Morning Skin Care Regimen for Acne, Hyperpigmentation and Acne Scars

Morning Skin Care Regimen for Acne, Hyperpigmentation and Acne Scars

good morning and welcome to my bathroom
so recently I’ve been seeing a ton of videos on YouTube from Elle and Vogue
and Harper’s Bazaar and all the other media outlets showing how celebrities
get ready in the morning and how they get ready to go to bed but I realized as
I was watching all these videos that number one most of them don’t look like
me you know if you know what I’m saying and number two most of them have
flawless skin and I just feel like that’s not really the situation for most
of us so I figured I do my own wake up with me skincare routine but for those
people who struggle with acne like I do so you know let’s just get into the
video first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is grab my water bottle and
I also grab two pills if you will because I feel like acne starts from
within right yeah acne starts from within so I take a multivitamin and I
also take spironolactone now this was prescribed to me by my dermatologist and
it’s basically like a diuretic got the high blood pressure pill but it also has
an effect on your hormones and it does something to your hormones because I
have hormonal acne so this essentially suppresses your hormones
I’ve only been taking it for a month and a half and it takes three months to see
progress so I still have been getting active breakouts but hopefully after
three months this stuff will stop my breakouts that’s it and then throughout the morning I will
continue to drink the second half before I leave for work so I drink a full one
of these every morning before I even leave the house because water is
essential to clear skin yes as a white my skin has been extremely dry so I’m
gonna go in with the hydrating non foaming cleanser and just wash my face
and at night I do have a cleanser that I use that specifically for my acne but
because in the mornings your skin is not really that dirty it’s good to use a
gentle cleanser so now it’s time to treat all this that’s going on on my
face right now so the first thing I go in with is my holy grail of holy grails
for dark marks this is the skin medica 2.0 litera and I’m not going on this
stuff is expensive its various asbestos not not even expensive and expensive but
I think it’s worth every single penny whenever I have these hormonal breakouts
where my skin just has a ton of hyperpigmentation I grab a bottle of
this and it really helps to start lightening up my dark marks so I take
about a pump or so of that and I just Pat it into my face so after I’m done patting in my serum to
my face I go in with Mike Linden myosin and you can’t see the label there it is
it’s clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide and this is a topical antibiotic yes
it’s a topical antibiotic and this is to kind of kill the germs that cause acne
on your skin so this is how it comes and I just take a dot or so effect can pat
that into my skin as well then I go in with my moisturizer so this this is the
sarah vp and moisturizer but i use it in the morning i feel like the only
difference between the PM and am CeraVe moisturizer is that the morning one has
an SPF in it but I have my own SPF that I use so I feel like I don’t really need
the am one so I use this one in the morning and that night that way I only
need one bottle so I take about a pump of this moisturizer and put it on my
skin all right so second to last step is an
eye cream so I use the Neutrogena Healthy Skin eye cream honestly I’m not
too picky when it comes to eye creams I kind of feel like as long as my eyes are
moisturized I’m good to go I don’t really have like crow’s feet or
anything just yet thank God that doesn’t happen for like another 100 years and
you want to use your ring finger because that is the finger with the least amount
of pressure and my last step is sunscreen this is probably the most
important part of your regimen or my regiment or anyone’s regiment if you
struggle with hyperpigmentation because if you go outside and you are not
protected with sunscreen your dark marks will get darker so I use the elta MD UV
clear broad spectrum and it’s SPF 46 I like to put a lot on because you know I
like lots of protection so I’m just gonna put this all over my face and I like this sunscreen because it
doesn’t leave too bad of a white cast over your face and it also doesn’t like
start to beat up you know how some sunscreens beat up if you put it on over
certain moisturizers or seer notice this doesn’t do that at all so yeah and last
but definitely not least I know I said sunscreen with less but I lied I’m sorry
lips are definitely last you can’t be walking around with crusty lips you know
so you gotta give your lips love too and I just used this Lindy’s sleeping mask I
know most people put this on at night I put this on throughout the day and I
just take some I take a lot actually I love this stuff and put it so that is it
for my acne and hyperpigmentation morning routine I hope you guys enjoyed
getting ready with me and if you struggle with acne and
hyperpigmentation or just imperfect skin in general know that it’s still
beautiful you’re so beautiful literally feel comfortable walking out the house
without makeup because beauty is not just clear skin and no pores and long
lashes and fake eyebrows and the whole nine it is whatever you look like so I
hope you guys enjoyed this video and I’ll see y’all in one excellent peace


  • Alexandrina Yeboah says:

    💪Even more beautiful without makeup👑black girls rock💥

  • Deborah Akalumhe says:

    💜💜💜. You are definitely an inspiration. Love you

  • Dela Fro says:

    Finally a skincare routine I can relate to! Thank you for this ❤

  • Sarpong Emmanuella says:

    Hello Naakie, I missed you.💝💝👍

  • Alexandria R. says:

    I struggle with hyperpigmentation as well. I use black girl sunscreen. It's amazing. Worth it! It's around $20

  • Vanessa DH says:

    I've been using spiro and clindamycin as well… for about 2 months now. I've definitely noticed some kind of difference, but I'm not 100% sure how I feel about it yet. I'm new to this acne thing so I'm not sure if there was something else I could've done. It's definitely hormonal. And I'm 49! It was quite distressing. So we'll see how this all works out. I'm giving it 6 months total use. I don't want to be taking meds the rest of my days. So we'll see. Thanks for sharing your routine!

  • NaturallyAlex_ says:

    The message at the end was much needed. Struggling with feeling beautiful even though my skin is flawed. Thank you so much 💛💛

  • Curly Bella says:

    Great Video Naakie💙

  • Myrna Joseph says:

    I Love this!!!❤❤ Black Girls do Rock!!💃🏾🥰

  • Grace-Ann Samuels says:

    Ur as real as YouTube these days will get

    I see a myself being represented when I see ur hair and skin

    It's nice to be reminded that I am human and there are others out there that look like me.

  • Grace-Ann Samuels says:

    My Sundays wouldn't be the same without your honest personality.
    I love the dash of quirkiness u give too because it's hella refreshing 😩

    And tbh one of the main reasons why I loved your channel and subscribed.

  • LuClu81 says:

    Be careful with the elta MD….it has coconut in it and it breaks me out. I’m using the supergoop broad spectrum n it doesn’t leave a white cast or break me out. The laneige lip mask is the truth!! They have a lip balm but it’s not the same as the lip mask, it’s not as hydrating. I use rose hip seed oil under my eyes and I’ve seen a vast difference in terms of hydration n dark circles.

  • Khataza Mbhombhi says:

    amazing video Naakie 🙂 Very relatable, your Skin look so much better!! keep it going girl..

  • Trina Allen says:

    I cut out all oil in my diet and it worked, I’m also vegan (4 years) animal products and oil are inflammatory. Eating out caused cystic acne for me. When I see greasy food I cringe. Taste good but not worth it! Try logging what you eat and what you put on your face when your acne gets bad. You will start to see a trend.

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