared because
pomades are intense and I will do them when I’m going somewhere; I’m trying to
look cute for a date or anything like of that nature. So the key to this and my
experience is just to be really gentle and I’m going to put that on this side. Basically
the thing that I really like about this kit, is that you have an option to do
something dramatic or you have an option to do something
natural, whatever you want. It’s just in that case. So super good. Now on to the
pomade. Leave it to me, I can definitely make a
pomade – which sometimes can look super dramatic – to look natural as well. So in
terms of difference, I really just think it’s like your preference of what kind
of material you want to go. I feel like the pomade is much easier to build upon, but like I said it could get very dramatic very fast unless you’re super
light with it, which is where I always tend to caution towards. I think that the
pencil one is super easy in terms of quickness. I definitely feel like the
pomade side is much more filled in than the pencil side and when I look very
closely… Honestly, I was about to say that the pencil side is more natural, but I
think they both look pretty natural and they both mimic my natural hair texture
very well, which is awesome and super exciting. And also using this brush was
super easy. It felt perfect – I have no complaints whatsoever. So now I’m going
to put the gel on. Basically because this is clear, it’s not like a tinted gel or
anything like Glossier, this is more to hold everything in place and also to
kind of add a little bit of a more texturized look to kind of like enhance
the hair texture to your face. So far, I’m a huge fan of the consistency
of everything. I think that, like I said, usually the brow pencil, in general for
me, they don’t stick on my skin, but this like glided beautifully… I felt like this
was like a very creamy formula as well and definitely not like anything that
would dry me out so far and it’s just kind of how I’m feeling. So I think that
this is a hit so far. I’ll definitely check out with you guys at the end to
see how it is after my day. Now I’m going to move on to the highlighter. Again, I
only got the matte one instead of the shimmer just because that’s kind of the
look that I prefer, but what’s cool about this is like it’s a little two in one, in
terms of that on the end cap of it, there is a little sharpener for your highlight
stick. Less is more, you don’t want it to look too cakey. I’m just going to put it
under my arch just to clean up the eyebrow look even more. So my final thoughts: obviously, this
doesn’t include like the product longevity of it all, which will be included
in the end of the video. But my final thoughts so far of everything: I am
obsessed. I think that this is a really good brow collection. I’m super impressed;
I didn’t know what to think because it’s like a brand new product, but I love the
brow line and I definitely think that you should get your hands on the kit as
soon as it restocks, because I’m sure it’s going to restock. I just think that
it is such a good bang for your buck and I really think that’s this is all you
need for a brow look and I think that it does the natural look good either way.
It’s kind of more of which way do you prefer to apply and obviously I’m sure
you can make this even more intense, but that’s just not my style.
But let’s hear my absolute final thoughts on the longevity of the
product. Okay so I just finished working out. I did my cardio, did some Pilates, did
that for about an hour, got my sweat on, it’s towards the end of
the night, but as you can see, my eyebrows are still on fleek. They still look
extremely nice. I am extremely impressed and I give this
a thumbs up. Okay guys, so that concludes my video. Make sure to enter the giveaway,
if you haven’t already. If it has passed, the winner is going to be in my bio
below. It will be announced. Also go to my Instagram ’cause there is a giveaway on
there too. I hope that this was super informational for you guys and if it was,
please give me a thumbs up. I always really appreciate it and if you haven’t
already, I would love for you to subscribe. All you gotta do is click my
face right here or you can watch some of my other Kylie videos that are also
really informational. I hope you guys sincerely have a great rest of your day,


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