My Everyday Makeup Rountine

Hi all! Welcome back to my channel! Finally! I am so sorry it took me so long to do a new video! I will start doing a video more often. Today I am going to do a Every day Makeup routine video. Lets get started! Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion You need a moisturizer before makeup. It helps foundation to go on smoothly and you will not have a blotchy look. I like this moisturizer. I use it all the time because my skin always feel dry with out moisturizer on. While I have moisturizer on my skin does not feel dry until I wash my face. It lasts a long time. It says this quickly minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines and help makeup stay put with this priming phenomenon. It is the #1 best-selling prestige face primer in the US. Just a little. Spray all over your face before applying your makeup. This works almost like a primer and gives your makeup something extra to cling onto with the added benefit of giving your skin a spritz of minerals and a boost of hydration. Medium-to-full buildable coverage. Oil-free hydrating formula without the shine. Light diffusing spheres blur imperfections. Sweat-proof transfer-proof and exercise-resistant. Color true and color consistent. It has a little matte in it. To be honest I think it is a good foundation but unforunately I kind of do not like it for my skin. It look a very little cakey, powdery, something like that on my skin, and I have tried the primer, spray, and other things to avoid cakey, powdery, things like that but it still does not look great on my skin. But remember we all have different skins and different opinions. I do think it is a good foundation I have read reviews and a lot of people love it and said it is the best foundation. They gave almost 5 stars for it. Since it is oil-free, a lot of people said it is best for oily skin so I think it is probably mostly for oily skin. I do not have a oily skin, just my nose. It is for all other skin types since it is a hydrating foundation too. My skin types are dry and combination but it does not work great on my skin. Ok, I use Waterproof hydrating formula blends flawlessly. No setting, creasing, caking, or streaking. Medium-to-full buildable coverage. Light duffusing spheres blurs imperfections. Sweat, humidity and transfer-resistant; oil-free. I think it is a good concealer. I have dark circles that are hard to be covered. I have tried a few concealers but my dark circles still showed. I need something to put under concealer to help cover the dark circles fully. See My dark circle still show. It is the best-selling prestige bronzer in the US. A lot of people love this. I love it too. It is a nice matter color. I use Sigmas Small Contour – F05 So you would not get a lot of fall outs. Put on from ear to lips It helps your face look slimmer. and hairline. See That is why you need to tap brush too. And jawline. Little. Just a little. and I use Sigma Foundation – F60 Nose Helps nose looks smaller. An award winning anti-aging, face finishing powder that delivers a face-perfecting airbrush effect. It absorbs oil and shine, and blurs away the look of pores, without settling into lines and wrinkles. It sets makeup and helps to diffuse the appearance of wrinkles and pores instantly. I use this again. Will give nice lines. Ok, here I am all powdered up and ready to sit until I am done. Baking time all depends on how long you want and can wait. Some people will only wait a few minutes, Some wait up to 20 minutes. Now would be an ideal time to do your eye makeup because the powder catches any fall out that may happens. I let it sit and bake until I finish my eye makeup. This is my favorite color. Look how much I used. And then I am going to put it on my lids. I use Blend it out. I am going to take my other favorite shade Tease I use I am going to put it into my crease. Add a little more. Blend everything together. so they would not look harsh. I am going to take Foxy for brow bones. I use Sigma Short Shader – E20 The wing and cat eye looks are my favorite. Ok, now dust the powder off. and blend nicely. I use Sigma Duo Fibre – F50 I use this to dust off and blend anything out on my face. This is a good brush to do that. I use Sigma Powder/Blush – F10 The color is plum Plum is my favorite color for makeup. When I see anything that is plum, I think, “I want that color.” I hope you enjoyed this. Thank you so much for watching and do not forget to subscrible before you leave. I will see you in next video.

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