KYLIE COSMETICS Sorta Sweet Collection 2018 | Revue, Swatches & Tuto

KYLIE COSMETICS Sorta Sweet Collection 2018 | Revue, Swatches & Tuto

today I am going to present the new collection from KYLIE COSMETICS so it’s the ‘Sorta Sweet’ collection this is the one you have two products in this collection a palette of eye shadow and a trio of lipstick the palette is also a new pack so that’s it packing with Kylie in gold and the rest and black before that was all white and the palette is also black and we have the eyes glare finally it’s always the same thing in any case always the same format there is always the blushes that are written behind it’s really exactly the same except that the palette is no longer white it is matte black and inside we have like usually nine blushes so the colors are these so it’s a palette of good neutrals I’m not sure it’s a good idea finally I had want to have shades a little more summer I find it very autumnal but it’s a pretty basic palette anyway if you like the tones neutral and for the lipsticks so you have the trio that inside so there is a matte liquid lipstick, a liquid velvet lipstick and a gloss so this are three colors this is not new colors so it seems to me here is the colors are like this one to the shade ‘Maliboo’ which is a nude quite neutral then we have ‘Glitz’ which is his golden gloss which is super super beautiful and we have ‘Boy Bye’ which is a purple finally a mauve nude we’ll say who is also very pretty I really like this one so the mat is the ‘Maliboo’ if I say no nonsense yes the match and malibu and the velvet ‘Boy Bye’ in terms of price on the pallet is 42 dollars so it’s normal prices that makes you about 40 € and on the bundle it’s currently on sale at $ 36 instead of $ 42 I think and so that you make about 32 € but you can also buy them bundle set for $ 78 so that makes you around $ 72 I know not exactly what I’m going to do but in any case I’m going to start with this shade there that is down there so I’m going to use it in my eyelid folds in intermediate hues so with a brush ZOEVA 231 so before that I have obviously apply my base P.LOUISE good there is a small moment of the blow she has a little bit migrate in the folds hop here and I’m going to apply it here all simply so I do not know if it’s me but I feel it’s absolutely not the same color as in the pot it looks like I applied this color there no I do not know it’s very weird now I’m going to move to that hue there to degrade my tint transition so we will see if it is faithful to his color in the pot this one so I took a brush a little smaller but a little more flexible also that comes from MORPH is the ‘M506’ and in fact I do not know if it’s my skin or I do not know it never did that I have the impression that the colors are colder on me than in the palette good to the limit this one’s okay because as I degrade with the other I can not really see exactly the color but it’s true that this one frankly it is much colder on me than in the palette too weird So now I’ll take the darkest to put in my corner external so I take a small brush from ZOEVA is the 230 and I the applied oblique here there are small falls but good it’s not too serious, it’s pretty powdery as compared to the two other finally whatever if I feel it is a little bit more powdery and I’m going up a little bit in the corner here good it is still more dark than the other but it’s true that the other one is not brown at all plum what after I do not find it ugly but good I was expecting to see a brown what so now I’m going to come clean this part there and clarify a little bit with my base P.LOUISE and my little brush 18 from ANASTASIA I try to do something quite net at this level and then I just melt the color in what I put in outside like that it’s a gradient finally I start to make my gradient but any way I’m going to apply another color over this base. and at this point I’m going to put the pink gold hue that’s here so I’ve got you not given names but I do not know actually I do not even know how to read that good listen is not serious I’ll take with a brush from COSETTE the ‘D240’ and I will apply tapping this color looks very pretty now I resume the brown tinge of the beginning and I will degrade between two colors here to make it a bit better and easier I’m going to do the underside so I’m going to put a pencil in base for it to be more easy for me to apply the blushes so I chose the ‘Whipple flash’ of at LINDA HALLBERG so I’ll put it on three quarters of my eye then I’m going to degrade so that it’s too much of a pencil sharp and then after I’m going to apply exactly the same smears that I applied in the eyelid fold so the weird brown and the transitional tint in my inner corner I will apply this shade there to illuminate a little so it’s a hint a little golden I do not know she has reflections is a little weird but she is pretty enough It is very very nice to apply by cons I’m going to do a liner so I’m just going to do it at the bottom of the eyelashes and outside I’m going to melt it in my eyeshadow so this be sweeter so before the dry end I take the little ball brush that I used for the color that was right on the outer corner and then I’m going downgraded together so I pummel and then I can continue my liner good I do not find this makeup very very fun so I’m going to take a ‘Dazzle Liner’ from NABLA in ‘Comet’ tint is a little pink gold so I’m going to do a very double species here was it a good idea nothing is less certain not very convinced by this double feature but good it’s okay I’ll add glitter so it’s the ‘Siren’ of at LASPLASH it’s a glittery liner that is a little pink with golden reflections I hope where I apply it simply over my liner I think I’ll add some on this little ugly line Han! I overflowed great! Oh thin I forgot! I wanted to show you that it’s a small species gel small glitter gels actually for the eyes of PIXI is too much well it actually dries and so it’s a small applicator foam applicator like that you can put it alone or over makeup so me what am I going to do there for example so it’s pink gold so I put it over the pink gold tint so I tap like that and then I’ll take a brush or your finger as you want me I take a brush because it’s still a small area and I’m going to spread it and it’s too good it’s dry and frankly it’s too pretty I will of course put false eyelashes etc … But before that I going to freckle because it’s been a long time since I have and for that I use the WUNDERBROW but you can use any which liquid or creamy eyebrow product at least and I apply it with good I’ve already shown you a million times but for those who do not who have never seen other videos I take a little brush eyeliner and then I’m going to make small dots like this and then with my finger I taps to unify well anyway integrate small freckles in my complexion is actually doing this before it dries of course that’s why I make a small portion that will make you freckles a little bigger others a little smaller etc … and suddenly it will be much more natural it is necessary obviously tap before your product dries and I’m going to put a little little highlighter so always from pixi the same collection as the species glitter that I showed you for the eyes so I put the hue the clearest with a small fan brush since I feel that it is very very pigmented that’s what it gives for eye makeup finally it goes I dislike less than without false eyelashes the little line I the is useless but hey it’s neither beautiful nor ugly it does not help but it’s good does not make it uglier than what was here we’ll go to the lips and I’ll start with Glitz so Glitz is the gloss and I swatched it it is too beautiful I love then right now I am very gloss but this one he is too beautiful ah I love it is superb I find it super super pretty there are under your pink and frankly it’s beautiful so it’s pretty fluid like gloss and by experience in general when the glosses are very fluid like that they do not hold on well now I think it’s all right its effect because as there is a lot of nacre I think pearls remains after that there may be the bright side that will fade over the day but hey it’s a gloss so it’s a little normal that it’s less although at lipstick I now go to velvet so it’s the ‘Boy Bye ‘and this one I think I had already put and I like it a lot so it’s a purple nude so it has a velvet finish that is to say that it goes stay a bit shiny like that and that’s a hue that I find very very pretty after it is not a single shade there are some in other brands but I really like this shade, and I finish with ‘Maliboo’ which is the mat of the collection so it’s a pretty neutral nude well listen frankly I find it really beautiful so for the palette blushes I’m pretty mixed because it’s really a harmony that I not necessarily adapted to the moments I wanted colors a little bit more … I do not know a little bit more petulant so I know she’s going out a summer palette with quite tart colors etc … many colors hot elsewhere but I do not know at last actually it’s that I do not want to do that kind of tone and that kind of makeup now so maybe my opinion is skewed because of that and then also the fact that the certain colors are not exactly the same on my eyes as in the palette so maybe that it is that with me I do not know but it never happened to me really nothing changed I really do as usual so I do not know too much in any case it’s still a nice harmony if you like make-up neutral it’s cool but it’s also not hues you can not find elsewhere I think if you like that kind of tone you already have some palettes in the genre you must definitely have the colors already in your business on the other hand for the trio of red to lips I find all three very very beautiful so they are nude to nothing transcending apart the gloss so there I applied it over ‘Maliboo’ and I find that it is a combo that is very pretty and that goes very well with the eye makeup for that matter and they are really all three very pretty after that it’s also not colors that you can not find in other brands but if you like the nude why not you do not have this type of color there, I really advise you because I do not have me I find the three colors very pretty here I hope that this video has you no longer it’s over and do not forget to subscribe to my chain if it’s not done yet that my content we like you and I tell you to soon in a new video


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    Le rendu final est sympa mais en effet, j’aurais préféré de la couleur ! Ça ne sera pas mon prochain achat ! 😂 Merci Marion !

  • Sidonie Kretz says:

    La teinte rose gold (le fard)te froisse beaucoup la paupière je trouve😧 ! Sinon le makeup est sublime même si je préfère les makeup colorés 😜❤️

  • Caroline Stern says:

    Ça fait deux semaines que je n'ai pas regardée tes vidéos car j'étais en vacances et ça me manquait tellement 😅
    En tout cas cette palette est pas ouf je rejoint ton avis sur le fait que l'été t'as pas trop envie de sortir ça comme palette de tes placards. Mais bon, j'ai jamais été tentée par les produits que sort la Kylie, toujours du déjà vu je trouve. Enfin super make up quand même 😘

  • hayatebeautylifestyle says:


  • D P says:

    Moi jel'aime vraiment ce maquillage et si je le pourrais je me ferais maquiller par toi tu es vraiment bonne.

  • Ninon Bertucat says:

    ton talent est immense : en plus de te maquiller comme une déesse tu arrives à parler en te mettant du ral ! tu as un don marion 😁

  • Ailsa Ross says:

    I’ve just bought these and this video was a big help! Thank you so much for uploading gorgeous and the subtitles helped a lot💋

  • Daisy Mayeur says:


  • doraavigail says:

    Très joli maquillage et très belles couleurs, j'aime la douceur du rose, les paillettes… bravo à toi 😀

  • Caro Ruth says:

    Le marron bizarre 😂😂😂😂

  • Angéline Guillemin says:

    J’ai déjà eu ce problème aussi avec les fards de kylie dans la peach palette un fard qui paraissait rouge irisé s’est révélé enfaite être rose j’étais dégoûtée

  • Dannye Huot says:

    J’adore avec tes modifications ces superbes sa rehausse beaucoup j’adopte

  • Mathilde Gilles says:


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