Hi, friendies, and thank you for clicking
on this video, today’s video is gonna be makeup brands that I don’t support, and
beauty brands that I don’t support. It is my opinion, I don’t urge you to boycott the same brands
as I’m boycotting but I will list all the reasons so hopefully it can add some
more information to your consideration Talking about those brands, so the first brand
that I don’t support is Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. Fenty Beauty had leaks several times:
as in, they had a new release that wasn’t yet announced yet someone leaked the
information photos or video of the product. Allegedly, that was one of
the Fenty employees. A YouTube channel BeautyNews once talked about one of those
releases when it was leaked, and featured a video of the product that was leaked.
Lately they were threatened by Fenty legal team, they asked to remove the
video or the part of the video. Even though, it’s obviously not the influencers
fault if such information becomes public It’s a fault on your end and you
should watch your employees better instead of bullying the influencers.
Another thing that happened is that one of the makeup news Instagram MakeupHuntersNews was taken down by a Fenty representative because they posted a
picture of a new Fenty release which was apparently also another leak. They
removed her whole Instagram, it had about one hundred thousand followers, it was a
passion project for the person who owned that Instagram, and to me it’s very
horrible just like to have such a project to put all your energy, the effort in
building something like that, building your social media, building the
community. I mean, and she has done nothing wrong, it was just her hobby, she
wanted to post and inform people about new makeup releases and to chat and
discuss them but someone can just go ahead and delete something that you have
been working for years, possibly. I know what it feels like because I have
had my own public blog page taken down, I mean, it was hacked by one of the
haters, I assume. And it’s a very strange and a weird feeling,
basically waking up and seeing the work of your life, something that you had been
working on, just gone because someone wanted it gone. And therefore, I
sympathize with this person very very much. She started a backup account after
that happened, but last time I checked there were two accounts and they all
were abandoned at about February. So I guess that affected her so much that she
just didn’t want to have that account and blog anymore and I can’t support anything
of that nature. That turns me off of the brand completely but it’s only
one-half why I don’t support that brand. Another reason is that Rihanna has a
history of racism towards Asians. So Karrueche was dating her ex Chris Brown
for a short short period of time, as far as I remember.
And that made Rihanna very mad and she called Karrueche ricecake publicly,
referring to her Asian descent just because she went out with Chris Brown who
was Rihanna’s ex. She called her like that in one of her songs, she posted a
rice cake with the relevant caption on her Instagram. And it just
really puzzles me, her racism and that you can start a war over an abusive
person and want to put other women down because of that, because of someone who is a man, who is an abuser.
And I mean it’s 21st century, I always viewed Rihanna as a very strong woman who is a
role model for a lot of people. She always says how she is
self-sufficient but such behavior really turns me off and I will not support this
brand until, I mean, maybe ever, maybe until they acknowledge and apologize for
all such actions. But really I have very negative feelings towards the brand
because of that. Recently there was a controversy when Fenty beauty named one
of their own blushes Geisha Chic or Geisha Chic Hunny in another version,
because I saw different versions on different sources. A lot of people were
upset because of the cultural appropriation, I talked about that in my
‘Thoughts on new makeup releases from a no-buy perspective’ video, should be
somewhere in the cards. And they renamed the blush after the people have
spoken out, but it was still very tasteless because Rihanna already had a
history of such sort ,but just because they renamed the blush that does not
change my attitude towards the brand. Another brand I don’t support is Jeffree
Star cosmetics and Jeffree Star. So Jeffrey star has a racist past, when
he said in one of his myspace videos that he wants to bleach someone’s
skin with battery acid that they could give a woman a foundation match,
basically referring to a woman of color in that joke. But that just didn’t stop
then. Of course,Jeffrey apologized but even after he continued his behavior.
He referred to women of color such as makeup Shayla and Jackie Aina as
gorillas and rats. Going back to Jeffree Star’s MySpace days and his past, he
was very rude to his fans. I have some comments from the people to who
that happened. One girl commented something on his page and then
he came back to her page to insult her and say some insulting remarks about her
nose. Another girl went to his meet-and-greet and he stopped the
meet-and-greet before her, and when she posted something about being upset about that
on MySpace, he also went to her page and said that he doesn’t want ugly fans. He
had music career back then and he resorted to violence on stage, he [is said to ] punched
a girl on his music concert in Toronto in the face, there is no footage of that
left, as far as I understand, which happens sometimes if you have a lot of
money, you can remove the footage from the internet. Something like that happened to Nailya Askerzade here, which is the theme
of one of my previous videos but that doesn’t matter.
and I have a footage of him punching another person on stage on his concert. He still continues being rude to
his fans though. There is a girl youtuber named Porcelain, when she tweeted
something to Jeffrey star, he was rude to her. Again, basically, the story is that
Jeffrey posted that he was gonna review Copycat Beauty which is makeup line by
Bhad Babie who is a girl that became a meme after saying ‘Cash me outside, how
about dah’ I mean, maybe I’m not being
historically accurate citing this quotation. His a longtime fan
Porcelain who has, like, all of his palettes, all of his products and
highlighters, and everything, replied to his tweet saying that something like ‘Don’t
bother reviewing it, I tried it, it’s shit’. And he went completely ballistic with replying something like I don’t want your freaking permission to tell me what
to review and what not to review. And apparently he hated her even before that,
even though she’s like one of his biggest fans. I’m not saying that him
being rude to his fans is more important than him being racist because it
obviously isn’t, but I’m just listing all the reasons and that includes violence,
racism and such behavior online. Another brand I don’t support currently and
recently might be a surprise but it’s a brand a Yves Rocher. It’s a French brand that
actually owns a lot of daughter companies. Let me list them: Petit Bateau, Stanhome, Dr. Pierre
Ricaud, Daniel Jouvance, Kiotis, ID Parfums Paris, Flormar, Arbonne and
Sabon. Talking about Yves Rocher, they fired 132 employees, mostly women for joining the union. One of the employees who was fired, says: ‘ I
joined the union because after eight years at Flormar, my salary is still only
just above minimum wage. It is my constitutional right to join the union’.
And of course she’s absolutely right. Unions are important. And the company had
no right to do so and I will not be supporting them after. I mean, their shower gel are nice but like is it really more important than
people’s freedom, people’s rights, labor code? I don’t think so. I didn’t even know
that Flormar and Arbonne were also their companies. I also didn’t know Dr.
Pierre Ricaud was one of the daughter companies. But Arbonne is an MLM company
I don’t support any MLM company, so that’s another reason for me not to
support Yves Rocher, and the third reason is that they staged fake criminal case against one of the oppositioners here. And if you’re from
Russia, I’m sure you know who I mean. When that happened, me and a lot of other
people didn’t pay a lot of attention to that but now, seeing how the things
progress and basically making conclusions, I am able to understand a
bit more than could back then, so I’m not supporting Yves Rocher.
The fourth company that I’m not supporting is Lime Crime. Lime Crime
is a problematic brand. They had security breaches when a lot of people got their
money stolen from their cards just because sometime in the past
they shopped from Lime Crime using the credit cards. And that happened more than
once. Also the owner the creator of Lime Crime , Ksenia or Doe Deere went to
Halloween in a Hitler costume. She also stole some of the concepts from
another indie brand Sugarpill. Also Lime Crime is another brand who bullied influencers and threatened them just for giving bad reviews. That happened
even to Temptalia, Temptalia is a very respected blogger who has been doing
beauty blogging for years, if not for a decade. She has her own website where you
can see dupes of the products, you can see dupes within your own collection, you
can read reviews so I respect her and I trust her opinion completely. I know a
lot of people who previously didn’t support Lime Crime, support now because
the brand made an executive decision of distancing Doe Deere from their board of
directors of the company. But to me personally that doesn’t change anything
and I don’t want to support this brand. And I mean I’m not impressed by them
just doing something to make seem like Doe Deere is no longer taking part in the
brand, even though I have no proof that she is no longer doing so. And I’m just, I
am a petty person, I will not forgive Lime Crime, there’s just
that. Another, fifth brand that I don’t support is the corporation Johnson &
Johnson. They have a lot of brands under their umbrella, I will insert a pic. Basically, what happened is that when I
graduated university I couldn’t find a job for a couple of months but then I
was offered a temporary job as a temporary secretary / receptionist, a job
of that sort and my first… my first appointment was supposed to be a job of
receptionist at Johnson & Johnson company on in one of the branches it was
an branch for like Acuvue and everything contact lense wise. And
basically, during that job, during that day I was verbally abused oh by an HR.
She kept telling me how stupid I was, kept giving me the wrong directions,
wrong explanations and then made it seem like I’m very stupid because she was
saying wrong things, and when I did wrong things she was like “do you… do you even
know what a computer mouse is? do you even know what a pointer is?” and yeah. And basically my work hours were supposed to be 8 to 5, and before I was
supposed to finish my work, I needed an HR sign a little document for me to
present to the job agency, to prove that I worked that day. And I was on the phone
with the HR, who had the time to verbally abuse me for the whole day but then
when I called her like one a half an hour or so, before the end of
my working hours, she conveniently said that “I’m not the office anymore, I’m leaving I’m on vacation” so funny… funnily enough, she had the time to verbally abuse me the whole day but she didn’t have the time
to warn me that she wouldn’t be in the office when my working hours end, and she
wouldn’t be able to sign my sheet. She left on vacation I kept… after that day, so I just had no signature, no proof. After that day I kept reaching out
to the company Johnson and Johnson, I kept trying to contact the job agency
which is called Manpower but they just kept postponing and saying “yeah we arel like taking care of that, we are aware, she is just on vacation” and I’ve
been doing that for weeks but then I just got sick like spending my time,
spending my resources, being nervous over a day’s salary. So I just kept trying and
nobody reached out to me further, nobody who paid me anything, I just worked a
whole day for free while being verbally abused and insulted by the HR and I will
never support Johnson & Johnson company after that. It was a very horrible day,
I have never encountered this behavior towards me, such attitude from
from superiors at work or from the HR. I’ve had some not-so-nice incidents at
different workplaces, some minor conflicts, some bigger conflicts but
never to that extent, never I was just verbally abused an insulted and I had, like, nothing to say back because first
of all I was young, I was naive, it was actually my first job since I just
graduated from my bachelor degree and I had nothing to say back to
her. I had nothing to defend myself with, I
just listened and that was a horrifying experience. As for the brand, they have
some nice products, I liked their OGX shampoos but the cruelty free and even a
cheaper alternative is Desert Essence shampoos, you can get them on Iherb and
I will be buying those shampoos instead instead of OGX and I don’t
want any production any products by that brand whatsoever. Last brand that I
don’t support that I want to talk about is Kat Von D. Kat Von D has been expanding
to other countries and that’s what the brand counts on – that people in other
countries will not know the history and will not know what Kat did but I know
and I’m sharing. Basically, first of all Kat Von D is an anti-vaxxer, she’s
one of those people who believes in not vaccinating her child, she believes
vaccination causes autism. That has been proven wrong by science but she doesn’t
care. She has used her public platform to publicly post that she will not be
vaccinating her child because of that, because vaccinations aren’t vegan so she
used her platform to have a bad influence on
possibly a million of people. Our society is based on a herd immunity,
basically when everyone vaccinates that can on obviously stop the outbreak of diseases that were previously defeated like
measles and others. And people who cannot be vaccinated due to some objective
reasons like infants or people who have autoimmune diseases, people who have
some… basically, who can’t be vaccinated due due to some physical individual reactions,
are protected by the herd immunity because everybody else is vaccinated but
when people are making a choice of not vaccinating their child, they are putting
everyone in danger. And there have been outbreaks of those diseases because of
such people but that’s only one of the reasons. Another second reason is
anti-semitism, her husband has a swastika tattoo on his neck that has a
Star of David inside. And as you know, swastika is originally a solar sign, a
sign that means the Sun from Hinduism but fascists, Nazis
used swastika as their symbol, and her husband Raphael is not Hindu, he’s
not from India. He just used it to display his views, especially since it
has a Star of David which is a Jewish symbol, symbol of Judaism. That just
proves that she’s anti-semitic. Another thing that what I found out from one of
the podcasts where they took part in is that Rafael, the husband,
impregnated Kat against her will and she just went along with it. But Rafael
actually already has a daughter and when she was 13, she has sexual intercourses with his
with his friends. As she was below the age of consent, that automatically
classifies as rape but when Raphael found out that his daughter was raped by
his friends, his initial reaction was that she betrayed him. His 13 years old
daughter who was raped by his friends was the one who betrayed him and he
stopped all the contact with her and never maintained contact with her ever
again. And that’s just horrible. Kat Von D made a video
called ‘I am NOT a Nazi’ I’m not an anti-vaxxer’, she wanted to clean her name
but she never said anything factual about those stances, she said
that she would no longer publicly post about her decisions
parenting wise, basically that she will not be announcing and talking about her
not vaccinating anymore. She never said that she will vaccinate
her kid, she just addressed some other issues or how there was a false
accusation of her calling someone anti-semitic words and I’m not
addressing that because I have already enough reasons to cancel her without
those that weren’t proven to be true. She also talks about that she was sexually
assaulted at the job, at her job at Miami Ink but that’s not really
relevant is it so Kat Von D is a horrible human being and I will not ever
ever support her. But that is all for this video, I will make more videos
like I will be doing a ‘problematic indie
brands’ video I will be doing a video called a ‘horrible business decisions of
makeup brands’ so stay tuned for that but thank you very much for watching.
Hopefully I will see you in my next videos, bye!


  • Miser's Makeup - Người Hà Tiện says:

    Thank you for talking about Yves Rocher’s anti-union tactics. Being a multi million dollar company yet still so money hungry that they’d rather fire senior, experienced employees rather than paying them a living wage… despicable. I only found out about what RIhanna did to Karrueche recently, when the blush name thing broke out. It’s not like I can afford her products anyway, but it definitely damages how I think about her & her company. At this point, I don’t bother with anyone who knows of his past (and present) but still defends and wants to support J*. They probably share some if not many of the traits they see in him and secretly nod to some of the horrendous things he says or does. Same thing with Lime Crime, which unfortunately makes a lot of products I’m interested in trying. I’ll separate the owner from the brand when they’re separated from the profit from my purchase. There should be something more to hold these people accountable, eps. on a legal basis for hate speech, child endangerment (there are countries – Vietnam included – that still specifically criminalise people for knowingly infect others with the HIV virus – which just comes from bigotry against gay, poor people but that’s the story for another day. Knowingly letting yourself or your children spread much more deadly, far more infectious diseases to other people is so much worse), union-busting etc. They shouldn’t be allowed for a second to think that their wealth or social status can let them get away with whatever they do.

  • Megan Makeuptosh says:

    I don't like Yves Rocher because they rely heavily on greenwashing for their marketing and yet they still test on animals. I know the two are unrelated, but the fact that they do that really bothers me. Of course, crappy labor practices is also a great reason not to support them.

  • Megan Makeuptosh says:

    I never knew about Rihanna being so nasty with the whole rice cake thing.

  • Katariina A says:

    Thank you for sharing! I didn't know about that race cake thing about Rihanna. I must say that Fenty isn't a brand that interests me at all. Yes I think it's awesome that she launched a foundation with such a good shade range, but other that that I just don't get the hype around her releases. For me the products look either boring or gimmicky.

    I enjoy watching videos like this. Even though some of these brands I have products from and I might purchase something in future, I think it's important to educate oneself rather than just close eyes and be ignorant. Right now I am not ready to boycott brands that offer me cruelty free and vegan makeup, because I am already more limited with options. But if the brand has a problematic owner, I am more hesitant to make a purchase from them and I try find another option.

  • Alkssh Shndr says:

    Очень ждём субтитры! 🐈

  • no name says:

    Смотрела вас и до этого, а сегодня узнала что сижу в вашем паблике оказывается ❤️

  • sasha says:

    да уж) почему то обратила внимание, что иностранные интернет-пользователи(блоггеры,комментаторы/пользователи инсты), яростно не поддерживающие лайм крайм, поддерживают джеффри стар:( и меня это расстраивает. может, чтобы не показаться нетолерантными? у меня несколько продуктов лайм крайм, которые я купила не с официального сайта(там очень дорогая доставка в россию), а с посредника в европе, поэтому с карты ничего не было украдено, но конечно это не отменяет опыта пострадавших.

  • Love Stigma says:


  • A Toda Costa says:

    Привет! Видео очень понравилось. Я тоже не поддерживаю Ив Роше, так как они так же перечисляют деньги в пролайферские организации. Про насильственное оплодотворение даже и не знала. Да уж, вот он мразота.
    Ваш английский- это просто моя мечта. Уроков не даёте?😄 шутка)

  • Mia's Virtual Vanity says:

    Oh no :/ I'm so sad Yives Rocher and Flormar are so shady. I had no idea and I was actually really enjoying their products. Thanks for letting me know! I'll keep an eye on them and see how they behave in the future – honestly I don't expect any company to be "good", but villain evil is a bit too much.

  • Scott Gadzhimagomedov says:

    Так Каручче самая не святая, она с подругами издевалась над акцентом Рианны когда услышали её песню. Не оправдаю поступок Ри, ибо это было реально плохо.

  • nelly fredrickson says:

    Лучше ускорить ваш темп речи, очень сложно слушать, потому что кажется,что слишком медленно говорите. А так, то ролик очень информативный, спасибо!

  • day says:

    я даже не знала про такие расистские наклонности у Рианны!!! И это человек, который позиционирует свой бренд как бренд для всех оттенков кожи вне зависимости от расы??? почему у некоторых нетерпение к расизму работает только в отношении себя, на других людей других рас по сути все равно!

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