Mini Facelift With Dr Lanzer Cosmetic Surgeon

Mini Facelift With Dr Lanzer Cosmetic Surgeon

There’s nothing slow about this the ten-in-one cosmetic procedure years of sun damage has seen Itch Beyond her 42 years keen to steer away from a full facelift undergoing 10 mini procedures Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr.. Daniel Lanza is from the college of dermatologists, then we’re going to use the laser you Patients are advised to do their own research on the procedure and the doctor and seek a second opinion Ten days after surgery this is the result she achieved Some so-called lunchtime facelifts into Melbourne dermatologist, Dr.. Daniel Lanza A facial suture lift basically involves fixing the skin with a suture from the inside surface of the Skin and then lifting and pulling the skin and suturing it to the actual Earlobe to the cartilage of the ear So basically you get a pulling an immediate pulling inter technique takes two hours and is performed under a local anaesthetic Instead the face is pulled up and sewn in place using permanent nylon stitches of the skin so there’s going to be scars and it Can just be done under local anaesthetic the recovery is much quicker There’s really no downtime over the next few weeks that just softens and then stretches out and disappears for days later She’s feeling well Uplifted, this is a subtle procedure that’s not going to replace a facelift and And it may well be you know every year or two you come back and put another little suture and redo it or ten believed That there was any way to age gracefully, so she’d like to stop the aging process altogether And you have to admit she isn’t bad for 76 yep 76 Year oldest patient We’ve done cosmetic surgeon older patients and her old doctor recently I’ve done an 82 year old lady doctor lands have performed laser resurfacing on Dilma’s top lip and chin to remove wrinkles In liposuction on her neck to remove fat so Delma will have part of her bottom injected into her face We’re going to inject a little bit more fat into the cheek. It’s done with liposuction painless if you’re the patient that is Most Cares and worries are etched in lines you could be forgiven for wondering if I changed my face I’d change my fortune showing a complete face makeover laser skin resurfacing A suture lift liposuction of the neck a plasma treatment to tighten the skin And the removal of fat around the eyes out of procedures bafta almost two hours the surgery is complete 14 days of recovery later Welcome back for many families sibling rivalry is just a part of growing up, but for the three stirs in our next story It’s something they have never grown out of lots ago. Fearing her age was keeping her out of the Workforce cosmetic surgery Cosmetic Surgeon Daniel Lanza will replicate Surgery for his siblings. They’ve had a lot of procedures, but the trick with cosmetic surgery today is to do small procedures But to focus on each of the individual problems laser allows us to resurface and rejuvenate the skin very safely We’ll have excess skin removed from above and below the eyes a suture lift to tighten the skin Liposuction to the neck laser resurfacing for the face as well We’ll also have liposuction to her arms hips and buttocks and simpler ver surgery you Now to the latest trend in cosmetic surgery matching makeovers with twins and couples lining up for the Facelift to change her looks together and your lanza is a dermatologist servicing the seemingly insatiable cosmetic surgery Market, he says patients are now arriving in pairs with Dr.. Lancer we’ve had couples do it together we’ve had sisters do it together we’ve even had mothers and daughters doing it together and And I think the reason is because it is perceived to be less invasive, then people say well Why don’t we do it together and get on together and see how we both look together? And we’ll look after each other laser surgery can make is 80 year old A lot of brown pigmented spots and solar keratosis from the sun as well as that she had quite severe sun damage around the mouth with Wrinkles and Ridges from the sun damage, and we basically passed the laser over her whole face Vaporized the skin healing took place at about seven to ten days, and she now has a much smoother complexion Three operations in One First Dr. Lanza will treat the bags under her eyes then the excess skin on her eyelids and finally he’ll use the laser to resurface her face we’re about to start the laser surgery around the eyes the Main advantage of using the laser in this area is that whilst we’re cutting the skin the blood vessels will be sealed at the same Time that’ll mean that there’ll be less bruising and swelling for the patient and a quicker recovery We’re now going to start the resurfacing of Sandy’s face We’ve attached this end piece. That’s called the computer pattern generator This is a new addition And it is generated by a computer that allows us to print out a hundred small pulses evenly on the skin This has made a major breakthrough as far as the resurfacing goes because we’re able to give patients a consistent resurfacing the computer basically decides how deep we want to go and We don’t have to trace it in each spot one by one you


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