Microneedling/CIT at HOME: Facial protocol 2019 | Demo | Tips

Microneedling/CIT at HOME: Facial protocol 2019 | Demo | Tips

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel if you’re new here. My name is penny. I’m a master esthetician in Portland, Oregon and Yes, this is a good look but I am coming at you today bare face because I am going to do my micro needling protocol For the face now, it is slightly different than my protocol at work because of course I’m working on my own self But I just want to walk you guys through some Best practices the protocol that I do when I do my canoodling sessions at home for collagen. I wanted to give you some tips on Maybe some needle depth Parameters just kind of a general idea. I will also put in the description box those parameters So you have a basic idea then you can tweak them as necessary to your own skin I also wanted to kind of give you an idea of the things that I use in my micro needling sessions at home and Yeah, so let’s get into it quickly. First of all, I have already washed my face Next thing I’m going to do is I am going to numb my face. I’m going to use this 5 percent lidocaine at work We use a cocktail that it’s benzocaine tetra cane and lidocaine this five percent lidocaine works. Very very well There’s a couple different ways that you can numb your face You can numb your face and occlude it with saran wrap like plastic wrap and you can take off Parts and clean them and swab them with alcohol needle move on the way that I do it However, is that I go ahead and numb my face. I remove all of it with some sponge sponge I used a sponge this one. I’ll get wet it will turn into a sponge I will remove my numbing cream Then I will wash my entire face again Swab my entire face with alcohol and then I will quickly move into micro needling from the forehead Down now part of the reason why I don’t always do face and full neck. All at once is That’s a lot of area in my opinion to have lidocaine on when I’m at home You have to be careful of the risks of having too much numbing in too big of an area so when I’m gonna in a setting with a doctor feel more comfortable that we’re in a medical setting and that kind of stuff, but when you’re at home I just would err on the side of caution So I usually will do my face separately of my neck separately of my decollete and then I will do my hands separately as well Just to always kind of contain The amount of surface of my skin that’s being exposed to light Akane’s So with that said I’m going to glove up and I’m gonna get this lidocaine on my face Then we’ll go through some things while I’m numbing So I like to actually massage the numbing in a little bit gets the blood circulation going and I don’t want to miss any spots because Anywhere, you don’t have the lidocaine is not going to be numb. I mean, that’s just the bottom line You want to get all the way back here by the front of your ear? Because we definitely want a micro needle way out there on that perimeter because we actually as we age we get some wrinkles out there by the ear and Having really good tight collagen in the frame of our face Helps with lift it just helps our face to look lifted. So I definitely like to Do some serious micro needling out here Just as much as I do on the places that we see when we look in the mirror It’s really easy to avoid these areas out here because we don’t notice them as much they’re super super important So I am going to let that sit for probably 10 minutes Okay, so it has been probably 15 minutes. I’m pretty numb so I am going to go Remove the lidocaine and I’m going to use one of these little sponges these little guys. I love these I think they’re in a pack of 50. They turn into this. I’m not crazy. I like them because they are a nice texture They have zero scent. They’re not, you know chemical smelling or anything like that So these are really great sponges and they help to really remove the numbing cream Then I’m gonna wash my face and then I will be right back. So I’m gonna go remove all of this numbing I’ll see you Okay so I removed all the numbing with those sponges and then I washed my face and now I’m going to take These alcohol pads opened um alcohol pads I take a couple of them because they dry fast Because of course it’s alcohol and I’m just going to swab down my face. This is just to make sure that Where our skin is really prepped? But you want to move quickly Because it’s lidocaine 5% and it doesn’t last forever. Okay, so I have swab down my face I’m gonna start on my forehead Because that is in my opinion the spiciest I am gonna put in the description box The different areas of your face and the needle depths that are good. I’ll go over that I’ll talk through it as we’re going I want you to know that this hand my left hand is going to be touching my pen for Adjusting the needle dab. It is the hand that I have to use if I need to stretch my skin taut So anytime I touch my pen with this hand I am just going to tell you so that I’m just showing you over and over I have alcohol swabs that I’m going to wipe my fingers just so that I don’t cross contaminate From the pen to this hand to my face this hand that is holding. The pen is never going to touch my face It’s only going to touch that pen and the brush that I’m using to apply which is a clean Sanitized brush that is going to apply My higher logic acid serum. So I’m gonna get that all ready to go I’m alcohol swab up and we’re gonna start needling so I have some h.a from Costa Baja on my brush on My forehead I’m going to do a point five you can go up to 0.75 if you have thicker skin So I’ve got my pen set at 0.5 It’s a challenge When you’re doing it as a video Not to touch anything but you can see the needles moving and I’m just gonna start now the way that I do it you guys I like to do a little grid, I do three passes over three across and then I go diagonally through that little box that I’ve made in my mind and then I move over I will hit my hairline a Minute Now obviously when I’m doing this when I’m not filming I’m looking at a mirror when I’m doing it on myself Just imagine little boxes and you’re just doing a little grid now what’s the end point is a good question, so the end point is kind of even erythema which means even pinkness and I’m not going for a bunch of blood or anything like that. If I do get a little bit of pinpoint bleeding that it’s okay I’m really just going for some good pink and That’s it Sometimes I’ll make a little circles just to make sure I hit everywhere then I get I get up by my hairline whoa, which Can make you wanna sneeze? Little tiny strokes or smaller strokes is better in my opinion than really long strokes. I’m gonna apply a little more Ha4 slip I stick to high ilanic acid high molecular weight higher ilanic acid with the least amount of ingredients Preservatives fragrance none of that stuff in there. That’s why I like the Caza Baja So guys if in this video I skip any areas. I’m literally using the viewfinder. So This is again at 0.5 When I get to between my eyebrows here, I’m gonna keep it at 0.5 because that’s what I’ve done and I’m uncomfortable with it but you can do point two-five between that area and know that you can Sneeze, it can definitely make you want to sneeze Now sometimes with these pen devices the erythema is delayed. So if you don’t see a lot of pink and You’ve done a lot of passes move on because that pink might be just coming. It might be a little bit delayed now I’m going to move on to my lips And I want to get them over with I’m gonna do point 5 You can turn it down if you want. I just do this and I really just hit the line of my Okay, I do that first I’m not needling my actual lips. I Am numb then I like to do this Vertical horizontal diagonal through that little box that I just did vertical horizontal Diagonal Vertical horizontal Diagonal now If you have some lip wrinkles lip lines You want to stretch the skin taut as much as you can without touching your face Sometimes if you have deep wrinkles, you do need to use this other hand and help out You can make faces How silly is that right but you want the skin taut Here good more a che anytime that you notice that you’re losing slip you need more H a Chin, I’m going to move to a point seven five And that cost of Baja is really good slip Some people call for you know doing circles That’s okay, too Bottom line is you’re just trying to put some channels in your skin So the reason why I do the grid is because it helps me kind of keep track of where I’ve been I feel like I can see it in my mind, but it doesn’t mean that doing this is wrong. So if you’ve seen that That’s okay, too whatever works for you just Look for that clinical endpoint. You see I’m getting pink. I’m good. My chin is good Now I’m going to move on to my cheek area. This is going to be a point five around my eyes I’m going to do probably 0.25. That’s skin a super delicate So same thing, I’m I’m at a point five I’m going to just do little boxes So Micra, noodling helps you guys not only to induce collagen, but it’s also going to help with cell to cell communication It’s gonna help even out pigment. It really does just help with overall skin health. It is a great way to obviously, you know induce growth factors and help our skin to just Perform. Optimally I feel like it’s a really great insurance policy for us So notice that I’m doing the least amount of touching my skin that brush stays with the h.a and On my skin and that’s it. Okay, when I get to the cheek area here I have to turn it up a little myself So I’m going to turn it up to one on my cheek. But the other thing is this is Bouncy here. So you want to stretch that skin as much as you can if you need your tongue to get that skin Taut you can if you need your left hand As long as it hasn’t been touching anything else. You can stretch your skin there as well Sometimes we have to do that with our knees the lobule folds to is stretch the skin so that we can really get those needles into that wrinkle, so So that’s what the one you see how I’m getting some erythema there I Already have it set at one. So I’m just going to move to this cheek area here Always remember to do out here way out by your ears As I get to this cheek I’m going to turn it back down to 0.5 So that’s good erythema now for my nose, I’m just gonna do a point two five. I’m just trying to get in there Now that same point two five is what I’m going to use around my eyes Now a lot of times I do stamping but actually the recent protocols are to Do everything on your ocular bone so this would be when I would sanitize this hand and Then I’m going to gently pull the skin down and use my ocular bone to you know, do the work so hold on, okay? So I’m just going to it’s point two five very very gentle Okay, that is it That is the entire protocol now Here I am and I have a bunch of higher logic asset on my face Believe it or not These channels are likely going to be closed in the next 15 to 20 minutes The current protocols though only call for this higher logic acid. Now what you can do if you experience You know, like it feels like egg whites on your face Or if you have some bleeding that kind of thing you can take a shower run Just tap it to warm water over your face. No washing No Nothing like that Until you feel like you’ve released the serum and any of the residue that kind of thing and then that’s it That is what you do until the next day as far as stuff. You’re gonna put on your face You’re not gonna put anything on your face So that is an option if you kind of feel like there’s just a bunch of gunk on your face You just don’t want to take a bath. You really don’t want to wash your face in the sink The best way is just like I said get in the shower and let that water just kind of you know Get everything off of your face and do the least amount of touching of your face as you can so the very next day You can go back to the majority of your skin care I like to incorporate the Kiwi seed oil at this point a lot of people have asked how you do that the way that I do it is typically only at night and I use it as the very very last step in my skincare routine because I don’t typically use a lot of moisturizer at Night if I was using a moisturizer at night I would do the Kiwi seed oil second to last and then I would use my moisturizer and that is it It is just a fantastic nourishing oil that aids in kind of the Nourishment of your skin as it’s healing and it’s going to be dry and tight for the next three to five days the Kiwi seed Oil really helps a lot with that So in in a nutshell you can go back to business go back to your skin care routine that you were doing before and just Incorporate that Kiwi seed oil just to keep it simple here I did do a video on micro needling serums and I gave you a breakdown of all of the days that You can use different things during the month I typically tell people with retin-a or retinols to wait three days before they resume the retina retinols only just to mitigate irritation Actually, it is called for in those first post days one through five You know vitamin A is very very good during that time you just really need to use your best judgment and Consider the irritation and consider the peel consider your downtime all of that kind of stuff. So What I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna leave this alone I will shower probably in a few hours and just let this run off and then that’s it I’m gonna leave my skin alone, and I’m not gonna do anything I’m definitely not wearing any makeup Nothing like that, but I make plans to not do anything when I do micro-needling. Okay, so I hope that this was helpful Definitely check the description box because there will be lots of information there will be again the needle depth and Information for the different parts of the face all of the things that I think are great to have at home Which are your numbing cream your brush your alcohol wipes your higher ilanic acid sponges gloves headband just to keep that hair definitely firmly off of your face guys these headbands as Absolutely ridiculous as I know that they look they really securely keep the hair off the face. There’s no slipping There’s no random hairs coming through so they’re really good. I think they’re ten dollars. They’re fantastic little headbands so all of those things are great things to have for a micro needling session and yeah, now I did like I said before I did order the X5 micro needling pen from dr. Pen. I’m super excited to review that for you guys it is a cordless Device in the last video or two videos ago when you guys watch this I kept referring to it as the m5 It’s the x5 something that you really really really need to take away from this video is try not to cross contaminate Do the best you can to not touch things and then touch your face? It’s a little bit hard because you do need to stretch your skin a little bit but I like to just use my face to do that as much as possible not my hands and Try to keep the hand that you’re handling your micro kneeling pen only handling that pen and a tool Never never never stop and touch your face with it after you’ve been touching the pen touching other things just try and keep those things in mind so that you can limit the Exposure that you might have to things that you don’t want to get into those channels and that’s bacteria and grubby’s and gross things So I really hope that this video was helpful the neck the decollete the hands. Those are all coming BB Glo It’s coming. I’m doing a protocol for BB Glo and That’s all coming up the next two weeks So I hope you guys will subscribe if you’re new and thank you for watching me in the buff sort of in the buff in the bear barefaced Anyway, I hope you guys have a great day and I will talk to you again very very soon Please leave any questions in the comment section and I will do my best to answer them And if I don’t I’ll try to get to them in the Friday Q&A Hope you have a great week and I will talk to you again very very soon


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    I just started to use Dr. Pen A7 for the first time with 0.5 mm last night, and I don't feel a thing, and no pink on face. I have been using derma roller with 0.5 mm which I always feel and have the pinkish hue on my face afterward. But nothing with Dr. Pen. Do they have different degree of 0.5 mm from derma roller. Do I need to push harder on my face?

  • Kim Sheward says:

    Great comparison video, thank you! But, when my aesthetician did me, there was definitely blood! The blood can be healing as well. And my question is, if your licensed, why aren't you using the Prof. pen? Last question, is there much drag with this pen? It can tear the hole larger if there is drag, which is damaging.. I'm a little afraid but, it helped my skin so so much.

  • Kim Sheward says:

    Penn, whats the difference between the 12 pin and the 36? What are each used for?

  • Che Brown says:

    Thank you for your videos, appreciated the info & demos

  • Alissa Hague says:

    HELLO!!! I just found your channel and I am so happy I did!! I have only been a practicing licensed esthetician for over a year and your channel is so helpful to me!!!! I am wondering if you could give me your honest opinion on the best microneedling pen to purchase for our spa? I have been doing a lot of research and I feel like i am more confused now as I was before! I m thinking the Dr. Pen ultima 6?? what is your opinion?
    Thank you!!!

  • Nina Benjebri says:

    You are amazing may God bless you

  • Age Right Doc says:

    I'm soooo new to microneedling. I've done a lot of research on PubMed about microneedling and "percutaneous collagen induction" and completely convinced about its safety and efficacy in skin rejuvenation, especially for skin types at risk for PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) such as my own. I LOVE that I can get some free online DIY training from a Master Aesthetician. I've already subscribed to your channel and will be reviewing all your microneedling related videos. Thanks!! Best wishes and continued success!

  • M. says:

    In the temple area,which depth can I further go? Especially the area close the eyes from temples side.

  • Jessie V says:

    Do you encourage to use AHA serum everyday?

  • ็Ž‹ๅฏๆฃฎ says:

    Hey Penny! Just wondering, can I continue to use my Retin-A micro .1 gel prior to and after at home treatment every 6 weeks? Thanks for all your wisdom! Much better then natural khaos lol

  • Hope Smothermon says:

    How often do you do this treatment

  • Katalin Kovacs says:

    Which cartilage is for what and which one I should get?

  • Kelly Howman says:

    Hi Penn, wow you're the best educator, thank you for your time and efforts. Love your channel. My question re CIT pen is what pressure to you use or us it just a glide action? Thanks ๐Ÿ’–

  • Nancy Ertan says:

    Can i microneeldling my lips ?

  • Jess Is More says:

    On deeper complexions that may not show pinkness as easily, how can you tell you've gone deep enough?

  • Sara Rรณs Kreyenhagen says:

    How do you make sterilize your brush for the HA on your face if you want to make sure everything is sterile?

  • bobbi 1 says:

    Your great videos have opened up a whole new world about skincare for me. So happy. I saw your calendar for micro needling on Friday Q & A. Confused about the difference between medical, cosmetic & nano micro needling. Medical is 4-6 weeks apart, but cosmetic is every week. What's the difference? Is the pen A6/7 medical? a face roller cosmetic? And nano is…? Thanks

  • elena Cassandracastorpollux says:

    Wonderful video! Thank you Penny! The prietest pink rabbit on the web๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ’Ÿ

  • Jennifer Raap says:

    Another excellent video!!! โค๏ธ

  • Kim Sheward says:

    Penn, my girlfriend/prof. esty used to put Avene's Cicalfate (post procedure cream) antibiotic properties in it after the micro-needling. It went a long way in comfort, dehydration and protection. What are your thoughts?

  • Rachhh says:

    Would I be needing numbing cream for 12 pins 0.25-3 depth? Have you tried without numbing cream for 0.5? ๐Ÿ™‚

    What do you think of using Stayve serums for this or the A1 pen with 12pins?

  • Nancy Rodriguez says:

    Than you for your videos I find them to be very informative. I actually had the vampire facial with the micro-needling done to me as research as to whether micro-needling with be a good addition to my practice. I always like to try things first before I introduce them to my clients so that this way I can give them a first-hand review as to what they could expect. I've been wanting to introduce micro-needling at my practice and now you have given me the inspiration to do it The Strokes that you use are basically the same that I used to do micro dermabrasion I have two questions: the name of the hyaluronic acid is it Costa Baja can you provide the links for the serum and the micro-needling pen. Thanks so very much!

  • BKD says:

    Do you think the pen is much better than the dermarollers? & THANK you for your information!

  • malak angel says:

    Hey penny.. when u say you use the sponge to clean off the numbing cream.. do u only use it with water or do u add soap to those sponges ? Also.. how do u CLEAN AND SANITIZE the brush you are using

  • Shannon Ramirez says:

    Whatโ€™s the difference between Dr Pen A6 & A7?

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