Lush Deep Dive: Henna Instructions

Lush Deep Dive: Henna Instructions

(upbeat music) – Hey everybody, today we
are talking about henna. So we’ve already done
introduction to the world of henna if you wanna go check that video out, but today we are actually
hennaing some heads of hair so you can see how it’s done. We are lucky enough to have
four beautiful henna products here at Lush. Jacinta is gonna go for marron, which is like a chestnut auburn,
and then we’ve got Nicole, who is gonna go for a fiery rouge. So I’m gonna show you how
to make it, how to cut it up and set it up, melt it down. We’re gonna henna those heads of hair, give you some few tips,
and then we’ll get to see the effects afterwards, so let’s do it. (upbeat music) So first let’s talk a little
bit about the supplies that you need. So you’re gonna have your henna obviously, and in each one of these, it
does have instructions for you and of course your old pal Erica’s gonna walk you through this. So what we need is: our henna, check. You’re gonna want a knife. You want some kind of double boiler or like a bain-marie kind of a thing, so I’ve just got a bowl within a bowl, that’s totally easy to
do, and we’re gonna put some hot water in that bottom bowl, and then set this one in and then melt our henna down inside. And then to apply it,
really simple materials. So you’ve got some gloves, you might want like some kind of little
coloring brush like this. This one’s good ’cause you
can like part the hair, and then I would recommend
some kind of barrier, something like Ultrabalm is really good. Melt a little bit along
your hairline, on your ears and maybe kind of on your
neck, and what that’s gonna do is gonna keep the henna
from staining your skin. And of course you wanna
be wearing old clothes or an apron or something like that. All right, so lemme show you
how to melt down a henna. A henna is, it’s henna powder,
and some other ingredients like clove bud oil or coffee grounds built into a brick of cocoa butter. So to melt it down, you’re
gonna want something like a double boiler,
so what I have is a bowl of hot, hot water and I’m just gonna set another bowl on top. If you have a bain-marie,
like if you make fondue, go for a fondue pot, that’d be awesome. So how do you do it? There’s a lot of myths out there. It is actually quite
simple to just like cut it into pretty big chunks
and toss it in there and it will melt down. I’m just gonna cut it
into a few big chunks. It’s not rocket science here, we’re just chopping it up. Okay. So I’m putting it into the bowl. I’ve got hot, hot, hot, hot water in this bottom bowl, and then the henna is in this bowl. It’s already starting to get a little, like I can feel the heat
from that bottom bowl. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna add some hot, hot, hot water
straight from the tea kettle and just start easy. You want it to be the consistency of kinda like brownie batter, so you
just kind of be patient, let the water do the work like I said, and just let it start to melt down. So the henna is gonna
keep soaking up the water. It’s just gonna get like drier and drier the longer you let it
hang out, so even once you’ve got it to the right consistency, I would recommend keeping
a tea kettle going so that if it starts to get
a little too thick on you, then you can add a little bit more water to get it to the right consistency. This is perfect. So I’ve got, like I
said, like this kind of brownie batter consistency. There’s still a few tiny lumps in there, you can probably see that,
but it’s no big deal. Like you can just totally
work it out with your fingers as you’re putting it on,
but this is the consistency you’re looking for. All right, let’s do this. (upbeat music) Alrighty, so we are ready to go and I brought a friend! Do you wanna introduce yourself? – Yes, my name is Jacinta, and I’m a Training Specialist at Lush. – Thank you for coming. This is a really healthy head of hair. If your hair is super, super
slick and healthy like this, it might take up a little bit less color than if it has been processed before or if it’s very, very
long and has maybe like slightly drier ends. So it’s just gonna give
like a really lovely gloss of auburn color. Okay, so to get started, we’re
gonna apply that Ultrabalm. Ultrabalm is almost like
our answer to Vaseline but it is a very simple three-ingredient, just simple vegetable waxes
and that is gonna provide a barrier on the skin so that
it doesn’t stain the skin. And just go right along the edge there. You don’t wanna get it in the hair because you want the hair
to take up the color, just not the skin. You can put this on in a
variety of different ways. If you’ve got a buddy
like me to help you out, that’s nice and easy but
you can totally do this on yourself, I promise. But what I would recommend
to do is probably go from like the top of the
hair down to the bottom and that way as you’re
doing it, you could just kinda like slop this up
in a bun and then just kinda keep adding to it
and keep adding to it, it’s just neater that way. And I would also recommend
going kind of from the roots to the tips, again, it’s just
neater, that’s all it is. You can use a brush like
this, you could also use your fingers, you can do both. Slop it in, let it sit,
and then rinse it out. Okay, so you’re just
looking to saturate the hair and make sure you’ve got it all the way to the tips. And then you can just kind of
make a little bun like that and then just keep
going, keep adding to it. All right, so I think we are done, I’m just kinda getting
this like, I’m doing like a little spot check by
just kinda like opening it up and double checking my
work to see if there’s any spots that maybe need a little extra hit. So what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna let this sit for a couple of hours and then we’re just gonna
wash it out with shampoo. You do wanna make sure
you’ve got nice, hot water because of all the cocoa butter in here. We do want that to melt down. So you can use shampoo of course but just make sure
you’ve got that hot water because that’s really
gonna do a lot of good to help remove this henna. (upbeat music) Next up, we have somebody
else to visit us, do you wanna introduce yourself? – My name is Nicole, I’m with facilities. I’m the Facility Coordinator. – So the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put on a
little bit of Ultrabalm around your hairline and
just like on your ears and on your neck just
to make sure that any of that henna stain just goes on the hair and not on the skin. We are going to start at the roots and move our way out towards the tips. Because you had mentioned
that you had done some processing a few months
ago, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna kind of stick
to just the roots first and then I’m gonna kinda come back and do all the ends and that way it’ll just get a little bit more time on the roots where the hair has had that break. The more porous the hair
is, the more it’s gonna take up the color, so we want to try to get kind of like even it out a little bit by giving some more time to the root and a little less time to the end. I am totally not a hairdresser. I am your pal, helping you do this so I think it’s good
just to know that like you don’t have to be a professional. This is something that
you’re meant to be able to do at home and you
will be all good to go. So you can see I’m like probably
two thirds of the way done. You’ve got this nice little like– – Dr. Seuss hair? – Cindy, I was gonna say Cindy Lou Who kind of a thing going on.
– Oh my gosh. – That’s cute. I know, I mean
it’s like a mud mask kind of. So tonight when you go
home, you’re just gonna wash it out, shampoo and
conditioner like normal. You may find that you need to wash it two, maybe even three times, just wash it until you feel nice and soft again and you don’t have any like muddy feeling or any grit or anything like that. – Thank you. – Good to go!
– Thank you. (upbeat music) – Okay, so it’s been about,
what, 38 hours or something like that, maybe 40 hours since we did it? – About 48. – Yeah. How are you feeling? – Great! – You look beautiful, your hair is really, really shiny.
– Thank you. – It’s a really subtle
color, I think we kinda talked about that before we started out because your hair is virgin hair, has never had any kind
of process or dye to it and so it’s really,
really almost just slick with healthiness, so
we knew that it wasn’t gonna have a whole lot of places to settle with its nooks and crannies
but I think that it has given, you had like a blue-black
sheen on your hair before, and now you do have that
really warm, auburn sheen, especially like up in the crown part. So do you think you’re gonna do it again? – Yes, absolutely. I’d love to make this
a little bit more bold, see the color kinda pop a little bit more. How much more can I do it? – You can do it really
as often as you like. The more you use it, the
more the color will build on itself and almost
like provide more nooks and crannies for the
next henna to settle into so it builds almost
like faster and faster. So I feel like the hair I had
– Silky softness. – When I was in eighth
grade, I keep touching it. – Are you smelling it? – I’m really, no. So I’m really, really glad
that you came and did this with us and spent the day with us, and it looks gorgeous and
I can’t wait to see it when you do it more. – Thank you, thanks for having me. – Of course. Okay, so I’m super psyched about this. So it’s been less than 24 hours. You look like such a rocking badass babe. This looks so good, how do you feel? – I feel like a million
bucks, I like it a lot. Like this is definitely my attitude. – What I really love about it is like look, zoom in on this. There’s like, the tone on tone color. The natural hair color is
naturally a little darker and then the ends were
a little bit lighter, so when we did that tone on
tone color that henna gives, it actually gave it so much depth and fun. I don’t know, I don’t
even know what to say! I’m like a little bit speechless. It just looks really rad. Do
you think you’ll do it again? – Yes, absolutely, I would love to see how much this can build. – [Erica] Yeah, it definitely will. – So for this, how long
until I can start building, like when can I do another application? – After about six weeks you’re probably gonna wanna do it again but I would say if you wanna like amp up the color, you can do it in really
as soon as you want. It’s kind of like all things with Lush, it’s just like listen to your hair, listen to your skin when you’re like I feel like I wanna do a
henna, that’s the time. – Okay. – Yeah. All right, so that’s all there is to it. You saw how to melt it down,
you saw how to slop it in, we didn’t get to see how you rinse it out ’cause that was private in their homes, but you got to see some before and afters so it’s not scary at all, give it a try. I hope you enjoy it, let us
know what you think about it. (upbeat music)


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