LIVE – Blending Your Makeup Successfully – Tips, Tricks, Techniques = Q&A

LIVE – Blending Your Makeup Successfully – Tips, Tricks, Techniques = Q&A

I hope everything is well in your
part of the world and getting ready for Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa I hope that I
have to just speak about this that we aren’t getting too caught up in the
frenzy of spend spend spend and buy buy buy for the holidays okay that’s a PSA
done and over with all right today we’re going to be talking about blending your
makeup tips tricks techniques that will help you get a more flawless finish more
of a look of an airbrushed finish and the tools and the products and how we’ll
do that is what’s coming up and of course we’ll continue with our questions
and answers right after we finish with the main event how do you like my let me
point this right my hot chocolate for this morning instead of coffee you know
it’s digital I’m gonna be having my coffee there’s no two ways about that
okay let’s get right into it now so I just want to check to make sure that
everything’s working okay for for comments and things and it looks
like it is good morning Mary Ellen okay so blending our makeup it’s all about
the blend and using the right tools is essential but aside from the the tools
the number one thing when you’re working powder with powder it’s the same as when
you’re working creams with creams and liquids with liquids when you’re using
eyeshadows and blush and at this stage and given the streamlined approach I
like to take with this I really like the powder dual finish powder foundation
which is either the Burrell or the Mac when you have a good layer of your
foundation powder on then anything that you add to it whether it’s eyeshadow or
it’s blush you can blend it much much easier than when you put it just
straight on to the skin because the oils in the ski
need to be sealed off and that’s what happens when we have powders you know
when we put a powder overtop of the oil we can seal it off and then our our
blush our eyeshadows and things of that nature are going to perform much better
for us the other thing that’s really important is to have dedicated clean
brushes now I don’t believe that it’s necessary to have a lot of them but if I
if you’re at the stage where you’re first learning how to do to put this all
together then having a dedicated brush probably is a is a kind of a good idea
and you just use it for that one thing like let’s take blush as an example you
have a brush to apply your blush okay and that’s all you use that for is just
the blush now as you move along if you haven’t loaded too much onto the brush
you can you can blend because you don’t have a lot on the brush okay and you
only want to just dip in like once maybe twice and then just apply it and
applying in circular motions will help to blend things better rather than going
back and forth in a straight line if that makes any sense
so round round going round in circles much like life is sometimes will help to
to blend as you go the whole idea is to have no discernible lines in your
eyeshadow in your blush in your contour in your highlight and at this stage of
the game in your upper and lower eyeliner it’s you you want it blended
more when we were younger and our skins were tighter that was a different story
we could do things differently than what we need to do today okay so those are
the only things now the only things that you define are your brows and your lips
especially at this stage you want to make sure that your lips are defined and
that’s why using the Maybelline or any other long-wear lip color that’s my
fave though there’s a few more coming out onto the market we’re because it
won’t bleed or feather okay you don’t want blending here that’s for
sure you want this firm you want it to stay put and that sort of thing but you
certainly do want to blend this you certainly do want to blend your contour
and you certainly do want to blend your eyeshadow and your eyeliner okay so
let’s take a look at some brushes that could be used now again I’m not about a
lot I’m about streamline and if you can learn to use your brush that you’re
applying that particular thing with you can use it also as a blending but if
you’re learning then these are some brushes that you might want to play with
this is kind of like a sort of a dome brush you could use it for blush you
could use it for highlight for for even contour this one is a little bit of a
smaller brush a little bit more detailed but still kind of blending around
eyeshadow and maybe details around the eyes with with highlight and that sort
of thing and here is a smaller brush still it’s it’s a little bit flatter and
that works for things like your eye shadows where you want them a little bit
defined but not too defined you want them softened up and here we have
another sample of a shorter dome it’s not so long on the top so you can get
even a little bit more precision with that and then we have another sort of
like a crease brush it’s a dome brush that has been filtered down the sides
that is really good for doing the crease for those who still have a crease in
their eye you know that’s good for that and you can also use these brushes too
to apply to use as the makeup applicator and here’s a kabuki brush and these are
really really good for contouring the chin and that sort of thing
I use mine I’ll use my kabuki brush not only here but I also
is it down the sides of my nose I just squeeze it and because I’ve already got
the stuff on the brush anyway and it works just fine but kabuki brushes is a
handy one to have and then we have another longer dome brush that is a
little bit more flexible so again depending on what you’re using it for
you might want to pick from any one of these brushes or I’m gonna reiterate
again if you’re practiced whatever brush you’re applying your product with you
can also use that to blend okay so I want to take a look at some examples of
why blending is really important so I’m going to show you first of all this set
of eyes now this is a kind of a good example of eyeshadow that has not been
blended out it and of course the brows need to be groomed as well and it’s
top-heavy because there’s nothing on the bottom on the under side of the eye so
it’s a little bit top-heavy so when we address the brows and remove the weight
of the eyeshadow along the top and add more along the bottom we have a much
more balanced eye and it has a streamlined natural drama to it and this
is where the blending of that eye shadow makes a big difference and again this is
where you want your finer detail brush along the bottom to blend and and
blending in this case would be going back and forth not necessarily a rounded
approach not a blend in back and forth and what you can do too if you find that
you have a little bit too much on your brush let’s say in a case where you’re
blending huh I can’t point there and you put you you’ve applied some eyeshadow
right here right and let’s say that you put on too much well then you can take
another brush or could be just a blending brush dip into your dual
finished powder and add some in and then blend the two together so that you
soften it up same with your blush if you put your blush on
and you’ve got sort of like your triangle sort of highlighter here
blended but you find that you’ve got kind of a harsh line here you can add a
little bit more of the highlighter over top of the blush and blend that in and
in fact I’m going to show you an example of that right now here is an example of
blush where you can see the lines do you see we the sort of the triangle
underneath the eyes you can see at the side you can see a line of of blush you
don’t want that and if you’ll notice too in this particular picture by the way
how the lips aren’t balanced at the bottom there they’re a little fuller on
one side than they are on the other and then of course with the nose not being
covered with the dark the dark color that it has from the Sun and hasn’t had
enough foundation applied to it this just kind of it looks like makeup has
been kind of dropped on the face rather than blend it out so here’s here’s what
it looks like when the nose has been covered with the foundation properly the
lips have been balanced out and you can see where the blush has been blended
with the highlight a lot more that’s a case where you would use sort of a
rounded motion and as far as how you blend there is no strict rule about that
everybody’s dexterity and the way they use their hands is going to be a little
bit different so this is why practice is so important because you find what works
for you now here’s the thing this is why selfies are so important and I strongly
suggest that if you’re new to this or you’re learning certain aspects of how
to apply your certain your makeup in certain parts of your face I highly
recommend doing it and take a selfie and take a close-up selfie so that it’s
about like this you don’t want you know a whole lot of sealing or anything like
that in the picture you want it just close up and look straight into the
camera lens and just do that take your picture keep those
just for reference and then take a look at it because your selfie will tell you
the truth every single time your selfie is the way the world sees you when we
look at ourselves in the mirror we see a reversed image of ourselves when we see
our selfie that’s the way the world sees us not the way we see ourselves in our
mirror so that can kind of change our perspective on a number of things and
what we may think we may have blended okay the selfie will show that it hasn’t
and always take a selfie in front of a window or a door or something where
there’s natural light you don’t want to have the Sun straight on you because
then you’d have a blowout issue but you want to have just natural light in front
of you straight across and that’s and do it in the same place every time then
when you look at your selfie you’ll be able to see if you’re blending correctly
or not if you see a line or you see a line or anything like that or you see a
line here or oftentimes what happens I find is the eyeliner on the bottom is
something that women tend to put on and a pencil is worse for this because it’s
harder don’t use a gel liner don’t use a pencil don’t use any of that stuff only
use eyeshadow eyeshadow with kind of a dome flat brush is the best put it on
and blend it blend it blend and you can go back and forth now here’s another
thing sometimes you can put a little bit into the waterline of the eye in the
outside corner so that you don’t have a white white white look and then you’ve
got this line of eyeshadow you don’t want a line of eyeshadow you want a
blended look of eyeshadow and if it’s the same as that that white look it you
know if you if it’s not covered in it can look too white and it draws the eye
it’s the same as when you curl your lashes on an older face and you’ve got
your eyeliner and your mascara and everything else on and you curl your
lashes you can see the white of the the water line at the top
if you don’t put a gel liner in that to cover that over to to remove that
whiteness so to speak or to camouflage it then all you see is the whites of the
eyes I’ve shown this before but Barbara Walters was infamous or famous for that
in my mind because all I ever saw was the whites of her waterline well it’s
the same thing with the bottom and when you’re blending blending blending this
is so important with your eye makeup and as we age ladies our lower liner becomes
as important if not more important than our upper liner and again you want to go
straight out with that and when you’re blending you can blend straight it you
could use a dedicated angled brush maybe what you know how sometimes you buy a
flat angled brush and it’s it’s a little bit thick it’s not really nice sharp
those are really good for blending out you don’t want to apply with that but
for blending and smoothing and stretching those are a perfect tool so
don’t throw those away if you if you haven’t already okay so um let’s see now
in summary in summary it’s pretty darn simple clean brush and size for the task
shampoo your brushes every week or two I am serious ladies you will get so much
more performance out of them and you won’t cake your powders and how do you
take your powders when you put your brush on your face when you’re applying
a product it picks up oils from your face you put that into your pan and over
time the pan becomes cakey pet the powders in your pans should fly almost
they’re not flying if they’re if they’re hard if you have to get in there with a
knife or you know one of those things they use on sidewalks to break it up
then then it’s because it is your brushes have not been cleaned I’m I’m I
can’t stress this strongly enough clean brushes every
couple of weeks and if you don’t have a lot of brushes which you don’t need it
takes maybe maybe five minutes to clean them set them aside and they’ll dry and
be ready for you in in short order okay the next thing is to make sure that you
powder your face first if you’re using liquids and creams then you want to use
liquids and creams now if you want to apply a powder blush let’s say to a
liquid makeup you have got to seal that liquid makeup first you’ve got to seal
it and that’s why you always have to it’s a two-step thing when you use
liquids or creams you always have to seal either liquids or creams with the
powder I don’t care what they say it you know it needs to be sealed you can use a
fixing powder you can use just a just a regular powder a translucent powder but
from my perspective eliminated step and just go for the dual finish powder that
is is foundation make sure you put that on and then you’re going to have when
you apply your makeup it’s going to stay it’s it’s going and it’s gonna be much
easier to blend it if you put um yeah if you put a powder over a cream it’s just
it’s just simply not going to blend okay and then of course the golden rule is
always blend blend blend blend blend blend and if you think you got it do one
more blend everything blend it all except for your lips and your brows and
they need to be defined and it’s again circular motions are best for anything
here or contour okay I don’t subscribe to contour on the face for the older
femme fatale it makes the face look too made up makes it look muddy looking it
is not something orb and bronzers go in the same category as contour on the face
no bronzer for the older face it just means looks too made-up and
especially when you have gray hair it is not the route to go so here here and and
and blended with a kabuki brush or whatever your eyeliner put it on and
then blend it with a finer brush just blend it across so that it’s not harsh
why because we when we age our eyes become more creepy how many have ever
had trouble putting on eyeliner and and and you know you’ve got these lines and
things you can’t seem to get a smooth line don’t go that route put it on and
then blend it away and will always look good it will always look good and you
won’t need to be concerned with how do i how do i try to get a straight line with
my creepy eyes so that’s one of the reasons we go that route plus it’s a
much softer look and again I can’t make this strong enough right in here the
lower liner blend blend blend away and if you have deep set eyes and I still
can’t make up my mind whether I have deep set or not because my my lids are
when I don’t have any expression and I’m sure this is true for a number of women
my mind my lids are dropping down but they haven’t dropped down enough yet so
I’m continuing with this method so again this is really vital if you if you’re
doing this to really blend this out and and again only tap once twice into the
product apply and blend it you’ve got nothing left on the brush
that way you don’t have to buy an extra brush tap tap into the product apply and
blend it okay until you get the depth and the intensity that you want for
those with the hooded eye you up you apply the makeup your shadow along the
lash line and then you blend it up and out this is where the hooded eye works
you up and out and you can go up here but if you’re going to put it in the
corner needs to be very very light and the hooded eye is especially needs
good blending you want the darkest or the most intense look along the bottom
and then it Grady eights on its way up and out but more of the wait at the end
of the eye rather than at the front of the eye and again drop blend blend blend
so there’s nothing on the brush tap tap drop blend blend blend etc okay so I
hope that that I hope that that helps and and now we’re going to turn to our
questions and see what people have to say so good morning Donna Higgins and
Mary Ellen and Sidney and Margaret and Vicki and Mary campus and thank you Mary
she says I look nice thank you it’s all planned you know that okay so Sidney has
a question here so let’s bring her up does the lipstick make your drip your
drips dry yeah no drip dries for clothes lips dry is what I’m trying to say here
you know the problem right not enough caffeine the lipstick does not make my
lips dry if you’re referring to the Maybelline here’s the secret throwaway
chapstick and all those things do now do not put them close to your lips ever
again if you simply apply Vaseline to your lips nightly and to your cuticles
you’ll never have a problem with dry lips again seriously P people who have
who have taken the challenge to try it for a week every night they say that
their lips they never no longer dry they love it with the Maybelline there is a
bomb at the other end let me see if I have one year
and it for you there is a bomb at the other end and you simply put that on now
what you can do is you know throughout the day if you feel like you know you’ve
been eating or drinking or talking a lot you can simply you don’t even need a
mirror take the bomb out put it on because even if you go over top of your
lips it won’t matter because the lipstick underneath the color underneath
doesn’t doesn’t move so I hope that answers your question okay
and Janet Brown hi nice to see you Margaret what’s the best liner for under
eyes eye shadow in I’ve died I did a a segment on eyeshadows a couple of weeks
ago and I believe I talked about it they’re just eyes shadow there’s only
there’s only about four to six eyeshadows and I think anybody only
needs about four eyeshadows that will do everything for you that you need you
just apply it your your your eye shadow on the bottom lot for your bottom liner
should be a shade or two lighter so here’s an example if you use Brune orc
or a mixture of brunnen carbon or a mixture of carbon and print or Brune and
print for your eyeliner on the top then just use Coquette on the bottom cuz it’s
a little bit lighter okay you don’t want it the scent you do not want black on
the bottom you do not want to go there the darkest you should go is broom
that’s the darkest you should go or print so flat edged angled brush or a
small detailed dome brush ought to do that for you just great okay good
morning kay a girl Janet Brown see what is Janet to say yes squeezing
the brush to make it work streamlining yes I often do that and I think you know
I think some of you saw where I took a regular dome brush
and I just cannot justify going out and buying any more brushes given that I
still got quite a stack here from my professional kit so I just used a an
elastic band to tighten this down to make it very dense because that’s the
one that I use in the corners of my eyes I go around and I and it just pushes in
really well there’s a lot of things you can do with your brushes when you when
you think outside the box so to speak okay Ingrid from Italy interesting
topics good glad you enjoy Ingrid nice to see you here
and annecy good morning us Sydney Guerra blending is important yes absolutely it
is an amaz see let’s see will any brushes work or do you have to buy
experienced ones I think you probably men expensive ones no you don’t and
that’s why I recommend crown brush you can buy those online the pricing is
really good but here’s the thing ladies cheap isn’t necessarily always good and
expensive isn’t always necessarily good you want to know your lines I like to
use or used to use this analogy when I was teaching make up in a cup of schools
you wouldn’t go to a cardiologist who used a penknife instead of a scalpel
would you well you want to get the best performance and the best looks for your
makeup then you’ve got to use the brushes that will perform for you if all
else fails you can buy from Mac you know they’re a little more expensive but but
quo brushes in Canada are pretty good I like crown brushes you can buy them
online and I really recommend the travel brushes because they they’re short
handled and for those of us who need to use a magnifying mirror the short handle
is better for you and here’s the thing once you have your brushes
and you clean them regularly they will last you they should last you for life I
have got some of my brushes that I still use some of them are 30 years old and I
don’t see them I don’t see them wearing out or you know they’re gonna they’re
probably gonna last another 10 years maybe even 20 if I’m still on the planet
but yeah you take good care of them you you you put them in a dedicated place
you keep them clean they will wear really well so if it’s it’s it’s
difficult just spend a lot of money at one time and you don’t have to spend a
lot of money buy one brush a month until you get what you need and you only
honestly truly need about I don’t know six or seven brushes it’s about it
really but that’s all you need excuse me so I hope that answers your question
let me see well any brush work or do you have sorry you just answered that one
Sydney I’m going to clean my brushes today good Sydney I’m glad to hear it
that’s that’s exactly right okay name I use the Burrell of my eyes
first and then wet and tap a straight angled brush when applying eye shadow is
eyeliner should I be using a dome brush instead no if you’re if your eye if you
can get a smooth eyeliner that that’s great I’m really glad that you put the
Burrell on first and yes and this is the thing with the eye shadow powders to
ladies you can wet them if you want to have more intensity and if you want it
to last a long time you can use a an eyeliner sealant which is also good for
brows where you have no hair and you need to you need to paint on some little
hairlike strokes use an eyeliner seal it and it it waterproofs and it will stay
so yes I you you can put it on and then decide maybe if you can see it the line
isn’t smooth enough Elain and this is where it gets to be a you know kind of a
personal question you can always add a little bit more shadow over top when
it’s dry just just to give it you keep your intensity but you just blend it out
a little bit more okay it’s just a bit of a different look and I I think that
you know what try both eyes try one just the way you usually do it and then the
other I add a little bit more and and blend it out a little bit then take a
selfie and study it and decide which you like better okay Cowboys are eight panel
good morning and let’s see off topic from kiya girl
I’ve never seen you wear red before it’s lovely especially with your black
glasses and silver hair well thank you I have worn it one other time and I
actually when I think about it I wore the same chopsticks in the same top
except this time I’ve reversed the top I’m wearing it back to front
all the secrets out I do that because my the neckline is lower on this and so for
for filming us I wanted to see the red so I just turned it around and it’s just
a little t-shirt but I’m wearing red because it’s festive it’s the christmas
hanukkah kwanzaa season let me see Robin good morning I’m enjoying your technique
for the mature face my former techniques are not working for me anymore Thank You
Robin for declaring that because yes what used to work what was good at one
time isn’t necessarily good anymore it’s just because our faces change so much we
really do need to to adjust with our application with
our tools and with the product that we use so that we can still we can continue
to look our best at whatever stage were at you know from 20 to 90
it just is a question of changing things up and Kathleen lavoro so nice to see
you here too okay and cindy has a question can I use waterproof eyeliner
on the top of the of the eye I wouldn’t I wouldn’t because it was it most likely
will be a liquid and I don’t I don’t like or recommend liquid liners for the
45 plus group they’re too intense they’re too heavy but that’s not to say
with the proper application of a an eyeshadow with the right brush you you
can still have your intensity and your drama but in a softer way it’s a it’s a
it’s a more natural it’s a more pleasing look than a harsh waterproof or liquid
liner I hope that answers your question okay let’s see Donna Higgins loving the
24-hour Maybelline doing pretty good with application excellent Donna
Bravo good for you everyone please remember to give this a
video thumbs up Mary Ellen thank you Mary Ellen yes one of my haters out
there has already put a thumbs down but you know that’s just that’s just life
isn’t it ladies we all have somebody somewhere that doesn’t think we’re so
terrific and I have more than one I can tell you that and the Lee
I have heavy brows that are drooping lining the brows even with a light hand
looks clownish what do i do well first of all Annie you want to make sure that
you’re doing the correct being for your brass and by the way I’m
working on a mash-up of eyebrow applications I’ve got a new video coming
out in the new year about brows and I’m showing both with a a pictorial approach
and a real-time video of how I do it here’s the trick
Annie take a selfie and I know that with some phones you can draw overtop of the
pictures if you can’t if you can print it out or whatever that would be great
draw on a piece of paper first what what you think your eyebrows should be doing
okay and where they need to be going because it’s getting the shape right
first that will absolutely affect the amount and the weight that you put on
does that make does that help at all Lonnie and and the other thing is here’s
the other thing if you’ve got brows that are dark like a brown or a black or
something you don’t need to add a brow powder to the to the hair that’s already
there but if you have very light brows they’ve lost their colour and texture
then the eye shadow will help to color that in if you’ve got if you’ve got
substantial brows that are there then all you want to do is fill in the bare
spots okay and in your guidelines you remove everything from above the top
line and below the bottom line and fill in just the bare spots so maybe that’s
it I don’t know what your eyebrows are like um and if they are drooping which
happens to many the trick is you’re gonna have to bring them up you know and
again I’m gonna show that in a video that’s coming up in the new year
hope that helps Erin Zook what tool do you use to apply gel liner to the upper
waterline any tips still practicing this can make my eyes water okay there’s a
couple of things Oh one thing to think about is when you are
applying that gel liner you want to get it closer to the lash line than to the
eyeball does that make sense aim for filling in between the lashes
and and directly underneath that that that will help number two use a you say
let me see if I’ve got an example here of what I use that I can show you here
let me see is it let me put it over in the black area here is a whoops it’s
really hard because I’m working in Reverse here’s a tiny dome brush now it
looks big right now but it’s it’s very tiny I use that sometimes and other
times I use flat edged angle you know that’s really precise but currently what
I’m using is not let me show you here it’s here somewhere
currently I’ve been doing this for some time now I’m using the what is it
Anabelle smooth liner gel liner Annabelle smooth line gel liner and this
is no yeah maybe I can show you right here what it looks like whoops that’s it
what I do is I heat this under the tap under the hot water top I heat it so it
kind of melts the pants a little bit because remember together pencils are
made of wax and gel in this case so I soy soften it up and then I simply
apply it to my to my eye and I make sure I go up in between the lashes that’s
really what I aim for i I would recommend that gel pencil because it
really does do a good job and it does where and if I’m read
if I’m really needing longevity then I use the gel in a pot that you get from
Mac or wherever the the with and applied with a with a very small dome brush or
anything you know like that because that will stay the smooth liner pencil stays
quite well but I can also add just a little bit of eye shadow powder to it
why because powder will help seal oil or wax it’s the same with if you put a
liquid or a cream on your face you have to seal it with a powder in order for it
to stay okay so give that a try Aaron and sand and I and and hopefully that
will help you and if it doesn’t let me know and we’ll look further okay Janet
Brown love your hairstyle do you worry about your profile with your hair up I
miss my tight neck just wondering if anyone else worries about the jowls and
the loose neck absolutely but you know what I don’t worry about it
do I have it judge for yourself of course I do when I take a sip of coffee
look at look at this do I care hell no why because I’m where I am I’m 72 I’ve
lived a you know of a quite a full life and quite the hills and and the valleys
were quite extreme at times this is all part of who I am now but here’s the
trick I’ve noticed when you’ve got your makeup on and your hair is styled nicely
people don’t look at your chins your jowls or any of that they’re too caught
up in the overall look and that’s that walking with aplomb that sense of
healthy confidence that’s what people look alike or look at
if they’re looking at your chins or any of the other features that you don’t
feel are your best so to speak then it’s time to look at your overall
presentation I mean I used to have a waistline and I’m serious this is the I
could put my my two middle fingers and my thumb’s together and that would go
around my waist seriously that is so far in the past it’s not even funny I mean
you know along with my knowledge so has my waistband expanded you know it is
life and I refuse to let propaganda lead my life I will lead my life thank you
very much and if people don’t like me or find me offensive because my Chin’s
are fuller than they used to be then they’re really not the kind of people I
want to hang out with or have coffee or have a conversation with does your hair
know do I try to make it look its best absolutely do i contour absolutely do I
do i fluffy I try to balance my hair out the back here so that it will balance
with what’s down here now if I had that flat to my head oh the movie Thelma and
Louise take a look at Susan Sarandon when she had her hair up in a French
role in the bar scene one of the worst French rules I’ve ever seen why because
it was flat to her head like it was just flat to her head and it made her look
really strange how do I counterbalance with my Chin’s I add I have a hairpiece
in here like just one weft of a crown piece and I’ll turn around to show
it’s my classic um you know well I don’t know what to do with my hair up it goes
and I know it will stay forever I add that hairpiece it gives the extra weight
that’s necessary to help balance out so I can get more fullness through here so
I hope that answers your question okay Janet let’s see let me see mayor Marianne jela hall day how do you
get the inside of your eyes bright I have a lot of pigmentation and good
morning to all good question and I’ve got this in other videos this is my
palette I take this dome brush that’s specific for this purpose and I go into
both the highlighter and the contour and I go in and I push this is hard to do in
reversed imaging you see how that brightens and then I go along oh it’s
hard to see the top and that brightens the eyes I do that after I’ve got the
contour on and got a little bit of weight at the end I stand back and does
it need brightening but I don’t just brighten the lids I brighten around
because most of us at this stage ladies I’ve noticed this in a lot of the
thousands of make matters I’ve done over my life what happens as we age as we do
get darker in here we put makeup on here you know we tend to put it on our cheeks
but we forget about the upper lip and and shaving it or getting rid of the
hair before we put the pup because I tell you I can’t tell you the number of
times I see a darker upper lip and it’s just because it’s um it’s it’s extra
hair this area around the eyes ladies is essential we don’t pay much attention
that and we don’t pay much attention to the center of the nose because our nose
is the thing that sticks out the most and gets the elements hitting it the
most the Sun hits at the most and depending on your cheekbones it will hit
here as well and your chin here as well those are the areas of the face that
will tend to become darker as time goes on those are the areas you want to make
sure you really cover and especially in here so it’s just push the product in
push the product in some places you blend down like this you you apply it
and you go down like this and other places you you cover and then you go
back in and you push in push in push in and I think that that will help you you
try that and and I bet you’ll see a difference okay let’s see what have we
got here Erin just love your practical help well I’m glad you do Erin that’s
great Yvonne hi Sharon what about lower lashes a bit of mascara or just a
lighter eyeshadow as a liner um you know that’s interesting I am as time has been
marching on I’m I think that the eye shadow excuse me it’s better than
mascara on the lower lashes why because our lashes tend to be more in here as we
age we tend to lose the ones that are out at the ends or in the corners we
tend to maintain the ones in the center so if you’re just putting mascara for
most and this is again most you’re drawing attention there I would rather
not see it at all and draw the attention away to the side of the eye right here
this is where you want to put your weight this is where this is because we
need to draw the eye back out because as we age the eyes become more rounded so
we want to draw them back out a little bit and and if you if you’re putting
mascara here you’re drawing the eye to focus I hope that answers your question
Oh a-and let’s see and our friend May says
thanks to the live stream and greetings to everyone
absolutely greetings to everyone and a Sydney loves the topic today Evelyn
Webber she’s always here hi from Germany hello Evelyn
hope you are well and Susan Odom and let me see what else okay Patti Cole let’s
see good morning I am late I can’t wait to go back and see the start oh good I
hope that’s helpful and and you know what it I wasn’t really sure what I was
going to do today I’ve got a number of subjects but we’re getting close to
Christmas that did that that somebody said they’d like to see planning eye
blending it’s not and I think you know what because I’m a makeup artist I don’t
necessarily always think about what may be difficult for people who aren’t
makeup artists so I’m I’m glad that that that was suggested let’s see joy vamped
and Happy Holidays thank you look forward to seeing you often in the new
year happy Holidays to all our friends here Thank You Lloyd that’s lovely
yes for sure let me see York do you have a good
trained singing voice I mean a big vibrato oh that’s interesting yes P well
actually yeah I can I can make my vibrato very narrow or very wide
depending for those that don’t know on the channel I have a playlist called the
voice of your choice I used to teach voice to people knots not singing but
the spoken voice but I’ve sung in choirs and quartets and things all my life it’s
it that playlist is to help with people who need to have their accents adjusted
or how to make their voice stronger fuller
sure how to use character in their voices you know for a variety of reasons
because with more visuals these days were more visual on the internet and
that sort of thing and those who do public speaking whether it’s for your
volunteer friends or whatever is ours reading stories to your grandchildren
when you have a well-developed voice it makes a big difference in your
presentations to what whatever those presentations are and yeah I think
actually I’m going to share this story I remember once I was we were in a studio
there was about four of us that were there to do a voiceover for a cartoon
for this new company and I had one of my voice students as one of the talent well
I had to use an Aussie accent and the others had and one was a one of the
Looney tune characters and that’s really I cannot tell you ladies I have never
laughed so hard in my life and I’ve been blessed to have a number of times excuse
me where I’ve had some great laughter in my job even the crew behind the glass we
none of this could look at each other cuz as soon as we did we’d be howling
what I mean even thinking about it makes me laugh because it was probably one of
the most fun times I’ve ever had in my life and anything usually connected with
the voice for me is fun but I love doing character voices there there’s there’s
something that I I just really enjoy so you must have seen my my playlist on the
voice of your choice so if anybody is interested in improving the quality and
the tone of their voice give it give it a you know it’s there for you free of
charge okay um let me see some our song any tips for those with oily eyelids I
always end up with a line of shadow yes pack on the dual finish powder
okay put put it push it in you do that and your your eyeshadows will wear very
well and for moisturizer in the morning if you’ve got make sure that your your
face has been cleaned of any oil and only use a moisturizing lotion when you
use an oil of any kind it’s going to interfere I don’t care what makeup you
put on it’s going to interfere it’s gonna slide it’s not going to sit well
things are gonna go into the crease you know that sort of thing you know a lot
of the a lot of the concealers and things like that what are they together
class a cream right so you know the formulations are much better these days
but still I I swear if you just put the dual finish powder on this makeup as an
example I put this on Oh probably three hours maybe four hours ago haven’t
touched a thing now I can tell you this would still look the same by nine
o’clock tonight because I put it on properly to begin with the only thing I
would have to touch up is my lips on the inside here but maybe if I do a lot of
crying or or you know I have to blow my nose a lot then I would have to touch up
in here again but I just used my finger you know or a Kleenex and just mmm touch
up with a you know a little bit and I’m good to go
when you apply a property to begin with and it should only take once your
practiced and hone it should we take five to seven minutes to get you out the
door looking fantastic and feeling great as a result then it shit should wear so
try that give it give it a little extra you know on the eyelids and see if that
helps and Cowboys needs that a tiny dome brush okay and Marilyn Putra thank you
thank you I tuned in this a.m. to learn about brushes you have helped me so much
good question how do you figure out the right do a powder color if you are
ordering online that’s an excellent question an excellent question um I know
I I know it’s I know it’s a bit difficult but here’s the thing
if you’re going for the Burrell the 30s all the numbers in the 30s are the
neutral to cool all the numbers in the 40s are the neutral to warm so I have I
could go either cool or warm I really could and many people can my coloring if
it helps you at all this is number 31 okay and I use number 30 as a
highlighter and 35 for my chinny chin Chin’s and you can see it you know it’s
it’s in the same color family as my body but you can see a little bit if you look
really close I have a little bit of yellow in my skin now my sister has a
lot more she wears 42 and and because we’re not sure who her father is
just joking we swear she has some indigenous blood in her because her skin
is just tends to be dark so so but she could wear the cool I could wear the
warm so and when you at that lower end of the numbers like 30 31 32 that’s the
lighter shades and then when you get up higher to 35 36 37 we can start getting
right into the darker shades so it goes that’s how that that’s how that works
most colors most people have will wear 31 or 32 and 41 and 42 that’s what most
Caucasian people will wear now for darker skins or caramel colors for
Indian skin or like um East Indian skin 20 and Asian 29 is a wonderful yellow
based dual finish powder that mixed with maybe either 33 which is good for Mediterranean coloring or maybe 43 mixed
in with it it works beautifully and also the number two
see yellow-based it’s good if you want to do neutralizing and that sort of
stuff but we don’t want to go there do we so that’s how it works
so the 31 32 41 42 43 are the most popular colors now if your phone Burrell
you can get the pants you don’t get the packaging you can get the pants so you
can put them in the pallets and if you have if you don’t have the right color
if it doesn’t turn it to be the right color they will exchange it if it’s a
little bit too light save it for a highlighter if it’s a little if it’s too
dark save it for a contour and with Mac the same thing you can call and you can
speak to them the NWS I believe are the are the Pinker tones and the in see oh I
don’t know enough about the Mac coloring so I’m not even going to go there I just
know the NWS are neutral too too cool but if you have trouble again with a Mac
you can return it in exchange it okay so I hope that helps your your your your
question there Marilyn and let’s see yeah I caught a live one ah hello from
Ireland ah wonderful Oh lots of stuff going on there I found your channel
recently in love thank you for all the great tips and techniques
you look fabulous well thank you very much I appreciate it and welcome from
Ireland and Donna Higgins you were so great with your attitude well thank you
it’s an attitude that I’ve developed i’ve anybody who knows me and some of
the advocacy work i do you know that i don’t go mainstream very often
i’m happy to go mainstream when it’s when it’s right and it serves everybody
but not when it doesn’t so it’s an attitude that I’ve developed and you
know how I’ve done it journaling I know some of you don’t want to hear that I
know it but I have to tell you journaling has
my life literally because I’ve found the gems in writing and knowing myself and
and and writing and exploring and trying to figure out I found the gems and then
I wrote about okay this is the direction I’m going to go in and this is the
attitude I’m going to wear and you know what even to this day when I get up in
the morning I think what what’s my attitude gonna be what am I going to do
I want to get more on the humorous side to it do I need to be more serious today
do I need to be you know you know putting on the Darth Vader coat and
unsheathing the sword you know it’s it’s it’s a decision to decide how to live
and how how what kind of an attitude you’re going to have okay I won’t let
that soapbox go on too long let’s see Susan Odom’s if my selfies are
lyme the world see me I need to wear paper bag over my head first of all your
selfies are just on your phone you don’t have to post them and anybody who posts
in the going grey and love it loving it page there it’s a closed page but if you
post in my Beauty page Sharon Downey Beauty it’s a public page so no selfies
but you know what selfies are like selfie shocked and vocal shocked and
video shocked it’s a term that was used in the industry when you haven’t seen
yourself on video and then all of a sudden you do you think oh my god no I
can’t no no I don’t want to look at that it’s called video shot because you see
you’re reversed image you see yourself the way the world sees you and all this
time you thought you look this way when in fact you look that way okay so it’s
it’s getting past that shock of it a lot of the students I worked with with with
vocal vocal work oh man they had our a hard time to sing to their voice how
many people you know right here on this live stream don’t really want to listen
to their voice it’s because you’re not used to hearing
it that’s all you’re just not used to hearing it but once you’re used to
hearing it once you’re used to seeing yourself with selfies once you’re used
to seeing yourself on video it becomes you know it becomes second-nature it
trudy truly does so I’m going to encourage you Susan to keep taking them
and keep taking their really really bad there’s always the together class delete
button but I encourage you to keep them and and use them as a learning tool okay
Victoria Bell your neck profile is pretty overall presentation yes oh well
I’ll take that Victoria I you know I’ll take it my neck used to be like this you
know there’s a see the difference you know there’s a product called years away
for that very thing and I swear some time I might just I might just do a demo
on a year just for the fun of it and what it is is elastic bands and and tape
and you tape in Hollywood they tape here they tape here they tape here and they
tape at the back of the neck so watch this if I were to pull the back of my
neck so have it really tight ponytail at the map you named your neck it’s an
instant is an instant neck lift okay when you take your hair here and pull it
here watch if I were to pull it back look what that does so if you got your
neck going and you’ve got that going you can do it and of course up here
depending you lift this up and look at what take my glasses off so you can see
you knit this up do you know when you see some some of the movie stars Shirley
MacLaine missed one in postcards from the edge and there’s been a few others
when you wrap you know when you wash your hair and you wrap your hair in your
towel and you bring it up do you ever notice how your how your face is just a
little bit more pulled it’s because the towel is pulling everything back that’s
what they do in Hollywood believe me believe me believe me most of the movies
you see people are wearing wigs and hair pieces because everything is being taped
up underneath and then they put a wig on overtop believe me take a look at my
cousin Vinnie the lawyer oh his name escapes me right now anyway there’s a
few scenes where his skin is soft you can see the fold in his skin where it’s
folded back and the end though and the wig is put on over top truthfully anyway
who has time for all that right who has time nor inclination and it’s so not you
presenting to people who are want to be friends with and not you right I I’d
rather be a Mimi and and and interact with people be a Mimi the best I can
with you know with what with what I’ve got with what I’ve got and yes there’s
you know there’s times into situations and there’s certain things maybe that
you know that might be necessary but you know not not if you’ve got a life with
and you’re dealing with other things you’ve got family you’ve got business
you’ve got friends you’ve got you’ve got a ageing parents or you know you know
disabled children or you’ve got a community that’s in trouble or crisis or
where there’s so many other things in life wondering about whether I should
should I put my tape on this morning or not not for me I got too many other
irons in the fire Janet says thanks for making me feel
better about myself no I don’t make you feel better
you make yourself feel better by just changing your perspective truthfully
that I’m just putting up a road map and then you’re doing the changing let’s see
what other questions do we have me and my twin age 57 love your channel time is
now thank you thank well that’s great um okay Susan
why does any makeup make my wrinkles so much worse I hope I love the powder I’m
getting soon it from Mac okay all make up all make up all make up will
not hide your lines your wrinkles your pores when when you unless you if you
want to do special effects which is gonna take you know a good hour in the
morning then fine you can hide stuff for sure you use years away and you like I
just demonstrated and other things but for those who are living a realistic
life and want to get out the door in a realistic time frame you don’t you don’t
you don’t want to go there I have got you can see my wrinkles you can see my
lines you can see my things you can see more here you know when you get up real
close any if anybody is that close you want to put up a sign say back off
nobody’s gonna be that close to you except an intimate you know so nobody is
going to be that close but when you’re looking at a magnifying mirror say I can
see my wrinkles I can see my wrinkles oh no what am I gonna do this is not very
good again prospective management and of course we are inundated with anything
that you can do to get rid of your wrinkles lines and pores do it because
your life is on the line for it such propaganda is nonsense you’re going to
see your lines and wrinkles but here’s the thing
they will look softened and they will look cared for there’s the difference
they won’t disappear but they look softened and cared for and anything that
looks cared for think about this it’s compelling people want to be around
people who are caring okay there’s a whole psychology to this so I hope that
that helps your your question there okay Victoria Belle I don’t understand
the pushing makeup in with the brush but it’s like okay if you were painting a
wall you have to go over it a couple of times depending on what the surface is
like right so let’s say it hasn’t been primed or you know it hasn’t got a coat
of something on it or it’s not smooth you find that with the brush you’re
gonna have to push it in in some places right because the pores of the plaster
or the the gyproc if it’s old gyproc won’t won’t you know it’ll be a bit more
porous so you have to you have to push the pit you have to roll the paint in
it’s like putting a roller on your face and pushing it in that’s it’s this it’s
the same idea I hope that answers your question Brenda Brooks may I suggest that all
ladies take time to play with her makeup absolutely you may suggest I and I would
like to add to that that that they play with it in a correct way
with all the tips and tricks that you get on this channel and on the Facebook
pages it will it will help a lot Donna Dawson all like hi Sharon and all can
you turn so we can see your lovely SHINee on the red accessories looks so
cute okay I’ll do it again for you let me see it’s just a it’s just a
simple French roll that’s all that it is and then I pinned it with two large
roller pins that’s all it’s in it and then I stuck in a couple of chopsticks
that I use for that purpose okay Borak I love classical voice and
vocal folds and videos I would like to watch inside your mouth while singing
well that’s not going to happen you’re asking other questions
jörg this is the wrong this is the wrong livestream for those questions but
you’re welcome to ask on the other on the other on the
playlist somewhere okay Becky see I Sharon I’m learning so much from you
questions about the Burrell dual powder are there stores where I can find it for
color matching I spend my time in Washington unfortunately Becky no there
isn’t here’s the thing Burrell is only only a
distributor Audrey Morris is the manufacturer okay
it’s the Audrey Morris right now if I could find what other distributors carry
the Audrey Morris product believe me I’d be sharing it with you but I can’t and
it’s an industry standard you don’t tell you know it’s from manufacturers
perspective they don’t let anybody know who they sell your product to because
these distributors all packaged it either repackage it their way they name
it and label it what they want and they charge different prices so that’s why
the manufacturer won’t do that but maybe sometime I will maybe revisit you know
running my own online thing with it being a distributor for Audrey Morris I
don’t know but anyway that all you can do is what I suggested earlier I’m sorry
I can’t help you any more than that that’s all you can do and if you go to a
Mac counter you can certainly test-drive the stuff there and if you’re at the Mac
counter go with a clean face you know from eyes down clean face and just just
try on the one side of your face this this area here okay the cheek and the
jaw take a look if it matches great if it’s not then the other side of your
face is clear to try something a little lighter or a little darker once you have
your color though you’ve got it okay you’ve got it and it’s really
simple from then on let’s see Jackie I have adopted your
makeup tips thank you I I now am out the door faster I look
better love the basic tools you help me through all the confusion of
tons of brushes and concealers wonderful that is wonderful to hear because that
is the aim and and I’m really glad it’s working for you Diane Valley newb I have worked a lot of
red in my face do the 30s for it yeah the the 30s yeah
it sounds like you probably could be rosacea that you have in your face but I
think if I remember seeing your face you are you tend to be a little bit more on
the cool side so yeah the 30s this 30 should do it
just fine let’s see Diane again sorry about the
wrong words my question is my face has a lot of red forehead nose chin and I am
also fair are the 30s good for it yeah the third yeah it should be fine and
again you’re gonna have to test whether it’s 31 32 you know and remember if
you’ve got red it’s like that one I did for Marcella example asthma and other
things if you’ve got redness you can cover you can cover it you know it’s it
you don’t have to have special stuff that’s what because this is a powder
foundation so let’s see Samar I have with downturned eyes do you still
concentrate the under eye and above i9r at the ends or stop short I’m not really
sure but yes I would still go straight out I’d have to see the eye I know if
that’s your profile picture Samar I wouldn’t I wouldn’t I wouldn’t think
that that’s an issue for you I wouldn’t start no just go as far as you have
you’ve got if you’ve got skin coming down over top then you don’t want to go
when you’d like this your skin isn’t showing but then when you you close it
come you know it comes down over top you don’t want to do that I’m only talking a
very little bit going up okay so try that and see if that works I hope I
answered your question okay Marin Mary Angela when you turn or do
you just do stream I um yeah I think what you mean is do I just let go yeah I
don’t worry about I don’t worry about paragraphs or
sentences structure spelling none of that stuff I just write I just
write if I’m dealing with a difficult thing like let it all out and I let it
all out there and then I you know and then I start to see okay now that’s
what’s really bothering me and I get it all at what’s really bothering me okay
what can I do about it I missed all the things that I can do
and then missed what do I want to do and you know and and I usually find my way
through it that way Janet what do you do with receding
hairline and thinning hair you can use depending on your hair color you can use
eyeshadow to cover in you can use topic which is a great product it grabs hold
of the thievius hairs and it’s like a it’s like a fiber that sticks to the
little hairs and and helps to make it look thicker you can with a receding
hairline you can in fact that’s something I was thinking about doing
because I used to I used to when my hair was brunette I used to cover in along my
let me see which is the bit I used to go along my hairline and just make it
stronger right through here and up through here but with my gray hair I
haven’t done that because I if I I can’t quite figure out whether to use the
light gray or whether to use a darker gray it’s something I have to experiment
with but it’s not it hasn’t been top of my list of concerns but those are a
couple of things you can do if your hair is very thin extensions and wearing your
hair longer with a scrunchie or any number
up do is make sure hair look a little bit thicker also extensions and
scrunchies are a good way to go and toppers the current toppers that are on
the market these days are quite wonderful and I highly recommend a
synthetic topper because they usually have a memory curl in them or a memory
shaping in them when you wash them shampoo them you just shake them out let
them sit and you’re good to go you don’t have to curl you don’t have to do
anything the top are some of the toppers they have today are amazing so those are
all alternatives for you okay so I think that’s about it as far as the questions
are concerned now just a reminder that if you if I haven’t answered your
questions take a look on the YouTube channel write in what you want what
you’re searching for and you can find it or turn to the playlist click on
playlist and then they will all come up and click on whatever category it is
that you’re looking for and you should be able to find it so and if you are if
you’re not subscribed to this channel please do there’s the channel name
two-minute tips and if you’re interested in any the advocacy work that I do
sharing down advocacy is right there for you
and please like share and subscribe I am not monetized I gain no benefit I make
no money this is this is skill share paying it forward giving back to society
is what I’m all about okay so if you can share with your friends because when
you’re not monetized YouTube doesn’t you know put you out there so to speak now
on my public page is Sharon danly beaut if you want to join me on Facebook and
if you want to be in a close group where women are talking about aging and going
gray then please the there’s the link for that and for a pay it forward make
better on either channel just just join and
request one and the idea with the Payette forward is you give either your
time talent or treasure to a person or group in need in your corner of the
world in honor of my daughter Andrea main so that we just keep sharing I
think you know there’s so much greed going on in this world I’m sure we’re
all feeling it just giving to give without expectation I think is some we
need a little bit more of that okay off that soapbox now today’s quote is
beautiful young people are accidents of nature but beautiful old people are
works of art by Eleanor Roosevelt ok ladies well thank you for joining me
today it was a pleasure to be with you and remember that the older we get the
best aim is to use classic colors corrected and defined lines and blended
and balanced wait ok this channels aim is to illuminate the importance of
simplicity strength style and working all those things together and a
well-honed relationship with yourself based on love and logic grace is just
naturally going to come through have a wonderful balance of the day and weekend
and don’t get too caught up in the shopping frenzy and next week I’m
putting it a video on some holiday red lipsticks that you’ve probably already
got in your maybelline superstay 24-hour Arsenal we’ll see you then – MWAH


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    I so agree with your response to the chin/jowl/profile question. W-a-y back when I was in my 20s, when cosmetic surgery was quite rare except in Hollywood, I remember older women whose makeup and hair was so flattering that I hardly noticed their signs of aging. My impression was that they were just pretty because of the overall look. Usually I assumed these women were in their 40s – far older than me – but now I suspect they were much older than that! 🙂 These days, I can identify every procedure a woman has had, not necessarily a bad thing, But those who have repeated a procedure more than once, or have gone overboard, give new meaning to the "plastic" in plastic surgery.

  • Kari Phifer says:

    DO I care……HELL NO I love it and I loved the answer you gave that is exactly why I love all of you videos and you are excellent at teaching makeup and hair tip techniques and advice xoxoxoxo

  • Kari Phifer says:

    how do you know what your undertone is cool or yellow or warm or pink ? thanks

  • Becky Walker says:

    It's great!

  • Vivian Rovsek says:

    Thank you for being so vibrant, love your attitude. I've been watching you for a few days and appreciate your tips. I have an issue with my eyes that no ever talks about and I watch a lot of videos on makeup, I have swollen glands in the inside corner of my eyes due to allergies, as do most of the women in my family. It is not hooded lid, it is very light and I see so many people who say to highlight the corners would look horrible on me. What can I do to have this not so prominent ? I have tried powdered foundation blended over my eyes and because they portrudee so much they shine, I've tried to use the shadow I use in my creases and blend blend, and they still seem to protrude, help!

  • cynthia byford says:

    You always inspire me ! Perfect! Thank you so much!

  • cafefay says:

    Love your hair with the red chopsticks! Encourages me to get my black ones out and kick up my updo💚

  • Jackie Davis says:

    I just love you Sharon, I think you are terrific! Keep the videos coming.❤

  • Ms. R Melinda R says:

    In the US would it be Palladio??Is it drying?? 🎅🤶💄❤🎅❄

  • JoUsa44 says:

    Thank you for sharing so much information. I appreciate it.

  • Joyce Moses says:

    Thank you! You are awesome!

  • Anne Gregory says:

    Hi Sharon. I've been watching your videos for a while and am a subscriber. I really want to love the Maybelline Superstay 24 hour liquid lip color that you wear and speak of on so many of your videos. I went out and bought several of the colors that you've mentioned, especially those that are good colors for brunettes. I must be doing something wrong though because they just don't apply well for me and look terrible on me! Sometimes it looks as if I've skipped parts of my lips and it seems like I can see every crack in my lips, too. Any suggestions?

  • Joan says:

    Thank you, Sharon for giving us your professional expertise. I would love to hear you talk more about journaling and attitude. ❤️

  • TheGreennblue says:

    Sharon you look SO beautiful in Red! And your up do is Stunning on you! Love your videos! Thanks for these tips and lessons!

  • Mary Baker says:

    Wonderful knowledge thanks just listening

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