Mental Health and Sustainability // Let’s Have a Conversation

Mental Health and Sustainability // Let’s Have a Conversation

We’re a little tired. It’s like 2:00 in
the morning. We can sleep next week. It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.
It really is 2 in the morning. Hello, friends! Welcome back to my channel. If you guys are new here,
hello. Welcome. My name is Kristen. If you guys didn’t know, I did go to VidCon this
year. Day one, VidCon. First VidCon ever! Rachel is showing me the ropes to
everything. It was amazing. This is- this is my fifth VidCon. Yes. It was super fun,
really exciting, very motivating and inspiring. But, I did do a collab with my
friend. So, I hope you guys will give her a warm welcome.
Let’s get right into it. And today we are going to be talking about health and
mental health mixed with sustainability. You need to put your health and your
mental health before saving the planet, obviously. And I have my friend, Rachel, to
join me today, which is very exciting. Yes. And do you want to give, like, your little
elevator pitch about your channel? Sure. So, my name is Rachel. I go by the Junie Bird
online. Link will probably be in the description below. It’ll be down below, yes. All
of her socials you can find are down below. Yay! And I talk about a lot of
like fandom and media like critique / analysis on my channel and we’re gonna
get a little bit into this- why this is. But I also talk about mental health on
my channel, with kind of like radical honesty. And so we can link to a couple
of those specific videos I think, too- yeah! For sure! So, we’re gonna get into the topic of Mental
Health and saving the planet and I think a lot of people go to the extremes,
obviously, when they’re thinking about saving the planet. Like, you have to be
plastic free. If you’re not plastic free, like you’re not living a sustainable
life. Right. And that’s so so far from the truth in my opinion and that’s why I
like, on my channel, I’m trying to show that you don’t have to reach
that level of perfection- yeah- to live more sustainably. I really like that like
message of it’s not- like nothing is perfect like- um I don’t know if you
watch The Good Place? I saw the first season. Okay, so, I read a meme on tumblr
of the Good Pla- The Good Place season one is actually the bad place. The Good Place season
three: there is no such thing as an ethical consumption and capitalism. Which
like kind of is true, like I get it. Where is the lie?
Yeah, I mean- yeah that’s uh- yeah. But also, like happens in part because there is no
such thing as an ethical consumption and capitalism, we have to live somewhat
unethical lives and make decisions on what is worth it for us. Right. So before
we like- hop in.. Hey! How about you give a background on like your sustainability
journey and like a low waste journey and all of that. Yeah. So one of the main
reasons that I would begin is because of like environmental reasons and factory
farming (same) and that kind of led into thinking more about sustainability
on a larger scale and the trash that we throw away. And- yeah…stuff like that. So, I started being
like “that girl” that like-Uh oh- carries around a- a mason jar, that’s not a mason jar. I
reused salsa jars. Ayyyy! Me, too! Like to coffee places
and everywhere, really. I started composting. I kind of like went
not like all-in, but I was definitely like making so many purchases- not all
purchases, but like the majority of my purchases and thinking of like “could
this be more sustainable?” Like if it could be, feeling super guilty
around that I wasn’t doing a sustainable thing. Right. Just because it wasn’t accessible.
Because you’re thinking of like the Instagram pictures of stainability
and that perfectionist level. And then you’re like why can’t I reach that? And
like sometimes you just don’t have access to that and that’s okay!
It’s not your fault as a consumer! And it’s like- like okay, I don’t have a
zero waste store close to me that has all these
options and things. So like should I order from one online? But then, is that
as sustainable as like going to a local store? Exactly! I’m just like- yeah. There
is no little solution. It’s grey. It’s a grey area. I would say you’re more eco-conscious than the average consumer out there. Yes! Definitely.
Okay, yeah. So, the other thing that I want to say super upfront, um, is my mental
health kind of- ah… journey, feels like a weird word to use. But we can go with it.
I am depressed. I have talked about that on my channel in quite a few videos. I
have probably been depressed since I was a teenager and didn’t really realize it
until I was much older. Went to the doctor and he’s just like, “are you
depressed?” I’m just like, “I don’t know. Maybe.” He’s like answer these questions. It’s like a
little survey. Yeah. Um- and I like asked him about it and he’s just
like, “Yeah. So you qualify for antidepressants. Would you like some?” Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that sounds good. I’ll take that. And I started seeing a
therapist, recently, which is great. And if you’re on the fence about therapy, do it!
Do it! Second camera! Do it! Do it! Some- some of
that has been happening in the last- I would say… two or three months. So kind of
like recent development-Yeah, really new to you. Yeah- of figuring out
some stuff and trying to not have some of that
affect me in the way that it has. What’s like your biggest struggle with
sustainability and mental health? You’re still an eco-conscious consumer.
But like you need to put yourself first, obviously. So like you know what- what do
you do with that? I feel like the biggest struggle for me and like my depression
and like process has been like cleaning. Going through all of this in my brain, I’m just like I
want to do the eco-friendly things. I want to make rags out of t-shirts and
make my own vinegar solution spray and I wanna have solid dish soap and bamboo
brushes and toothbrushes and everything. I’m just like I want it all. It’s the perfect
like Instagram-able pictures. And they’re like you can like use up the
products that you have and then by the sustainable solution. So I would use up a
product that I would have and then I would be like ok now I have to buy the sustainable…what am I doing??? Slowly come to the
realization that that was not working for me. And that’s okay. Yeah. Like, I think
people don’t realize that like it is okay to accept that you need to put
yourself and maybe your family or whoever first. Yeah. Like, if you have your
own children or you have a partner or whatever. Like, you need to put yourself
first and the people in your life first. Yeah. And like that’s okay and that helps
you because now you clean. Like when you have all these things that you
have to do and you’re like struggling within yourself, it’s hard to like think
of putting your energy towards other things. Yes, so I’ve made this transition
fairly recently into being like you know what? Screw it.
I’m gonna go buy the Swiffer pads for mopping the floor and get like- I got
like little Clorox wipes and like dust wipes that you just throw away ’cause
it’s so much easier. And like almost overnight, I- my apartment got so much
cleaner because it was so much easier to do. I could just like- well this
is a little- I’ll just take one wipe and we’ll just do this area. I will say that
there’s a lot of things with like cleaning house or like just general
personal care stuff that I have made relatively easy transitions into more
sustainable options. Like I use a shampoo bar which I love. Toothpaste tabs. Toothpaste tabs. *laughs*
We were trying each other’s toothpaste tabs. We- we tried some different toothpaste tabs. Hers were crazy to me.
Yeah. But anyways. Yeah. I hang dry all of my clothes. Mm-hmm. And I do have
like dish rags that I like hand wash and hang dry because that’s kind of a thing
that I did grow up with. So it wasn’t- it didn’t feel like a transition at all. It
was just like, oh this is what we do. But that being said, there’s a handful of
things that is kind of that same like “this is what we do” feeling that I’m
moving away from. Yeah. Because I’m just like, I don’t need to use the same cleaning
products that my mom used, mm-hmm, if they aren’t doable.
You’re really eco-conscious and you have all these different like products or
things that you do to help the planet. But like something like cleaning… it’s
like you just need to get it done. I hate it. Right, like and that’s okay. Like if we
can find little pockets of like day-to-day things, that can be more
sustainable and that can be more low waste, that’s awesome. You don’t have to
like completely change everything all at once either, because it’s still a process. It’s too much.
And so maybe like today, like you’re using Clorox wipes and Swiffer pads and
stuff. But maybe one day, like, maybe you won’t be using that. Right. Who knows? Yeah. And- and
if you are not that’s okay too. Yeah, but also maybe I’ll just keep using this
until I die. Yeah, like- And like the planet is gonna have to live with
that. Because you need to put yourself first. I care about my health. I care
about how I am as a person. But I still care about the planet. Right. When the
airplane masks fall down and they’re like, “put your mask on first.” Yes. Right. The
planet- the planet cannot solve my depression. Mm-hmm. It can’t. Yup. It sounds nice if it could,
but like I feel like I’ve tried that and it hasn’t worked yet, so. I feel like we
dove into kind of the largest one. Mm-hmm. Um, the other one that I feel like is
maybe the most like glaringly obvious one is medication. Yes and becau- yes.
Like medication comes in plastic. Do not not have medication because it comes
in plastic. Come on, like obviously there are things that we can’t get rid of. Listen to your doctor. Like Plastic Free July… if you need medication, take your medication. I mean,
that’s just an obvious one. Right. And that’s something you can’t control.
And whether a medication is like a mental health related medication or if
it’s just like a health condition or anything along those lines, like, if your
doctor is recommending you to take medication or prescription, freaking take it! Right. I mean,
that’s just- don’t die! Yeah. So that’s an obvious one. Medicine
has gotten so far. I just want to say thank you for being honest.
Yeah. And telling me about like your mental health and your like low waste
journey because I feel like there’s not enough honesty about it on the internet
and you really see like the extremes, which is great, like that’s amazing. But,
it’s not realistic for most people. We’ve been talking about this. I have like almost
an honesty problem. She’s very real, very authentic, very honest. Sometimes in a
blunt way, that is not helpful, so. But yeah, I’m- I’d like- I don’t think that it
is helpful, for anyone, to sugarcoat stuff so especially things around health and
mental health. Yeah, I think you’re gonna start a series on my channel, maybe… if I
can have more guests. Yeah. And you guys if you haven’t subscribed to Rachel, you
should. She is the Junie Bird. I’ll have all of her links, all of her socials in
the description and I do have a video on her channel. So you guys should check it
out. I was gonna say… it’s- We- it’s like totally different vibe. Totally different. It’s about Disney
theme parks. Yes. And attractions that are currently there and are not there. I’m
not gonna tell you all, what is going on there, but. We had so much fun filming
that. Hooooo. Like I was also very excited for this video but like the process of filming
the video for my channel was probably more fun. It was like a game. So, you guys
should definitely check that out. It’ll be down below. It’ll be in the cards.
Get ready! It’s a fun little game. So, yeah. I hope you guys liked this video. If you
did, give me a thumbs up. Subscribe. I hope I’ll see you guys in my next video. Yay! BYEEEEE. Bye!


  • Strolling Through Life says:

    I hope you guys like this video! It's more of a conversation/ chit chat about Rachel's mental health and her sustainability journey. I'm thinking of having a series, titled "What does sustainability look like with ____?" What do you think? 😊

  • Miss Mary Lu says:

    These conversations are so important! Thank you for making this video and YAY RACHEL! 💖💖💖

  • Rachel Ann says:

    I'm so glad we got to do this video! It's so important to talk about mental health and "come clean" about what it actually looks like day to day.

  • David Titley says:

    thanks for doing this video Kristen. It's important to do what we can, in the way we can do it, but not at the expense of our own physical or mental health. On day #11 of my first 5-month Airstream journey around the country — too bad you're not still doing that! 🙂

  • Kapil Swarankar says:

    Nice, i think you should go ahead with such videos and spread awareness regarding important issues like this 🙂

  • House of Solomon says:

    Great vid- Just wondering if you do, or have dealt with a mental health issue yourself? Thanks Kristen! 🌱🌿

  • The People's Bookkeeper says:

    Love this video, thanks for doing this! Amazing job on your channel/thumbnails, keep up the amazing work! 😀

  • BeautifullyReckles says:

    I really loved this video! This is something I've struggled with. I have tons of food allergies which mean I can't shop in bulk bins without getting sick. There are not bulk sizes or plastic free options of things like gluten free flour. I felt guilty for not achieving zero waste "perfection."

  • Naturally Mermaid says:

    I totally relate to the cleaning issue. I let my tub get really dirty because I didn't feel like the vinegar solution was really cleaning it (and my hubby hates the smell) but I felt guilty using the leading brands. So I just said eff it and used the Ajax cleaning powder. Now I use the vinegar in the kitchen (when hubby isn't home lol) and just use the regular stuff in the bathroom. I feel so much better now even though it's not "the most sustainable" it's what works for me right now.

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