MISSING TEETH – What’s the PROBLEM (EP 07 The Dental Drive Cosmetic Dentistry)

MISSING TEETH – What’s the PROBLEM (EP 07 The Dental Drive Cosmetic Dentistry)

– Missing teeth, why are they problematic, why would you not want to leave them, and how many teeth do you really need? (upbeat music) What’s up guys? This is Doctor O with The Dental Drive. Man, it’s good to see
your smilin’ face today. You guys look good! (Riley laughs) He thinks that’s funny. I like that Riley. Thanks for laughing, buddy. He thinks it’s funny, I guess. Sometimes that’s all you
need is just your child to laugh at you. It makes you feel good. So today we’re gonna
talk about missing teeth and what are the consequences, and how many teeth do you really need. So when I consider missing
teeth in our patients we want to really talk about
how many teeth are you missing and which teeth are you missing. And a gap in your smile
or a gap in missing teeth, so if your tooth is missing
in between another two teeth, that would be more
problematic than a back third. Obviously we usually
take out wisdom teeth, or a second molar being missing. Those are not as important
as a first molar. So if you are having the
third or second molar removed cause of cost to repair, or
you already have them missing, most people do pretty darn
well with first molar forward. Now when you start missing
first molar, pre-molars, or any of these other supporting teeth in front of your first molar, now we have a real issue with
longterm health and balance. And a great analogy for that,
and I’m passing one right now, so it kinda works out. And I got one behind me, yeah! It’s these trailers,
these 18 wheelers, right? These 18 wheelers that have 18 wheels to give it enough support
for the longterm load that these trucks have to carry through the life of their service. And the same thing, it goes for our mouth. We have obviously 28 teeth if we have our wisdom teeth removed. 32 if you still have ’em. But those teeth, that many
teeth, are really important. The more you have for a
longterm balance and stability. So the more you miss,
the more issues you have. And you can imagine that a
vehicle that’s missing some tires or wheels on the right side
is going to have more issues with the way that the
vehicle wears, right? So longterm that’s a real issue. It doesn’t happen overnight. So some people get their teeth taken out and no big deal, right? They go for a few years and
like man, I feel pretty good. Why do I need to replace ’em? If you fast forward
five, 10, 15, 20 years, a matter of fact I got some photos. I’ll show you some teeth that
have shifted here in a second. But you’ll see how
those teeth have shifted and what it took to get
them, with Invisalign, or moving the teeth back
into the proper position, so that way we could
restore them correctly. So here’s some great photos. You’ll see this lady here
replaced a number of implants to replace her missing teeth. She was breaking off her front teeth cause they were taking
too much of the load. That’s another thing, God
designed our front teeth to cut and our back teeth to chew. And so when you remove those back teeth you lose the support and now
your front teeth have to chew. It causes them to break and
deteriorate really quickly. So if you’re really young you
got a lot of years ahead of ya that’s gonna make a big issue, right? So with her we moved her
teeth to the right position and you’ll see that we moved
them, restored these implants, and now she has solid teeth in the upper and she has solid teeth on the lower. The next patient here you’ll
see he had some missing teeth in the upper and lower as well. And we got him back to first molar. You’ll see that that was the priority. We didn’t spend extra
money to get second molars because it’s my feeling and my belief and every dentist is going
to have their own feeling and belief and opinion, but if you ask nine dentists
you’ll get 10 different answers but I feel like if you
can get patients back to at least their first molar, you’re gonna have good longterm success. And so that’s my philosophy with that. So how many teeth? Trying to make sure that, especially our younger population, but even the older
population is gonna benefit from having first molars because of the chewing
capability, the strength, and the overall longterm
health benefits for you. Hopefully that was a short enough answer for what’s the consequences, why you should go ahead and
make sure to replace them if they are missing, that way you have longterm health. Here’s another lady by the way that you can even see
this tooth just rotated and we had to get it back. And she was a young lady, so you could imagine that
happened fairly quickly from missing that tooth. And we placed a nice
implant there for her. That kinda wraps up missing teeth for this discussion today. But tomorrow I want to talk to you about something that’s kinda
a little more personal. So we’re gonna talk about, I
don’t know, what do you think? Maybe like why did I
decide to become a dentist. That’ll be kinda fun, right? So tomorrow I’ll try to keep it short. I love dentistry. I have a lot to say about that. But I could go a little longer tomorrow. I’ll try not to. I only have like a 15 minute drive home, so I’m gonna have to get
with it and be quick. But Riley, you want to say goodbye? Goodbye!
– Goodbye. – Want to say goodbye? Say it louder. – Goodbye! – All right, bye. Anyway, so I hope you guys
have an awesome evening. If you’ll take just a second
to smash the thumbs up button. Give it a like please. Subscribe if you haven’t already. We will see you tomorrow
for The Dental Drive. You keep smilin’. It definitely looks good on you. (clicks) (upbeat music)


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  • Kristine Mae Alamon says:

    Hi, I need your help for my second option, I’m getting braces now but my dentist told me my lower part of my teeth can’t fix with braces, bcoz some of my molars teeth is missing, I just wanted to close the gap of my teeth, thanks

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