– Welcome to this moment,
when I wasn’t really sure whatever happened in my career. But hey, we’re all about trying new things around here, aren’t we? (uptempo pop music) What’s up socials? Welcome back to AmyTV. Today we’re gonna do
something very different. I’m gonna step out of my usual box here. And it’s because of a
video I posted last week. We talked about how to
always look put together and I mentioned that I have a
camera ready makeup routine, as opposed to a normal
day or a day at home, where I don’t want anyone
to see me, routine. And a lot you expressed
interests in seeing what that makeup routine looks like. I have never done a
makeup tutorial before. This is a very different thing for me, but it seem like a
totally acceptable request because we talk a lot about video, and putting your best face forward. And for a lot of us, that
includes applying makeup in a way that makes us
look good on camera, which is not the same as
looking good in person. You have to do quite a
lot more to have a face when the camera is pointed at you. Honestly, if I can count
the numbers of times that people thought that
I hadn’t slept in a week just because I didn’t put eyeliner on, I’d cry a little. So that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna step over to my desk/makeup area where I apply makeup
before I get on camera. So I can take you through
all of the crazy steps I do to look like this. If you are here to be mean
then I ask you to leave now because I just don’t have
the patience for it today. Okay? I’m here to help people
and a lot of a people did ask for this. You are about to see my
face without makeup on so, I care not to hear
what you think about that. This is for educational purposes and hopefully that is what you’re here for and hopefully it serves as that for you. Okay, so let’s hop over
to my makeup station and get this party started. Okay, so we’re still in my office. This is where I sit to do my makeup. I have some space in my desk
drawers, specifically for where I keep my makeup so I can
sit here in front of a window to do all of this. I just got out of the shower. I’m wearing my robe,
which is clearly the robe I wear to put makeup on. I’ve already got my beauty blenders ready. I have these … Obviously, this is huge, right? You have to get these
really, really soaking wet and wring them out if you’re not aware of how the beauty blender works. This is how I apply most of my makeup because there is a ton of
blending that is involved. A ton, but before we
can get to that point, we need to put on primer. I always wear a primer. The one that I typically go for is the Too Faced Primed Poreless
Skin Smoothing Face Primer. What it does to make
the skin like a canvas. is really, really nice. I like the way that the
texture of the primer is, which is why I use this one. It really does feel like
it’s filling my pores. So I’m gonna start with my foundation, which is the new NARS. It’s the Natural Radiant
Longwear Foundation. When I found out about this,
I was very excited about it because what I prefer on camera
is to not look too matte. I hate looking matte. My skin tends to go dry anyway. I know that, generally, it’s not advised to have any shine when you are on camera. But I prefer to have just enough glow that it doesn’t look like I am in desperate need of hydration. The color of it is Patagonia. I am not Patagonia,
however, that is because I really, really prefer
to make my skin darker than the actual white tone that it is because my videos are very white, right? We know that my background
is fairly clean looking. So, I don’t want to blend
in with my background. I want to look like I
have healthy skin tone. So it actually takes a much
darker color on my skin in order for me to be able to do that. I don’t like to waste this product so I try to put it on my face directly, and then just go straight
in with the blender. The biggest thing here
is that I’m just trying to spread it out as evenly as possible. And … blend a lot because the
best thing that I can do, especially when I’m going to
such a dark color on my face, is get it to be so deep into the skin that it doesn’t just wipe off. So I actually sit here
and probably blend makeup into my face for five minutes. Literally five minutes. I’ll just keep patting it
in, and blending it out, and then adding more and adding more. And sort of just building it up because I don’t like to put too
much on face right away cause then you start to lose control. I just want a little bit. Start working it in. Definitely come down the chin and I’m gonna get more of my
décolleté and everything later but I’m just gonna start
with what I have now. (uptempo pop music) Okay, so what I also like
to do in this situation, is just make sure that
I’ve really got it packed on to my face and it’s not going anywhere. So, I need a tissue. So I’m just making sure
I’m really, really, really pressing it in before I do this step. I like to take one ply
of tissue and just wrap the beauty blender with this,
and then just pat around. Especially in these areas where
I tend to pack it on more. And just dab it so that if there’s access, it’s coming off. And the reason I do that
is, I don’t like to feel like I could literally wipe my makeup off. And you’ll notice, if you’ve
done a really good job of blending, you won’t see a
lot of makeup on the tissue. Okay, so next we’re gonna do concealer. I have a couple of different … Of the NARS concealer that I like to use. Okay, so these are the
Radiant Creamy Concealers, which of course are probably
the most popular concealer to ever buy from Sephora, I’m pretty sure. It goes perfectly with
the Radiant foundation. So I have two colors. The color I typically go
for on a day to day basis, depending on if I got enough sleep, is Custard Medium 1. And if I think I need a little bit of help in the brightening department
underneath my eyes, which sometimes I really need it and other times, I’m like
eh, I don’t really care, it doesn’t really have
to be this brightness. But if I do, I go for light
2.5, which is Creme Brûlée. I think I am gonna do the light one. I think I am gonna do Creme Brûlée. (uptempo pop music) Again, same thing. The blending situation
needs to be for real. (uptempo pop music) Just patting, patting,
patting and I definitely go into the eye itself to do this as well, so that my whole eye looks bright and then bring it up above my eyebrow. I just feel like that’s more
consistent for the concealer and it’s not just a
line underneath my eyes, which I think is so
weird when I see people that didn’t really quite blend it right and they didn’t make it
look like it’s a look. (uptempo pop music) I like to just add a little bit more cause I’m getting some dark circles
now that I am getting older. (uptempo pop music) Now we need to do eyebrows. And I just bought this pencil
and I’m really liking it. You might’ve seen on my Instagram
stories that I could not resist the Benefit vending
machine at the airport. And this is the Precisely,
My Brow Pencil from Benefit. This is really important because
if you lose your eyebrows, you lose a lot of your face on camera. It’s really annoying. So we’re gonna start here. (uptempo pop music) Do you see the difference? Oh my god. That’s probably my favorite
thing that I do right now cause it makes such a big
difference to your face when you have eyebrows. (uptempo pop music) What I’m gonna do next is my eyes. I really, really stay simple with eyes. I’m not good at eyes. I’ve never wanted to be good at eyes. However, I started to dabble
in it a little bit more because one, Jaclyn Hill
did something very useful for someone like me. And I will explain that. So next, I’m gonna go in
with Lemon Aid from Benefit. This is their eye primer. I’ve had this for so long,
maybe that’s gross but it lasts forever. It literally makes everything
go on perfectly smooth. Nothing starts bunching up
in the creases of your eyes and I just tap it on so
that it starts working. Okay, so now we’ve got a good, good amount of primer. The brushes I’m gonna be using are from, something you might be able to
get, which is really useful. If you have no idea, if you’re
like me and you’re like, “I have no idea what
brushes I need to buy. I don’t know what they’re for. I don’t understand,
especially with eye shadow.” I was very, very excited
when Jaclyn Hill did a partnership with Morphe
and they basically made a brush kit based on what all
of her favorite brushes are. It has been the most useful
thing I have ever purchased, in terms of makeup and
understanding how to do it. She did a video explaining
every single brush and that was really cool. I’ll link to all of this
because it is so useful for me. I didn’t have to go do all this research of all the different
brushes that I needed. I was able to just buy this kit and that’s a one and
done, easy fix for me. And I love it cause you can
just keep it in this box. All of the brushes
don’t get all folded up. You can just have it open
on your desk like this. And all of the brushes
are in perfect condition. They’re not folded up,
they’re not all jacked. This is my favorite brush of all time. Ever, ever, ever. This is an all over eye shadow brush and it’s the Morphe M504. So you can kind of see that
this is gonna do a good job of putting color all over my eyes. I’m also gonna be using the R37. And this is similar but it’s
gonna help me stay focused in just one area of the eye. And the reason I’m using those is, I actually would prefer to
put one color on my eyes and be done but I’ve been
trying to be a little bit more sophisticated than that lately and go for two. I hate doing the crease
blending, blah, blah, blah. No, I have no interested
because it’s just too much work. Base color I’m gonna use is from the Naked2 Urban Decay Basics Palette. So I’m just using the all over
brush to put Stark all over. (uptempo pop music) So now I’m actually gonna take a bronzer. Not the bronzer I’m gonna use on my face. I’m gonna use a different bronzer. It is the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil. Soleil. And so I’m gonna use that R37
brush and really pack it on but then also unpack it and I’m just gonna go on
to my lid with this one, just to add a little bit
of a different color. I’ve actually donne this
before, where I didn’t even put a base color on. I really love to just
put bronzer on my eyes and call it a day cause it is pretty much all I actually need, especially
for a day to day makeup. (uptempo pop music) And so now it looks like I
have eyes, which is lovely. Okay, so now I’m going to use … I’m gonna go back to the Naked2 Palette and something that I
prefer to do for eyeliner, which is extremely
important for me on camera, cause otherwise everyone’s like, “Oh my god, you look so tired, Amy. Oh my gosh, are you okay?” And I’m like, “No, I just didn’t
put eyeliner on, you guys. Can you chill?” I’m never gonna do that again because it’s the worst idea on camera. I hate doing eyeliner the traditional way. So I just don’t like to
touch my face that much when I’m doing makeup and so eyeliner causes so many issues for me. So, what I’m using is
probably the biggest godsend of my life because not only is it easier, it actually looks good
and my other eyeliner never looked good. So this is the M432 Morphe brush. It is a very flat edge
and what it’s gonna do is it’s gonna play the role
of applying eyeliner in a straight line, really nicely. So I’m going back to the eyeshadow palette with Undone, which is a very, very … I guess I’ll call it a dark brown. Like a really dark brown. Like almost gray coal. I love it. It’s not black and it’s not brown, but it’s a really dark color. And what I do is, just go to
the outer corner of my eye and work my way in. Because of my eyes, I don’t put eyeliner all the way to the inside. I try to just go to the
outside of the eyeball. I’ll stop there, but I’m
starting from the outside and working my way in. And I’ve just packed color on here and tapped a little bit off. And I’m just gonna push it down and maybe wiggle it a little
bit so that it sticks. And that’s it. I’m just gonna keep
stamping it along my eye. (uptempo pop music) And then I won’t put as much color on. I actually won’t even probably
put color on as I continue to go to the middle here
cause I want it to taper out and look like a natural line. (uptempo pop music) That’s it. Leave it alone, it’s fine. Oh my god, I love that so much. If you do like regular
eyeliner and you just wish it blended a little bit
better, this was getting me by before I realized this other trick. And this is the Morphe E18. And this is basically a pencil brush. So I would’ve taken this
end and sort of like … If I drew my eyeliner on
with a regular eyeliner or crayon, or whatever, I
would use this to blend it out. And that would help it
look a lot more natural. So I highly recommend that if you prefer your already fabulous eyeliner routine. This is the M213 and this brush is a nice little applicator for the inside of your
eye or your brow line. So, I’m just gonna use the
lightest color in this palette, which is called Skimp and pack it on to the end of this and just add a little
bit of lightness here. (uptempo pop music) And this is probably not the
ideal color for that either but I don’t like to use
something that’s white cause then it looks really unnatural. So you just probably want
to go for the lightest color in your palette for something like this. So the other thing you can do, and I don’t think I want to do it today, but I’ll take that same light
color and dab it in here and really brighten up the eye. But I think I’m gonna use
Touche Eclat for that today. This is the YSL Touche Eclat. This is basically a cream that pumps up into this little brush. And I like to just dab this
when I’m done with my … You really don’t need a lot. You really just pump it
one time and it just fills. It’s really, really good. And just tap that in there. Tap that in there. Just dab that out. Not too much cause otherwise
it disappears from my face. But just enough to really make
that eye look alive again, especially if your concealer
is not doing that for you. Mine isn’t bright enough,
really, to do that for me. Bronzer. So, today I’m going to use … I’m back on Hoola again. I just got this out of the Benefit vending machine because I was kind of missing it. And … What brush am I gonna use? The brush that I prefer to
use is, especially on camera, is one that defines my face a lot more. So, on a typical day, I would probably use the Morphe R2 because it’s very big. It’s more like sweeping motions. And I’m definitely gonna
use this on my neck. So I’m gonna go ahead and use Too Faced cause there’s a lot more space for me to put this brush than in the mini Hoola. This is not the normal size Hoola. I’m gonna just take this and pack on some bronzer
down here cause we’re clearly not matching our face right now. (uptempo pop music) And because I’m having to
do so much catch up with what color my face is and
what color my chest is, I don’t really tap off the bronzer. I just keep packing it on. I’m gonna use the Hoola and
I’m gonna use the Morphe M437. Which is just a nice, simple
brush that can help you be a lot more focused in
certain areas with your bronzer. And it also fits perfectly
in the mini Hoola because I was not able
to buy a full sized Hoola cause they were out of it, so. I’m gonna go ahead and pack
this on but then tap it off. Cause you want it all over
the brush but you don’t want to have way too much. I love Hoola, I don’t know
why I stopped using it. Because it’s a color that
matches so many people but you can pack it on as you need more and it will build up really nicely. So, I just want to come down to my lip to kind of draw that natural contour. I’m gonna start with the contouring. And again, I’m not that great at this but I just blend out everything I do and kind of make it work. But right now, we’re just
putting the color there. And if you’re gonna contour your cheeks, you’ve got to come up. So, coming up to the outside here. Really getting it into the
hairline so it looks natural. I come down a little bit here. Make it look like I’m actually sun kissed, which is not a thing, ever, ever, ever. I really just start
with those simple spots cause I don’t like to build
up one side of my face until I make sure I’m even on both sides. (uptempo pop music) Now I’m gonna use the big
brush to blend this out cause I don’t like how
harsh it looks right now. And I definitely need to
brush it up more into my … Because again, this is a balance between it needs to look right on camera, which you’re getting a view of. I’m looking at it naturally. But it also needs to be popping enough that you can see it on camera. The blush I have … I don’t even know if I love it. I’m just super lazy about blush. I’m the laziest, laziest blush user. I’ve just had this same blush forever. It’s Dandelion from Benefit. And this is sort of, I feel
like this is the next layer of the bronzer looking natural on my face. I don’t get all like … I just add it as a layer. And the other thing is, my beauty blender will come into play. As long as there’s no powder on my face, I will use my beauty blender
for fricken everything. I’ll take the blunt end
of this and if I’m like, “It’s too pink.” I’ll just blend it in a little bit. And the other thing is, I
can do this with bronzer too. If I’m still thinking this
doesn’t look quite right. Okay, before I get to highlight, this is probably my favorite
step in this process, is, again, I’m trying to
keep as much glow on my face as possible, so this is my
favorite product of all time. Literally all time. This is the By Terry
Compact Expert Dual Powder and it’s in Ivory Fair. This is really nice because
if you want a powder to set what you’re doing
but you don’t want to lose the radiance of the makeup
that you’re applying, you need something that
has some glow in it. That’s what I feel like this is. I’m just gonna use a fan brush for this. And really just get in there
and pack it on this brush. And tap it off a little bit. And I’m just gonna
flutter this on my face. And what this does is it just adds … Any of that radiance that could
potentially be going away, I keep it intact with this thing. So there’s definitely
a nice shimmer there. So have that done. And now that that’s done. That’s set. Now, I can go in with
highlight and not worry that it’s gonna get all over my face. If I were fluttering that
all over and I had highlight then we have highlight going everywhere. I want my highlight in one spot. This is my favorite highlight. This is an expensive highlight. It is the Dior Nude Air Luminizer. It comes in a compact like this. It’s really, really lovely. And it’s just a really simple tone. And I will use my Morphe 510, which came with this box as well. It’s a very simple applicator. I like it because it keeps
where I’m putting the highlight, very focused on where I’m
putting the highlight. I’m just gonna dress up
this brush, tap it off significantly, and just
go on the high cheekbone. Right here. And it looks like a lot
because we’re going on camera. And in person, I probably … If I’m just going to
a thing to see people, I’m not gonna put this much highlight on. I’m just not. But what I’m also gonna
do is blend it out. So I’m really just putting
it in place right now. I like to put a little bit above the eye, cause it’s meant to be
a bit lighter up here. Adds a little bit of shine there. Excuse me, above the
eyebrow, I should say. And my favorite other
places to put it are, a little bit on my nose, a little bit there, and cupids bow. This will help the
definition of your lip color. Now I need to blend this out because I look like a highlighted mess. Gonna just tap this. And you need to wash
this off and not use it for anything else because
now it has highlight on it. And I’m just gonna buff this in. It’s gonna look much more natural. Really, just touching only
the areas that have highlight. And although it looked significant before, you can just keep beauty blending
until your heart’s content and it is gonna help it
look so much more natural. (uptempo pop music) This is the They’re Real Tinted Primer. This is so good for no makeup days and not putting real mascara on. Holy crap. If you’re like me and
you have really, light, not very popping eyelashes,
this is a fantastic primer. So I’m gonna start with this. So this I’m gonna use … This is drugstore, the
Volume Million Lashes from L’Oreal Paris. I actually use a lot of
L’Oreal stuff usually but today, I guess not. And we’re just gonna dress these babies up just a little bit more. I will be putting a second
layer of mascara on. But I like to set my face in between and so I’m gonna be using
the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray Long Lasting, baby. That’s what we really want. We want to get all the
mileage out of this. Now that that’s sort of finishing, I’m going for more mascara. (uptempo pop music) Okay, today I’m gonna go
with something a little bit more pink and so the
combination is going to be MAC Soar lip pencil. So you can see, it’s a dark pink color. (uptempo pop music) And then I’ll go ahead with my lipstick. It is the Tom Ford Blush Nude. It’s color 13. (uptempo pop music) So this is just one of the
nude combos that I like to use and it helps me keep that
really natural look on camera. Let’s just set it again for the fun. Love it. I love this spray. This spray is life. So just to give you a little
bit more of a close up of the makeup. And now, let me just
turn this one light on. So once you start getting your lighting, you can see how there’s a
little bit of radiance here but not too much. It’s not so shiny that
it doesn’t look right. And it’s not so matte that
I look like I’m dehydrated. So, there you go. I just got done applying my makeup. I moved over here to where I usually film. Turn my Canon 70D on. I have all of my light boxes on. The room looks as though I
am about to film a real video in it because this is what I typically do. Put that makeup on, sit here and film. So you can kind of see
the difference between me showing you that up
close and personal shot with the Sony RX100, and me
sitting in front of the Canon with a totally professional light set up, and how the amount of makeup
I put on really does matter because if I would’ve put a lot less on, you probably would not see
as many features of my face just because cameras are weird. They’re really making
us more high maintenance by the day, I tell you what. If this video was useful for you, please give it a thumbs up. I would like to hear in the comments what you thought about this. If this is something
you want to see more of, in terms of self care, how that applies in front of the camera, or not in front of the camera. There were some people who said, when I was polling you
guys about this video, “I would love to see
this, but quite frankly, it’s more interesting to
me what you would wear on a normal day.” So I don’t really know what
direction we’re going in but I’d love to hear
your feedback on that. It’s all about what you
guys want, truthfully. You know that that’s what I’m here for. But for now, that’s
all for today, socials. Thank you so much for tuning in. I appreciate it as always. Make sure you subscribe for good vibes and remember to continue
to go after the life that you want, even if it
means putting all of this stuff on your face. Cheers. (uptempo pop music)


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