Mammoplasty ✅ (2019) – Cosmetic Breast Surgery in Chennai – Tamira

Mammoplasty  ✅ (2019) – Cosmetic Breast Surgery in Chennai – Tamira

Breast is (are) a symbol of femininity. Women lose confidence when they have smaller breasts, large breasts or breasts that are sagging. Aesthetic breast surgeries include breast enhancement procedures, breast reduction, removal of accessory breast tissues from the axilla and breast lifts. Although many options are available in the market for breast enhancement.. like creams, massages, vacuum-assisted devices and many more, all offer only temporary solution. Permanent solution is offered only by implants and fat grafting. Implant could be a silicone or a saline implant. A patient who wants to undergo breast enlargement using an implant.. ..should choose the size, the plane of insertion and the approach. Size is chosen by the patient depending on the existing size and the skin elasticity. The plane could be sub-glandular, sub-muscular, sub-facial or dual-plane.. ..depending on how the patient chooses.. ..after learning all the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure. (The) Approach is chosen by the patient depending on where she needs the ultimate scar. It could be at the axilla (or).. could be at the PeriAreola or under the breast. Breast enlargement using Fat Grafting is a good alternative to enhancement using implants. However fat can get absorbed with time and multiple sessions may be required. This is also a surgical procedure. Fat from the patient’s own body is taken and filtered washed and reinserted into the breast. However the shape with an implant remains permanent.. ..while fat can get absorbed. Breast enlargement procedure could be performed after the development of breast is completed.. ..anytime after 16 to 18 years of age, provided the patient does not have any comorbidities like diabetes, high blood pressure, other ongoing infection in the body. Breast enhancement using an implant is a safe option in.. ..experienced hands. However anyone undergoing breast implant procedure must be aware of rare complications like.. capsular contracture and infection of the implant. Both these.. ..complication have to be managed either medically or surgically. Breast enhancement procedures be it implant or fat grafting could be done either on the local or general anesthesia. Patient needs to be at rest for a period of one week and vigorous exercise and fitness activities could be resumed after six weeks. The procedure is done as a day care and the patient could return home the same day. Large and sagging breasts result in shoulder pain, under breast infection, bra strap pressure ulcer(s) and many more problems. A solution to all these problems is reduction mammoplasty or breast reduction surgery. In this procedure the breast is reduced in size and lifted up. At the end of the procedure there will be a permanent scar.. ..move visible in darker skin. Patient may encounter problem while lactation. They could develop milk cysts. However breast reduction procedure, is a safe procedure. Patients suffering from shoulder pain, embarrassment, huge breasts, definitely would benefit from reduction mammoplasty. Reduction mammoplasty is done under general anesthesia and anyone undergoing the procedure must be off work for a period of two weeks. Women after multiple pregnancies and lactation end up with loose sagging breasts and loss of volume. This is corrected by a surgical procedure called breast lift or Mastopexy. The breast is lifted to its original position. This is a surgical procedure and there would be a scar at the end of the procedure. The scar is not visible in lighter skin. However in darker skin visibility is more. At the end of the procedure there would be a permanent scar. The scar is less visible in a lighter skin However the visibility is more in skin types four to six. Many women have lumps at the axilla. These are accessory breast tissues. In the embryo breast tissue develops in the axilla and descends to its current position in the chest. Residual breast tissue at the Axilla results in what is called accessory breast tissue. These lumps enlarge during periods of lactation and behaves like a normal breast tissue. They could be removed surgically by liposuction along with excision of the excess skin. Anyone undergoing breast reduction procedure must be aware of rare.. ..complications. Inexperienced hands rarely, they could lose the nipple areola complex. They could lose the sensation of the nipple. Patient must be aware that there will be a permanent scar after the procedure. However breast reduction in experienced hands is a safe procedure.

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