hey guys welcome back to my channel
today I am so excited like you have no idea I got the new Marc Jacobs Omega
bronzer in the mail everyone has been talking about it I am so excited to try
it out I went to Sephora stores and they were all sold out so I had to order it
online it is so beautiful here’s the clean packaging it just says Marc Jacobs
right there and then this is what it looks like when you open it up how
beautiful is that bronzer shade I think that is like gonna be the perfect
bronzer I haven’t put any bronzer on my face right now but today we’re gonna
kind of do a Thursday throwdown because you guys know that the it cosmetics bye bye
pores a bronzer is my favorite and I’ve already hit pan on it I feel like I just
got it not too long ago but these are the two side by side what I love about
the Marc Jacobs one is it has this huge near that is so nice to bring along with
you for travel I feel like you could just apply all your makeup with it and
just bring this one mirror because it is so big so I’m super excited to try both
of these out and see which one I like better but before we get into it don’t
forget to hit that subscribe button down below there’s also a little notification
bell that you can hit if you want to be notified when I post new videos so we’re
not being said let’s get on into it let’s go ahead and apply it my it
cosmetics by my poor bronzer on the left side of my face this has been my
favorite bronzer ever so I’m just using a fluffy brush by it cosmetics the soft
touch blush brush but I really like this for
bronzor because it’s not very heavy I just love how this bronzer warms up
the face I think it is the perfect shade it really is not too cool not too warm
and I like to apply a lot of it oh excuse me about get a little crazy and I always bring it down my neck as
well okay so you see how that just kind of
carved out my cheekbones it makes me look super bronzed and just makes me
look a little bit more alive so now I’m going to try it the Marc Jacobs bronzer
on the right side of my face it has a slight hint of coconut in it
not too much not too overpowering at all just a slight it that is very very pretty too so what I’m
seeing right now is the cosmetics bronzer has more of a slight sheen to it
this has maybe a tiny tiny tiny bit of a sheen but it’s mostly matte so if you
are in matte bronzer girl this might be the one for you so as I’m looking right
now they are very very similar this one has a little bit more of a cool
tone to it surprisingly when I look in the pan it looks a little bit more warm
but on my face it looks a little bit more cool now this side is a little bit
more warm if you guys can tell it’s a little bit darker so I have come to the
conclusion that I’m obsessed with both of these like they are so beautiful and
I think they are pretty much dupes to each other guys I can’t decide I
wouldn’t say there are exact dupes because this one definitely has a little
bit more of a sheen to it but it cause medics one this one is definitely more
matte so no sheen on this one if you like that sheen if you like a little bit
of sparkle not Sparkle just like a nice bronzy glow I would recommend this one
if you don’t like any type of shimmer or glow to your bronzer then I would
definitely go for the Marc Jacobs one it just a very matte bronzer I would say
this one is barely a little bit more warm and this one is more cool toned I
can’t decide Marc Jacobs one is $50 and you get a ton of product it’s point
eight ounces and then this one is $30 so you get a lot less of product which is
0.3 ounces I would definitely recommend both of these for whatever you’re really
looking for if you like a more shimmery bronzer go for this one it’s not too
shimmery it just has a little bit of a golden sheen to it if you like a more
matte bronzer I would definitely go for this one but they’re very similar so go
check these out let me know in the comments down below if you guys have
tried them and what your favorite bronzers are I love trying out new
bronzers if you guys like this Thursday throw
down let me know in the comments down below thank you so much for watching and
I’ll see you next time bye


  • Jessica Clark says:


  • Jaclyn Brooke says:

    I have to try the its cosmetics bronzer!!!!!!! I am so obsessed with the too faced choc. one!

  • Kourttneex3 says:

    oooooh I love the both. The MJ is on my Ultimate wishlist! I'll have to try the It Cosmetics one next. Thanks for the impression!!

  • Nicki Glade says:

    Always so great! Like the it better!😍

  • Kimmy Kermet says:

    I really love the Marc jacobs one! It’s so pretty!!

  • Anita Marie says:

    I like the Marc Jacobs better on you. I think it's actually warmer than the IT Cosmetics.

  • annie franks says:

    Thank you so much! I bought the MJ bronzer during the 20% sale & was actually looking for a comparison with the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer but this is an even better review as I forgot that I have this it Cosmetics bronzer in my ‘stash’ (along w/ a hundred others lol) looks like I’ll keep it because I love the packaging!
    xo❤️ (You have a new subbie now too)

  • Sweet Serenity says:

    IT cosmetics bronzer so much better than Marc Jacob's ingredients are talc and paraben free.

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