Maquillage effet holographique | PRIDE MAKEUP

Maquillage effet holographique | PRIDE MAKEUP

Last look of this series today I know that by the time you watch this video the walk is over I speak of course for the Parisians. So I thought it was not too bad because it’s the one which is the least ‘PRIDE’. But in fact it’s really a moment that I want to do this kind of effect so at the base I was gone on you know the filter Instagram with the rainbow. So I wanted to do that a very long time ago but after that there is NIKKIE TUTORIALS that had posted a photo with that. so I do not know if it was make up or not. And then everyone started to do it suddenly I completely abandoned the idea. I wanted to do it today but in fact in the end I finished with that. It is a species of a skin species holographic. I still hope you like it. me anyway I really like the effect. This is the first time I do it I think I’ll try to redo it can be with other colors or with other shapes I do not know but in any case I like it a lot. So I hope you enjoy it too. The video will not be very long but you know that it really takes me a lot of time to do the series I hope you enjoy. Even though the videos are a little shorter than some but I try to vary also formats. I like short videos I like to watch them so I think too to those who like short videos. Well here I stop talking we will start right away. I will start by creating all my colors pastel so I take a palette of bold blushes and I’m going to mix the red with a lot of white, the orange with a lot of white etc. for all colors and have all my colors ready. And I’m going to start with my purple so I take a brush flat synthetic hair preferably it will be easier to wash and I will apply a species small band at the places I want “highlighter”. I defined several areas beforehand. the cheeks of course the nose a little inside the eyebrow. Frankly look at the chin do it really where you want. And I will do the same with the other colors If you want a result a little more intense and well you do less pastel colors it’s really the effect you want. It must still be light enough to give the holographic effect. But if you want to do that darker do darker. Especially before that will not dye your complexion. I just applied my foundation and my concealer and then I go to bold paint we will come to powder afterwards. It’s not a complicated step. It’s just a little long because you have to put all the colors. This is the base that will be important for the future. Take your time on this stage. For the order of the colors I take the order of the bow in the sky simply. Ie red orange yellow green blue and purple. Then with my usual loose powder I will come to powder by brush This time it is very rare that you see powder without a puff, but it will be easier with the brush because I want to powder very lightly and most importantly I do not want to powder where I have make my eyeshadow bold rainbow so powder that areas dyed once my complexion is powdered I’ll be able to go to the brow bone and the inner corner. So I’m doing exactly the same process I did on my complexion. But suddenly at the arcade and the inner corner. Now that we’re done we’ll be able to move to highlighter for that i take two highlighter palettes a from KAT VON D alchemist ‘and from JEFFREE STAR the ‘Platinium Ice’. And I’m just going to powder and well the places where I made the rainbow that is to say that the purple highlighter I’m going to put it over the purple color the blue highlighter over blue color etc. So always the same. It’s not a complicated step it’s a bit long because you have to powder everywhere change the brush if the areas are too small Enlarge your brush if the areas are bigger etc. Not having powdered over the rainbow eyeshadow it’s going to do that when you go to apply your highlighter over it will hang even better. So you must not smooth it will be necessary to deposit your material. take a lot of it on your brush the material on it and then drop it to the place of color. I added a wig and I made my eyebrows and now I’ll go to my eyelid so I just put a white highlighter on the mobile eyelid. In fact I say anything eyebrows it’s been a while since I made them anyway and so there I lowered a little light for that you can see a little bit better the holographic effect. Now I will go to contouring my face so I do it as usual it’s just to give a little more relief For my eyes I will use the ‘Smokey Obsessions’ from HUDA BEAUTY I simply apply the intermediate color the one that is down in the middle in my eyelid crease and at my lower eyelash just to carve a little bit my eye but I will not linger either too much on the make up of the eyes because I want to stay focused on the complexion. So to intensify a little bit anyway I’m doing a classic liner that I usually do I will apply false eyelashes so before that I put mascara so I put it up and down and then I’ll apply my false eyelashes. If you want to see how to apply them I put you a video in the top right you have seven different methods so you will be able to choose. For my lips I chose the ‘Bare Lip Kit’ from KYLIE COSMETICS which is one of my favorite nude hues. So I apply it on my lips so there I do not know what happened with my lips They were full of small skins. It’s very very rare at home. But there. And suddenly I wanted to apply the ‘Lip Topper Luna’ from Black MOON COSMETICS because it’s small glitter with “holographic” reflections. Finally, there were the same reflections that I put on my face. So I thought it might be nice to do a little reminder. And the cost to refine everything I will do. A detail in rainbow highlighter too in my neck. It’s exactly the same technique as on the face. And here is the result for this highlighter holographic effect Thank you for watching this video I hope you liked it and that the look please do not hesitate to tell me what you have thought in the comments. And suddenly this series is over as I told you at the beginning of the video and suddenly we resume the videos with a normal rhythm Monday. So do not forget to subscribe and activate notifications to be aware of the upload of videos and I tell you on Monday


  • Maelya Grolier says:

    J'ADORE ! C'est une très bonne idée originale ! Merci pour cette série Marion !

  • Tifaine Nativelle says:

    Pour les personnes qui aiment les maquillage plus discret c'est parfait ! Il est super joli et assez discret c'est magnifique !
    Et même si tu en met à chaque fois je reste fasciné par ton aisance à mettre ton eye liner et la perfection de ton trait à chaque fois !
    Je suis triste que la série soit terminé par contre j'aimais trop ca… Fais en d'autre s'il te plaiiiiiit 😀

  • Feisa Messaoud says:


  • Charleen Vallet says:

    L’effet est magnifique c’était une super bonne idée de la faire, merci encore pour cette série hyper originale 😍 tu prends vraiment en aisance devant la caméra et ta voix off est top tes vidéos sont vraiment agréables à regarder continue comme ça 💜 (et congrats pour les 100k)

  • Camille & Co. says:

    Halala merci pour cette série qui change de ce qu'on peu voir sur YT 💟 make up ultra efficace ! Super beau j adore !!

  • coumba sankare says:

    Marioncameleon ma belle tu a su relevée le défie bravo a toi……#unesemain en couleurs

  • Jensy Bourgeois says:

    Continue les maquillages prise svp!! J’adore sa😍🏳️‍🌈

  • Sakkara Beirre says:

    That is so so so so so cool!!

  • Sandilie crossing says:

    Franchement c'est Magnifique c'est super super beau t'as un vrai talent continue bisous

  • Océane YTB says:

    C'est trop beau

  • LadyGhost says:

    Pas mal! Ça a un petit côté Unicorn au passage, c'est beau!

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    Toujours aussi génial 😍❤

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  • Beloudina says:

    J'ai peut-être une idée de série (enfin c'est peut une mauvaise idée), mais en tout cas quelque chose que j'aimerais bien voir : ce serait de faire un maquillage typique d'une décennie en partant de 1900 par exemple (maquillage années 1900 puis 1910, 1920, … jusqu'à 2000, 2010, 2020). Enfin je sais pas, mais je trouve ce genre de vidéos (ou séries) évolution intéressantes 😀

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  • Kathleen says:

    A Nice la Gay Pride est le 28 Juillet, je suis de Cannes comme je sais que tu viens de Nice ha ha donc pour ceux et celles qui sont de la région ont a le temps pour voir ce qu'on va faire comme makeup. J'ai adoré la série j'adore les couleurs alors une série arc-en-ciel j'était ravie gros coup de coeur pour les deux premier mais dans l'ensemble c'est magnifique et varié 🙂

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