Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Glosses & Pigments Review | Lip Swatches + Chit Chat

Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Glosses & Pigments Review | Lip Swatches + Chit Chat

Hey, guys. Welcome back. For those of you who don’t know, all of my
videos now have closed captioning, so you can just hit the little CC button below if
you just want to watch this with subtitles. Today I’m going to be talking to you about
the new Makeup Geek foiled lip glosses and foiled pigments. I did lip swatches of all of the foiled lip
glosses for you, and I also did hand swatches of all of the pigments. The new foiled lip glosses from Makeup Geek
are supposed to be very comfortable to wear. They’re supposed to last up to six hours,
and they’re supposed to have a new gloss technology. I need to be honest with you, I personally
hate gloss. I don’t like wearing it. I don’t like how it feels on me. I don’t like how it transfers, because it
always gets on my front teeth, always. Doesn’t matter what I do. I am not a gloss person, but despite that
I went ahead and swatched all these for you so can check them out. I do want to say that, in comparison to when
I last wore gloss, when I last really wore gloss, I wore MAC lip gloss, which I feel
like was much more sticky and tacky. This feels like it hugs my lips, but it is
not sticky. It doesn’t feel tacky. My lips don’t want to stick together, so I
feel like the formula is very nice if you like gloss. I think that if you’re somebody who loves
gloss, you’re going to really, really like this formula. I’m going to go ahead and run through the
swatches of the glosses first. We have VIP, which is a light peachy pink. Set List, which is a rosy color with pink
reflects. Vinyl, a taupe color with silver and purple
reflects. Headliner, which is a rich copper. Mixed Tape, rosy plum. Drumroll, a purple with pink reflects. Backstage, deep purple with royal blue reflects. Groupie, a bright fuchsia with purple reflects. Replay, bright pinky coral. And acoustic, oxblood red. I really like the names for this collection
because they’re all related to music, so I think that’s really cool. They’re $15 per lip gloss, which I feel like
puts them more at department store pricing than their eyeshadows, so they are a little
bit higher than what I expected. The packaging is pretty amazing. I love the packaging. I feel like the packaging looks fantastic. It has this glittery effect at the top that
ombres into a solid purple more towards the bottom, so they’re really, really pretty to
look at. I can’t speak to if they can last up to six
hours, because when I put them on, they get on my teeth and then I take them off. I felt like maybe the formula would last maybe
two to three hours and then need a touch-up, because that’s pretty much how gloss in general
wears for me. Let’s jump into the pigments. Telepathic, which reminds me of Kat Von D
Thunderstruck. It’s described as being a light cream with
strong peach reflects, but it reminds me of a white gold type of color with sort of pinky
peach shift. Illusion, pink base with a gold shift. Abracadabra, icy mint with silver reflects. Atlantis, icy blue with silver reflects. Tin Man, silver gray with a purple shift. Enchanted, plummy purple with a pink shift,
and I feel like there’s a orange undertone. Hocus Pocus, kind of a warm nude pink with
orange undertones. Firefly, bright golden peach. It’s a gold with a fiery orange shift. Voodoo, vibrant apple green. No, this is a bright badass green. Gargoyle, it’s a cool brown with slight gray
undertones. It’s supposed to be a taupe, but it looks
too brown on me. Supernatural, warm, rich brown. It’s a brown with kind of almost orange undertones. Intermission, sort of a complex brown. It’s a medium rusty brown with yellow undertones,
so you almost see some gold going on in there. The foiled pigments are supposed to be a mix
of pigment and pearl that come together to create a versatile loose eyeshadow. I don’t really see how these are much different
than the other pigments that they have. I really love their duochrome pigments, so
I feel like these are just kind of that. I don’t see that they look any different. I personally like the packaging. I like that there’s a sifter. I was a little disappointed that three of
the colors are brown, because I’m not a brown eyeshadow person, so I was just kind of like,
oh, this is kind of boring. Because if you’re going to have complex pigments,
why make it brown? Why not go for something fun? I was a little disappointed about that, but
aside from that, I feel like they have nice pigmentation. I feel like the colors, other than the browns,
are pretty. They’re colors I would use. I love the names for the pigments. I think that they’re really cute. I especially like that they have Hocus Pocus
and Supernatural, because I’m a huge Supernatural fan. In my opinion, if you are somebody who loves
gloss, you’re going to love these glosses. If you’re somebody like me who doesn’t like
to wear gloss, skip the glosses. Don’t go for the glosses. They’ll drive you crazy. If you like complex colors, I think that you’ll
like most of the pigments. I’m especially happy with the fact that there
are several light shades that I feel work really well as lid colors or inner lid colors
and they’ll really help to open up the eyes. I also think that they’ll work really well
with the mattes that Makeup Geek currently has, which in my opinion makes them ideal
for hooded eyes, because I like popping colors like this onto my lid and then using mattes
in the crease. I think that’s what looks flattering. If you are a fan of loose pigments, I think
that you’ll like these. If you like complex colors, I think you’ll
like most of these. If you don’t like working with loose pigments,
skip this because you’re just not going to like it. Even though I personally feel like this jar
design is not very messy, I think that if you’re somebody who really hates pigments,
even with a sifter, you’re just going to be annoyed. Now time for a little bit of story time. This past week, I had the roof replaced on
my house, and it went on all week. I didn’t get good sleep all week. I maybe got four hours a night of sleep that
wasn’t interrupted with banging and hammering and whatever. In addition to that, I had a problem with
my website, a major problem with my website where I had to go through every single blog
post and every single link on my site to hand code. That took me literally from Friday until Friday,
so I had a rough week. I’m really glad to have this video finally
done because I love Makeup Geek and I hated the fact that I really couldn’t work on it
during the week because I had to deal with my website issues and I had to deal with the
stuff around my house. The previous week wasn’t that great either
because the previous week Phaedra had a seizure, which was awful and scary, so I just kind
of wanted this week to be done and I wanted it to be the weekend so that things would
be more relaxing and better, and today I finally got a good night’s sleep. I got seven and a half hours of sleep, and
I feel so much better. I am not somebody who can run on four hours
of sleep every night for a week. It wears me down. I can’t do it. I don’t know how people do that on a consistent
basis, because I can’t handle it. It makes me a zombie. It makes me cranky. In other news, I’m still obsessed with Legion. I just watched the most recent episode, and
I have all of these questions and theories in my head, and it’s killing me. I hate having to wait for the new episodes. In addition to that, I’m watching this BBC
show, it’s a UK show, with Dave called Misfits, which is actually really cute. It’s interesting because the guy that was
Ramsay from Game of Thrones is in this show as a character named Simon. I hated the character on Game of Thrones,
but now that he’s in the show Misfits and he’s much more likable, I’m like, oh, he’s
not so bad. Then I remind myself, no, he did horrible
things. It’s kind of funny how when you watch a show,
it really shapes how you think about that actor. I know after I saw Jessica Jones, I could
not look at David Tennant the same way at all, and he was my favorite doctor from Dr.
Who. Anyway, what do you think of the new Makeup
Geek foiled pigments and lip glosses? Please be sure to let me know in the comments
below. If you like this video and found it helpful,
please give it a thumbs up and share. I love it when you share my videos. If you haven’t already, go ahead and click
that subscribe button down below so you don’t miss my next video. Thanks so much for watching.


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