Mega Make Up Haul 2018 | Wet n Wild | Makeup Revolution London

Mega Make Up Haul 2018 | Wet n Wild | Makeup Revolution London

hi this is pankhurie and welcome to style
talkies how are you guys I know that I’ve been missing in action since the
past couple of weeks but I’ve just been so busy and distracted that I could not
shoot but I promise you guys that I’ll try and be more regular and put up at
least one video per week on this channel I’ll try for two but right now let’s
just aim for achievable goals so yeah one video per week I promise and because
I’ve not been around I’ll try to make up for that with this video this is a haul
video and we all love hauls so without further ado let’s begin with my mega
wet-and-wild and makeup revolution haul wet and why launched in India last year
and ever since I’ve been meaning to buy a lot of stuff from this brand but
somehow I just could not I kept postponing it I kept buying stuff from
other brands but never anything from bettan while despite the rave reviews so
finally I broke the jinx a few days ago and I purchased a lot of stuff from Wet
n Wild and also a few products from makeup revolution now I have bought a
few things from makeup revolution in the past and I’ve been very happy with the
results so I’m very excited to use the new products as well so let’s check out
what all did I buy during my latest shopping spree now I have not opened
anything yet everything is still very much packed I should be given an award
for patience because how do you live with these things still in these plastic
packaging but anyway I wanted to share it with you all and I thought that it
would be worth the wait so I am as excited as you all are so let’s unpack
these so first I’ll show you the makeup brushes that I bought from veteran bias
the first one is this contour brush and let me take it out it’s very cute
looking you know all pink and white very Barbie like and it’s very soft I don’t
know how well it would be able to blend your makeup but yeah it does seem very
soft and it’s very dense though it’s a bit small for my liking and they also
have an indentation here so you can actually place your thumb
you know fits well into your hand and makes the work easy I think that’s the
purpose of this indentation and if you know some other reason of it being here
do let me know in the comment section below so this is the contour brush and
this retails for rupees $2.99 and then I have some more brushes from their
different collection oh my god the packaging is insane I managed to take
out one and the other one has also come out now what is this oh it’s not a brush
sorry this is the brush I don’t even remember what all did I buy so excuse me
for that now this brush looks beautiful and
believe me you I’ve been wanting this kind of brush since a long time and I
finally bought it from that in mind I thought I would pick it up from morphe
or from pack but okay I thought that let me give wet-and-wild a chance so this is
how it looks it looks and feels very luxurious it looks like a fairy’s wand
it has a metallic handle and the bristles are very soft and very dense
now it looks expensive and it is much more costlier than the previous brush
that I showed you this retails for rupees 899 and that’s quite a lot for
one single brush now you can either use this brush to contour your face or you
can also use it with translucent powder yes you can use some translucent powder
and place it right under your contour to make it look even sharper and since I
have not used this brush yet I do not know how it performs but I have high
hopes from this one then we have this blush called pearlescent pink and I
think there’s a brush inside let me check it out
this retails for a piece $2.99 and it seems that it has a very satiny
finish I’ll swatch it for you now but first let let me check out what is this
sound because I can hear this car car car car car
every time I am holding this product so are you guys ready to find out what’s
the mysterious object inside it well let’s find out so as expected it’s a
brush I don’t know what purpose will it serve and how do they expect us to apply
blush using this teeny tiny brush over here like my brush is at least ten times
the size of this one I mean this is such a waste of money anyway let me swatch
this for you now so as I said it has satin finish and you also have some
glitter in it so if you like glitter you can definitely opt for this blush the
color dough is beautiful you know how obsessed I am with
highlighter so I had to buy one from Britain while – and I picked this one up
it is in the shade blossom glow and it retails for rupees 499 and I will swatch
it for you now the design is so beautiful let me show you how it applies
oh wow this is blinding this is awesome I love this and I just can’t wait to try
this on now next up is this gel lip liner and it retails for a piece $2.99
it’s in the shade bear to comment this is how it is it’s a beautiful nude shade
and let me swatch it for you now so the color is amazing and it’s very creamy
and it glides on smoothly so this I think is a must buy then we have this
nude eye pencil and I have misplaced my previous one so I desperately needed one
because my eyes are very small so I need to make them big
and for that you do require a nude eye pencil so let me swatch this for you and
I’m just hoping that it’s pigmented enough so let’s check out how it is and
by the way it retails for rupees 135 so the length of the pencil is quite good
and it’s very pigmented so I am very happy with this product and it’s also
very creamy and glides on smoothly so so if you are looking for a nude eye pencil
I would definitely recommend this one now if you are a makeup aaalac like me
I’m sure that you must have already used or at least heard of wet and mild famous
catsuit liquid matte lipsticks and I also bought it in two shades I wanted to
buy more but then I resisted the temptation because I told myself that
first use these ones and if you are happy with these then only buy the rest
of the shades so I bought it in the shade nudist peach and coral corruption
and these retail for rupees $4.99 each and let me show you the swatches this is
nudist beach and I am in love with this color this is such a beautiful color
yeah this is love at first sight and this is coral corruption oh my god this
is equally beautiful I am so gonna buy the rest of the shades too because if I
talk about the pigment the quality it all feels great I just have to see
whether they dry matte or not how can you buy wet’n wild products and not pick
up their famous mascara this is there any good mascara I love the design it’s
so futuristic and this is a cult product so I had to buy this and the wand of
this mascara is as interesting as the outer packaging so let me show you how
it looks this is how the wand looks it’s not like your regular mascara wands and
it has this ball kind of thingy at the top and
this is what makes it so iconic this is in the shade braised in black and it
retails for rupees $5.99 I also picked up this clear mascara you can use it
every day or even if you are going for a no makeup makeup look and then we have
this eyebrow pencil it is in the shade brunettes – it better now you have
pigment on one end and on the other end you have a spoolie which you can use to
brush your eyebrows and both of them retail for a piece 250 each next up is
their famous photo focus foundation I picked it up in the shade golden beige
and this retails for rupees $5.99 I just hope that it suits me and let me swatch
it for you on my hand now this does not seem full coverage it’s not very thick I
think it would be medium to full coverage and it smells a little
chemically next up is this photo focus I shadow primer and it retails for rupees
how much is it for $4.99 let us see how big the tube is quite small but this is
how primers are primers are expensive and you don’t get much quantity this is
the primer and then you have this photo focus fix makeup fix and because the
lights are already melting my makeup I’ll just spray some on this feels good hmm but it smells a bit
odd and it’s kind of burning my eyes right now but the burning sensation has
gone you know just as it hit my eyes I could feel a little burning sensation
but it’s gone now and now you can see my dewy face oh by the way this is for a
piece 499 then I bought two makeup sprays from makeup revolution this one
is 4,000 rupees and this one is 4050 now this one is an illuminating spray so you
can use it to give that glow to your face if you are going for a party and
this one has mattifying effect its oil control so you know how and when to use
it you can use it during summers or if you are having excessively oily skin
then this one is for you if you’ve been looking for a dupe for Mac strobe cream
then your prayers have been answered I present to you makeup revolutions ultra
strobe cream now this is for almost half the price of Mac it is for Opie’s 1750
and you are getting 50 ml of product for this price
now I don’t know if it is as good as Mac or you never know it can even be better
than Mac you know I can’t really save in makeup revolution because my experience
has been fab with makeup revolution so let’s check out how this baby works so
now I will apply it on the high points of my cheeks and you can also apply it
as your makeup base it’s totally up to you I’ve taken too much so I’ll use it
for both my cheeks I’m liking the glow it has a very golden
sheen to it and it will also make for a great base that’s what I feel because it
is very moisturizing too and I don’t know if you guys can make out any
difference but I can certainly see it’s just that you know you have to because
I’ve already applied powder on top of my base so it’s a little difficult to blend
it in it’s very subtle and much to my surprise it’s not chunky at all it
blends like a dream and if you want that glow from within then you can use it
under your moisturizer or you can use it under your makeup base so that is sorted
and if you are not a highlighter girl then also you can use it to get that
radiant look I had also called for an eyeshadow quad I think it was a quad
only because now I really can’t make out because it came totally shattered and there’s nothing in there but still let
me try to open it my heart breaks when something like this
happens there is no salvaging this product it’s totally gone but I have
been refunded for it so it’s okay so that was all that I had to show you from
my baton wild and makeup revolution hall to let me know how did you find this
video and how has your experience been using these two brands in the comment
section below till then you can follow me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram and
you can also follow style talkies on all these social media platforms until next
time this is me pankhurie signing off


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    Ahhh I LOVE THIS. I just posted something similar 😀 This was so fun to watch. I’m a new subbie, hope we can become youtube friends and support each other 😀 x x x x x

  • Areeba Sid says:

    I am happy that i discover your channel… already start loving your content 😍

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