My Favourite Handbags // Traveling With A Chronic Illness [CC]

My Favourite Handbags // Traveling With A Chronic Illness [CC]

Good Morning! If it is indeed morning where you are, it’s currently morning here in KL (Kuala Lumpur) and it is raining. Yeah. Despite the beautiful sunshine, ‘brightness’ thing that’s going on, it is raining quite heavily. So, we’re kind of thinking “Hmm, vloggy-stuff what are going to do today?” And we’re mainly just gonna edit, so that’s dull. So instead, I thought I would sit down and I would make a video purely about the many, MANY handbags I have brought with me to KL Ok, I brought *5* handbags with me I’ve only showed you 3 of the ones I’ve brought with me, because two of them I dunno ‘pfft’ they’re just not very exciting ‘slash’ they’re ugly aaand then 3 that I bought since coming to KL. Yes! It’s just a video about handbags. Essentially. But hey! They’re so pretty I was never really a handbag person before I have to say, but Clara’s kind of got me into them? I don’t even know how. I don’t know why. It’s osmosis of best friendship. Is this a thing? It’s a thing. Osmosis of friendship. It definitely happens, especially between girls. Please tell me this happens to you too?! Bad habits, Clara. Bad ones, thanks. Ok, let’s begin! We’re gonna start a handbag you’ve definitely seen before on my Instagram, Jessie and Claud on our videos, because I’ve had it a while and it’s this one 🙂 It’s from Dune. I mean, it’s not, it’s from TKMaxx but Dune made it. I just, I’m not made of money, ‘kay? I was really inspired to buy this bag by one of my favourite bloggers, ForeverAmber, who has a bag that also has that ‘scalloped’ shape, although I think hers is a satchel and it goes all the way up. Anyway, I saw this, sitting on a shelf and I though “Ah! I have to have it! Scallops! Scallop shell!” I just think it looks wonderfully playful. It’s also quite a handy bag, to be honest, because it is so large. It fits in It fits in a vlogging camera and Joby stick and a bottle of water, which I must carry with me, at all times. A handy outside pocket, so you can slot things in it I’ve been in the Airport with this bag that was quite handy, because you can put your passport in the front of it and not have to open it up and dig inside and then inside, it’s really cavernous, because it’s quite solid, I like that. I like a solid bag. *knock knock* And inside, it has a zip pocket and regular two pockets, one which you can put your phone in, that my phone doesn’t fit in it, because no ones made a bag that fits the 7plus yet. I can’t even see, on smaller screens now I be up on Claud’s phone and I’m like ‘How do you read this?’ ‘How do touch the buttons?!’ See essentially, that’s that bag it’s great, I can’t remember how much it cost but I’m going to say, somewhere below…It’s about £22 and it’s got a lot of use, I’ve had it for about a year and a half so, excellent value for money, that one. Next up, I’ve already posted this little beauty on my Instagram and I know that a lot of you really, really liked it! I like it it’s so gorgeous! This is from Vendula they also made my purse, ‘cos I took this bag out last night! It’s my purse! Yeah. So I got given this for Christmas by my lovely sister-in-law Julia, it’s from Vendula. They have got *the* most gorgeous range of bags I love them- and they do special shop fronts. So they’ve got the Grocer, a Toy Store, a Pub, all these different things and you can get like a bag size, you can get little wallet size, there’s a- They’re just in the shape of shops, they’re adorable! But I kinda want to expand my range of interesting bags so if you have any tips, or interesting bags, that aren’t too “weird”, so they won’t look incredibly odd if you, like, eh vintage-style that’s not to rockabilly, or pin-up. That was a long sentence. *breathe* If you have any tips on those, please do leave them in the comments. I’m very excited. And then, I got a bag I actually got this pre-release, I got it before it came out, so I can bring it with me into Malaysia. This is the grab-bag and this was around £75 mark? I’m going to say? I love it! I love this bag


  • Kathia Ortega-Ribas says:

    I don't use handbags. The straps hurt my shoulders (I'm well endowed in my chest and I don't like pressure on my shoulders…) I use a back pack style bag. The weight is evenly distributed and my husband cam wear it when I don't want to anymore. But I've always wanted a handbag. They're so cute.

  • Nala 305 says:

    also, the love potion handbag is still available here if anyone wants it-

  • germanbritbrat says:

    What size is the teddy Blake bag? They are so pretty!

  • Anna ? says:

    It might not be exactly what you're looking for, but maybe worth a look. Betsey Johnson does really quirky handbags, and Kate Spade sometimes has them, but they also have some really classic-looking stuff. They're both on the pricier side, but you can usually catch some stuff on sale.

  • nerdgurl89 says:

    Have you looked at any handbags from ? I get their crossbody-type bags, but they have handbags as well. They're hand-painted leather, and the designs are beautiful!

  • shesaysdisco says:

    The dress you’re wearing in the end card is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Arman Ultimate says:

    I can not express the depth of my happiness whenever I watch your vlogs. Love you guys.

  • Rebecca Ude says:

    I sent you my favorite handbag on instagram already, although I don’t know if a clutch qualifies as a handbag..🤷🏻‍♀️. I agree with liking a structured bag, & it’s hard to beat a Teddy Blake bag in any color! Hope Brian is behaving & you are having lots of adventures! The holiday look book will be an epic video!! Love to you and Claudia!! 💕💋❤️

  • ultimatekai says:

    "I'm ultra feminine… But not in a girly way." Why does this sentence make perfect sense?? The English language is funny.

  • Rue's views says:

    your business cards are adorable!

  • moss Martinez says:

    First your eye makeup is beautiful, is this something new💗 Am not really into handbags but your are interesting 😉 You and Claudia look so happy 😍

  • Ursula Kulikova says:

    I just found out about your channel, and I am in love with it so much. This channel radiates kindness and warmth, I love everything about it 🙂

  • Sunshine K says:

    I recommend Betsy Johnson. She has great bags that look like objects. I don’t know if she is in England but she is definitely worth looking up.

  • Emma Elizabeth Davis says:

    A coat of clear nail polish could fix up the pearl on your gold crossbody bag!

  • Kati Chan says:

    Hi Jessica, is it okay to add subtitles in other languages to your video? I have a friend who doesn't speak English who would love to enjoy your videos. 🙂

  • Aileen says:

    im honestly surprised you don't have any from radley! unless you do and they're all back in the uk XD

  • Daisy Cloud says:

    love your handbags. you have excellent taste.

  • Kitty Morrill says:

    This reminded me of a bag I didn't buy but have been thinking about on and off for the past two weeks!! now I might end up buying it dangit!!

  • Narnendil says:

    I think handbags are so pretty but I only use backpacks since handbags are difficult for me to carry because it's all weight on one shoulder/hand. But I think, especially in Japan and Korea, there are a lot of cute backpacks so I try to buy mine from there.

  • Natasha Archer says:

    The Collectif bag is so gorgeous that I bought it as soon as I finished watching! ♥

  • Alison Kelly says:

    Oh love handbags loved it xxx

  • Zulaiha Ali says:

    Dear Jessica, Wonderful List Of Handbags And For Your Business Cards..That's Must Be The Cutest One I've Ever Seen..!

  • sarahwithstars says:

    Oh do you have a water bottle anxiety too? Or are you simply practical/prepared?

    Do your meds dry your mouth out? Do you get anxiety about the inability to take meds at any moment without water?
    Or do you ALWAYS have water simply because you are sensible?

  • AdorkableArtist92 says:

    My friends and I definitely do the friendship osmosis thing. I got into learning ASL in high school and got my best friend into it. She's now certified as a deaf ed teacher! My ex girlfriend got me into country music (which i got over as soon as we broke up) and I even started picking up her accent and phrases she used a lot.

  • Annette Nash says:

    Amazing taste in bags and fashion. The monogram idea sounds awesome, it’s a particularly beautiful bag similar to my orange and black one 🙂

  • Jasmine Collins says:

    I just realized that I feel vaguely unfaithful if I switch frequently between multiple bags. This is especially weird given that I have multiple partners, and they have multiple partners, and that's fine… So why do I feel as if I'm abandoning my pretty little purse if I use a different one?

    Also, I desperately need that adorable pink bag.

  • Jacquelyn Baisden says:

    As a person who is a wheelchair user hand bags are not helpful but bags in general help to carry medical things needed on the go

  • toasty wonderland says:

    You should look up blutgeschwister. A german brand with fun patterns for handbags!

  • Marlene Flanagan says:

    I can talk about handbags all day. I'm a fan of the more slouchy bags myself. They do tend to be quite large and accumulate a lot of stuff. Then I'm complaining that my neck hurts or my shoulder. I love designer bags, but I never buy new. Too nervous to carry a spendy new bag. Second hand all the way for me!

  • dinovrsrobot says:

    That purse (wallet) had me in a frenzy. It's so sweet!

  • katieintraining says:

    I'd love to know how you got your hair to do that!

  • JollyHir says:

    I discovered your videos some time ago and just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy watching them. They are so positive and thats exactly what I need right now! Keep going and have an amazing trip you two :3

  • annie zhang says:

    Can you make a video about the basic things you should know about vintage outfits and makeup for beginners? I love you and Claudia and your channel so much 🙂

  • Cindy Giesbrecht says:

    That last one really goes with your outift!

  • Elise Hellwig says:

    Friendship osmosis is SO real. I personally pick up expressions and ways of pronouncing things from my friends.

  • MellowJelly says:

    Wow, the love potion bag is on sale right now for only £11.03

  • Emmalee Robinson says:

    Umm just a slight question did she say ladybird instead of ladybug or is that just me not trying to be rude at all just heard that and was questioning it

  • Madeleine White says:

    How did you do your hair for this? it's so pretty

  • L C says:

    I love shopping for purses at TJ Maxx ! 👜

  • Dan다니엘 says:

    Literally no pockets or purses can fit the plus sized iphones oof

  • Not Wanheda says:

    THIS BAG. I’ve been eying it for centuries. I felt it may be up your alley as well ☺️ it is indeed a bit pricey but perhaps good inspiration?

    Sam Edelman Aeron Hardcase, Majestic Bird Jacquard

  • Heather Clark says:

    Kate Spade has a strawberry basket shaped purse right now! They get creative with a few purses each release they do, and have decent sales 🙂 I love their colors on their classic purses as well!

  • Giselle O says:

    You have such a lovely voice and personality! I could listen to you talk about anything. Also, I really like your particular English accent.

  • Claire Higgins says:

    I love the way your hair is with the scarf in this video! You have such a way of making even simple things beautiful.

  • allison spinny says:

    i love you jessica!!!! i would love to be your friend ❤️ i'm so glad you're having a wonderful trip!

  • Ruby's Musings says:

    I will do my best to remember to tag you when I carry especially pretty handbags….I too love a structured bag and have a larger phone…it can be a struggle to get the right fit, especially since I carry vintage bags.

  • Wheelsnoheels - Gem Hubbard says:

    did u say the first bag was bellow £25???? It looks like its about £400!!!
    As a girl who can't wear exciting shoes. I love bags. Loved this video. Thank you lovely. xxx

  • Wheelsnoheels - Gem Hubbard says:

    Oh also jessica if you want to appreciate my handbag i have a whats in my handbag vid here! i believe it has CC too 🙂 hope its ok to post this here. xxx

  • Mar Rus says:

    I'm all about big/er bags with long straps, rather than the smaller sizes. A long strapped small handbag would feel strange to me, so thank goodness for variety, in bags and tastes.

  • Sweet_Brittanys says:

    they are so pretty and yes you can never have enough bags 🙂

  • Littlemisspaula says:

    The Love Potion Bag is so beautiful! Did you know, that it refers to the wonderful song Love Potion No 9? If not, you have to listen to it, I reeeeaaally love the song:)Lots of love from Germany!Paula

  • friendly_maddog says:

    One tip for an iphone screen where the text is too small, under settings to general to accessibility there are the zoom and magnifier options and then you can have the larger text option on, I don't know if you have those settings on yet but they are helpful.

  • D Laity says:

    Organised Soprano did a really interesting video on organising bags you might enjoy (she's not, so far as I know, disabled, but I love getting ideas from her and adapting them to something that works for me, but looks kind of normal too). Did you know that handbags are supposed to weigh no more than 1/10th your ideal body weight or 10lbs, whichever is lower. I definitely carry too much stuff – especially since my lifting limit is 6lb.

  • Grace Sears says:

    I would love to see something on etiquette, for us girls that would like to take some simple steps to up our game! – Love your channel!

  • Emily Porter says:

    I LOVE this hair!!

  • Eva Claire says:

    I’m the kind of person who wishes I didn’t have to carry a bag but I have to carry so much stuff (including those migraine meds because sometimes it’s hard to predict when that will happen) but I enjoyed every second of this video because you’re so enthusiastic and fun to watch!!!

  • Becky Baker says:

    Love love love the red bag! I am on the hunt for a new purse, my beloved Fossil bag got ruined while I was out to brunch….on my birthday 🙁 The waitress had a tray full of alcoholic beverages, was handing me my drink and not paying attention to the tray….and spilled all the drinks onto me and into my purse 🙁 🙁 🙁 So! A-hunting I shall go. Thank you for reminding me to check out TJ Maxx! We have a Marshall's down the road (same parent company, pretty sure they'll have the same goods?) and I haven't looked there yet!!

  • dedicatedrr says:

    Ooh, these are so lovely but I quite like the gold and shimmery one

  • spiritedvoyager x1701 says:

    Can I just say I love your outro music. Most channels have this loud jarring music at the end that comes out of nowhere and startles me and makes my chronic headaches worse, so I love love love the soft piano music you have. Also, your bags are lovely 🙂

  • Chrisfs says:

    Dune! Desert Handbag!

  • Chrisfs says:

    Well structured, sturdy handbags are important.

  • Jocelyn says:

    I'm now in love with Vendula bags thanks to this video, I need one in my life! So pretty!

  • Lady Vertical says:

    I care nothing about handbags because I always think I'm gonna use them and then don't.. But I am enraptured listening to you tell me about them none the less.

  • eparke20 says:

    Have you done a tutorial on this hairstyle? It's FABULOUS.

  • victoria grant says:

    I love your makeup hair and red dress here, nice vintage music on a rainy day, perfect video❤️

  • Carlen Boersema says:

    I just bought the Pacsafe LX400 backpack in black for the back of my wheelchair. Now I don't have to keep my valuables so close to me! I think it's a perfect size, too. Also the front pocket detaches and turns into a smaller cross body bag that's perfect for traveling. I'm excited to see how it fares on my upcoming trip. 🙂

  • coffeegirl18 says:

    That blue scalloped bag is gorgeous. It's alright to put a handbag on a shelf…It's like hanging a piece of art 🙂

  • Clare Billing says:

    absolutley love dungareedolly bags but as its a US company very expensive shipping.

  • sclassicallyme says:

    I could listen to you talk about bags for ages. #justsaying

  • mr bse says:

    Jessica, I think you might really like the bags on this website . They’re a bit quirky but not so much that their really weird. Their are some vintage looking bags on there and some shaped like fruit and embroidered ones. They are all quite cheap going up to about £50 from what I saw. Here is the website link

  • Jennifer Canas says:

    The flower purse is beautiful!!

  • Leigh-Anne Dennison says:

    As such a fan, you might wish to consider the Agent Peggy Carter bag! While it is a wee bit cosplay, it isn't done in a gawdy or obnoxious way.

  • Elizabeth Bulfer says:

    That gorgeous red bag could be so much fun in lookbook videos and in video backgrounds on shelves (or whatever). It's gorgeous! 😍 I wouldn't take it out either!

    I have a purse that I've uad for over 15 years, and never used once… I don't want to hurt it!

  • Cat Rosas says:

    Adorable! I love the eye makeup you’re wearing. Could you do a tutorial for it? Its just so flattering! Those bags were beautiful, especially the love potion one. I love bags and bottles and that bag just has it all! x) i like how you said you were ultra-feminine but bot girly, because I’ve been feeling the exact opposite way without being able to pin-point the feeling. I’m not very feminine (for lack of effort) but oh so girly ahaha

  • Yaz M. says:

    I wish there was an option to put pictures in the comments, because I will tell you, my bag is HEAVY. I have to fit inside my makeup, some food, my wallet, a bottle of water, a book, random stuff that I might need, sometimes my computer and other times my tablet. On top of that, my meds, and there's one heck of a lot of those. So, whenever I ask someone to hold my bag, they always seem really shocked. And my school bag is even worse.

  • WolkeYume says:

    I really like the book-shaped and clock-shaped purses they sell in Japan a lot (but you can get them online!)

  • Alison H says:

    Did she say she’s in Kale?

  • Marta Morta says:

    You should do a wadrobe tour series of videos, I feel like it would be so interesting 🙂

  • Abby says:

    Your videos are so helpful for someone wanting to begin wearing vintage fashion <3

    I don't know if you really know of any nice non-european brands, but if possible, could you please make a video on good vintage clothing companies in North America? I absolutely ADORE the european ones you've suggested, but the shipping prices 💀 I'm really struggling to find local vintage companies that are high quality, have a great size range, and are not 60's/70's/80's style clothing.

  • Jenny Horner says:

    Random question: which Maybelline lipstick shade is Jessica wearing while you’re away? It looks redder than in the UK. Perhaps just different light?

  • AliEvaMari says:

    Omg that Teddy Blake bag 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️ I've got to start saving a bit of money here and there so I can get one in like a pale blue (if they even are available in that color). It's so much like an Hermes Kelly ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • geweis says:

    Another great video Jessica! I love learning about your sense of style and that Potion bag is amazing!

  • Keeley Woodruff says:

    Watching this will doing finals essays for college! Your videos are always so calming, so help with my anxiety while working!

  • Manouk Van Hal says:

    There is this cute shop in a village near me and they sell vintage clothing and also those 'shop bags'. I fell in love with the diner one (but they are quite expensive in my opinion) and the clothes were also lovely, but I'm too insecure to wear them haha. That's what I also love about you, you're confident enough to wear your own style, amazing❤

  • Sleepy Sartorialist says:

    I believe Ted Baker are based in NYC? Which would explain the Fort Knox level of security.

  • Trivvy Triv says:

    You have just a mesmerizing effect on me. So glad I've found your channel.

  • Liz Newcombe says:

    Love your videos ❤️! Maybe try Radley or Kate Spade?

  • Wendy Hemken says:

    I seriously love Queen Bee Creations.

  • haleypotter417 says:

    I know this is an older video but I adore your shade of red hair here <3

  • Electric Violet says:

    That teddy blake bag looks like a hermes birkin!

  • Cynthia Stanczak says:

    I love your hair here! Any chance there’s a tutorial? I’m not even sure what it’s called to look it up, but it’s delightful!

  • Cathy Wise says:

    Yesssss TK max we have it in Australia toooooo

  • Josephine Lonsdale says:

    Hi, I know I'm a bit late to the party, but midst my rainy day video viewing, I was watching this and thought "I bet she'd like Yoshi bags" since they're sort of similar ish…. to the Vendula bags?
    Either way, if they're not you're thing then fair enough, but its a brand I've just noticed recently (I love their bookworm bags) and figured I'd let you know…. almost a year later.

  • Laura Kirwan says:

    Have u been rubbing curry into your zip??

  • Laura Kirwan says:

    Please show me how to do your hair!

  • Holly says:

    please do a whats in my bag video! And show us all your purses and shoes!!

  • Kiri Callaghan says:

    I love purses that look like other things:

  • LovelyGrayDay says:

    The red bag should go on a shelf as it is a work of art.

  • Elizabeth Fay says:

    My mother-in-law gifted me a tote bag with a vintage magazine cover, Harper's Bazaar of July 1932. I have loved this bag immensely and would love more bags with beautiful vintage magazine covers. That could be a tongue-in-cheek means of cueing into what period your clothing is from with a modern twist?
    And thank you for the term friendship osmosis. I will be using it in the future, with the appropriate credits due, obviously.

  • Cathy Langan says:

    I'm a fairly new subscriber and I love you and Claudia! I must say that I've never traveled with more than one handbag (in CT we say "pocketbook" 😅) nor has it ever crossed my mind! You go girl! 😂 Enjoying your videos from sunny Florida (where I now reside!) 🤗🐙

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