Liposuction Melbourne – Dr Lanzer Cosmetic Surgeon

Liposuction Melbourne – Dr Lanzer Cosmetic Surgeon

Well now to the 26 year old woman. She hasn’t been on a diet or a fitness program [Jacqui] [Quest] reports on an area of cosmetic surgery that is booming It’s being used by men as well as women life assumption has become a really popular procedure It’s the silly season for cosmetic surgeons the thought of showing more flesh prompting a surge in pre-summer Surgeries, [Wendy6] sure we had had [too] high definition in my stomach [so] inner thighs outer thighs Terry [onto] the bottom and inner knees and also my back and also have parents who to my breast Over what I had to learn it’s a breakthrough for common problem areas in both men and women According to cosmetic surgeon, Dr.. Daniel Lanza It’s using women to create this groove that comes down the so verse [tomek] and a little line above the belly button looks athletic, it looks youThful day four and You’ve really already got a tremendous shape here And I can see how it’s all developing my definition liposuction when Jim sessions and jeans couldn’t take him any further Once you remove fat you’ve actually [moved] the fat cells, so The fat can not really come back in that area so easily so if a person puts on weight Then I’ll come back somewhere else some women never use the phrase does my bum [look] big in this because they know it already is Often inherited, and there’s nothing they can do about it until now Like someone who’s moderately fat and make them a lot thinner in one day took the sisters to have their fat sucked away After years of trying to swim down their thighs and hips they decided on Liposuction their procedures within a week of each other Took just 60 minutes [most] of their fat came from around their bottom ear and their outer thighs and that’s where they were carrying large volumes of a special water-based fluid which softens of fat has performed a whopping 10,000 procedures and says this is the best way to achieve what diet and exercise can’t? Dr.. Lanza says often the liposuction is the kickstart people need to take control of their bodies and the lipo sisters are Proof of this the procedure is called a mega liposuction, and it’s a new frontier for cosmetic surgery here’s [Rodney] Loss Especially for women but a lot of men are also having to remove a lot of fat smoothly without any need for blood transfusions and drips and it numbs the fat And it’s [antibacterial] the [most] amazing is just how much fat they can take There are definitely something about identical twins they take great comfort in their matching sibling and as we’ve seen often Go out of their way to play up the resemblance [if] the lipo to identical twins before I don’t believe I’ve done Identical twins I’ve done sisters. I’ve done husband and wives I’ve done mothers and daughters It’s actually quite common for family members to [have] procedures, Dr.. [Daniel] [Lanzar] in Melbourne says he’s Instructions from the twins are simple take out as much fat as you can it was I’m Gonna take some photos And then I’m gonna draw on you. They’ll take some more photos, and then we’ll go into the theatre this is river So goodbye girls who had cosmetic surgery to lose weight, so they’d continue to look identical it’s been a few weeks since their procedures was it difficult there were different shapes and One had very big hips and outer thighs the other had a very big stomach so we took more from different areas and I think They’re pretty similar now now. They have to maintain it. [that’s] right There’s no easy way if they eat an ovary, [too] Then they’re gonna the fats going to come back and come back in other areas. So if they want to stay looking good they’ve got to do all the right thing and your [lanza] points out liposculpture is not a cure for weight and Patients have to look after their weight eat the right food and do all the great lifestyle changes otherwise [it’ll] come back on so like this for an hour and a half she’s going to be sore tomorrow [and] so five weeks after her latest rounds of surgery And you [deport] the new body It’s called large Volume or mega liposuction and all-out surgical assault on excess body fat Dermatologist Dr.. Daniel Lanza Will Perform the surgery Is marked up before receiving a general anaesthetic? The procedure then begins with the infusion of large amounts of liquid to numb and soften the fat it’s called the tumescent technique stomach hips buttocks and thighs done Mega liposuction is often done over two surgeries The Cannula that takes out the fat is passed through the same small incisions where the liquid was pumped in Now some patients enjoy watching that fat come out. I don’t know why the majority of [Doctor] Lanza’s Liposuction patients will have between two to four liters [of] fat removed in a procedure that [takes] about an hour Then 14 liters of fat removed and she’s been under general anaesthetic now for about three hours in fact the final total was nearly 17 liters Where a pressure garment for a few days to help make the fat contract? Good evening. I’m Jennifer. Kate welcome to a special one-hour edition of good medicine We’re going to bring you the [latest] techniques available for us to look our best I [posed] suction is only possible [would] [be] infusion of large amounts of liquid containing a local anesthetic before the fat is removed atmeGa liposuction about 12 months ago She too had struggled with her weight for years the operation wasn’t a cure for her pratt she needed By keeping to a strict diet and exercise regime since then she’s dropped from a hundred and fifteen kilograms down to [71] kilogram [-] Dr Daniel Lanza a pioneer in large volume liposuction as I said the real goal of the mega liposuction is to look better in clothes So you’re we’re gonna try and get this bulging to go away from here And how it folds out here and particularly behind the bottom area down the sides there all right, mega Liposuction after the patients that have failed normal diet and exercise and are frustrated and really looking for a kickstart Cosmetic Surgeon estimates he can safely remove an unbelievable 12 [litres] of body fat She is undergoing tumescent liposuction the Lanza from the Melbourne College of Dormitory butt tumescent liposuction Is a new procedure that we now can use to remove localized excessive fat deposits many women and Males store and accumulate fat in in specific sites that tend to be very resistant to both dieting and Exercise which are showing chins at the moment? Yes in women this typically occurs on the outer thighs on the hips on the lower stomach and under the chin and In males it’s more common to occur on the outer flanks and lower stomach despite person for the college of dermatologists, Dr. Daniel Lanza welch innocent liposuction is a new technique And it has dramatically changed the ease with which we can remove localized areas of fat well there’s two main other purposes the fat that you suck out can be used in other places it can be injected into wrinkles and Now there’s a big move in America to inject it into breasts

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