MAC Basic Bitch Eyeshadow Palette Tutorial and Review

MAC Basic Bitch Eyeshadow Palette Tutorial and Review

Hey! my name is Jenna Rosenstein I am the
Senior Beauty Editor for And I am a basic bitch… in that I
love wearing my Juicy Couture track suits and I order iced chai lattes on
the regular because pumpkin spice is out of season as you know. And you know I’m also a basic bitch because I have the new MAC Cosmetic’s Basic Bitch Palette. When news of
this palette hit the internet a couple of months ago people freaked out
and rightfully so because it’s just so funny and clever but on the inside it’s
actually really beautiful so I’m going to show you what it looks like on the
inside into a quick little everyday makeup tutorial for what a basic bitch
like myself would do with this palette This is what it looks like. There is a
highlighter this big guy right here and then there are one two three four five
six seven eight other shades of eyeshadow, which are all pretty basic I
would say, they’re living up to the name the shades I am drawn to are Hell in
Heels which is this maroon shade right here And I think Big White Lie which is
like a great neutral base color I’ll start with that just through my crease
create some definition. Buff it out…. I mean honestly the secret I am not a makeup
artist but the secret to eyeshadow is just blending like you could put any
color on the spectrum in the rainbow put on your eyes as long as you blend it
out, you won’t look crazy. So I’m going to reach for Me Me Me next which is just
white color right here and you could use it as a highlighter and I’m going to
actually put it in the center of my lid as a little highlight. I’m going to use, I think this color
which is Hell in Heels. It’s this red shade. So red eye shadow is actually trending
right now it’s very popular all kinds of reds: pink, pure classic red, maroon, plum…
whatever they’re trending. They frighten me. but because I feel like I want to
give it a try, I’m going to use it and as long as you you know really blend it out
and keep it just to the outer corners and don’t make it look like you have
pink eye, so definitely don’t bring it down to your under lash line. I think
you’ll be fine. We’ll see! I think I’m going to go for Sly Girl. It’s this very cool like slate metallic gray. It’s pretty! Something about putting shimmer in
the center of your eyelid does something about light and shadows. I’m not an art
expert and I’m not a makeup artist but I do know from watching all these
tutorials that if you put a little sparkle in center of your eyelid, I think
it just makes your eyes pop. Let’s go with that. I like it! So now I’m going to put some
color on my lower lash line and then I’ll finish with a cat eye, which I wear almost every single day. (because I’m basic)
And mascara. So Big White Lie and Miss Personality will be my two colors that I’m going to reach for my bottom lash line. Every single shadow that I’ve use
kind of blended together and created this really pretty like metallic purple
situation that’s happening. *laughs* Now eyeliner is tricky. It is one of the things that I’ve perfected over the years I wear liquid eyeliner almost every single day
but that’s not to say that I’m particularly great at it, it’s hard. Even
professional makeup artists struggle with liquid eyeliner and making cat eyes
but I’ll show you sort of the trick that I use every day to make it happen. And I’ve never used this one before this will be new for both of us.
This is called Curvitude liner from Maybelline New York and it’s brand new
and it has this cool, let’s see when I twist it off… Curved edge which supposedly will
make making cat eyes a little bit easier But we’ll see. So the trick with the cat eye
that I’ve learned is always start with the wings first. Don’t start with the
rest of your eye. So create the wing… Overall I’d say if you struggle with
winged eyeliner, this is a really good one to try. Because it couldn’t be smoother or easier to draw on but if you’re looking for something darker and inkier I
would probably go in another formula or even a gel. So the last step of course is
mascara and because we use the MAC Basic Bitch Palette we’re going to use
the MAC Cosmetic’s Bold Bad Black Lash and they call it a top bottom lash
mascara and why do they call it that? well I will show you why. It’s pretty cool but when you open it up check out the wand you’re like ‘oh just looks like a regular
mascara to me’ well it’s not this is actually far from basic. You unscrew this
part and you have a lash for a little applicator for your bottom lashes and
one for your top lashes. It’s really really cool. So this is like it’s like having a mascara inside of a mascara it’s mascara-ception. I’m just finishing up my top lashes. I like my lashes thick and all you internet commenters can write “Oh spider clumpy
lashes” But I don’t care, I like them. They look good. leave me alone I love highlighter, I mean let it be
known it is actually 1,000 degrees in this room right now. It is as hot as I
imagined hell is like but and I have a nice natural glow going on thanks to my
sweat glands but I always have a little extra glow because I’m basic. So I’m going to dip my brush– this is not a highlighter brush but we’re just making
it work. So, we use the Mac Basic Bitch Palette to create this look. As you can see– I keep closing my eyelids awkwardly to show you what I– what we did together. And overall I would say… I don’t know if you’d say this is a basic look. It’s like, I mean is it
groundbreaking? No, but it’s you know plum metallic shimmery. The colors inside the
palette are really beautiful the textures of the shadows are soft and
very pigmented and you really can’t mess this up. Even if you are a makeup artist, a
Pro makeup artists or like me who is not a pro makeup artist and just writes
about beauty all day long… You can’t mess it up. It’s so easy to use and overall I
thought it was a great palette. I highly recommend it.


  • 40 Is fab says:

    I think the name of this palette is offensive! Since when did it become ok for anyone to call women bitches? This is also labeled as Macgirls????? Is it ok to call girls basic bitches? I don't believe so! And don't say that it's a common term, because normalization of the word bitch is not what women should want! I can't believe that women haven't rallied together to complain about the name of this!

  • Jennifer Smith says:

    Thank You for the review, I bought it because I thought the name was funny!!

  • dinadehnad says:

    I don't find things like that offensive as long as you know the person doesnt mean it for real you could call me whatever. I call also my male best friends bitches.

  • Samantha Stock says:

    Great tips! I'd call it the "Better than Basic" look 😉👍🏻 You have gorgeous eyes and a sparkling personality. Thanks for making this tutorial fun to watch!

  • Kat Ganz says:

    Does anyone know what is the second brush she is using? Thick brush Black stem with white /cream bristles? I'd appreciate any info!! Thank you!

  • Earthling Smith says:

    Basic bitch is an insult. If you wast to call me a bitch make me feel special like hot bitch or sexy bitch. Basic means you are average and plain.

  • Niennn says:

    I have that one!

  • Llama Del Fid says:

    Why is every white girl, who has black hair with bangs and big eyes looks like zooey dischanel(if I spell this right) ?

  • Yes we can says:


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