Mommy Makeover Problems: What Are the Risks?

Mommy Makeover Problems: What Are the Risks?

today we’re gonna be talking about risks
of mommy makeover procedure and when we talk about mommy makeover basically what
we’re talking about is some kind of breast operation like a lift or
reduction or augmentation in combination with some kind of abdominal procedure
like liposuction or a tummy tuck and because after pregnancy the stomach
muscles and the stomach skin can get stretched out and so can the breasts we
call it a mommy makeover it’s giving you your pre mommy a body back and the risks
are essentially the same as the risks of regular tummy tuck and the risks of
regular breast surgery and you can see some of our other videos on those two
topics what is a little bit different is the combination of doing both at the
same time so there is a slightly higher risk of having problems when you’re
doing longer surgeries and for that reason we tend to limit our operations
to less than six hours if you have much longer than five to six hours of general
anesthesia your risk of having especially post-op
nausea that you know requires medications or IV fluids or even to stay
overnight in the hospital goes up so we don’t want to increase the length of
time of the surgery but in regards to the breasts the same risks are you know
bleeding infection issues that can happen to the implant my capsular
contracture all these things are rare in terms of they’re not very common but
they’re also not unheard of you know so the kind of things you need to know
before choosing to have an operation those risks don’t go up significantly by
doing a tummy tuck at the same time necessarily but they
probably do go up a small amount you know less than a percentage point or
something like that most women are happy to accept that in
order to have both procedures performed at once you know because the alternative
is you have your breast augmentation you completely heal from it and you take two
to three months and then you come back and you have your tummy tuck and you
completely heal from that it’s two to three months and it’s like wow that was
a long you know six month process before I got healed up versus if you do the
breast aug and the tummy tuck at the same time you could be completely healed
in six months it doesn’t add to the recovery so it’s not like it’s going to
make your recovery twice as long if you have two procedures
whichever procedure hurts the most and you’re getting a tummy tuck it’s usually
the tummy tuck that’s the one that’s gonna be longest recovery you’ll be off
work a week or two a breast augmentation at the same time it doesn’t mean you’re
now gonna be off work three weeks you’re still just work off work a week or two
this is that the chest hurts a little bit at the same time than the tummy
hurts so it’s safe to do at the same time it’s a slightly higher risk and
most women are completely willing to accept that in terms of what you can do
before surgery to minimize your risk first off is be a hundred percent honest
with us on your forms we need to know what medical problems you have we need
to know what medications that you’re taking we need to know what stuff runs
in the family and we need to know if you’re doing
anything high-risk like using certain drugs or smoking because those things
can increase the risk of having problems so once we know all that we can give you
recommendations there are certain medications we would love for you to
stop sometimes a month or two before the operation smoking again six to eight
weeks before surgery no smoking and those things are are those are things
that are preventable you know there’s some risk with any surgery and that’s on
me to minimize but there are certain things that you can do beforehand like
stopping medications and stopping smoking that can decrease your risk
substantially things that we do to minimize risk are we do all of our
surgeries and an accredited ambulatory surgery center all of our staff is ACLS
certified our anesthesia providers are registered and certified
and we do certain things especially around the perioperative period like we
always give antibiotics prior to making an incision we always send you home with
antibiotic pills afterward we keep you very warm throughout the operation
because being cold and surgery can increase your risk of getting an
infection we don’t start any blood thinners for at least 24 hours afterward
to minimize the risk of bleeding we don’t operate on women that are smoking
and if there are certain other risk factors like certain family history
problems of clotting and things like that we may do a shorter operation or a
smaller operation to decrease the risk so it really depends on the individual
they’re certain you know everyone gets antibiotics before an incision and we’re
doing that for everybody but there’s certain things that we tailored just to
that person they it based on their past history and based on how much recovery
they have in mind so we talked before about things you can
do preoperatively to minimize the risk like not smoking there are certain
things afterwards and when you have your surgery we’ll give you a whole list of
you know how we expect the post-operative course to go things to
look out for that we need to hear about but one thing that’s really important is
the garments you know we put people in garments for a reason we want gentle
compression that is not too tight and so we always are talking about you know a
garment should be comfortable there’s gonna be foam pads in it because you can
have a perfectly healing incision and wear way too tight of a garment it can
decrease the amount of blood flowing to that incision and you can have little
parts of the incision have problems that you wouldn’t normally otherwise
have had so we have a whole list of things that we give you during the the
pre-op process so you don’t exactly what to expect afterward and we also talk to
your loved one that’s taking care of you after surgery so they’re in the loop
about how to do things how we like it done and this stuff is based on you know
30 plus years of experience so we know we’re doing go ahead and hit the like button if you
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  • Rosa Molina says:

    Interested in the mommy make over..but I’d like for you to recommend what would be my best option. Would love for you to do the surgery if and when you think I’d be ready

  • Marlene Camacho says:

    I just had a tummy tuck done and got an infection. I took good care of it, krpt it clean, ate well I do not smoke and never have. I am pretty much healthy, the nurse practitioner said it was due to necrosis in the tissue, now I have an open wound. How often does this happen??

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