My Make Up Routine

My Make Up Routine

Ladies, in this makeup tutorial, that you
have been requesting so much: Here it is! I’m going to show you my everyday makeup. To be honest. It’s nothing special, but you want to see
it. And I’m here to be of service to you ladies. So here we are. My kind of, everyday makeup look, is very
minimal and very simple. But here it goes. And if you wonder why things look a little
bit different than usual, that is because I have finally set up my youtube studio and
I’m experimenting a little bit with using a backdrop. Now the first thing that I always put on my
face is of course moisturizer, which I have already put on my face. The whole skin care routine will be coming
up in a video that I will be doing after this one. So make sure you subscribe and make sure you
check out my other videos, because who knows maybe I have already uploaded it?! There is one more thing that I’m going to
put on my face before I start with my makeup procedure. I do this every day and that is SPF! I use Obagi Zo skin. This is SPF 50! Listen to the dermatologists. They always say wear 50. They know what they’re talking about. So I’m going to apply it. I usually just take two pumps. I like to dab it on to my face. I don’t know why. What I like about this SPF is that it’s actually
not greasy. Now the next step which is actually the first
step in my makeup routine and that is primer. Now I didn’t used to use primer in the past
and now looking back on those days, I’m thinking to myself: “What was wrong with you?!” I remember a friend of mine, a makeup artist. She told me: “not wearing primer is like
wearing a dress without wearing underwear underneath” – And that is so true! I totally agree. These days I cannot wear my foundation without
putting on primer before. One thing that I need to tell you about primer,
is that I don’t actually have a favorite primer. There is no brand that I’ve found that is
really amazing. I think all of them are pretty much the same. What I personally want to achieve with a primer
is that I want the prime rate to really fill in my pores. Here I have a large pores. I have a little bit of acne scars here. And then I want to really have like a base
so that my foundation last longer. At the moment I’m trying out a primer by Perricone
MD. Then I take my favorite brush that I use for
application of foundation and primer and it’s called “Hourglass”
The thickest layer I apply in my pores because I really want to fill those pores up a little
bit. You will always see my enlarged pores. If you come really close and it’s okay. You know a little bit of imperfections are
fine. You know we’re not supposed to be entirely
perfect, we’re humans after all. All right. So I apply this primer across my face. I feel pretty satisfied. Basically lmy whole makeup routine is all
about creating a nice complexion. I love having a nice base because I don’t
really use much eye shadows or do a lot of contouring or things like that. So step two is my CC cream. I would say this one is a bit like a foundation. So this is from “IT cosmetics” and I really
like this brand because they are affordable and also they don’t test on animals. It has SPF 50. Now I have already applied SPF 50, but I think
it doesn’t hurt to also have in your foundation. Now I use this one again. So the first place that I will apply on is
of course my pores. So I dab it on and just right below there
and and to be honest I’m going to use another pump. I don’t mind using too much products, I actually
like it, because anyway I’m going to blend all of this out! So I like giving it like a really generous
layer. I’m all about generosity in life, not going
to be stingy in the CC cream department. So I dab it around in those places where I
know I need a bit more coverage. I also dab here but here I’m going to do more. I would need to blend this out. Ladies, I use brushes by Zoeva. I can show you here, if you see. And so I start to gently blend. I don’t really have a strategy with this or
a technique. You know, I’m not an a makeup artist, but
I do what feels comfortable to me. And I try to do it as light on my hands as
possible. Not to remove the product, that’s very important. So you do very light movements. Not sure if you can see that my movements
are light or not in the camera. But they are very light! And then… Down in the neck. Very important! I even do behind my ears I even do back in
the neck. I really try and blend out the. Steps three… Step three… What is step three? I like to apply concealer as a step three. I don’t put any translucent powder on my face,
unless I’m filming. If I would go to a deserted island and I could
pick one makeup item to take with me, I would probably take concealer! The best concealer I have ever tried, is by
far and I’m sure all the beauty bloggers are going to agree with me! NARS creamy radiant concealer! And I use the color “custard”
I apply it around my nose, on my skin imperfections and yeah. I mean I don’t really do any highlights or
anything like this, so this tutorial is pretty basic. I’m going to blend it with a brush and we’re
going to use this brush. Okay ladies, I have blended out my concealer. If I’m in the mood I do add a little bit of
highlighter. I really like this highlighter from Charlotte
Tilbury. I really like Charlotte Tilbury in general
so. Charlotte Tilbury, if you’re watching – Let’s
collab! Lady, I love your stuff! This one is really really good. Charlotte Tilbury does not test on animals
which is another reason why I love love love this makeup brand! Okay so I just took a random brush and I’m
just gonna dab a little bit of highlighter on my cheekbones add a little bit here as
well. And here. I think here too. Just going to change brush. Let me see which one. By the way. I don’t really pay attention to if this brush
is for this particular job. No ladies, I just take whatever brush I want,
because what matters is that it does the job and it’s comfortable. Like you don’t really have to follow any rules. I’ve never followed rules anyway. I like to create my own. OK. So that’s done a little bit of highlighter. Not sure you can actually see much of it but
moving on to step five. I do sometimes use this instead of eyeshadow. Maybe some of you will find it very strange. I don’t know. I just like the effect it gives me. I like to simply apply a little bit of concealer
on my eyelids instead of using like eye shadow or anything. I just like how it defines my eyes a little
bit. This is the one that I use. Stay don’t stray by Benefit cosmetics. So I just apply a little bit like that. And taking a brush and just blending it out. Not too much. I just want to kind of clear up the area here
a bit more. I’m moving on to the next step and the bronzer
that I use is Charlotte Tilbury of course. Really, it’s the best color I’ve ever found. And it’s color “fair” and I use this one,
back to my Zoeva brush and dab a little bit carefully. I’m doing extremely gentle moments. I don’t know if you girls can see me. Does it show? And also don’t forget the neck and behind
the ears. Let’s move on now. So the next thing that will take really long,
besides the complexion, are the eyebrows. So my eyebrows are tinted. I brushed my eyebrows, I’m currently using
Studio 10. Let me move a bit closer so you girls can
see. I always start in the bottom and draw like
a little line there. That’s my support line. I know my gaps and I gently fill them in. I don’t want to draw too harshly because harsh
eyebrows are not nice. And I continue. And in the beginning we don’t fill almost
anything. Now I’m going to blend this together. I’m going to do pretty much the same thing
on my second brow. I don’t know if I like this. Have you ever noticed that one eyebrow always
comes good and the other one doesn’t. So I think my eyebrows are OK. They could be better. The next step that I would use is to define
this area. I don’t use pencil there because I prefer
a more natural result. It’s very easy to mess up in the beginning
of your eyebrows. That’s usually what leads to a beginner mistake. They apply too harsh lines. I mean just looks all very fake. Now what I do is that I apply a fiber brow
gel in the beginning of my eyebrows and the one that I use is by Tom Ford. It’s a little bit used. So it looks a bit. Yeah. This is how it looks like I’ll just do some
gentle strokes. You’re going to define the hairs in the beginning. I don’t want anything to touch the skin. I just want the hairs to be defined. Sometimes If I apply a little bit too much
and then it’s OK to just brush it out. Gosh I have no idea how this is going to look! Somehow it looks different on camera than
it does in real life. So when I’m checking in the mirror it looks
better than when I check in the camera. And don’t forget to hydrate. Hydration is extremely important. So now we need to really frame those eyebrows
and we do that by using a concealer. I prefer using a liquid concealer. I also don’t know exactly why I love the Kat
Von D concealer, because this is the lock it concealer that you actually use for baking. But I don’t know. I like to use it around my eyebrows. I take a brush or something as flat as possible
and dab dab a bit on my hand and I start applying and I always start in this area. I’m not going to do all around I’m just going
to actually do underneath. I feel when you apply concealer like this
and you blend it out, it just looks a little bit more clean and more organized. Somehow it defines the eyebrows a little bit
more. You could also do it on top. I do it sometimes when I feel like there is
a need for. Can I be honest. The eyebrows. It’s so stressful to do them that they’re
just complicated and it’s like whatever mood they are in today. That’s kind of the results you’re gonna get. So today I’m unlucky. But we move on okay. Actually we’re towards the end now. I’m going to do something with my eyelashes. I do have eyelash extensions for those of
you who do not know. I use Russian volume lashes, meaning that
there are multiple lashes on one lash and I have three lashes on one lash. They’re called 3D lashes. And for those of you who want to know the
length and the curve: I have C curve and the maximum length is 10 millimeters. Now my eyelash girl, I hope she’s not watching
this right now, but I’m going to apply a little bit of mascara on top of my eyelashes. She’s going to hate me for this but whoops! I’m going to use Estee Lauder and why am I
using mascara when I have eyelash extensions? Well, that is because I can see that I have
less eyelashes on this eye compared to that eye. I just want to kind of make them a little
bit more united. So I apply a bit of mascara to this eye to
make the lashes more full or appear more full. My strategy is apply a little bit at a time,
when you do just a little bit at a time then you are more safe for mistakes. I even them out a little bit by just adding
a tiny bit here. Like much less than I did on the other one. Now let’s apply something on my lips. So this is how my lips look in their natural
state. I always apply lip balm. I don’t have a favorite lip. There are probably better ones. I moisturize my lips properly before I apply
anything. Everybody always ask me. What lipstick are you wearing? I have so many lipsticks. There isn’t like one in particular that I
wear all the time. But lately I’ve been using a lot of Estee
Lauder. I don’t really use colorful lipsticks. It’s not my thing. I never use red lipstick. Definitely not my thing. But I’m going to apply a little bit of lip
liner first. Now the big question is: the lipstick or the
lip gloss? I’m simply going go for the lipstick today. I prefer lipsticks in general to lip gloss. No not so much my thing but that one is an
exception. OK. I’m not going to apply this with a brush. I prefer just dabbing on. So that’s it. Ladies, my lips are done and my face is done,
eyebrows it’s kind of done and yeah. Voilà. This is my everyday look. Very simple. Not too many products. And I like this kind of minimal look. I like natural look. OK ladies so that was it. You know that I have more tutorials on this
channel. Don’t forget to check out those videos and
I will see you in the next video!


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