Hey guys Maryam here, in today’s video I’m
gonna be reviewing this new microblading eyebrow pen from Essence Cosmetics, it looks like
a fork, it’s very intimidating but also kind of intriguing and in today’s video I’m gonna
show you how to get these microbladed looking brows using this new product. And of course
I’m gonna review it for you and let you know whether its worth your money, all 3.99 of
them because yes this product is a drug store product an it’s pretty inexpensive and I’m
pretty excited about it and I want to review this product because I wanna know if it’s
awesome. I hope it is and I hope you guys enjoy this video, thank you so much for watching
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and Sunday videos and now lets get to this review and to microblading eyebrow pen, is
she worth it here we come. Got a little card here from Essence Cosmetics,
Hi Maryam live your best brows with our latest eyebrow pen and micro precise eyebrow pencil,
in this video I’m gonna be mainly focusing on this new eyebrow pen that is pretty cool,
I would even dare to say revolutionary, it’s got this 3 pronged fork looking marker type
of applicator, felt tip, comes in 4 different colors blond, light brown, medium brown and
dark brown. I am eager to test this product out and see if in fact it will deliver those
microbladed brows that we all so desperately crave and deserve. There is also a new micro
precise eyebrow pencil, this is an ultra slim 1.45 mm waterproof tip, what! That provides
extreme precision so you can create perfectly defined brows with a soft matte formula that
will last all day. This product is available in 3 shades, I don’t know where the 3rd one
went but that’s okay because all I like to use is the dark brown one, that’s the one
that I am going to be reaching for. So, now for some swatches blond, light brown,
medium brown, dark brown. The cool thing about this tip is that in fact you can draw feathery
sort of eyebrow hair strokes to really fill in your brow and add hairs where you need
them, without further ado let’s get started. I’m gonna start with my good brow, I’m gonna
pick up the shade dark brown, gonna basically start right here with the brow arch, start
drawing individual little brow hairs throughout my brow, keeping the pen on the diagonal so
that all 3 prongs touch my skin evenly. Gonna start filling in my brow very lightly from
the bottom. Also gonna go within the width of my brow and then by the time I get to this
inner portion here, I’m gonna start flicking this product up in the direction of my hair
growth. Ohh here is where I actually really see a difference. I think the trick here is
to place the prongs exactly where you want the hairs to appear and draw once without
overlapping anymore hairs. And then same thing on the top, you want feathery
looking brows, just flick this product up and then actually it looks pretty natural,
wow. Not bad for a first time use, I will admit I am feeling just a little bit nervous
because this is such a unique product that I am not super-duper familiar with, but its
so much fun look, it just draw on some eyebrow hairs. Here I’m actually gonna overlap some
brow hairs or some brow strokes just to make it look like actual hairs, and would you look
at that looks like a naturally occurring brow, wow! So, now this looks pretty good to me even
looking at my mirror and looking at my monitor it doesn’t look like I am wearing any product
and my brow looks like its my brow but just a little bit fuller and a little bit hairier
that’s pretty cool. I’m gonna take this micro precise eyebrow pencil, this one is $2.99
and I’m just gonna define my brow arch and also this area here just to add a bit more
definition to make it look a pinch more groomed. That’s looking rather good, I’m impressed. Alright on my other brow I’m gonna do the
same, I’m gonna start off from the brow arch and I’m gonna continue filling it in by adding
these fine brush strokes/brow hairs. And the same thing I’m just gonna add this micro precise
eyebrow pencil to those areas that need a little bit more definition/shadow just to
keep everything looking as natural as possible. Looking at my monitor I just realized that
I need a little bit more hair strokes right here at the top. Going for a little wolf hair
because you know Halloween is right around the corner so bringing out the wolf in me
yes, yes I might have done a little bit too much. But that’s okay this is my first time
using the product and I’m really just trying to experiment. Now I’m just gonna gently go over the entire
brow using my spoolie brush from Urban Decay, I’m not gonna blend it out too much because
I still wanna have that hair/feathery type of appearance and at this point I am done,
I am feeling these brows and I am feeling this product. I mean for $3.99 I think this
is a steal and it definitely gives you that look and feel of natural looking fuller brows
that’s also really fun to accomplish. Let’s zoom in and let’s observe the outcome, honestly
guys I feel like my good brow is looking really good, it’s well defined without being overly
drawn on and you honestly can’t tell, or at least I can’t tell from looking at myself
in my monitor that there is a bunch of brow hair strokes that’s been drawn into my brow.
It definitely has that feel of a microbladed brow and I am really, really digging this
technique I think I’m gonna continue using this product and I am going to give it my
seal of approval. So, in fact this Essence Cosmetics $3.99 eyebrow
pen is absolutely worth the money, not only is it a microblading type of dupe product,
it’s not really a dupe because it’s not tattooing your brows and it’s just giving you a wearable
look for the day but I really love the result, I love how my eyebrows look and I think this
is a cool product with 4 shades that you should totally pick up at the drug store or at the
supermarket the next time you are shopping. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video, thank
you so much for watching and for subscribing, check out some of my other reviews right here
and I will see you in the next one, muah deuces.

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