MannyMUA’s Big Lunar Beauty News! Chanel/Fendi’s Karl Lagerfeld’s New Project! | Makeup Minute

MannyMUA’s Big Lunar Beauty News! Chanel/Fendi’s Karl Lagerfeld’s New Project! | Makeup Minute

Hello! I’m Jen and this is your Daily Makeup Minute
for May 2, 2018. ModelCo has announced a collab with… KARL LAGERFELD, creative director of Chanel and Fendi. His tiny, disapproving visage will be on many
lip products, including this lip lights lippy…and this brush, and there will be face products
as well. Physicians Formula offered an apology for
a recent Instagram post in which swatches were shown on a non inclusive selection of
arms. Beautylish will soon welcome new brands, including
these. How many do you recognize? Manny MUA sent a post recently about two major
retailers contacting him to include the upcoming Lunar line at their stores…that’s quite
an accomplishment. Makeup Monsters super sparkly Moonlitmetals
Liptoppers will be here soon with all the glitter Take a look at the Kylie Cosmetics BRONZE
EXTENDED shades, all in this palette on their site now That’s it for now. We’ll see you here same time tomorrow! Look for Makeup Minute Extras on my Instagram,
and don’t forget our full-length weekly newscast, What’s Up in Makeup, every Sunday morning
on YouTube!


  • Dicey dPuck says:

    Lol, omg. I'm gonna have to check out that little disapproving face.

  • Kristin B says:

    πŸ’—πŸ’•Makeup Minute

  • Lisa Elizabeth says:

    Thanks Jen!

  • Dicey dPuck says:

    Have you ever tried Sydney Grace shadows? I'm thinking of picking up some

  • Ace Coordinator Mary says:

    I'm gonna have to keep a close eye on Manny's line I'm super excited about it.

  • Yesenia * says:

    Apparently laura palette has been having flaws. Some people are having shadows already broken and falling out of the pan.

  • Stephanie Harlowe says:

    I like to order from Beautylish just because the stuff comes in such cute packaging, like a Christmas gift every time you order 😍

  • bardlover6 says:

    Hmm, I wonder where lunar beauty will be. I imagine Morphe stores but I hope it’s somewhere I can swatch because I’m definitely interested

  • krista gunn says:


  • Sami Jo_ BB says:

    Hi Jen!!! Lol

  • Emily Rachel Gilley says:

    Get it together Physicians Formula!

  • laurapirate says:

    PLEASE don't support Karl Lagerfeld!He said he's sick of the Metoo movement and if you don't want to be sexually assaulted you shouldn't become a model!Disgusting.

  • Heidi Ledford says:

    Yay Beautylish!! I need them to carry Tatcha and Too Faced!

  • Lisa Smith says:

    Have a super dayβŒβœ–βŒ

  • Luanne Santos says:


  • Amber'sMakeupDen says:

    I thought Manny Mua was Boy George until I looked closer. lol

  • Brittany Kinsey says:

    I have never been interested in a Kylie pallet until this one!

  • Claudia Dessi says:

    Manny announced that his first product may be out this June πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

  • gladitsnotme says:

    Why did physician's formula even bother apologizing? They're the #1 brand that everyone thinks of when you say "Name a racist beauty company". Physician's Formula and Almay are the first ones people name! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Black & brown women have been calling them out for years, at least since the 90s. We gave up once we realized they were very clear and consistent with their message: they do not want us wearing their stuff. Some people called them out again recently when they released a foundation a few years ago, and the deepest shades were Cloud, Paper, and Marshmallow. πŸ˜‚ We'll never support them! Bye PF! πŸ‘‹

  • Misty Parsons says:

    Haha, that Karl Lagerfeld collection is SO stinking cute!!😍🀩

  • fata morgana says:

    non inclusive selection of arms 😁

  • Ast says:

    Given Lagerfeld's views on fur and women's weight, yeah, hard pass.

  • Dawn Culpeper says:


  • Christina Lemieux says:

    That β€œselection of arms” was not β€œnoninclusive” which isn’t even a word, and hopefully it never will be. Wow, are you nice enough to make makeup is now a thing. If you are not nice enough, you will be driven out of business

  • Jasmine S says:


  • Jamie Mathis says:

    Physicians Formula needs to be inclusive or be out of business. Their shade ranges are typically suited for mainly light to medium skin tones only and in 2018 that's just unacceptable. Supporting any company that refuses to include ppl of all skin tones feels wrong to me. Just look how long it took them to expand their butter bronzer shade range and even that still isn't very good. Problem is the sales from a few products still keep that company afloat regardless and ppl keep buying certain items even though PF is racially insensitive to say the least.

  • SaucerJess says:


  • SaucerJess says:

    Lol I think PF thinks that's inclusive

  • almatcs6 says:

    Too Faced (they actually announced it via email) & the only other two I see that are not currently offered by Beautylish in the pic are Tatcha and Smith

  • christine ronewicz says:

    Makeup Minute was 3 seconds over a minute, therefore I unsubscribed 😁😁😁 lol…much love Jen πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ…

  • Lorena P says:

    You are a marvelous example of a powerhouse woman! I have great admiration for your attitude and determination!

  • Morgan says:

    I told myself that I wouldn't be spending any more money on makeup. Then the god of fashion himself dropped a collaboration with his notorious silhouette on it. Darn you Lagerfeld!!!!!

  • Makeup or Breakup Blog says:

    I literally saw the notification ding about a half hour ago…how the heck are people already posting from 11 hours ago?!

  • Stevisgirl Daniels says:

    Only problem is you don't know if there major or not.

  • MelissaQ says:

    Love this!!! Xoxo

  • Sublime Lemon says:

    But is it really surprising that PF's arm swatches were uninclusive? Their base products only ever have 2-4 shades and the deepest one never even goes that deep

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