OK guys so here we are look at
how beautiful this place is… and we’re going to listen to Requiem
by Verdi. She’s likely expert here. So, I was telling the guys that I´m
trying out this new foundation by Milani and And… I wanted you guys to guess how long I’ve
had this on. Two hours?? Yes… I think… yes, an hour and a half… Two hours… I have to say, you just put it on before you left home… okay I’ve had this on for eight hours OH! OK… I WANT THAT And this is a very cheap foundation. This is a drugstore foundation… It´s also supposed to be like… foundation AND concealer. BOTH! So, that makes it also kind of cheaper, right? Because you´re saving on that extra product. Sure. It looks really, really, really good. I don´t have any concealer… I just… since it is supposed to do BOTH jobs… so… what do you guys think? YES! Looks good, right? I want one… You want it? YES OK, I´ll get you one. haha I will be checking in with you guys after… before I go to bed. And – hopefully – it will still be looking good.


  • Old and Still Here says:

    You are so beautiful and that foundation looked great. Thanks for taking us to the concert too. Hello to your pretty friends too. 😘

  • Velvet Celieste says:

    I got that one in the lightestest shade they had at that time and it was to dark but I did enjoy the coverage.

  • Kristine Banas says:

    I love this foundation!!! I have used $50+ in foundations and they don't look as good as this one!!

  • Martinha B. says:

    I have to try this one! I am not sure if it is available in Portugal. Great review Heidi! 🌟

  • helpfulnatural says:

    I have dry, mature skin and I like this foundation very much. I use a facial oil under the foundation to keep it from looking too matte. I love the coverage too! I still wear concealer under my eyes but I've found that I don't need it on other areas of my face like with other foundations. I too get a good 8-9 hours of wear from this makeup! 🙂

  • S. J. says:

    Hello Miss Heidi! I suffer from rosacea, recently diagnosed. I'm desperately trying to find a new routine to cover the redness, etc etc. May I ask what you do for your dry patches? So far, my eyelids and brow bone have decided to be dry and wearing eyeshadow, concealer, foundation, looks awful. I've been trying some things to "fix" the dry patches and nothing lasts. It's so annoying and sad, I want to wear my makeup. 😪😢
    Can you please tell me what your go-to routine is for skincare pre and post makeup? I see a ton of green color correcting balms and I'm overwhelmed with choices and I cannot afford to buy every product and test.
    Apologies for the novel. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas and holiday season! Greatly appreciate any advice or video recommendation. Thank you!

  • Michelle Mcguire says:

    I love your videos. I just found you on here for the first time and have already watched probably 10 of them. One thing I would like to suggest is to lower your lights a little while filming because It causes the viewers not to really see what your skin looks like while doing foundation reviews. We just have to go by what you are saying and can't really see for ourselves. For example when you point out that this foundation has covered up a flaw on your face, we can't see that flaw at all and your face just looks kind of bright like a light bulb. Lol. Still, I love your reviews!

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