Meet Gina Veith, LME W Cosmetic Surgery 610-828-8880

Meet Gina Veith, LME W Cosmetic Surgery 610-828-8880

I went to Villanova. I have my accounting
degree. I studied for the C.P.A. I worked in accounting for seven years at a corporation
down in Philadelphia. But it was not my passion and it was not something
I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I’ve been working here for ten years. I started
out as a cosmetic coordinator but I really loved working with skin. I loved taking care
of my own skin. I just really researched everything and I showed a real talent for it. So Dr.
Wulc sent me to school. What I do in here as a medical aesthetician,
I work in the deeper layers of the skin, which help to build collagen.
I also do a lot of pre-op and post-op care for Doctor Wulc after laser. And I get to
work with the doctor and the nurses as well for people to achieve good results with their
skin. Here at WCosmetic Surgery, we are constantly
evolving our products and our services. We always look for the greatest and best techniques
and the newest techniques to really help your skin.
My goal here is to help people to achieve better looking skin but also healthier skin.
But honestly I think that what makes us unique or what makes me unique is I’m about building
relationships and trust.

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