Lesbians Guess Lesbian Slang – Vol 2

Lesbians Guess Lesbian Slang – Vol 2

J: Hello! C: Hi! J: Here is part two of lesbian slang J: because the first time wasn’t really lesbian slang,
was it? C: No, it was just gay words that we were like, “Whaaa’?” J: We’ve taken words from the comment section – thank you so much – J: I’m slightly scared. C: I think I’ll get maybe, like, one out of ten. J: OK, good, I think there are only ten. C: I’m not a real lesbian, apparently. J: Oh, my God. J: Knowing these things does not make you a real lesbian. C: That’s what one of the nurses said at work yesterday. C: She was like, “Oh, yeah, I’ve got this friend and she’s like a proper lesbian.” C: I was like, “Oh, right, as opposed to a not proper lesbian, like me?” C: She was like, “Oh, well, you know, she’s like…she’s quite butch.” C: I was like, “Ohh, so that’s a proper lesbian!” C: And then she was like, “But it’s really weird, the actual point of my story is that she’s now dating a guy.” C: And I was like, “Right, so, actually, I’m more–” J: Not a proper lesbian! C: So I was like, “So I’m more lesbian than her because I’m married to a woman.” J: Yeah. C: If you wanna do the whole, “Who’s more lesbian?” C: Anyway. C: I just thought it was quite interesting that she thought she was a “proper”–described her as a “proper” lesbian. C: I’m not really that bothered about who–like, “I’m 100% gay; I’m a platinum gay!” C: I’m like, well, whatever… J: Who cares? C: I’m just like Jessica [?] C: High five! J: She’s a Jessicasexual J: OK, let’s begin! C: Oh, yeah. C: Sorry about my wet hair. I just had a shower and it’s a really sunny day. C: OK, let’s start. J: OK, first word! C: I know that one. J: Yeah, that’s an old lesbian. C: Has been lesbian. C: It’s basically my nurse’s “proper” lesbian friend, in fact. J: Yes! J: There we go, we tied it together. J: “A person who has been a lesbian, but now lives a heterosexual lifestyle.” J: Are those those really, really butch women? C: What, like a proper lesbian? J: Is it? C: Is that your answer? C: I think it’s someone…”bulldagger,” like, someone who really bulldozes in with a knife to the heart. C: Someone who wrecks relationships. J: Wow, that was…that was deep. C: So yours is a really butch lesbian – J: Yes, super butch. C: – mine is someone who is some kind of emotional heart-wrecker. J: “A pejorative slang for a very masculine lesbian!” C: “The term has roots in the African American communities of the early 20th century.” J: I’m going to give myself a point for that. C: I apologise to any bulldaggers out there. C: I’m sure you’re not homewreckers and things. J: Ursula’s a drag queen. C: Oh, is it from The Little Mermaid? Ursula. J: Yeah, yeah, yeah. J: Maybe she was a really fat lesbian. C: Ooo, maybe because Ursula wants the Little Mermaid, maybe it’s an older woman with a younger girlfriend. J: Ooo, but I think she has to be fat. C: But quite prey-y. Prey-y. J: Like an older, fat lesbian who wants… C: Like a cougar, but who’s not attractive? C: Who takes some poor innocent under her wing. J: “A queer woman who hangs out with bears; also called a Goldilocks.” C: What?! J: Why would an Ursula…? C: Yeah, that’s very specific, isn’t it? J: Wow. C: Really specific. J: Yeah! C: Oh, bears being gay men who have beards and they’re a particular type of gay man. J: Chubs. C: They’re not all chubs! J: I thought you had to be a bit chubby to be a bear? C: I think you have to be a bit more–yeah, because, actually, aren’t they called otters if you’re skinny bearded man? J: Yeah! J: That’s not the thing to do with girls going into science; technology. J: No? C: Stem… I think it’s – because the stem is the bit of the flower that holds the flower – so a flower– J: Like it’s a lesbian who only wears…a strap-on? C: Yeah, because a flower is, like, you know, “You de-flowered me.” J: I’m gonna say that she only wears a strap-on. C: Oh, yeah. “A mix of a stud and fem.” J: Ohh. Neither of us were right there. C: But I got that it wasn’t sexual, actually, it was more– J: No! C: I did, at the end! J: The “most masculine one in the relationship” is what you said. J: No one won that point. C: OK, fine. J: OK, next one is… J: The next one Clara has handily – we should point out, Clara has done these again – has pointed out how to properly pronounce it. J: “Spelt bollera, but you say it bo-yeah-ra” [Both: pronounce word] J: Does that make it Spanish? C: It’s not fair if it is a Spanish one. J: Like “falles” has two L’s in it but you say it with a ‘y.’ J: Falles. C: “Fal-ass.” J: Oh, Lord. C: I was trying to say “falles,” but pronouncing the l’s. J: I see. C: Anyway, moving on. J: OK, so what the hell is bollera? C: I think it’s a type of hat. C: It’s a type of hat. J: I think there’s really no way we’re going to get this. C: And that actually tells us the phonetic way of saying it. C: Like, “Oh, well, now we know what it is.” J: Thanks, Clara! C: What is it? “Bo-yeah-ra” C: Is it, like, someone who is a bit Bohemian…and ra? J: I swear, most Bohemian people are actually ras. J: Yeah, I think we’re gonna have to pass. C: I’m going to say it’s a type of hat that lesbians wear. J: Spanish slang! C: Hat worn by lesbian women! Oh, my God! J: Shut up! J: She even drew a little smiley face after she wrote, “Spanish slang.” J: “Comes from the now defunct [?], or woman, who ploughs the land using oxen, but now means a woman who is a lesbian.” J: You can eat that. C: So basically it’s a Spanish slang word for a lesbian? J: OK, so it’s still 2-1. J: Oh, man. This one’s also… C: Do I go? [?] J: Go for it. J: Yeah, you say that. J: Is this gonna be a Swedish one? C: Oh, I bet it is. J: Is this Clara just being like, “Nahaha.” C: Is it a term for your private parts? C: Because it sounds like a, like, “Oo, my gnuggis.” [Foreign accent] J: Oo, my gnuggis are cold! J: That was terrible. C: Is that your Swedish accent? J: …No! C: [Impersonates] C: That was more Scottish. J: I can only do Swedish Christmas words, OK?! J: Eat the bollera. C: Don’t eat my gnuggis! J: OK, you think it’s genitals. I think it’s the Swedish word for lesbians. C: “Swedish term – term for lesbians.” J: Yes! C: Comes from the verb “gnugga,” which means “to rub.” J: I’m still taking that one. J: Point to me! C: But it comes from “rub,” and what would you rub? C: Your genitals. J: Also, that’s really good! I like that the Swedish term for “lesbian” comes from that. C: Maybe that’s why Tilly wanted it. She was like, “I want to rub.” J: You can’t equate that to sex and then rub the dog, it’s not right. J: Ohh, wait. I don’t know that this is a lesbian term, but I think I’ve heard this term before. J: This is when you see someone from a hundred feet away and they’re really attractive, but then you get closer and they’re really ugly. C: Yeah. OK. J: You going with that one? C: Yeah, yeah. J: We’re going with that one. J: “A lesbian who typifies the stereotype to such an extent, you can spot her sexuality from a hundred feet away.” J: Aw. C: Well, they’re similar. C: That makes sense. J: I think we should both have a point for that. C: Well, I didn’t contribute to it at all, but… J: Whatever! We’re both getting points! C: Whey! C: I get a point for agreeing with you. Isn’t that right? J: Yeah, exactly. C: [?] J: That is marriage. C: That’s how life works around here. C: Another foreign language! C: And she’s given us the Chinese characters. J: I think it’s Japanese. C: OK, the characters there. J: Oh, no, wait. J: It might be Chinese, because I think the third one is a person… J: That’s how you would write a person… C: That looks like someone running. J: …in Chinese C: Let’s try and work it out from looking at the characters. J: Oh, embarrassed! OK. C: Woman in a house. Man in a house. C: Running from the house. [?] C: Broom. C: Pink jobs, you know, like…woman jobs, but man… C: Something about house work. J: I think it might be… C: Ooo, it’s a house-wife of a– J: Of a woman! C: Yeah. J: Ooo, that’s a good one. OK. C: Yeah! J: OK, that’s yours. C: Yeah, that’s mine. J: I’m going with – I know that “yuri” is the term used online for lesbian manga – J: Yeah, maybe lesbian wife. C: Yeah, you’re my yurizoku. J: Aww…wait. C: I hope that is right. J: [?] [Both] “Japanese term!” C: Meaning “tribe of lilies.” C: “Yurizoku Is the most elegant, literate-based lesbian term.” [Both] Awww. C: That was true, see. J: Yes. C: You’re my yurizoku. J: Aww, you’re my yurizoku. J: OK, so that’s a point to each of us. C: Is it? J: It is. C: How’s that…? I didn’t get that at all. C: I thought it was a house-wife. J: Of a woman! J: And I said lesbian. C: Well, all of them were about lesbians, dear. We could’ve just said, “I think it’s about a lesbian.” C: “Ding!” J: What? It’s fine! 5-3, there we go. C: OK, fine, you’re very generous. C: So I did better than I predicted. J: Whey! C: Yay! J: Give us a ‘like’ if you enjoyed this video, and in the comments please let us know any more terms you would like us to look at. C: And I’m very sorry that we’ve let our side down. J: Have we? C: I don’t know. J: We’re married. I think that makes it OK. C: OK, high-five!


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    I just found your channel and your videos make me really happy and smiley and they give me lots of hope <3 As someone who has been through a lot of struggles in life, you are very inspiring! And your marriage seem really sweet and I hope I'll find something as sweet one day. Thank you for the lovely videos, you just got a new subscriber 🙂 <3

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