Mirrorless Makeup: Blind Girl Makeup Tutorial!

Mirrorless Makeup: Blind Girl Makeup Tutorial!

bHello my friends! It is finally time. I’m actually doing it. I’ve promised it for months, and it’s actually here: my Blind Girl Makeup Tutorial. And for those of you who have no idea who I am and just clicked on this video for— who knows what reason Yeah! I’m blind, so that’s a thing. And here is my makeup. I should also mention that I have multiple different makeup routines. I am a motivational speaker so when I’m going to events or doing speeches I do more of a “stage makeup” look, but what I’m doing for you guys today is more of the makeup that I would do every single day, day-to-day basis, just running to the mall with friends—that kind of thing. and I’m the kind of person who prefers more natural makeup—companies that are not so cruel to animals. Companies that put some good products in and leave out all the bad things like parabens and mineral oils. So you’ll see here the companies that I have are a lot of companies like Tartes, bareMinerals, BITE Beauty. So it’s all the more natural cosmetics, and that’s just what I prefer. I’d also like to mention that one of the benefits of being a blind girl is that I can walk out of the house feeling equally as confident with no makeup on as I get to walk out of the house with my makeup on. So that’s kind of a plus for me. But, nonetheless, I do enjoy being made-up and putting my makeup on and being girly, so. I’m just gonna do that for you today. I’ve already washed my face and my hands. So we’re all good on that level. And I’m just gonna start here with my Tarte primer. Oop! That’s a lot. [Laughs] And, uh—yeah, I make my—my setup like this every day… I’m pretty fancy. So you guys are seeing a totally bare-faced Molly. I have nothing on my face. I’ve definitely gone do the mall like this, but I have definitely not filmed a video or posted photos like this, so… You guys are seeing something a bit interesting. Um— This foundation, you have to shake up a bunch; it’s a bareMinerals one. I’m gonna link all of the different products that I’m using down below. I don’t necessarily know all the names and colors of them because I don’t have all of my products Brailled. I do have some of them Brailled. Like these eye shadows here. So, for example, I’ll just go to showing you this now. This one is “ST” on the back in Braille, which means “Satin Taupe.” And then, I have this MAC eye shadow, which has an “S” on the back, which, to me, means “Sable.” So I do have things like that Brailled where I have TONS of these little MAC eye shadows and I can’t tell the difference other than to Braille them. But for products like this— this is the only product I have that feels this way so I don’t bother putting a Braille label on it since— I can just touch it and know exactly what it is: it’s my foundation. But, I don’t know the name of these products so I’ll definitely go through and link all of those in the down-bar if you’re interested in looking at any of these products. I’m just gonna shake this UP! [Shaking noises] You have to shake it really good because it is a more natural product. It— does tend to separate, and doesn’t have those things that keep it all nice and together. I’ll just use my hands to rub this in. And then I’ll go in with a brush AFTER and blend it out. For me, to be able to use my hands for my makeup— it ensures for me that I’ve covered every inch of my face. and not—I can blend it easier I find and then I’ll just go in with a brush afterwards. so I’ll grab my—stippling brush. This is the brush I like to use the most for my foundation. Make sure I get it down, blending it out onto the chin… …the neck, making sure there’s no harsh lines. [Blending makeup] And, obviously, I can’t see what I’m doing; I don’t look in the mirror when I do my makeup, so I prefer to… OVER kill with blending and smoothing things out and do it maybe a bit MORE than other people would. But that’s my way of ensuring that it’s gonna be… Just right. I wanna make sure it’s extra blended than not enough blended. Then I’m gonna go in with my ZuZu concealer. I love ZuZu products. It’s, again, a more natural company; I buy my ZuZu products at Whole Foods. Um— The concealer’s not my favorite, but, I’ll definitely obviously use it till the end. I LOVE their face powder, and I love their face wipes. [Applying concealer] So I always make sure to feel my face and make sure— it there’s any spots or acne breakouts that I get concealer on them and I always do my under-eyes… I don’t know if I have under-eye circles, so, again, I’d just rather put it on there and make sure it’s covered if there is something there. And then my next step… Is to go in with my powder; this is just a Tarte translucent powder. And it’s brand new, so it’s nice and clean-looking; I’ve only used it a couple times. Go in with this, and just— dust it over… [Applying powder] And I always make sure when I’m buying things like foundation and concealer that I’m going into Sephora and I’m getting properly color-matched. I wanna make sure everything is right for my skin tone–same with lipsticks and eye shadows: I always make sure to go into the store and to ask… The ladies who work there to put it on my face, try it on me, so I can see— how it looks, and I get professional opinions on what looks good. ‘Cause, again, obviously I can’t do that for myself. So now, since I am pale as a ghost, I’m gonna go in with some bronzer; this is just the Tarte “Park Avenue Princess.” And I’m just gonna dust it all over my face. It’s a nice one ’cause it’s matte, so it just kind of— it doesn’t add any shimmer or anything; it just— gives a bit more of a color to my face. AND, I would like to mention that I went and cleaned all of my brushes just for you guys. That is like, the bane of my existence; I HATE cleaning makeup brushes. [Applying bronzer] And I know most people use things like bronzer as— for contouring, but… That’s kind of, one of those things; I don’t even try fancy things like contouring or cat eyes. Or any of those kind of makeup things because— It just gets a little too risky, and I don’t wanna end up lookin’ like a clown. So I’m gonna go in with the same palette and grab this blush… [Tapping noise] [Applying blush] Just make sure that I feel that it’s definitely in the blush part… Count… And then I just tap it off to make sure there’s not too much. [Applying blush] Next step is going to be… Doing highlight. Right down the nose. And this is a matte blush so I definitely want to put a little bit on my cheekbones. [Applying highlight] One of my blind girl tips is, uh— definitely… I know filling in eyebrows is a huge trend in beauty right now and having those perfect, bold eyebrows. And for me, again, filling in eyebrows is just one of those things that’s a little too… um— precise, and you need to be too accurate with it. So, instead of filling my eyebrows in every day, whenever I go to get them waxed at the salon, I just get them tinted darker, as well, so that they match my hair a little bit better and they look a little bit thicker and bolder. I’m just gonna put some of my Tarte eye primer… [Applying eye primer] Alright, and then… I’m gonna grab this. Woop! [Box opens] Here we go. Grab my first eye brush, here. I’m gonna start… With the top color, here. And, for this— when I bought it—I asked multiple people to explain all the colors and the palettes, um— what they’d be good for: lid, crease, blending out, liner, highlight… So, I know all the different colors, and I’ve kind of— not necessarily memorized exactly what colors they are, but what placement they would be best for. So, that’s kind of how I work things out with a palette. [Applying eye shadow] [Tapping noise] And then I always make sure to count how many strokes… I’m doing. [Applying eye shadow] [Tapping noise] [Applying eye shadow] And I’ll make sure to post in the description box… I did a “Blind Girl Beauty 101” blog post a few months back, so I’ll make sure to post that as well, which will have, probably, some of my other tips that I might not be mentioning today. [Applying eye shadow] Alright, now I’m gonna grab some crease color… And I use this angled brush that I have to make sure the angle’s in the right spot. Count over… I know these colors can be pretty pigmented, so I don’t wanna use too much. [Applying crease color] [Tapping noise] [Applying crease color] And then I’ll just go in with a fluffy brush and make sure to blend all of that out. I never do outer corner colors. Again, it’s just one of those things that’s a little bit too tricky for me. I wish I could figure out… A more accessible way to do that, but. At this point, this is all I’ve been able to— to figure out. [Blending eye shadow] I love makeup; it’s something I think is a lot of fun. Um— I definitely don’t think I’m the best at it, but I have fun trying. Um— And then this is just a nude… Water line liner. So I like to make my eyes look a little bit bigger… [Applying water line liner] It always freaks people out ’cause I can like touch my eye balls and stuff people freak out because I go to close to my eyes. [Snickers] Right, now I’m just gonna go in with liner… And just trace the shape of my eye. [Applying eye liner] Liner and mascara are definitely the two trickiest things, so… I just do them… And then, afterwards, I have my cue tips here, and I’ll have someone like my mom, my friend, my boyfriend—whoever I’m with, um— check it, make sure the liner is even, and maybe fill it in or take a little bit off if it’s not. And then—the mascara blobs—that kind of thing. Um, in terms of my mascara, I always make sure to use the sample sizes, so when… Sephora comes out with their mascara sampler sets, I always buy one. And that gives me— Usually they have about twelve mascaras in it, so that gives me plenty of mascaras to work with. And whenever they have the 100-point perks that are mascara—mini-mascara sample—I always pick that, so… That’s kind of how I get my sample sizes of the mascaras, and I find it easier to work with ’cause the wand is shorter, so I can have my hand closer to my eye to control it easier. And then I just curl my lashes by feel. So I close my eyes and just feel that my lashes are in there. And then I’ll open. I’ll keep my finger on the tip of the lashes as I move out. That way I know when it’s finished. Then I’ll do the other one. [Curling eye lashes] Alright, almost done. Just the mascara and the lips. So I always make sure to wipe of the ed—end. Just to make sure there’s nothing goopy on it. And then I just go. [Applying mascara] I do two coats, typically. [Feeling mascara wand] I feel like there’s something here, so I’m just gonna wipe it. Kay. We’re good. Wiggling it through the lashes to make sure I get every fiber— every lash covered. The inner corners is always the trickiest part. And then, the bottom. [Applying mascara My mom was awesome when I was— um, in grade seven and I decided I wanted to start wearing makeup like my classmates… She took me to MAC, and she had them to a full makeover on me, and then she bought all the products for me for Christmas. And— It was, uh—I almost forgot I had to do the other eye. It was kind of— the best way to get started with makeup because… I then… knew all the colors that worked for me; they taught me which brushes to use where on my face. That was kind of how I first started learning, and then… I just had to teach myself my own unique methods like counting and figuring out that short mascara wands work better and— and different things like that. So it’s definitely been— a process over many years of figuring this out. But that was probably the best way I could have started, was going and having somebody professional teach me… Exactly what goes where on the face [snickers] and which brushes to use. So I think for any young blind people, that’s something they should definitely try to do. [Applying mascara] [Closing mascara] Alright! And now I just have lips to do. I have really high Cupid’s bow, so I often miss the points on my lips. So I put my finger at the top so I can feel… And make sure I get them. And then I’ll just rub them together. And use my finger to trace. And do that, so there’s nothin’ on my teeth! And now I’m just gonna go, have somebody check my makeup, fix it up, and then I’ll come back. Alright! I’m back! And with the magic of editing, it’s like I never even left. I’ve had my makeup touched up: the little blobs, and— straightened up some of the mascara— or the…Liner. I’ve powdered myself down because some of the lights in this room were making me look a little bit shiny. And—I don’t know! You can comment down below or tweet me and let me know how you think it looks, but— I think it looks pretty decent in my head. And, obviously, I can’t look in the mirror at the end of the day— look at my makeup and see how I’ve done. So for me, it’s all about feeling, it’s all about having done this for years, practice makes perfect. I’m not gonna say I got it— done like this when I was 13 and 14 and trying to figure it out. It’s taken years for me to get to this point, and be able to do a routine like this. But, I’m pretty confident now in the routine I have, and I think I’m ready to start trying to branch out into trying things like the outer “V” colors and th—the cat eyes, but—I mean, you guys won’t be seeing that until I feel pretty confident with it. So, that’s where I’m gonna leave you guys today. If there’s any other makeup looks you guys wanna see in the future, or if there is, you know, my stage makeup routine, or what I would wear to a speech—that kind of thing, definitely comment down below and let me know. I hope you guys like this look and have an amazing day. I love you guys. Bye!


  • Molly Burke says:

    I have a video titled "RP Update + What I REALLY See" which explains exactly what my sight is like. I also have a video titled "How and Why I "Look At Things" which should help to answer some of your questions. I have a video coming in the next few weeks about my "eye-hand coordination" and spacial awareness to answer those questions too! 🙂
    I also have videos about how I use technology, etc. Basically, many of your questions have already been answered in other videos on this channel, so stick around!

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    Channel, MAC, Kylie Jenner, Too Faced, etc are in desperate need of girls in the USA to sample their new lines of makeup. I get monthly makeup in the mail for free 🙂 you can sign up at FreeMakeup.xzy

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    I don't get how people can actually think that she's faking blind. I mean do you seriously think she would invest the time and effort of getting a fake guide dog, getting doctors, family and friends, and who knows what else just to make a YouTube channel

  • Rockshadow91 says:

    It's the eye makeup that blows me away. Even as a sighted person, I manage to mess mine up 4 out of 5 times, so watching someone do this without sight is amazing!

  • Nola Girl says:

    This is such a cool video!

  • Lauren Matthews says:

    Well your makeup always looks 100 times better than mine ever does and I’m sighted! I still don’t even attempt eye shadow at 23 😂

  • Raquel Galvez says:

    You look beautifull, with or without make up.

  • Christina Henkel says:

    Who in the heck are the 291 people disliking this video!?!??? Like how and why?

  • LaredoIsntSoBad says:

    You definitely don't need makeup at all…you're a natural beauty. 🙂

  • Masja Stengård says:

    Oh my God, Molly. You are so beautiful and such a joy. I just stumbled upon your channel and I'm so glad I did. You have such an amzing view on life and I can just tell, that there is no bad bone in your body. I adore you.
    Wish you all the best in this world!! Hugs from Denmark! 😊❣

  • Sheryl Gochenour says:

    Molly have you ever tried chubby stick eyeshadows or blushes? My sister is blind and I taught her how to use those and they work really good for her. There are all kinds of colors I think you would really enjoy them too. I recommend the clinique ones they seem to work the best for her.

  • TheKeule33 says:

    i don't understand why woman put on makeup. You look better without it.. But I guess.. if it makes you happy and you don't overdo it – go ahead

  • kimber45 smith says:

    My name is misty, I have glaucoma in both eyes. My right eye is gone. I cant make out colors anymore or see what I'm doing. Please help me. My husband tries and I cant tell what or kind of color . Your amazing!! God bless you sweetie

  • Mike Rycc says:

    My Lord Sweetheart you are extraordinary beautiful without makeup!!!!!!! I wish more women would not wear make up and let there natural beauty shine! I've always told this to any girls I've dated.

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