Milk Makeup Blur Liquid Matte Foundation Review: The Best Foundation for Summer?

Milk Makeup Blur Liquid Matte Foundation Review: The Best Foundation for Summer?

– Hi, friends, it’s Courtney. Before we jump into this review, click that Subscribe button please. So today’s video is gonna
be all about Milk Makeup, and I’m gonna be reviewing the Milk Makeup Blur Liquid Matte Foundation. I love this stuff. This is my new holy grail foundation and I think it is amazing, so I’ve gotta tell you all about it. But before I tell you all about this, I wanna tell you about my skin. I have challenging skin
when it comes to foundation. First and foremost, I am 41 years old, so I have fine lines by my eyes. I’ve got a little bit
of texture on my cheek. I’ve got seborrheic dermatitis that can come up between my brows and here along my
hairline, which is gross. That’s just life. I also have rosacea and sensitivity and I’m dry. So on top of all of that,
my skin is a real peach. In addition to having all those issues, I’m also very fair-complected, so it can often be challenging
to find the right shade that is the right depth and
the right undertone for me. My skin tone is between
neutral to cool yellow-olive, and I say this because the foundations that match me best are either neutral, cool yellow, or cool yellow-olive. My skin used to be oily,
but after I was diagnosed with rosacea and I went
on rosacea medication it completely screwed up
my skin and dried me out, and I basically compensate for that by trying to moisturize the hell outta my skin on a daily basis. It’s in a really good state right now. I feel like it’s less dry than it has been since I went dry because I can wear a lot more products. It doesn’t get dry and
tight and uncomfortable. Some of my best foundation matches are IDUN Minerals Jorunn,
Huda Beauty Milkshake, Smashbox .1, NYX Pale, Clove
and Hallow Skin Tint in one, Smith and Cult 100 neutral, and Too Faced Born This Way in Cloud. What am I looking for in a foundation? So what I want in a foundation is I want light to medium coverage that either has like a demi
matte or radiant finish. So I like a skin-like finish. And I don’t need full coverage. I need whatever I’m
wearing to be comfortable and last at least eight or 10 hours. So let me tell you what Milk
says about this foundation. Milk says that this is an
ultra weightless foundation that is oil free and silicone free and paraben free and all of that. So it’s a clean beauty product
if you’re into clean beauty. And in case you don’t know, Milk Makeup is a Leaping
Bunny approved brand, so they’re Leaping Bunny Certified, which is the hold
standard for cruelty free, my favorite thing. So if a brand is Leaping Bunny Certified, you can buy it and know with confidence that they are not testing on
animals anywhere in the world. So that’s why I’m very, very happy to have a brand that’s Leaping Bunny Certified. This is a water-based foundation. So that means that it’s
not gonna play nicely with oil-based primers, and it may not play nicely with some silicone-based ones either. It just depends on the formulation. So I’d stick with water-based
primers with this product. I wanna talk to you about the packaging because I do love the packaging. It’s simplistic and it’s a tube, like basically a squeeze tube. You need to shake it
really well before use, and what I especially like is it has this tiny, tiny little dropper
for getting product out. So you can be precise with it. You’re not gonna have
too much come out at once like with a pump. So I really, really like that. I love that you can basically
get all of the last bits out of this, good to the last drop. So that is a big selling point for me. Now I have two different primers that I use with the
Milk Makeup foundation. I use the Milk Makeup Hydro Grip, which is obviously made to go with it, and the Danessa Myricks
Prism FX Hydrating Lotion. These two primers work beautifully with it and look great with it and
they mix into the product well. So highly recommend. I’m gonna zoom in really fast so you can see what my
face looks like up close. So here’s my forehead. I’ve got the fine lines up here. Fine lines under my eyes. Like I mentioned the texture here. I think my pores are large like right here in this part of my face. So this is what my skin looks like. Okay, so this is how Milk
says to apply the foundation if you have dry skin. They say to prep it really
well with a moisturizer. They recommend their Sunshine Oil. I just use my normal moisturizing routine, and then the SPF that I’m wearing is Supergoop Unseen SPF 40. It’s fantastic. But I always make sure that
before I put on any makeup I let my SPF and skincare
sit for at least 20 minutes so that it has time to
sink in and get locked in. For oily skin Milk recommends
that you prep your skin with the Milk Makeup Blur Stick. So that basically will fill in pores and kind of just cover
up whatever you need. So I’m gonna go ahead and show you how I apply this foundation. Or I’m gonna apply this
foundation so you can watch me put it on today
just to see how it goes on because I think it’s very beautiful and very easy to work with. I am going to prep my skin first with the Milk Hydro Grip Primer. And the important thing with this is after you put it on your skin you need to let it sink in
for at least 60 seconds. This helps to create like
a nice, smooth canvas for your foundation to grip to. I did pick up this full size primer during the Sephora VIB
Sale that’s going on, and I’ll put a link up
here if you wanna check out what else I picked up during the sale, because I did a lot of shopping. I was bad. Very bad. Okay, now that that
has had time to sink in what I’m gonna do is go ahead
and shake my foundation. And I wear the shade porcelain. This is a full coverage foundation, or it’s more full coverage than I like, and because of that I like to thin it out with another product. I’m gonna think it out with a little bit of the Danessa Myricks
Prism FX Hydration Lotion. There they are. I’m gonna mix them together and dot it around my face
and then blend it out. And I like to use the Urban
Decay Optical Blurring Brush. You can use a beauty blender. Whatever you prefer. And I do feel like it
dries down fairly quickly. So because of that you may
want to work in sections. But I feel like it’s pretty
easy to see once it’s on my face how it just kind of blurs stuff and just kind of like makes my pores and fine lines disappear. What I’m gonna do is conceal under my eyes with the Milk Makeup Flex
Concealer in porcelain. Under my eyes is where I
always feel like I need like, it’s like the only place I really feel like I need full coverage, and that’s because I
have like a little bit of hyperpigmentation under the eye and I’m really self conscious of it. I don’t know that it’s ever visible to anybody else other than me. But it’s definitely one of those things that bugs the hell out of me. And I put just a little bit more of the foundation on the back of my hand ’cause I wanna dot it around just a little bit more of my
face where I feel like there’s just a little
bit more coverage needed. All right, now I feel like I
look like I have beautiful, like radiant skin that’s flawless. Let me zoom in so you can see what the foundation looks like up close. All right. I’m gonna put on the rest of my makeup and then I’ll be right back. Now I have the rest of my makeup on. If you’re curious as to what I am wearing I will put everything in the
description box down below. I’m gonna go ahead and
insert swatches for you of the Milk Makeup Blur
Liquid Matte foundation in the shade porcelain. Again, some of my other
fair foundation swatches, just to give you an idea of where it fits. Again, for me, I feel like this is a perfect match for my undertones, and so I love wearing it. I feel like it looks like
it’s seamless all over, like I have all the same color. And a lot of times I feel
like with foundations my face will end up darker
than my neck and my chest, which I can’t stand. So I love that this is great. It does not oxidize on me. It has not changed color on me at all. And in case it needs to be
said, I don’t use filters. So what you’re seeing is my real skin. It’s just what it is. And I have the light in front of me, the ring light, as low as it will go. So that it’s not blinding you. So that way, you know, you get
an idea of what it looks like without too much studio
lighting like blinding you and like covering up all the flaws. So I have tested this foundation in the extreme heat of Florida. It’s very hot and humid
here, if you’ve never been. And so about, I wanna say it was in June, I went with two of my friends to Epcot, which is in Orlando and I
put this on at nine a.m. And didn’t take it off
until after like 10 p.m. And my makeup, my blush,
my highlighter, my contour was still on at eight
p.m. when I got home. I was really impressed. I basically used the Milk
Makeup Hydro Grip primer and the Supergoop SPF 50 setting spray. And that’s how I refreshed
my makeup throughout the day. I kept refreshing the
SPF with a setting spray and had no problems. I was very impressed. Because even though I was sweating balls, like I was, it was so
hot and humid and sweaty, like even though I was
sweating like crazy, my makeup stayed in place
so I was really happy. Last week I shot my newest, or
my upcoming Gothic Look Book, and I also wore this foundation again, and I mixed these, both
of these primers together with this foundation for that shoot. I was outside in the heat and humidity on Thursday from one until five p.m. And it was like almost 100%
humidity at a few points because it did sprinkle rain on us. Again, my makeup looked flawless. That time I set it with my Cozzette Beauty Essential Powder in C1. And I didn’t use any setting spray, and just I would touch up with this. I touched up twice and it looked great. So, I am so impressed with this foundation and how it performs for me. I would be, I was under the
impression when I bought this that it was probably more for oily skin, but I wanted to give it a try. And really, as long as
my skin is well prepped I haven’t had a single incident of this like clinging to dry patches. It hasn’t been streaky. It hasn’t gotten cakey. It’s just perfect and I love it so much. And it’s especially
great to me to find this after trying so many foundations and having so many foundations
just not work for me. So I’m very, very happy
with this foundation. I am a big Milk fan. I am like so in love with their products. I did kind of like a mini
review of their products in my Sephora Summer Sale post if you’re curious about the things that I’ve tried from them. I’m so impressed. So who’s this foundation for? I definitely think it’s for
people who have oily skin. I think it can work for people
who have skin like mine, which is dry, as long as
you prep your skin properly and you’re properly moisturized. If you’re somebody who’s looking for a very, very full coverage
foundation this isn’t it. Like this is full coverage by my standards and I thin it out to be
more like medium coverage or light medium coverage because I prefer light medium coverage. But if I were to compare it to say like my Huda Beauty Fauxfilter or Fenty, like those are way more full coverage, in my opinion, than this. But this is more than
enough for what I need. So if you’re looking for a foundation that blurs your imperfections, that’s gonna stay put all day, this is it. Especially if you like the
heat and humidity in Florida. Like, I’m so impressed. I fully expected that my foundation would separate or something, but no, this formula just, it seems to like flex with your
skin and it’s so beautiful. Like, I love the way it
looks, like the finish. I feel like I look like I
just have flawless skin. And that’s my goal. That is why I spend so
much money on my skincare and all of like the time and energy that I spend prepping my skin is so that my skin looks great. I wanna look like I have beautiful skin. I don’t wanna look like
I have just cake face. Looking at the ingredients for this, I’m guessing that the reason
it does such a good job of like flexing with my skin is because it does have vitamin E in it, and it has something called
like bilberry extract. Oh, and for those of you
who have bloodhound noses, I can barely detect the
citrus scent in this. Dave actually can’t detect it
at all and Ray can smell it. So, when you first apply it there’s like the slightest, barest
hint to my nose of citrus. But like I said, Dave
couldn’t detect it at all, and Ray could detect it just fine, but he has a really good nose. So I think that if you were somebody who has sensitivities to scent or migraine you would probably be okay with this, but go to Sephora and get a tiny sample first just to make sure. Because this doesn’t trigger me at all, but I can barely smell it. So yes, I love this foundation. It is my new go-to foundation. I cannot get over just how, I can’t get over how well it wears. I love how it looks. It’s just a great product. If you are in the market
for a new foundation, I highly recommend going
and checking it out. You can get samples at Sephora. If you are wondering what to watch next. I’m gonna suggest something
over here for you to watch. I really think you should watch my blue and green lipsticks video because I had a lot of
fun putting that together, and I love wearing blue
and green lipstick. And I know it’s quite unusual so, you know, try something new. Think of those as new power colors. ‘Cause like for years and years I just wore red for my power color, but now I wear purple or
black or blue and green. See ya next time.


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