Melt Cosmetics Modern Love Collection Halo Eyeshadow Tutorial Hooded Eyes Mature Lids nicqui madden

Melt Cosmetics Modern Love Collection Halo Eyeshadow Tutorial Hooded Eyes Mature Lids nicqui madden

Hello ladies. So I have today for you the
third instalment for the MELT Cosmetics “Modern Love” Collection. I’ve done two
looks so far already. If you haven’t watched them I’ll just pop pics here for
you just so you can see what they are, and they’ll be on my list of videos on
my channel. So I’ve come up with this look today – absolutely love it again. The
palette is just beautiful. I’ve used every single colour in the palette. I’ve
used the two gel liners and all the lip glosses – except this one! So this is a
dark grey colour. I’ll just pop it on my hand for you to show you; and the only thing I can think of to put it over the top is a black lipstick – which I don’t wear very
often – maybe Halloween! So that’s it there. I hope you can see that – it’s absolutely
beautiful though. They all have glitter and shimmer particles in them – which is
just gorgeous. I’ve popped “Stupid Cupid” over the top of my really light MAC
“Powder Kiss” lipstick today. So if you like the look, don’t forget to give me a
“like” along the way and click that “subscribe” button just below, and we’ll
jump straight into the video. P.Louise base in 01 – it’s quite light. Now it’s not the 0 which is white. They
have a white; the 2 is a bit more of a light pink; and of course they’ve got
coloured bases as well which I love to put under colour. Tapping that off with my NARS 42 – just to get it all nice and smooth. It just takes off any excess that you
don’t need as well. You can see that’s much smoother than it was with just the
P.Louise brush. So going in with “Modern Love” – that dark dusty pink colour there on a Morphe 507. And once again just into the socket and just creating a
circular shape. Now I was looking on Facebook last night and I saw a review
of this palette. And the lady – there were a couple of ladies talking backwards and
forwards about the “kick up” in the pan and the fact that the shimmers were just
crumbling. Now I just want to show you the silver there – you can see little
dents in the colour. The same with the other shimmers as well. There’s little
dents in the actual colours themselves. So when you go in to actually pick up the
product it does seem a little bit crumbly. But if you pick that product up
on your brush and put it on a really good base and just pat that in – you’re
going to have no problem with fallout on your face. And then at the end when you’re finished your eyeshadow, just pat it back into the shape, close the lid, put it somewhere flat so it’s not going to be rolling around anywhere and losing
colour and making a huge mess – and you’ve got no problem. I just have no problem
with this palette and the formula at all! You can see even with my matte colours
that I put in, I don’t go in and blend straight away. I just go in and pat the
colour in and make sure it’s in the right shape first before I do any blending. So
you’ve really got that good colour payoff and opacity. And then of course, being on
the P.Louise base – you can’t get a better base than the P.Louise. And of
course I don’t set it – I just tap it off as you saw with the NARS 42 – and the
colour goes in perfectly. Now once again for my hooded eyes ladies, when you relax your eyes down, you can see that flattens out there. So I like
to go in and just relax my eyes down, and round that off. I just prefer the shape
to be a bit more rounded. I think everybody does. Aright so the colour is pretty even on
both sides. I’m just going to wipe that brush off on a towel on my desk and just
go – with a light hand – right around the very edge and blend. So you’re diffusing that edge and getting it ready for your next colour – so that it blends a
little bit easier. So circular motions all the way around. I’m trying to stay in that shape that
I’ve created. And I always go back in and actually intensify that, just back from
the blend, again as well. You do lose colour or intensity when you blend. So you can see the difference between
that one and that one. It’s just slightly blended on the edges. Alright so here
I’m going back in with that 507 and actually popping that colour back in, just
back from that blend, just to intensify it more. So you get a nice
gradient from the really intense colour just here and blended out. So I’m really going into the socket area of
my eye. You can see me pushing it in there – into the socket. Now I do have to go up so high with this crease colour. As you know, if you watched any of my videos, I’ve got extremely hooded eyes. I mean look at that – that’s about the worst you
can get. So I do concentrate in the socket and I do have to go above the
socket with that blend (or when I first put that colour in). So I’m going in with “Pink Leather” – that
light beautiful pink (I adore that colour). I’m just walking my brush off on a towel.
I’m just going to place that colour in first up right around the edge of that
blend. Such a pretty pink! Alright and then just going round the
edge of that colour. Now I’ve changed my angle of my brush (to sort of spread the
brush out) so I can get a nice blend right up to my eyebrow. And then I’m gonna go back in with the
NARS 42 right over the edge – or where the darker “Modern Love” colour meets the “Pink Leather”. So I’m using – I’m going backwards and forwards and pushing the colour along a
little. This is a very very soft brush and it just blends everything like a dream. And then just going back in once more and just intensifying the “Modern Love” colour. So you can see I’m not going right
up near that blend (anywhere near it). Ok so I’m going in with the rose gold
gel liner that comes with his collection. It’s absolutely gorgeous – on a
MAC 242. So I’m just gonna dip into it and just put a little bit on my
hand. And make sure I saturate the brush and
the tip in particular. I’m not gonna clean up the lid today. The colours
I’m gonna be putting on are very similar to that “Modern Love” colour, so I don’t
have to worry. So I’m gonna go in and cut that with this beautiful gel liner. It’s gorgeous! So pushing in with the tip and pulling
down. Look at this colour. It’s just divine! So I’m
going straight in over the top of that now with “Ruby Spar”. Now this is the only
colour left in the palette that I haven’t actually used. So I really wanted to use it.
I’ll just show you the colour on my finger. Oh gorgeous! So I’m using a MAC 239, and I want to go in and just pack that colour in the inner corner and then the outer
corner as well. And then I do like to get – this little
brush is a Too Faced Liner brush. So I like to pack that colour on that brush
and get right up close to that line so it’s quite opaque up there as well as on
the lid. Now I’ve left this colour til last, but I’m thinking that it’s actually one of my favourite colours from this palette. That is gorgeous! Then do the same thing on the outer
corner here, and just pack that right up to that cut line. So “Mixed Emotions” is
the next colour. So that’s the beautiful pink shimmer there. I’m just going to
flip my brush to the other side – so the 239 again. And I’m just going to pack
that colour in the middle. I so wish I didn’t have texture in my
eyes and wrinkles! Same again – just wiping that Too Faced brush off, dipping into
that colour and just going right up near that line there. Then I’m just going to take a mixture of
both of those shimmers and just go over the line where the two colours meet. So
first up I’m going in with a darker shimmer that I put on the outer edge
here. And then I’m gonna go into the lighter shimmer and drag that across. And then let’s have some real fun! So I’m
going to go into Glitter Glue from Too Faced – a little bit on my hand –
and then just tapping into that with my finger – straight down the middle. If you want to, just grab that little
liner brush – a little bit more precise placement. And then I’m gonna pop into
“Moon Glow” which is the silver – see what happens. Just tap a little bit right up
the centre there. Then you can get back into “Mixed
Emotions” and just bring that back over the silver slightly. Ok so I’ve done the rest of my makeup. So
I’m going to go into the bottom lash line. I’m going to pop that gel liner in
the waterline. I popped Marc Jacobs “Blacquer” as always in my tight line. I’m going straight into that pink
shimmer which is called “Ruby Spar” and set that. A little bit of “Modern Love” on a Zoeva
Smudge Brush just underneath. And then I’m just going to blend that
out with the “Pink Leather”. And just meeting up on the outside edge
here. I’m just going with some MAC “Extended
Play Gigablack Lash” just for the bottom lash line. So before I went in with some MAC “Powder Kiss” in “Best Of Me” – very very light as you can see. And then
I’m going to go across the top of that with this lip gloss that’s in the
collection. This one’s called “Stupid Cupid”. So I haven’t used this one yet in any of my looks. Oooh a lot of silver glitter. Just wiping that off before I put it
back in the tube. I reckon they could have possibly had a
little bit more glitter in it to be honest. But nevertheless – it’s beautiful! They’re
all beautiful! Can you see the little particles of glitter in there? Nice!
Alrighty guys so that’s my third and final look for the “Modern Love”
Collection. Now I don’t think I’ve done three looks with one palette before
ever. So that’s showing you how much I do actually love that palette. Like I said
earlier – it can get a little (it is a little bit messy). Like look at that. It
is a bit messy. But just pack that colour right back in – the shimmer colours. And
put it horizontal in your makeup tray and it’ll be fine to go next time.
Alright so if you liked my look today don’t forget to give me a “like” – big
“thumb’s up” and subscribe. Just click the “subscribe” button just below and I’ll see
you in my next video. Bye x


  • Elsa van der Linde says:

    I wonder if there is any makeup that doesn’t look gorgeous on you. Love this pink.

  • The Stewarts Two Aussie Pisspots who love to travel says:

    Hi Nicqui. I’m part of the over 50 club & have struggled to get my make up right for my mature skin and crepey eyelids. I love your makeup tutorials and I’ve been quite inspired. You are a breath of fresh air thanks

  • Katwoman Collection says:

    Really, all your makeup are beautiful, this one too. Have a nice sunday

  • MosleydollMUA says:

    Gorgeous as usual, you have done excellent in creating these looks. Xx

  • Lisa Piercy says:

    Gorgeous look, i really love this palette to, so confused with the negative reviews, some people jump on the bandwagon when they see a bad review it annoys me, some palettes do require work but are so worth it and I totally agree with what you said about those shimmers, and packing well before blending, i need to get some plouise base to try it out, i have so many bright palettes this one is a breath of fresh air. Another gorgeous look wish I had the talent you have xx

  • Sally Walker says:

    I know what you mean. I have the same problems PLUS DEEP SET EYES as well:( life isn't fair!!

  • Shantel Poland says:

    Beautiful as always. I really wish I would’ve grabbed the liquid liner in the bronze color. It’s so stunning!

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