[Music] hi guys I’m are and last night I got the new Kylie cosmetics weather collection I feel like calling a stormy collection but I know it’s weathers it’s so cute it’s a new collection that Kylie just came out with and she basically did the whole collection because of her daughter stormy which i think is just the cutest thing ever you guys when I saw the collection I was like dying it was so cute and when I saw it here at my house I was like oh my god are you can make a video about it and I need to try it out so this whole look I’m wearing it’s all this new collection so at the end of the video I’m just gonna do a little tutorial for you guys showing you this look so you can see kind of like how the products were form and all of that but right now I’m just gonna tell you like my review on these products and I love them so much so yeah if you guys like this video don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up and of course subscribe to my channel by clicking down there and also tap that little notification belt to join a lot more guys and before we get started I realized this is my second Kylie video in a row I am so sorry it just couldn’t happen that way I had the other video going up and then I’ve got this literally last night and I was like I need to tell us because I mean you guys saw it on Instagram and you were like we need a review on this collection right now and I was like ok I upon it but I know you guys were probably waiting for this anyway because I did a little Instagram poll you know what I’m gonna pull it up right now oh my god and literally 94% of you set you need it the review on this collection now 94 so like yeah I know all of you I needed it too I was like so excited when they came in the mail so this collection Kylie said she put a lot of detail into it and you can more sure see that on everything in the collection I mean the packet I know the packaging shouldn’t be like the most important thing with us I mean that’s the first thing you see I mean it’s just so cute okay so this collection has three matte lipsticks two glitter eye shadow duels the calm before the storm eyes shadow palette one lip gloss a highlighter palette the eye of the storm a shadow palette I’ll lose highlighting powder and a yellow cream gel eyeliner so I received everything except for the matte lipstick so I can’t speak on the lipsticks but everything else I can talk to you guys about so let’s start with the palette so there’s I have this storm and there’s calm before the storm and guys I feel like these are even so hard for my camera to pick up because they just have like this almost like hollow thing it just shines I mean the packaging is so cute this one has like thunder and this was like almost like the Sun so the colors on this palette Allah is a storm they’re a bit darker they’re just like you know I am the storm and this palette is just like sunshine and rainbows and it’s so cute and like happiness honestly I would usually gravitate towards this palette a lot more but for this look I just try to put like a lot of stuff on my face just tried to be a little bit more outside my comfort zone and just for this whole collection I would have to say it’s a fun collection if you guys like to just do like a neutral brow and I everyday I’m not sure this is a collection for you because there’s a lot of shimmer there’s a lot of color it’s just a lot of fun it reminded me almost like an 80s vibe because it just have like blue and yellow and something that you don’t really see for every collection but I thought it was very cool and very fun so these are like the shades for the eye of the storm palette which i think is like the most eye-catching but still what’s interesting about this palette is like almost like half of the palette is just like very like dark and eye catching shades but then the wraps like here this whole side is just like you could very wearable and very daytime so I think really playing with it and create lots of different lugs the only thing I found is that there’s not really like a brown shade and either of these palettes so like that’s what I’m saying it’s just like a very like playful palette but I mean I don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world because I’m pretty sure most of us have a brown shadow somewhere so it’s not like necessary like that we need in every palette so here they are honestly when I first saw pictures of these colleagues I was like okay I’m for sure gonna be using call of the storm but I ended up using a lot more I of the storm at least for the this look I created so I think sometimes things don’t go as you expect I guess there are ten pounds they don’t have a mirror just like a very portable like a more compact version of the other highly palettes that there are out there I do like that I really really enjoyed this packaging because I feel like you could just take it with you anywhere so I think this is really cool I really like that I’m gonna want to the highlight palette and you guys will see in the tutorial these highlights oh my god I mean they get pikmin Ted and this does have a mirror I’m not sure how it works in like highly world I don’t know how does she decide what gets a mirror and what doesn’t get him here cuz I would almost feel like I wouldn’t eat more mirror shadows them with the highlight but I’m not sure I love again love the packaging this look I mean like the box it has like a little lightning and then inside it has little stars and that here has like the little clouds I mean everything that just looks like she put so much love and so much detail to it and I think it’s so cute so I’m just gonna swatch these up really quickly for you here you can see Bam Bam like I will show you all my fingers at the same time so here they are all the shade for this highlight I personally really like them I feel like they tend to go more towards the pink side of things there’s one that’s like more gold which is this one and it’s actually called Golden Hour I should have warned this one man I actually ended up putting on like a daydream I think it was called yeah daydream and they’re putting on daydream and it was very pink feel like Colton tower would have been better for my skin tone oh it’s so cute I’m gonna put a bit more on nobody said there was too much highlight not kidding that can’t be such a thing but this color is actually very similar to the loose highlighter the loose highlighter I absolutely love so I’m just gonna go into that one it’s called lightning bolts and I again I give the packaging like a 30 out of tile like a hundred like a million out of ten the packaging is beautiful it’s so so absolutely adorable and even more when you think it’s like a collection for your daughter can you imagine I mean Stormy’s luckiest baby in the world but anyway it just comes like this it has again the little lightning bolt here and this is kind of like a more golden shade I would say yeah it’s super gold I absolutely love this I think the color is amazing you’re gonna be seeing me wearing this a lot and also I mean it’s very very pigmented so I’m just gonna pictures of it I just picked up here randomly on my aunt’s it looks so pretty it reminds me of banana almost I feel like I want it to smell like banana I don’t know if I’m just craving him but it isn’t really bad oh okay so now I’m gonna move on to the glitter shadows or liquid shadows I think she called them liquid here glitter eyes look whatever okay so you basically get four and there’s two that come like this and I would say like this like the neutral side of things and then there’s like this crazy one it’s not really crazy because one is like brown but the other one is this violet moon and it’s like blue and that’s pretty much like the main part of my I look and it’s doing with this shadow I really really liked it these I don’t feel like they’re super easy to use because I try using super star at first and I was like okay I’m just gonna use this like as a base for the rest of my shadows I’m just gonna blend it out I’m just gonna like work it light that way and I feel like these shadows really work well when you just set them in place and not when you blend them out they’re not really good for being used as a primer that they’re just better to be used on their own just like letting them shine on their own so just keep that in mind I feel like they can be so great but you really need to like know what you want to do with that because that happens to me a lot where I’ll like start doing my mink I’m like okay I’m just gonna put the shadow here in the blend and then this other one here and blend and see like kind of where it goes I feel like this is not the right product for that I feel like this product is really good for being like okay I want the shadow to pop right here and I just really want to like stand out and I want it to be pigmented and that’s what you want that is exactly what you get I mean the pigments in saying they really don’t move like these happens on my hand for hours and they look so good this the one I’m wearing on my eye I said it a bit with some of the eye of the storm I said it with like this blue shape which I love which is Munem back and I think it even looked better so if you combine like the glitter eye with the shadow like just the powder shadow I think I look amazing but don’t combine it by blending because I think when I blended it out it just almost disappears unless what you want is that almost like very soft glittery eye then that will look amazing and then definitely blend but then I feel like you’re almost like losing the point of the shadow so that’s just like what I got from these shadows I really like them but I think you have to be like careful with how you use oh my god I can’t believe it okay so we’ve gone through almost all the products except for the yellow liner and I think that was a very interesting choice to go for a young a liner don’t like wow I mean I realize we don’t really use yellow liner a lot but it’s so cool again I’m telling you guys this collection is like cool and fun so I really really really like it so the gel liner is called yellow it’s called yellow so it has again the little lightning bolt I love it I really hope he uses this more now that you know stormy is around it’s just so cute all MPs I think just rent that Kylie trademarked Stormy’s name that’s awesome man I mean wow they’re just like a step above all of us that’s so cool but anyway it’s yellow and it’s very very yellow cuz I feel like sometimes yellow orange and red sometimes when I apply that when I get like a shadow that’s that can fight it’s like one of those colors I put it on I’m like it like doesn’t really you know go on like I expect it and it’s happened to me with like some liners as well but this one it’s yellow like get a loop I mean like it’s like like you took crayon it’s like very yellow so I just pop that on right here and I took under on the light year light year which is this yellow shadow here and again yellow that’s what you get you get some yellow so the last but not least is the gloss and last night I remember when I posted about this you guys were asking me to swatch the glass I mean I didn’t think the gloss was gonna be like what you guys movie most interested about like honestly when I first saw collection the palettes were what caught my eye the mouths but the gloss is so cute it’s like pink slash white gloss I want you guys to really be able to see like how much shimmer is in it it’s just like pure Sparkle it feels almost like cake frosting I mean it’s like a lot you know it’s very very very shimmery and the packaging is adorable because it has these little thunder bolts again I love it I’m obsessed with all of it but when i swatched it last night i’m just like on my lip i just like i wasn’t wearing any makeup i had just gotten out of the shower which is like okay if you guys are asking for it I’ll show it to you guys I did not like hot looks I think if you were all over your lips it could look very 80s so what I did right now is I wore it just a little bit on the center I think it looks amazing and it feels really good it doesn’t feel sticky at all so I think that’s kind of what this was designed to be almost not a lip topper but almost like that because it’s so shimmer it’s so pretty I think this you also see me wearing a lot because I love it and I love that it’s pink cuz I use know I wear a lot of pink on my lips so let me say it smells like anything I feel like it does smell like vanilla cuz I have this idea that I was like what smelt sweet in here and it’s this gloss it smells very sweet I really like I think this would be a great gift for somebody is well actually this whole collection I’m not sure but something I would pick up for myself but now that I have it well you know what I’m lying because I would have picked it up because it looks so pretty in pictures because I saw Kylie posing and I was like oh my god it’s so pretty but in general like those Saints are not shades I would go to and now that I haven’t like oh my god I need to wear this more because even this eye look it’s something that I usually wouldn’t wear but not it’s done like oh I really like it so I’m just happy I kind of stepped outside my comfort zone for this because I’m happy I did that’s what we can was about you know having fun and trying different things so this is so cool I’m so happy I love the collection I love story already by guys without further ado let’s just jump right into the tutorial okay so this collection is out there and I figure I’m gonna do it look that’s out there as well so I want to first take from the calm before the storm palette this shape right here which is sunshine that’s a beautiful like yellowish shade and I’m just gonna pop it all over my lid I’m just gonna use this more as a transition shade I’m just gonna pop it right in there so when I first saw this coach it was so excitable this liquid shadow and this is violet moon and pretty much just gonna do like a very bold eye look based off this shadow and the shadow I will say it’s best to just not move it around it looks so good just when you leave it where it’s supposed to be so we’re gonna go like graphic with this let’s try it out and see how’d you like an all-over that is look oh yes honey it is blue blue blue I’m just kind of cleaning up baking as I go but I’m just gonna clean up these edges here but so I’m taking a bit of a brush although with this applicator I think it turned out alright but I just want to be pretty clean so I’m just taking this little flat brush to make it super clean you know soon as I’m here with all the blue I’m gonna take a bit of moon and back I’m just gonna kind of Pat it on and was moving back I could kind of blend this line out but I want this line to be very harsh I want to be like I was saying kind of like graphic so I’m personally gonna leave it that way and you guys already probably noticed that I put a bit of brown from my bronze palette just because I feel like all the blue needs said and it’s like a bit of balance but I’m gonna take this kind of green which is Cyclone I’m gonna pop it right on my bottom lash but just right on the center I’m just gonna gonna work it to the sides so right now I’m trying to figure out if I should use the yellow liner or not I don’t know because I thought of adding a bit of yellow like here I’m not sure I don’t know they’ll be going overboard mmm okay I know what I’m gonna do it I’m just gonna have a bit of yellow right here on my inner corner and it’s gonna be like a pop of yellow yeah that’s what we’re going for okay I put some lashes on and stuff like that but now I’m gonna do that yellow pop and I’m gonna take the yellow liner I’m just gonna kind of like just pop it right in there oh this is very yellow I really like it and you can make this like crazy pigmented guys I mean I’m just adding like a bit more and it’s going like so so yellow I want a bit of shadow to it from the eye of the storm because light year is like pretty much the exact same shade but I don’t even think it’s necessary to be honest with you and I’m gonna take this shade right here it’s like a pinky so pretty whew okay come from highly so pretty like to move my hair okay I admit I might have totally overdone with the highlight but I still have the loose highlighter and this is pretty like yellow gold so I’m gonna try to see if I can just dab it oh yeah just a bit I can’t overdo it again I love this one alright so that’s it as far as like eyes and everything else I didn’t get the Kylie lipstick so I’m gonna use this buxom one I love this box in lipstick so beautiful I love the color and it’s so moisturizing too but I did get this gloss and this is washcloth I did try a kind of all over my lip and it feels like it’s a bit much so I’m just gonna put it right on the center like that and just kind of work it in and it’s so pretty but I feel like just a dab of it I feel like all over the lip it’s a bit much but just like this I love how it looks so pretty and there you go guys okay so this is the finished look with all Kylie cosmetics it’s a bit out there I mean that’s not what I usually do but let me know if you guys like it but hey guys I had a lot of fun playing with this collection let me know your thoughts let me know if you’re gonna get it if you already got it what do you think thank you so much for watching I love you guys so much I’ll see you next one

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