Meet Dr. David Berman of Berman Cosmetic Surgery in Sterling, Virginia

I’m Dr. David Berman of the Berman
Cosmetic Surgery Center. Plastic surgery for people to be satisfied, is about having
their expectations met. So it’s very important to understand what you’re
really looking for, and if I can achieve it. What I like about plastic surgery is
it’s about transformation, you can make a small change or a big change, but it
really changes the way the person feels about themselves. And as we all know if
we feel better about ourselves our interactions with the people we work
with, the people we live with, our family members it’s going to be different. There’s a
very very high level of safety and plastic surgery now, it’s very affordable.
The average person can really have a pretty profound transformation in their lives
through the things we do, and that can’t help but make a surgent feel good about what he does.

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