Melt Cosmetics She’s in Parties Stack Review + Melt Stack Pro Palette & Makeup Brush Tips @phyrra

Melt Cosmetics She’s in Parties Stack Review + Melt Stack Pro Palette & Makeup Brush Tips @phyrra

Hey friends. Welcome back. I’m Courtney. Today I’m going to be reviewing the Melt Cosmetics
She’s In Parties Stack. Now, this is my favorite of all of the Melt
Cosmetics stacks. I own all of them except for Hot Box, which
is the metallic. She’s In Parties is made up of Skeleton Kiss,
Last Caress, She’s In Parties, and Meanstreak. These are all apparently named after songs. The only song that I know off the top of my
head is Last Caress, by Danzig. I’m going to go ahead and read you Melt’s
color descriptions for these colors. Skeleton Kiss is a creamy bone shadow with
a kiss of rose gold shift. On my skin it really does kind of look like
a creamy yellow-type color with a golden pink shift. We have Last Caress, which is a mauve taupe. It’s sort of like a light medium, muted, dusty
mauve, which I would consider that a pink or purple, and then it has taupe, like gray
tones to it. I think it is an excellent transition-type
color. We have She’s In Parties, which is supposed
to be a burgundy frost with hints of pink and copper. Last but not least is Meanstreak. This is a deep matte plum. I love this color. It’s great with burgundy looks, it’s great
with purple looks, it’s great with pink looks. Such an awesome shade. Out of this entire stack, only She’s In Parties
is vegan. All of the other colors are not vegan. I went ahead and did brush swatches of all
four of the colors for you on camera. My camera was being a bitch. It didn’t want to focus. I’m not really sure why. Skeleton Kiss: This is on top of primer. This is Last Caress: That’s Last Caress. This is She’s In Parties. This is Meanstreak. I really like Skeleton Kiss as a lid shade,
or as an inner corner highlight. I wouldn’t really use it to highlight under
my brows because it’s too dark for that on me, but I think it would look beautiful on
deeper skin tones. I would love to see it on somebody’s face
who has a deeper skin tone, too. I think it would be amazing. Then we have She’s In Parties. I love this as a transition color for me. I will use this basically on the hood of my
eye. I’ve also worn it just by itself as an all
over single wash of color, and I really love how that turned out. I thought it was beautiful. She’s In Parties is the main color of the
stack, and I haven’t even worn it once. I’ve just swatched it. I mean, it swatches beautifully, but for whatever
reason it’s not a color that I’ve worn yet. I’ll have to figure out a way to wear it. Meanstreak is great for lining the eyes, to
define the outer corner, to add some depth and dimension. I just think it’s absolutely beautiful. The Melt eyeshadow formula, in my opinion,
is very soft and powdery. I feel like sometimes you just barely touch
your brush to one of the shadows and it’s going to kick up a lot of product. So, you have to just very lightly tap your
brush and go at it. I do love the fact that you’re getting a ton
of product because these pans are huge. I bought this palette from Melt when I bought
the She’s In Parties stack. I’m not going to lie, I hate this palette. I think it sucks. The design is stupid. One of the other YouTubers that I love to
watch, her name is MakeupStruggles, she suggested that this palette should basically be on a
hinge so that it goes together like this, opens and closes, that would be much easier. I completely agree with her. I hate this design. I think it’s dumb. If I was brave enough to try to depot these,
which is what I would love to do, I’d love to put them in my Glamtech palette instead,
just because they look like they’re about the same size as my Sugar Pill or my Suva
Beauty, or my SauceBox eyeshadows. I just don’t like this. I think that the Glamtech palettes are much
easier to travel with. This is just so big and bulky. It’s a crappy design. I bought it to try it out, and I hate it. Here’s what it looks like on the back. Despite the crappy palette, I do really love
the Melt eyeshadow formula because it’s more on the powdery side, I find it easier to blend
the colors together. I’m wearing the She’s In Parties stack today. All of the colors, except for She’s In Parties
… I think it’s a beautiful stack. I feel like these cool, rosy tones are kind
of a rarity in the makeup community because I don’t have a lot. I don’t personally have a lot of them, and
I really, really like them. Other colors that I think work really well
with this stack are my Suva Beauty eyeshadows: Turkish Bath, Hookah and Denaru, which are
two burgundies: one’s a warm burgundy and one’s a cool burgundy. I really like how these work with other eyeshadows
that I won. Initially, I wasn’t that crazy about the Melt
eyeshadow formula because I wasn’t using the right brushes. In my opinion, for the type of eyeshadow that
I like to do, and my eye shape, I think it’s best if I use a bunch of soft, fluffy brushes,
rather than dense brushes. Let’s start with the lightest color on my
biggest, fluffy brush. For today, I used Turkish Bath for that, and
then I went to this brush from SauceBox, which is sort of like a Mac 217, or like the Sigma
E23, which is my favorite Holy Grail brush, and do my transition color with this brush. I like to go to this brush to do the next
deeper color to build it up. I use this one with Suva Beauty Hookah, and
something else today, I haven’t written down, I don’t remember what. I went to the next smaller brush to go to
apply Meanstreak, which was the deeper color from the She’s In Parties stack. The darker the color, the smaller and fluffier
the brush, until I get down to an even smaller brush, like this teeny tiny shape like the
Sigma E36. That’s just how I like to apply eyeshadow,
and how I think it works best. The Melt formula works really well with that
technique for my hooded eyes, so I really love it and think it’s great. If you’re thinking of picking up the Melt
Cosmetic’s She’s In Parties stack, I highly recommend it. I love these cool rosy tones. I feel like their pretty unique in my collection. I don’t have any other color like this, and
I love it and think it’s absolutely vital for some of the deeper looks that I want to
do. If you were just going to buy one color from
this stack, I would probably recommend Last Caress, just because it’s such a unique color. It works really well with shades like Anastasia
Beverly Hills’ Buon Fresco, or Urban Decay’s Laced, because it’s like a deeper version
of that color. It’s a great shade. This color, Skeleton Kiss, is similar to but
not exactly like Kat Von D’s Thunderstruck. Kat Von D’s Thunderstruck is more white-toned,
where this is more yellow-toned. That may be something you may or may not want,
but I love it and have no regrets. I think it’s a great stack. I absolutely recommend it. So anyway, what do you think of the Melt Cosmetics
She’s In Parties stack? Please be sure to let me know in the comments
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  • Sharon Baker says:

    Learning lines in the rain…

  • CocoAndTheBombshell says:

    Those are gorgeous colors! I almost just want it for the name of the stack. I love that they named it after a Bauhaus song! I think I want the gunmetal stack as well.

  • Melissa A. says:

    She's in Parties sounds like it is paying homage to the gothic band; Bauhaus!

  • Dijon Pijon says:

    I 100% agree with you. I find that powdery shadows with lots of “kickback” tend to blend the best. For example these melt shadows and Lorac shadows. The powder doesn’t bother me in the least as long as they blend! They’re powders after all!

  • rockabillymuffin says:

    Whyyyyyy don't melt make all their stacks vegan. I would love to get some but ughhh

  • Jen LuvsHorror says:

    I want Last Caress just for the name alone! Love anything Misfits!!

  • sweetem1979 says:

    Is the Melt Stack comparable to the Dose of Colors Marvelous Mauve palette?

  • Tamiraq says:

    i sooo want that shes in parties stack especially for the meanstreak but i already have melt love sick and enigma, worrying it might be too close to those, how does it compare to them? is it different enough to get it?:)
    oh no, i missed the suva beauty 30% off ;_;

  • Joyce McDaniel says:

    These are beautiful shades.

  • K Love says:

    Ooooooooo!!! I'm so excited 🤗🤗🤗

  • K Love says:

    Great review!! Thank you for doing this one!! You know I want this stack😂😂 Thanks again!!

  • Barbara Ivy says:

    I prefer to just stack my Melt stacks.

  • Porgdaporg says:

    Skeleton kiss might be my favorite name of an eyeshadow color ever 😂

  • Ida Lundin says:

    Bauhaus is one of my favourite bands and She's In Parties is such a classic 🙂 Skeleton Kiss is a song by another great goth band called Christian Death.

  • M M says:

    I love how you swatch with a brush, because really that’s what you apply them with! I don’t really get why people go to great lengths at finger swatching eyeshadows, blushes, etc. on the arm, when clearly it is not how they translate to the face. Some even make a fuss about the “proper” way of finger swatching, and yet they are “disgusted” about using fingers to put on their make up as if the fingers are breeding grounds of some deadly disease or something, it’s ridiculous. Like, how often do they wash their hands compared to their brushes and sponges?

  • Rebecca Clayburn Wright says:

    Lovely shadows, Meanstreak looks wonderful.

  • Giulietta Ciambotti says:

    Colors don’t swatch as well as they work on the eyes.. I appreciate this stack too. Cooler tones are my fav. I like Last Caress for everyday use. All the colors are stunning. Each stack plays well with one another. I adore their matte formula.. shimmers rock. Radioactive is one of my fav colors on me… Blur is the greatest transition color for me. I bought that palette and haven’t used it. Yet.

  • faeriecrypt says:

    This look is making me want to try Melt! I clicked the link to check out "She's in Parties," but it led me to SauceBox's Website.

  • xgreydovex says:

    What do you think about cruelty free brands collaborating with non-CF brands? Melt had an Instagram giveaway with Benefit a couple of weeks ago and it's left a sour taste in my mouth in regards to them.

  • Blue Rse says:

    I don’t have any Melt, so I don’t know, but if you have a heat gun and a safe place to work… you can depot pretty easily. I flip the items over and use the heat gun on the back so it melts the packaging and the glue before the product is affected.

    Again, I’ve never done melt so I don’t know how their packaging reacts. But if you want to give it a try, use a color you won’t miss or an old one

  • Melissa Thomas says:

    That palette is ridiculous!! I'd rather just keep them in the stacks and put them out on my counter when I'm doing my makeup.

  • Rachel Morris says:

    Okay what is your hair color I love itttt

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