My Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery : I had Upper Eyelid Surgery in Beverly Hills

My Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery : I had Upper Eyelid Surgery in Beverly Hills

[Your eyes are the window to your soul
Trust your eyes to an oculoplastic surgeon] [Kami Parsa M.D.
Oculoplastic Surgery] [Kami Parsa M.D.]
Christina, her complaint is probably one
of the most common complaints. [Christina, Patient]
My eyes look droopy, and I just kind of had a
tired look on my face, and I wanted to have that corrected. [Dr. Parsa]
Most patients that
see me, they just want to look like themselves, but rested. [Christina]
When I first met
Dr. Parsa, I was pretty amazed because he’s a very
nice person first of all, he’s a very professional person, and he’s sweet and
he makes you just feel very comfortable. [Dr. Parsa]
First thing I do in my office when I see
a patient, I ask him how can I help you? It’s the most important thing, and I just
listen to them talk, it’s their chance to tell me exactly what bothers them. [Christina]
I came in here and I wanted his opinion
about what, what I could have done to look, you know to avoid this kind of
droopiness on my eyes, and he suggested me to do an upper eyelid surgery. [Dr. Parsa]
So in
Christina’s case, she just needed an upper eyelid blepharoplasty. This is not
a cookbook method of fixing people, we all have our own unique characteristics.
A blepharoplasty for her is going to be different than a blepharoplasty for some
other person. We individualize a treatment program for the patient and it
could be an upper eyelid blepharoplasty, it could be a brow lift, it could be
other things. [Christina]
When I met him, he just went through the whole procedures, how long it
would take and the healing process, and what I could expect of the results. [Dr. Parsa]
It’s a very simple procedure, it’s an outpatient procedure. The procedure
itself takes about an hour and a half, could be done under local anesthesia and
they just go home the same day, and recovery is quick, it’s about five to
seven days. We see them a week after surgery and
take out the stitches. [Christina]
The results that I had with this surgery, first of all I
wanted something that looked natural. I actually did not want anybody to know
that I had a surgery.
[Before] [Dr. Parsa]
As you see Christina,
[After] she looks fabulous. I think she looks
natural, you can’t tell there was
[Before After] anything done. There’s no lines of
incision that you see, everything just
[Before] [After] healed so beautifully.
[Before After] [Christina]
That’s where I
like him a lot because he goes the natural way, and he, he goes all the way
to make sure that you get exactly what you want. [Dr. Parsa]
And the key is to make the
patient look like themselves, but just refreshed and rested, and I think that
really is what defines a good plastic surgery is when nobody else can tell
what you had done. [Christina]
Nobody has even said anything, but people notice that I looked
fresher, I looked healthier, and I looked younger. So they’re like “what, what did
you do, what did you do?”, so you know that make you feel good. [Dr. Parsa]
You look amazing. She came up to me and she, she said this is exactly
what I wanted and I am so happy, this is one of the best things I’ve done. [Christina]
I feel
I look five to ten years younger, and that was the whole point of it, and he made
sure that that happened. He’s a very good doctor, and it’s just amazing, I
love it, I love the job he did. [Kami Parsa M.D.
Oculoplastic Surgery
465 N. Roxbury Drive, Suite 1001
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


  • Kami ParsaMD says:

    Many plastic surgeons perform the blepharoplasty procedure in the same manner for all patients. This is like visiting a hairstylist who can who can only cut your hair in one way. The Art of Blepharoplasty needs to be refined and customized for each patient individually. As recent as 10 years ago and even today, excessive orbital fatty tissue was removed as part of the blepharoplasty procedure, resulting in periorbital hollowness and a wasted or ill appearance.

  • thatolsenfamily says:

    she looks amazing!!

  • menderfire9 says:

    I am a healthy, vivacious 68 year old; and my upper eye lids look so fat, puffy and saggy. Does my age disqualify me from having this surgery? And approximately how much does it cost?

  • Kami ParsaMD says:

    Yes you can have the blepharoplasty procedure performed. Make sure you don't shop around for something as important as your eyes. Average cost for blepharoplasty is about 3000 to 5000. It depends on what you may need

  • Kami ParsaMD says:

    Yes you can have lower eyelid procedure performed. Make sure you don't price shop for something as important as your eyes. Average cost for eyelid surgery is b/w 3k to 5K.

  • Kami ParsaMD says:

    Surgery can be done under
    1. local anesthesia (which means you are awake)
    2. twilight anesthesia ( you're given IV medications to relax)
    3. general anesthesia ( you are sleep)

  • GregoryTheGr8ster says:

    Christina should be happy with her upper eyelids now, since they look totally natural! But do you think that a Fraxel treatment on her lower eyelid area would help to tighten and smooth the skin?

  • Shawnee Whaley says:

    i live in Sacramento. Seeing what you have done and the approximate cost of the proceedure, no one here in my area can compete with your talent. Is there someone (perhaps) that you may know in my area?
    Thanks 🙂

  • Janice Wells says:

    Will my insurance company pay for this? I did not pass the field of vision test. My doctors office told me they have never seen them NOT pay. I am scheduled to have surgery Friday and don't want to do it if I have to pay.

  • melina rai says:

    i want to know how much does it cost exactely? and which country is the best place to do surgery? plz reply

  • Nic's-Electronics says:

    I hate my droopy left eyelid, I'd definitely consider this in the future

  • pepsi taylor says:

    Her eyelids look fine 2 me..mine suck cuz theyre uneven: one has no crease just wrinkles n the other has a perfect crease fml -.-

  • Kami ParsaMD says:

    Yes it can.

  • yavru TOSUN says:

    my vido looking .

  • yavru TOSUN says:

    . . . . . . Seee my video. . .

  • sydney nicole says:

    ive had "droopy" eyelids my whole life, i think its called "hooded"? would that surgery fix it? i'm 19

  • Melindy says:

    Doctor he very handsome I likes him:)"

  • jasmin meeks says:

    very nice eyes! im jealous

  • Baum Olive J. says:

    It's harmful and spend some time to healing. There have some method to improve eyesight naturally with out spending any harmful operation, it is best to learn about that before taking any operation.
    Look into the following web site to acquire more information:

  • BlephingTerrible says:

    My lower bleph experience: The first 6 months were amazing but then hollowness started creeping in at about 8 months in. A year and four months later, I now feel like I need filler in the tear trough area to get my old self back. It's a slippery slope folks. I'm in my early 40s and my oculoplastic surgeon swore he'd go conservative with fat removal. He didn't do fat repositioning on me since he told me he's seen very poor results from that technique (fat dragging down the eyelids, etc.). Because of my hollowness, I now have to resort to restylane injections – something I specifically told my physician I wanted to avoid at all costs (the tear trough area is super thin and the most difficult area of the face to inject apparently – not to mention the associated costs). Think twice before you get a lower bleph, folks! It's not worth it in my opinion. At all. I read recently that fat equals beauty. I wish I'd heard of that prior to going under the knife.

  • Enry Landtrom says:

    what does he is means no scars?he stitched her eyes across.

  • cia global says:

    Dear doctor , i have droopy eyelids from my birthday do you recommend surgery for me thanks

  • Dina Dajani says:

    What if i whanted a lil bit more drastic result

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