Hey guys, it’s Phae, and this is day with
Phae. As always there’s timestamps in the description below if there’s a specific
piece of information you’re looking for. And there’s Dexter. Hi boy! Anyways let’s
get to the velvet swatches. These are all the Velvets in my collection from Kylie
Cosmetics. First up, “LA”, a light nude peach. This was part of the birthday collection.
Let me just get this out of the way: This color does not look good on my
complexion. Boo! I’m a ghost. That’s what I think when I wear this shade. This is
strawberry cream, a bright warm pink. Is this kiss proof? I don’t think so… It
isn’t. This is “Charm,” a dusty pink rose. This is “Harmony,” a warm mid-tone pink. This is “Low Key,” a warm pinky coral. This is “Dazzle,” a warm terracotta. This is “Savage,” a warm apricot nude. One of my favorites! This is a newer formula, so let me see if this is kiss proof. It’s
not. But it’s a lot better than before. This is “Boy Bye,” a pinky mauve. This is almost 100% kiss proof. This is
“Basic,” a mid-tone taupe. This is “Birthday Suit,” a nude warm beige.
I got this from the “Send Me More Nudes” collection. This is “Commando,” a terracotta beige, also
from the “Send Me More Nudes” collection. This is “Naked,” a sandy beige also from
the “Send Me More Nudes” collection. This is “Bare,” a nudie pinky beige, also
from the “Send Me More Nudes” collection. This is”Poison Berry,” a deep dusty mauve. This is “Goals,” a soft strawberry. One of
my favorites. Again, not a hundred percent kiss-proof but, almost! This is “Party Girl,” a
bright hot coral. This is “Surprise Me,” a bright fuchsia. Actually was surprised at how much I
liked the shade. This is “Rosie,” a warm deep rose. This is “Sprinkle,” a vibrant plum. This is “Red Velvet,” from the newest
holiday collection. It’s a vivid warm red. I love this color. It’s so classic and
perfect in time for the holidays. Okay! That’s it for the swatches. Make
sure to subscribe if you haven’t already. Like the video if you found it
informative, and let me know if you have any questions in the comments. Have a
good day guys!


  • Sophie Harding says:

    loved this xx

  • Aidan Taylor says:

    I loved this! So informative, and perfect. Do you think you could do a mattes one too???

  • Dalia Tenani says:

    This was super useful, thanks!

  • Susannah Rodriguez says:

    Isn't Commando also part of the Fall collection 2017? Maybe it's not and she just reused the name. Thanks XO

  • Citria says:

    Hey Phae,
    Which one of the velvets do you think is the most similar to candy k? I love Candy K but it’s too drying for me
    Thank you

  • Letizia Puddu says:

    Hey, I wanted to ask you if you think that basic is similar to dolce k, because I really like dolce k color, but I can’t wear it bc of the matte formula❤️

  • bearnainai貝爾奶奶 says:

    what's the nail polish you're wearing? it's gorgeous !!

  • Bridget Oliveira says:

    loved this 🙂 quick, to the point, and we have similar skin tones! now I can see what I really want next time everything is in stock. subbing. thanks for the video, looking forward to more 😀 xo

  • Vanessa Marie says:

    omg amazing video! looking to buy a velvet lipstick from her website so this was sooooooo helpful! thank you for sharing! just subscribed to your channel! (153)

  • Elizabeth Girard says:

    So many of the nudes look YELLOW. Is that the lighting or is that really the color. I was interested in basic and birthday suit but I’m rethinking it now. What’s your thought?

  • Caitlin McDonnell says:

    This just confused the crap out of me! I was about to order low key or commando it looks more pinky everywhere else I see it but on you they look orange! What the heck

  • ReeGwee says:

    Thank you for this! Just bought 3 more shades because of this video! Ughh why does the formula have to be so goooodddd 🙁 I definitely need her to come out with Candy K in a velvet though!

  • simarpreet kaur says:

    What an amazing video dear loved loved loved your channel been binge watching your videos since I've found your channel have just found your channel and subscribed I have also been planning to make a you tube channel lately I am very very interested in doing an international swap with someone who's taste is somewhat similar to mine plus it'll be even more exciting to try stuff we don't have access to being in different countries let me know if you'd be interested feel free to ignore would still continue to love and support your channel no matter what thank you love stay blessed lots and lots of love from India Xoxo

  • Keren Samson says:

    Great job girl!! Tnx

  • Mari Garris says:

    I subscribed just because your description box is so organized.

  • MichMo72 says:

    wow this was perfect! thank you so much!

  • Koko Shinoda says:

    ugh it makes me soooo happy that there is a lip swatch video out here where the lips arent full af (i can never relate to those videos because my lips are small and definitely dont look the same on me as on those with fuller lips) so this video really helps

  • Vale C. says:

    Omg Naked looks soooo good on you what

  • Samantha SB says:

    Great video , Just wanted to ask you a question. How do you think BARE compares to One Wish and Canady K ?

  • I V says:

    Do these have a scent??

  • Sarah Mancio says:

    For someone with fair skin, this video was super useful to watch! I took notes on which I liked and plan on ordering. Thanks for the video! 🙂

  • Erin R. Harkin says:

    I love your curls ❤️

  • Stephanie Dinaso says:

    Do these transfer?

  • Farah says:

    899th subscriber

  • Emily Cox says:

    would love to see a top 10 velvets for fair skin just like how you did for the mattes! 😄

  • Paleta Princesa says:

    I would kill for this lip collection , i love Kylie lip products and Jeffree Star. I don’t buy lipsticks anywhere else 😅😅😅

  • Whitney Haba says:

    Great video, as always! I'm wondering if you have a comparison of Harmony & Strawberry Cream.

  • Kuan Chien says:

    Red Velvet is gorg on you girl!!! Can you do a tutorial on Pomegrante? plze

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