welcome back to my channel for today’s
video we are obviously up close and personal because I am going to be reviewing the
Kylie Jenner glosses and metallics because those are her two newest releases so let’s get right into the video so right now I’m actually wearing Mary Jo K which I love by the way but this is my first time wearing it. I’m going to take it off so I can show you the metallics
and the glosses and I have my Naked 3 palette as my mirror, cute right? usually I’m terrified taking off red
lipstick believe that was surprisingly easy so we are going to start with the
swatch test but I’m going to put an insert of me doing the swatches on my arm
because I feel like that’s a little bit easier than me just going to like We’re back and so now we are going to be doing the glosses first and then the metallics because thats the order she released them. So she released 3 different glosses. Like, Literally and So Cute and I’m really excited to try all of them because I think nudes are the best lip colors possible and everyone has been wanting that Kylie Jenner Lip Color and she’s finally giving it to us although I do have to say I don’t see her wear glosses very often but I do think glosses are pretty so let’s see how it goes We’re going to do it in the order she announced them in which is Like then Literally then So Cute All of the brushes were replaced on the glosses because people were complaining about the previous brushes but I got the new ones. I got one old one but I have the new one for it because they sent those out. The first thing that I already like off the bat is that this is a small brush. so it’s more controllable So I really enjoy this color. It might be a little more on the red side because I had red lipstick on a few minutes ago my only concern is that it wouldn’t look good with like this type of eyeshadow because it has more dark browns/blackish tones in it and this is more of a copper tone so I would wear it with Copper tones or pink or something along those lines but overall I am very impressed. I like the way it feels on my lips. I usually blot them so let’s do a little blot test and see how that goes. I have my handy-dandy paper towel and I’m going to do a blot test It came off nice and theres still some there but it feels softer almost. I feel like with this color specifically I would definitely do a blot test On to the next one. I feel like the last one might have been too dark for my skin but I think this one is going to be LITERALLY perfect. Get it? Okay let’s try it on. So I like this one a lot. I think it goes with my eye makeup. I like this one a little more than the last just because I think this color is so beautiful. Let’s try a blot test. you know I think I like it better without blotting it. If you’re going for a more natural look then I would definitely blot. Now we are going to be trying So Cute. I’m so excited for this one because I think this will be the perfect nude. It’s a little lighter than the rest of them but I’m super stoked. This color is absolutely stunning. I’m a little worried because if people have a little darker skin tones than I do because I’m actually so pale so I’m worried it would be too pale so it may look too close to your skin tone so I wouldn’t suggest this for a nude lip for darker skin tones but if that’s the look you like then definitely try it. I really like it with this look like I might just wear this after. I think it’s a nice soft color that makes you focus on the other features on your face than your lips. Let’s try the blot test. That takes some of the color. This is what it looks like after It’s still cute. It looks cute no matter what. ok let’s try the metallics now. There are three metallics. There is Heir, King K and Reign. I’m really excited to try on Heir because that’s the one everyone’s been talking about. I’ve heard it looks really cute with a highlight in the center of your lips and all that jazz so I’m excited to see what it looks like. especially because I’ve been seeing a lot of people wear it. Although I did hear that it wasn’t super pigmented so maybe try with a nude lipstick underneath it. We’re going to try it without it and then with a nude lipstick underneath it. It isn’t super pigmented but if you do want a less pigmented look you could definitely wear it as-is. I want to try out having a nude lipstick underneath. I think that’ll make it pop more. These don’t dry nearly as fast as the regular mattes do. but I think it’s because they’re metallic. First I’m going to put on Mac’s Matte Honey Love and then I’m going to put Heir over it. Now let’s try putting Heir over it and see if that makes a big difference. I definitely like it a lot more with a lipstick underneath it. So if you are going to get this I’d suggest pairing it with a lip color it doesn’t have to be a super expensive one – it doesn’t have to be Mac. It can be even be a NYX Cosmetics nude and then just put this over it but try to get a matte lipstick so this goes on easier and still has the matte effect. Now, on to Kink K I feel like it’ll match what I have on my eyes right now I have a little gold in my shadow right now so I’m excited to try this one on. They still all smell so good. I do really love this color but my only concern with the metallics is that they aren’t super pigmented. I think this has a bit more than the last one but definitely not as pigmented as it could be. but I do like this because today I went for more of a dewy look and I have like shiny eyeshadow, shiny face, shiny lips so it all matches and I do really like it a lot. and I’m not sure about this but I think the applicator is a little bit different than the last set. this one applies really well and it’s super soft. okay last metallic color. Time to make a come-back. Let’s see if this one is as pigmented as I hope it is. it looks pretty dark and I don’t usually do dark colors like this I think this one might need a second coat let’s let it dry and I’ll put another coat on and see if that gets too goopy. I do think if you’re going to be solely wearing this color you should do two coats. It doesn’t get super goopy because like I mentioned earlier these take a bit longer to dry so when they are dry it doesn’t feel caked up on your lips. It’s time for the most exciting part of this video. I’m doing a giveaway. I have the three metallic and the three glosses and I’m doing a giveaway with all of these products. if you want to know how to enter I will have the rules down below. You have to follow me on Twitter and Instagram subscribe here and leave a comment down below saying why you want the Kylie Jenner lip kit and I’m super excited for this because these are really hard to get. and I was lucky enough to get a second set so I thought why not give it away Alright guys that is it for todays video. I hope you enjoyed it if you did make sure you give it a big thumbs up and subscribe also make sure to check out all my social medias and the giveaway contest rules and hopefully I will see you guys later.


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  • Tamara Krisch says:

    I would like to have it because I live in Germany and the shipping is just waaaaay to expensive. Besides that, I'm 16 years old and over here you're not allowed to have a credit card by that age :((((( yeah, that's the main reason. Another reason would be cause they're soooooooo fucking beautiful???????? Especially "literally" :p my Twitter and Instagram is @/alish__a you have to put two _

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  • Luctiaz says:

    Tysm for this opportunity I would absolutely love to win this giveaway because it's impossible for me to get one of this lip products they're not affordable and it would be an amazing 15 birthday present plus I would love to use one of these to promโ˜บ๏ธ

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    Can you please do the makeup look you have in this video !!

  • Nathalie says:

    her eye makeup is soooo pretty!

  • Alicia L says:

    I would love the lip kits just because everytime I try to get them my internet it to slow or there sold out I do have the Koko K lip kit but thtas the only one I've been able to get

  • Madison Taylor says:

    I would love them because I would just love to add some cool kylie lip kits to my collection and it would be great for photoshoots! instgram and teitter @Mtvanderveen

  • Jordy C says:

    I wanna win them for my birthday cause I tried to order and they were already sold out! <3

  • camerin allison says:

    why are you so pretty it's not fair

  • Alyssa Sparklez says:


  • Kaili Deck says:

    I've been wanting Kylie's lipsticks for so long now but they're just so much money๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • Shane Irish says:

    as tragic as it is, i was able to buy myself 2 kylie lipkits but are both fake… I AM JUST CRYING. ….and also i wanna try the glosses cause they look total adorbs… i love u griffin( and also olivia) :))

  • Shane Irish says:

    twittah: rendezvoushane ig: rendezvoushane

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