Making Wonder Woman Gay! // A Mrs & Mrs Movie Review

Making Wonder Woman Gay! // A Mrs & Mrs Movie Review

J: Hi! C: Hello! J: So, exciting, exciting! J: We are tomorrow going to the Lake District. C: My second time, ever! C: First time was not so successful! J: No. J: Maybe you’ll find out about that in the video. J: Maybe you won’t. J: But I went to the Lake District every single school holiday when I was a little kid, and I absolutely love it and I’m really excited to show you round all my favourite places. C: I’m excited as well. J: It’s like you’re really part of the family now! C: I love, like, outdoors and walking and really excited–we’re taking the dogs. C: We’re taking the cameras, obviously, and it’s like the perfect opportunity to use the GoPro C: I’m going to strap it to my rucksack strap and show you my walk J: All the accessories will be with us, yes. C: Which will mostly probably be Jessica going, “I can’t do any more!” And I’ll be like, “We’ve walked like ten feet from the house.” J: The realities of life with a disabled person. C: I might have to join some walking groups. [?] J: So you can just find someone else to walk with. C: Yeah! C: I dunno, though; this time I won’t, but in the future. J: Tear! C: Maybe. J: Aw. C: Aww. J: Since we’re going away, we’ve been preparing for that. This week, I’m going to put up some BSL videos, which are coming tomorrow and on Saturday but we thought that today, because we have just been to see Wonder Woman. (Wonder Woman!) So, in ten minutes we are going to discuss and review the film what we think, and we’re going to rate it, which we may or may not have forgotten [?] C: Are we going to do that thing that your mum always asks us to do? C: Like, “Can you actually tell us what the film is about? The synopsis, please?” J: That will be included, OK! C: That was a bad impression of your mum. J: And…go! J: Do a better impression of my mum. [Posher voice] C: “So, what is this Wonder Woman film about?” J: “But why? But what? But…what?” J: But who’s doing this? C: Have you started the timer? J: Yeah. Sorry. J: This isn’t about my mum. C: No one wants to know about your mum. C: Apart from maybe your mum. J: That’s really harsh; my mum watches this. C: Yeah, I know. J: Hi, Mum. J: Hope you’re OK. J: So, Wonder Woman! J: I’m a bit of a comic book geek. Nerd. Gonna say. J: I love me some comic books. J: But I’m a Marvel girl. C: Yeah. J: I am, I’m a Marvel girl, and Wonder Woman is DC J: DC are trying to build their own cinematic universe, because obviously Marvel have theirs with The Avengers. C: Jessica. J: What? I’m explaining the film! C: I know this is all very interesting, but it was like, “What is the synopsis of the film?” C: “Well, Marvel and DC…” – It’s like that’s far too complicated for people if they don’t know. J: So, Wonder Woman the specific film had the origins of Wonder Woman; how she came to be part of our “world,” supposedly, in the Justice League. J: That OK? C: Yep. J: Now you do the synopsis of the film. C: Wonder Woman is a film about the superhero Wonder Woman, who is a character from the DC comic books and this particularly film [is] obviously all about her. It’s about how she came to be in our world. C: That’s pretty much what you said, but kind of like in a nutshell. J: Oh, good. J: Thanks for that. C: No, but it’s good, though, because before I saw this film, I thought Wonder Woman was kind of a knock-off Superman. C: I thought she was from a different planet, like Superman was. J: You thought she was like Supergirl. C: Oh, is there a Supergirl? J: Yeah, yeah, yeah! J: There was Supergirl. I had a massive crush on her. C: It’s pretty bad of me, because I’ve actually got Wonder Woman knickers. C: Not on me right now, but I have got some, haven’t I? J: I love them. C: And I didn’t even know anything about her. C: And she was next to me really intimately. J: Yeah! J: Yeah! You two have been sharing some special times. C: Because Wonder Woman, actually, she is an Amazonian. J: Mmhm. C: And they were put onto Earth to basically make man remember love and beauty. J: Yes. C: And that’s why they took on the form of these strong, independent women because that represents love and beauty and positivity and Mother Nature and all that. J: And men are for procreation, not for pleasure. C: Yeah. J: Although the film brushes over that. C: Except, in the film, they totally just, like–I came out and the first thing I said to Jessica was, “You wouldn’t have that kind of like chick flick-y element if it was a Marvel film.” C: Like, this was very…heteronormative. J: Yep. C: Despite the fact it was about Wonder Woman, who’s meant to be this warrior princess. J: This is why I mentioned Marvel at the start. C: Not even a warrior princess – she’s a god. J: Yeah. J: Spoiler. J: She’s a god! C: I knew that from the beginning. That’s another thing about this DC film. J: You’re not supposed– C: It’s like, “She must not know who she is!” J: And you’re like, “What? Zeus’ daughter?” C: And she’s like, “I want to see the – ” What’s the…? J: The God Killer? C: “I want to see the God Killer.” And her mother’s like, “…You will.” C: And it’s like, “Well it’s clearly her!” C: Now you gave it away! J: Yeah, there’s a bit of a Harry Potter-esque element to this. C: A little bit of me, though, was–I thought maybe Ares was going to be the father. J: Ohhhh. C: At one point, until she said, “Yeah, my mother told me that she made me out of clay and then Zeus formed me into a human.” I was like, “Oh, no, Zeus was the father.” J: So… C: But then I did think maybe Zeus and her mother had had, you know, the thing. C: Had had the times. J: Yeah. Yeah, they did – they had the sex. C: Oh, they did? Oh, OK. J: Yeah, yeah. J: She had children with various… C: So she wasn’t made out of clay? J: No… C: No, I knew she wasn’t made out of clay. C: But I wasn’t sure if he just sent her… J: And can we just… C: Who’s Ares made with, then? Zeus and who? J: Oh, I want to say [mumbles] Hera? C: Venus. J No, Venus is his daughter. C: He’s got a lot of daughters, this man! J: To be fair, it’s very incestuous; we’re going to be here a while if we start talking about this. C: The thing is, they make it seem like Zeus is like the main god who’s like the good god J: Yes. C: There’s very much good and bad. But, actually, you can kind of see – J: He kills his children a lot, though. C: – yeah, you can kind of see Ares’ point. Like, Ares is like–he basically made an image of himself –made man in the image of himself so that he could rule this world with lots of little hims. C: It’s very egotistical. J: Yeah, and then they all start fighting each other. What does that say about you? C: And also, why do his children–if Ares has so much anger, but he’s not actually angry; he just wants peace and wants the world to be restored to this–like, to be honest, I’m kind of with Ares a lot of it. C: I get his point. J: And sadly we’re not gods, so we would be dead in Ares’ Utopian idea. J: But, yeah, it’s very nice; the gods can all live on Earth. C: Who wants Utopia? And actually… J: The trees would be green. Grass everywhere. C: Anyway, we digress. J: Yes, we’ve very much digressed. J: OK, so…I love that this is the highest-grossing film from a female director, ever. J: I think that’s wonderful. J: I went into this like, “Yes! Female superheroes. Yes! That is my thing. Yes, be my director! Yes!” C: And it opened up really promising, really. J: Yeah, I felt really like, “Oh, this is going to be so good.” C: Yeah, it was like scantily clad muscular woman bouncing around all over the place. C: I was like… J: Yeah! J: But I don’t–I didn’t…I didn’t love it. C: No. J: I wanted to. I didn’t feel rushes of emotion. J: I wanted to care for Diana, but… C: The times where there was meant to be the comedy element, I was just like… J: So flat. C: I know we went to see the 11 o’clock showing, which was pretty empty but everyone was just like… C: Like, it was not funny. J: There was no titter. C: And then the romantic bits were just like, “Ah you could’ve just left that scene out.” C: It was just so irrelevant. J: And she’s too naive. C: Yeah, exactly. J: This is the issue with her. She’s too…naive, to the point that it feels really awkward for a human male, who is an adult, to be putting moves on her. J: Because I’m a bit like… C: I don’t know about that, but – J: It made me feel awkward. C – it was still that kind of element of– em, the main guy (what’s the word?) C: protagonist man J: Yeah. C: he was still one-upping her, even though he had been rescued by her and he’d seen that she was from this magical place. J: She can take care of herself. C: She was a princess, and also she’s basically said that she’s going to fight a god. J: Yeah. C: He’s still like, “Aw, let me show you how to dance.” J: She spends so much time being told things by men. C: Yeah. J: And told how to do things. C: And he was covering over her, and trying to protect her from No Man’s Land. J: And it’s like, “She’s fine. She can get hit in the face with some glass.” “She’ll just brush it off.” C: I mean, I think the film tried to show an element of ‘that was his instinct’ and then slowly he became– he realised that she could defend herself. J: At no point did that happen. C: But it’s like it took him a very long time to realise she could defend herself to be honest, didn’t it? J: Yeah, but… C: Seeing that they nearly got beat up in the street, with the Germans, and then she was like [attack noise] and he’s like, “OK, you got that.” And then he was still covering her in No Man’s Land. It’s like, “Do you not remember…?” J: And trying to brush her out the way, like, “Oh, it’s fine. She doesn’t know what she’s saying.” J: Really?! C: Yeah! J: I wanted this to be an origin story where she really took control. J: And, yes, she starts as a child; she’s unsure. And then she comes into the human world; she doesn’t really know what’s going on, but then she should start developing as a person and I didn’t feel that happened. C: Yeah, other than her make-up improved suddenly. C: Suddenly she was like–when she was a girl, in the Amazonian – whatever it was called – Mystique, or whatever it was called. J: Yeah, yeah. C: Magique… Mananique… J: You mean the place she lived? C: Yeah. J: Ah… thera… C: No. Sounds like a word that’s like…hidden. J: Pretty sure it begins with a T, but… C: Anyway. C: Em… can’t remember where I was going now. C: Yeah! She didn’t have any make-up on or anything. J: Yes. C: But she was still naturally pretty and she had her hair – J: She’s still Gal Gadot anyway, so we’re like… C: She always had her hair tied up. C: And then suddenly she goes to where men are, and she’s suddenly got–there’s boob and, like, you know… C: She’s definitely got her hair – J: She’s got a wonderbra. C: Her hair’s been suddenly done; she’s suddenly got all her make-up, and all the men are like [gormless sound] J: Yeah. I wanted a bit more of the outfit. J: Like, suddenly she’s wearing her Wonder Woman outfit. C: No, that was–she went and got it out from like, y’know, where she got the sword and stuff. J: But I wanted more reasoning behind it. Like, in the original Wonder Woman she doesn’t wear a skirt because a skirt is impractical. No Amazon wore a skirt. C: She doesn’t wear a skirt in this; it’s kind of like a one piece, with a flappy bit. J: Did she need the flappy bit? J: No. C: Oh, I see what you mean. They’re like trying to actually… J: They’re trying to, like, girly her up, is what I felt. C: Yeah. Well, it’s disappointing, then, seeing as it’s a female director. J: I feel like that probably was not her fault. C: Maybe they were like… J: I feel that the studio more probably… C: Yeah. And even–oh, yeah, that other bit, which annoyed me a little bit, when the protagonist guy is just like… he still gets the kind of glory, because he’s like self-sacrificing. He’s like, “I’ll save today, but you can save the world.” And it’s like, why can’t you just have like– there wasn’t once a speech where he was like, “Actually, you’re amazing and like…” J: “I’ve realised that you are more important to the world than me.” C: Yeah, “You’re more important than me.” J: “I am therefore going to sacrifice myself for you, because you’re awesome.” J: It was just like, “I’m taking the glory! Byee!” C: And then did the whole silent thing, like, “I couldn’t hear what you said, because I’m a damsel in distress!” C: I was like, “You’re a fucking god!” Like, you wouldn’t have been–why are your ears…? J: “Your eardrums will not have a problem right now!” C: Yeah, exactly. C: It was like, and then suddenly… J: You get shot and then you’re like, “Oh…” J: “Brush that off.” C: Yeah, and the shield thing–it’s like a round shield, and yeah, you can duck like that, so you hide your head but she’s wearing, like–she’s got really long legs. How are her legs not hit? C: And you’re like, “Oh, she’s got shin protectors.” I was like, “Well…” J: Her boots do protect her up to her thigh. C: No, they don’t! They’re only up to her knees the shin things. J: They cover her thigh. J: like her knee, I mean. C: Well… it’s unrealistic. J: I feel sad. J: I wanted to love it. J: Although–oh, the timer’s done. C: Aww. C: So basically we didn’t–we didn’t like it as much as we thought we would. C: We feel let down by–I don’t think young girls would watch Wonder Woman and be like, “I wanna BE Wonder Woman.” J: I didn’t feel very empowered. C: Yeah, I didn’t feel like I wanted to be Wonder Woman. C: I felt like she was a bit of a div, to be honest. J: She’s such a div. C: You know like and she’s very black and white, like, “No, this is right! This is wrong!” J: But I think that’s DC for you. C: Yeah. J: In Marvel, they’re like, “Yeah, we’re going to save the day because that’s what we as people have decided to do.” C: Yeah, they weren’t complex characters enough for us. It was just too black and white. C: It was too ‘evil and good,’ even though she says, “Oh, everyone’s got a little bit of good and everyone’s got a little bit of bad.” It was like, “Yeah, but you just added that in as an after-thought because you realised your whole storyline’s been too flat.” J: Yeah. C: And two dimensional. J: I’m really genuinely sad that I didn’t love it. C: It’s all right. Isn’t there a Marvel film coming out soon? J: Always. C: We love you, Sandy. [?] J: And X-Men. C: Is that right? C: Sandy? J: I love you. J: I’m so proud of you right now. C: I don’t really love you, Sandy, but… C: I really like Guardians of the Galaxy. See, that was more like…equality. J: Yeah. C: I think. J: That is true. C: And both the women and the men are funny. J: And women talking to other women about things that are not men! C: Yeah. J: And they’re like, “We are both women who have been set against each other by a man. This is wrong.” “Let’s work together.” C: I’m trying to think of a conversation in Wonder Woman where, on the island that’s just purely women, they talk about anything that’s not actually got men at the root of the conversation, and actually there’s not really, because they talk about the men coming to fight; there’s people coming to fight them. J: Talk about Zeus. C: Talk about Ares. J: “Don’t train my daughter to fight.” J: “The men will come.” J: Yeah, no. C: It’s still all about men. Even on the island OF women. J: Aww. J: Maybe that’s what crushed my soul. J: That and the lack of acknowledgement for the lesbians. C: Yeah! C: Apart from that one bit where her aunt gets killed and then someone runs over, “Noo!” J: And then her LOVER…is like, “Nooo!” C The only thing that implies she– J: That’s all she got! C: The only thing that implies that she was her lover was there’s one scene where she’s standing slightly behind her like, “…” Like, “I’m, like, slightly attached to you.” C: And then when you die – you’re the aunt – I’m like, “Noo!” But then they totally cut off from that. J: But then her “No” was given equal status to her sister’s “No” and her niece’s “No” but yet that’s it! C: But they don’t have a shot of her going, “…” J: There’s no close-up! C: No. J: “Who cares? She’s gone.” J: Pfft. J: Sad. C: Maybe we’re a bit bias because we’re…we wanted it to be more gay. J: I really wanted it to be more gay. C: No, we were the only girls in the cinema, actually. J: Yeah. C: Everyone else was, like, weird nerdy men. C: To be fair, it was an 11 AM showing, as I said, but… J: Let’s make this video gay. J: See, now it’s gay. J: Love it. J: Right, so, enjoy some BSL videos, and we’ve got some really cool stuff coming next week and then the week after that is the Lake District. C: Yeah! We’re so excited.


  • Niamh Sharp says:

    where in the lake district are you going to? (i live there )

  • India ND says:

    YES! I go to the Lake District every October Autumn Half term and I love it there so much! Question for Jessica: do you still wear skirts when you hike? Or how do you still look fabulous when being outdoorsy?

  • Jessica Kellgren-Fozard says:

    Obviously this is no reflection on Gal Gadot, who is wonderful and amazing and perfect and I'm not just saying that because she's in Fast and Furious!

  • reesa forrester says:

    Yay your palsy is improving

  • buoe 12 says:

    I felt the same way! the whole time I wanted her to be much gayer….

  • Lucy Peters says:

    I agree that Diana was way too naive and there was far too much mansplaining but I still kind of liked it. I especially liked the part where she said men were not necessary for pleasure. That was kind of gay.

  • David Lee Andrews says:

    Even though that was one of the most jumbled reviews I've seen, in the same breath, it was very funny to watch. Great stuff.

    From the looks of it, you're not a big Wonder Woman fan, so maybe you weren't quite sure of her character prior to seeing her film. Essentially she is a very stoic person and does have a very black and white view of the world. Added onto this, she also has a caring and naive side, and is sometimes depicted as the proverbial fish out of water.

    Last year, it was revealed that wonder woman was a-sexual, so she isn't gay and she isn't straight either. That said, many of her Amazonian sisters are gay, and as you both rightly said, this wasn't reflected as it should've been.

    Originally wonder woman was based in World War II, not World War I, and she was created by the same chap who devised the Lie detector, William Moulton Marston. Ironically, William based wonder woman's features on his wife, even though he was having an affair at the time, living with both his wife and his lover simultaneously.

    Another interesting fact you might like to know, is that one of the main reasons she was created, was to stop marvel, then called timely comics, from creating a wonder family of characters, just like the Shazam and the Fawcett heroes. In fact, she was created so rapidly, her first appearance was at the end of the first comic book that depicted the Justice Society of America, acting as the teams secretary.

  • thunderstrike2525 odinson says:

    ntresting iam a massaive comic fan   Zeus well he neither good or evil by human starders I liked the way you said about mimi mes on earth nice touch there … I think wonder  woman is are s    is her father followed ww for 43 years,,,, I would agree with you on your points on ww sadly  dc don't work hard enough on cinerma role great actress but let down by the script ,,,, you,,, marvel fan great to meet another fan…… have you got many comics yourself? … if so who are the female charrators you like ? I do like well thought out female charrtors ,,,, I don't like poorly drawn females don't do iy for me… its nice to see more gay charraoter s in comics but again its allways so quick which again no build up as it would be in real life ….dose not impress me, I hope they work harder on next few films, as I would do….. > very enjoyable this video,,,, what films you both seeing next ,,,,  I hope your hand is healing ? both keep well

  • Jake Willet says:

    great critique very informative. I am actually going channel to channel trying to find reviwers to critique my movie ideas, It would mean a lot if you could just watch one of my vids and leave a honest critique about what you like/dislike about the film thanks

  • Nell Rodrgz says:

    i liked the movie, is the first movie where a female is the lead…didn't like the part where once she saw he died then she got all her powers. But hell yes i felt empowered by this movie all the way just looking at wonder women here 😊 She is the one fighting and saving everyone. without here everyone would have died. Also the love her aunt, the mom was too overprotective.

  • Timon Myside says:

    Jessica and Claudia, thank you for such a fun review. I don’t think I’m any wiser as to the film's plot, but was intrigued to learn that Wonder Woman was created by her parents having “the sex”. I assume this is unique to “the gods” and different from mortals who simply have sex?

  • V elociraptor says:

    So true that it was too centred on men and too hetro. Wonder Woman herself is Bi.

  • toff358 says:

    No risk of my being disappointed with WW – I haven`t and won`t see it; can`t tolerate all that awful comic book Marvel carry on… The good thing is though that having had the synopsis from you both, I don`t need to! Will I actually have missed anything? Not by the sound of it! Interesting to learn that you have WW nickers Claudia; I have Santa Clause underpants, so every day of the year is Christmas in my pants… Isn`t the Lake District wonderful? – I lived up there in 1969, near Keswick – Borrowdale, stunningly beautiful…. (^_^) Rodger

  • Juliana Veracka says:

    You know, I wasn't sure about everything about Wonder Woman either. But knowing what I now know about the character, I think it was pretty true to form. Could've been a lot better as far as making it clear that the many of the Amazons are generally gay. Wonder Woman herself is bisexual, which will hopefully be explored in the next film(s)? I hope?? But I don't think she was naïve in every kind of way (there was that whole conversation she had with Steve about sex, in which I think they also seemed to indicate that the Amazons do know about sex and probably have sex with one another…again, could've been clearer lol). The naïvety came from her very black and white worldview, which was part of her character journey–learning that that's not the way the world works. I don't think it's because it's a DC movie–it really reminded me of a Marvel movie. A GOOD Marvel movie (because they've been slipping a bit lately). Honestly this one reminded me of the first Captain America movie, which spawned a fantastic sequel, so that's what I'm hoping for! Introductory movies are never the best, but they can set up great sequels. This was a really interesting review!

  • j Tveit says:

    Lol you can always count of Claud for the boob-grab. Super gay, yay!

  • Smudgie33 says:

    I've been a long time WW fan (Lynda Carter) and a long time collector of WW memorabilia. I wanted to see it but wasn't sure if I'd like it but I loved it! Was it perfect, no but it was pretty close in my opinion. It would have been nice if it had been gayer but I'm realistic enough to get how Hollywood and big budget blockbusters work. ☹️

  • The #1 Kill Joy says:

    I have to disagree, i really enjoyed the film, i thought it was awesome the bit when all the blokes are like no you can't go over the top of the trench and she just steps tf up like bish im here and im indestructible, and they all follow and and then she basically saves that town and then theres the scene when they sneak into the party and she completely ignores Steve and does her own thing trying to get close to the nazi bloke. I really hope the native american guy comes back for the next one too cuz i think hes also a god cuz he was the only person who's hand she shook the entire film and they spoke in his language but it wasn't subtitled so theres deffo something going on there. I mean yeah we didn't need the love scenes but it kinda sets up a back story for her living with the pain of losing someone she loved, being alone without her family from the island also and being a god so all her friends from the photo are dead an all that, i think the potential for her depth of character and story line to expand is gonna be really exciting to see.

  • fallingjupiter says:

    This video comes off as kind of biphobic in the sense that it completely dismisses the fact that Wonder Woman has been with women. That makes her gay (more accurately bi)! Of course I'd love her to have a w/w relationship, but even without one, that doesn't make her any less bi.

  • wickedest-witch says:

    I thought it was interesting and a bit different from most superhero films, but it was sooo heteronormative. I mean, she comes from a 100% female society and there is not even ONE mention of woman-woman sexual attraction? And Steve is unnecessary in my opinion, there was no reason they had to give her a male love interest. And I hate how they kind-of glossed over Diana's adjusting to a misogynist society – they show her breaking/not understanding the "rules", sure, but they never really show her get proper upset (which would be a very understandable reaction). Also the movie would've been way cooler if she had led a team of badass women who wouldn't otherwise be able to fight the way they wanted to because of their gender (and ideally, kiss at least one of them…).

  • jamfan22 says:

    That isn't Antiope's lover it was her sister Melanippe.
    Overall I really loved the movie but I'm a DC girl, that being said it totally should have been gayer

  • Sophia Sourkraut says:

    yesss I was so disappointed by this movie 🙁 Why does Diana only know sex from books? that is so unrealistic. But most importantly, I just couldn't get behind any of the characters' intentions/motivations, or… were there any??? Like, why would her mom not tell her anything? I came up with some reasons for that myself but none of those make a lot of sense to me. and what kind of motivation is "this strange man who brought people with deadly weapons to my island, I'll just believe him when he says that he's the good guy™ and the war he's talking about is definitely 100% real" to the point of LEAVING HER HOME AND FAMILY FOREVER???? Also why didn't she teach him her kind of dancing, the stuff he showed her was literally just holding hands, standing close to one another, and swaying from side to side. I'm pretty sure she could have gotten that right without him "teaching" her…… ughhh.

  • terri-louise Ó leathlobhair says:

    Can't watch this yet cus I havent seen the movie yet. Just wanted to give you a view and a like. 🙂

  • Sarah Mcf says:

    My girlfriend and I thought it was annoying that it took the man telling her he loved her and dying for her not to destroy the world. That part didn't sit well with us. Like, she questioned her entire destiny, which she believed in to her core, but the man loving her fixed all that. Yeah, right 😞
    I feel like there should have been more of an obvious nature around her bisexuality and even just her sexuality in the sense of sex. They made her seem like a naive virginal princess, which is kind of ridiculous.
    There were a few issue with it, but I liked Gadot, she was great.
    The fight practice at the start of the movie was brilliant and the fight scenes were filmed brilliantly 😍

  • Kat's Adventures says:

    ~Me every time always with everything~ There just needs to be more gay!!

  • nopoodles says:

    It was a rubbish real people reboot of the 2009 animated Wonder Woman film. Except that the 2009 one is much more gay and better in general! You should totally watch the 2009 animated one (which is only like an hour and a half long too!)
    Also (as a WW fan and – more importantly – a Batwoman fan – Kate Kane = the best and first gay female superhero) Wonder Woman is supposed to be bisexual! Its in the comic books (and in the Batwoman comic books!) why was she het in the film!? (outraged)

  • Alfredo Nava says:

    My analysis as a Post-modern Feminist:
    This is a obviously biased opinion (aka not factual, not true) and ignorant-filled review of Wonder Woman, which is contradicted by WW's comic book/ graphic novel series and the movie that was too complex for these (closed-minded) women.

  • LokiTetch says:

    man hating lesbians are pretty sexy

  • Tracie B_Fly says:

    Do you guys not like us heterosexual ppl I feel like you're bashing the fact that she may have needed a man for whatever 😳🤔

  • rahman Mabra says:

    disgusting why don't you just make the whole world gay and we won't have no procreation whatsoever

  • Rainbow Warrior Princess says:

    Good news for Wonder Woman 2! 👩🏻‍💘👩🏾 🤗🏳️‍🌈
    Gal Gadot wants Halle Berry as a love interest for ‘Wonder Woman 2’
    P.S. Did you already have seen this:

    Gal Gadot Loved Kissing Isla Fisher – Jimmy Kimmel Live 😛😍😘

    and this:

    Amy Adams' Girl Crush On Holly Hunter & Gal Gadot – CONAN O'Brian 😛😍😘

  • faitharooo_ says:

    I totally agree with all of the stuff you both said. I said the EXACT same points to my sister while the credits were rolling, and I ended up giving it a 5-6/10. Wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen but it WAS disappointing. 🙁
    The love interest was unnecessary and I got so mad everytime Steve Trevor was like "noo STAHP wat r u doing" and physically holding her back/touching her, I'm like LET HER GOOO she was formed from clay?? and brought to life by Zeus??? you peasant?

    also could always use a little more gay >>>

  • Larry Lawrence says:

    thank you for movie review

  • Antonio David Tardío Gordillo says:

    I also think the movie has a black and white view, but the target of the movie are teenagers like all this kind of movies. She is not naive, she is in a new world she doesn´t know. In the journey of all the heroes there must be a learning phase, her mother and aunt are the ones who teach her everything, the man only explain the rules of a world she doesn´t know and only because is the only one with her. This is mansplaining or i´m telling my point of view? Just kidding, i don´t try to offend.
    P.S. Wonder Woman is bisexual now, but not at that time and Steve it will always be the love of her live, in the comics at least. Sorry about my english greetings.

  • Catarina says:

    Steve was so annoying all the time, he had no faith in her and was so rude to her and it's frustrating that we're expected to believe she's actually attracted to him. I'm glad that he died. Hopefully the sequel is better and she has a better love interest and more focus on the wlw. Diana is bisexual! she can have a girlfriend.

  • Lay La says:

    I'm a DC girl myself but i still love you..

  • cupcakexlindsay says:

    I'm also a Marvel girl! But I did enjoy Wonder Woman! My favorite part was when she was on the boat with Steve and she says, "Men are essential for procreation but when it comes to pleasure, unnecessary." 🌈💖

  • Joy Hanna says:

    I'm deffo more a DC fan (I like a lot more of their female characters) One of my favourite characters is Batwoman and my favourite art work is the bombshell (1950's) version of her haha Should deffo check out the bombshell comics! I might be wrong, cause I've not read the rebirth stuff for wonder woman, but there was actually talk of her being gay in the comics 🙂 Also she was sculpted out of clay 🙂

  • Juu says:

    Hello! I just recently found your channel and I love it so much! You and your wife bring so many smiles to my face, so thanks!

  • StrawberryLil says:

    Hello, fellow Marvel-girl! Let's be real, Marvel is a lot better (even though, let's be honest. They can just f*ck up the last Avengers movie with all those main characters). I'm sorry you didn't like Wonder Woman too much. I haven't seen the movie but until now, everyone I talked to loved it. But I totally get your point! I bet I'd be super disappointed by the movie, too. Oh yes, Guardians of the Galaxy is awesome! I loved the second one, too, even though the storyline was not revolutionary. Ooooh sudden boob grab hahaha 😀 Thanks for adding the gayness. <3

  • Judy Damas says:

    I love your vintage

  • Claire McAdams says:

    what are they going to tomorrow? i couldnt hear and the subtitles are wrong

  • Johanna Lange says:

    The gay thing annoyed me too 😀 i still liked it but i get what you mean

  • katlyn brown says:

    YASSSSSS I'm a Marvel girl too!!!!!!

  • katlyn brown says:

    Actually they weren't trying to "Girly it up". The costume designer actually followed clothing rules from roman warriors and real Amazonian chicks. Like the left breast plate is because Amazonian women would cut their left breast off so they could pull arrows out and shoot. and the outfit the new wonder woman wears is a lot better than the lycra suit from the sixties

  • Seamstress At Arms says:

    Just saw an ad for "A Quiet Place", you two don't strike me as Horror/Thriller lovers, but it seems like an interesting premise. It strangely seems to create a hyper focus on sound as a negative and the actors communicate (I caught a little ASL?) with sign which is pretty rare in the mainstream movie industry.
    What are your thoughts?

  • Robin says:

    I loved watching your review and absolutely agree on the heteronormativity of the movie (an island of only women and no instances of wlw affection??) I will comment that the Wonder Woman costume is modified Ancient Greek armor. I absolutely agree with you too on the cleavage and makeup comments but the skirt is a historical thing.

  • Emily Rogers says:

    I honestly find it kind of hurtful that everyone here is saying the movie was "heteronormative" bc Wonder Woman's relationship with a man was a main part of the plot. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but Wonder Woman is bisexual. Noting about the movie is heteronormative because the main character is not straight. She shouldn't have to prove her bisexuality by having a relationship with a woman. I'm sorry if it wasn't gay enough, but just because there's no wlw couple doesn't mean there's no wlw girl. No one has to like the movie, but please don't call it heteronormative just because a girl loved a guy.

  • hironyx says:

    lol I so agree with Claudia about the shield bit. when I was watching the movie, I was like "the shield only covers her upper body. if I were the soldier shooting at her, I would definitely aim at her legs."

  • deceptive_and_grinning says:

    Im so glad you feel the same way. There were so many parts of this movie that I love, and things that I wanted to love, but I didnt feel like it was a great movie. And so much of it seemed poorly written or directed

  • Jossy Slays says:

    They had THE sex 😂😂😂😂

  • angelbaby99 says:

    Venus is actually her Roman name in Greek mythology she's known as Aphrodite and as you put up there you're correct Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera meaning he's a full god where as Wonder Woman would be considered a demigod considering only one of her parents is a god

  • appropinpinquo says:

    Amazons did wear dresses, though.

  • Kale Kati says:

    I'm a Marvel girl too :)))

  • smileyface702 says:

    I definitely agree that I could have been a lot more emotionally affected by the movie. I didn't feel like Wonder woman had any substantial character development – the storyline was also a bit flat and one dimensional, like you said. But, although I agree with some of your comments, I thought she was a fairly strong female character in many respects

  • Laura Millard says:

    As a Marvel fan. Do you love Agent Carter as much as I do? Hayley Atwell is amazing. I would think you'd enjoy the vintage styles of the series.

  • Abeni Jolley says:

    I also agree with you two about it being not as close to the original wonder woman comic. But I think the main use of Steve is to show that because he has met the Amazon's he becomes a better human. Showing that the world needs them, and that they do full fill there original purpose of softening the Hart's of mortals. Of teaching strength in adversary, and bring about equality. And that is why the men are so dumb in that film, because the ones that need to teach them have disappeared.

  • jim broadbent says:

    Fuck off please

  • Meg Delaney says:

    If possible, I'd like y'all to watch/review: The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister (2010) – Better Than Chocolate (1999) – Tipping the Velvet mini-series (2002) – Out at the Wedding (2007) – Call Me By Your Name (2017)

  • HoopleHeadUSA says:

    Psst I think this should be added to the Modern Movie Reviews playlist? 😉

  • puppie luver says:

    20:29; I see your point about the skirt, but this version of the wonder woman outfit was a traditional Greek fighting garment called a fustanella not a skirt

  • flareontoast says:

    I was also less blown away by the movie than expected.
    But it still made me kind of crush on Gal. She is ASGSHAJDKSLKAALAKKJJDHAHA (that was gay for stunning and taking my breath away)

  • Aly Homewood says:

    I've watched wonder woman a while ago and there were so many opportunities to turn it gay it was so frustrating!

  • carolbuzelim says:

    Did you girls watched professor martson and the wonder women? Talks about how she was created and the movie is gay af

  • Little Boots says:

    i knew i liked you, your a marvel girl marvel is the best did u do a avenger infinity war or black pather review.

  • patrick wheeler says:

    what do you think ruby rose playing as batwoman?

  • Volvican says:

    I don't think Claud quite got the point of the Chris Pine character. Other than the romantic part (which I didn't think was necessary) his behaviour and his sacrifice is supposed to be her 'primer' of sorts on what makes humans worth saving or caring about at all. She basically says this at the end of the film. Because if you walked into that whole situation – you'd probably just turn back around and find some way to get back to your paradise. I found the beginning Themyscira (that's the place) bit to be very moving – watching all those wonderful fighting women. I wanted the whole movie to take place there. It did become rather diluted after that. And why on earth WW isn't gay is beyond me.

  • Avacado says:

    I prefer The original Wonder Woman origin story way more to the movie’s. They changed the story a lot for the movie.

  • ThatDutchguy says:

    Deadpool fan here.

  • Charlie Mayne says:

    They had the times

  • Kelly with a K says:

    Yay Marvel!

  • Bastonikov Istah says:

    I cant wait for you guys to review captain marvel!

  • 123404 says:

    This perfectly sums up how I feel about the film. I really wanted it to be an iconic feminist movie and it just… wasn't

  • Susanna M says:

    what I really really liked and appreciated about the film was that the character of Steve was only really a love interest. like, in the way that women usually are. and honestly usually I prefer Marvel as well but they wouldn't have had a female superhero protagonist for a couple of years had it not been for wonder woman. plus i did enjoy the film. i came out with like broken blood vessels from crying so much. though it should probably be mentioned that i can cry over any story, even when reading books, so it was a pretty ok reaction lol

  • Juniper Hill says:

    Fun fact: Originally WW was actually made out of clay and she had no father. The Zeus as father thing is a quite recent change from DC (like the last 10 years).

  • BlueMangoHorse says:

    Ahhh, I am a bit late to this, but if you haven't read them, READ THE DC BOMBSHELLS comics!! WW2 pinup style and plus… an adorable lesbian relationship!!

  • emi clare says:

    tbh i would like to know about jessica’s mum lol

  • Sarcastic Yay says:

    I started this video loving the movie but I’ve realized that perhaps I was too busy obsessing over gal gadot to really notice any negatives😂

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