Mes boutiques en ligne Pin Up favorites ! ~Lisah Von Spank

Mes boutiques en ligne Pin Up favorites ! ~Lisah Von Spank

Hello everyone and welcome to this
little video! On Instagram and Facebook, I get messages of women who ask me where they can find websites
or shops where I can buy clothing. so, today I decided to
make this video to present you a little bit my favorites online shops! So among the sites on which I I used to buy clothes, we find of course Belldandy! which I already spoken in a previous video,
the one of which I made an unboxing. The advantage of Belldandy is that
it is a French site, so it’s still cool to be able to
order in France especially for delivery and it’s a
site that is held by a young woman who is passionate by
alternative mode and she is adorable So, it’s cool to buy in small shops in France. And therefore, the choice is really wide ! Another site on which I order
a lot is Top Vintage ! this shop is located in
Netherlands the advantage of Top Vintage is that they have a size chart for every outfit! So every outfit, when they receive it, they give it to try to a lot of people and then, they get
a really good size chart ! Sometimes, when we order,
we take a look on the size chart but the outfit did not fit… I ordered a lot on Top Vintage and it must have happened to me only once that the chart was not good
and when we send the product back, they ask us if it was too small or
too big. So I think that they also use those feedbacks to improve the chart. So take your measurements, compare and normally you should not have any
worries! Small tip, if you order with paypal, you can activate
the “Return Costs Refunded”, so, you will not pay the shipping costs, and if you pay with Paypal, they can reimburse you if there is a problem. So that makes it possible to try clothes and not to have incurred costs if
it not fit correctly. Another site where I love to order is Unique Vintage! there is a lot of choice, they have their
own outfits of the brand, the site is hyper supplied, the photos are
very pretty, there are some outfits really beautiful ! You can also, if you
are lucky to be traveling to Los Angeles, visit their shop
in a street where you have a lot of vintage shops,
flea market etc and it’s really a street to visit if
you are going there ! So, it’s true that I have my favorite brands,
so I’ll talk about it today! Another site I love is Miss Candyfloss! It’s a bit complicated to shop outfits on sale, because
you will rarely find outfits a size smaller than 4 or 5 XL, if you are curvy, enjoy it, you will found clothes! But otherwise, their dresses are
just amazing, at the fabric level they are really super nice to wear and their cuts are really original and looks really like mid-century clothes!
This is one of my favorite brands Really, it’s on top! The second brand I love is Voodoo Vixen! The quality of the dresses is great, often they have pockets! And you know that I love pockets in dresses! Same thing, it’s hosted in England but it’s fast enough and the shipping costs are not that expensive! One of my favorite brands,
I also introduced you the skirts the last time and a dress is
Collective Clothing! Why I order often on it is that they
have very often sales! generally I do not even bother to
watch the new clothes, I take directly a look at the sales, they have really great prices! I shopped for this summer dresses for £ 15, so it’s
really a good deal ! Personally I do not care of having the latest outfits or
the latest collection I just want to shop not expensive and beautiful clothes ! Here we are, I spoke almost exclusively of sites that sell new outfit, I buy quite a few vintage outfits. I’m a bit too lazy for that, I admit! I use Vinted to buy or sell. Do not hesitate to take a look also on my Vinted, I sell a lot of
held so if you like, do not hesitate to go shopping! And recently I
shopped on instagram a jacket so I might talk about it in a
next video! So I took it on @laura_unstyleretro she post regularly really cute ideos where she try outfits that she will sell, and the prices are really attractive !
The jacket looked really nice and it’s vintage!
so now, you know everything about the brands I love!
People also asked how I shop cheap clothes The best way
it’s to take past collections to have small rates!
Thank you very much for watching this video ! Do not hesitate to put a little
comment if you have topics that you
want me to treat, it would be a pleasure for me to answer it in a
next video ! And if not, good shopping! 🙂


  • Simplement Claire says:

    J'ai pas laissé de message sur les précédentes vidéos 😳
    Merci pour tes partages ! Toujours intéressant et c'est vraiment sympa d'avoir ton avis et tes astuces !
    Pas de suggestions précises mais j'ai hâte de découvrir tes futurs vidéos 😘
    Belle journée

  • Pierre-Emmanuel Simon says:

    Salut Lisah 😉

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