• Holly Mackay says:

    His eyeshadow is amazing

  • Kelly Degenhardt says:

    My best friend and her son have this condition. She just got her throat stretched maybe 6 months ago. It’s such a pain to have. So sorry you have to go through this as well.

  • Yvonne Guardiola says:

    I think it would not be as bad a 2nd time around. I say do it only if you noticed it help.

  • Carla Armstrong says:

    Hi Jeffree! I'm one of your vintage fans ( I don't like the word old). I also have this condition and have had several dilations. I average every 3 years or so. I am a nurse, so these things don't bother me. Along with a few other conditions, but we have to do what we must to keep our bodies going so we can help others. There was one time when they had already given me the medication and I told my surgeon (who was a real looker) that I didn't think it was fair that I'm laying here bare ass naked and he was fully dressed. He told me that , if it made me feel better, he didn't have anything under his scrubs! Hope everything's going well. Don't be afraid to go back and have another dilation, you'll do great! We need you around for many years to come! Love ya! Your a hoot! ❤

  • The_Good_Mine_ Builder says:

    This is how much money Jeffree Star has in the meantime

  • terri binkley says:


  • Wildchild says:

    This is actually more common then you think.

  • Tammie Nichols says:

    U was funny when u was coming out of it. My hubby has trouble like u.

  • D. Hzl says:

    It's no secret if you betray it 🤦

  • Cindy Kaetzel says:

    Differently love the anesthia part, i get the best sleep..scary that this is the best…i get a different procedure done, i have to go in yearly, and i hate the prep but love going under.

  • Chateau Versailles says:

    omg I felt so bad for JS

  • Living While Mentally Ill says:

    OMG. I have a similar problem. I get food stuck in my esophagus ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Luckily, mine either goes down on its own after a couple hours OR I have to force myself to… You know. Unlike you, I DO have a gag reflex, so luckily, I have that option, so I've never had to go to the hospital for it. So I doubt I have that full condition, but man… I HATE when it happens. It feels like even though I can I can breathe, I'm still CHOKING. Now I'm curious…. 🤔

  • Victoria Whitcher says:

    My sil has similar conditions and her dad and they can't figure it out. I'm sharing it with her! Ty

  • private cant says:


  • Shay H says:

    I have to say your emerald background, the black and gold and your vibrant eyeshadow are so beautiful together. Such stunning contrast!

  • Barbara Fox says:

    Jeffree omg I watch all your videos and know you don't talk much about your personal life .. just because I didn't hit the like button or subscribe button till now. I find what you are doing very amazing. I wish you would start a behind the scenes with jeffree part one just being your social life with what few friends you do talk about and life as traditional drag queens I'm guessing I wanna say.. your likes and dislikes your dogs likes and dislikes how everything kind of falls In to place with such a humble person who has the attitude of a Queen B when need be .. so much you can talk about on this level and your man what does he like to cook as I know you don't cook and love those trimmed popstars honey.. I am just a woman who wants to get started on YouTube to make that coin .. 750 a month just don't cut it where I come from I need to be more independent like you… ok so not just like you I can't sing anymore hell I can hardly talk anymore.. but you get the jest of what I mean .. I'm the one who what's to get started from nothing to get to stardom .. we all had this rough past some worse than others .. I need a lot of work done for a make over if you see my pic from the Las 3 years and how much j have changed unbelievable..age ..diabetes.. surgery on my vocal cords where they stripped them and I still don't have my voice back . Herniated esophagus in 3 places yeah sucks being me right .. that's not to mention. Everything else wrong with me .. nothing life threatening I wouldn't think anyways .. this mind set people living in my world the poor keep getting poorer and the rich keep getting richer .. I want to be the one who goes from being a nobody in to being a somebody I know you can sympathize with this . Hit me up on Facebook messenger Barbara Fox .
    Much love and respect

  • shannon davis says:

    My friend had gastric bypass and she had this problem years after her surgery. I would drive her to her surgery to have her esophagus stretched.

  • gacha vlogs says:

    My teeth are like push in and like push to the side like Jeffree

  • Yzoebelle’s Life says:

    When you we’re asleep did you felt anything???

  • Jadeo5o2 says:

    I love your hair and makeup

  • got cha says:

    read the bible about God your an abomination I will never buy any of your products

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  • Madison Williams says:

    Jeffree that’s not a big deal my little brother has it but he takes a steroid for it because he also has severe cerable palsy but it’s totally fine I hope it gets better for you!

  • Shelly Pitts says:

    Wow, that is great you had this procedure done. How are doing today, Jeffery? I think you are a amazing, funny person. Very talented as well.

  • Leslie Tianyuan Zhang says:

    Even though I enjoyed your bitchy tune, this is sooooo boring

  • Lamar Sobar says:

    Aww this is why you always drink a million cups of water maybe juice or coffee

  • Faye Mahoney says:

    Jeffree you are the best xx ! Xx

  • InkedLoisLane says:

    That must have been so uncomfortable to live with all these years. Choking or fear of choking is scary. Thank you for sharing.

  • Robin DeLucia says:

    thanks for sharing Jefffee. I have the same issue going on for years now. It's scary for sure

  • Taylor Cassell says:

    Jeffree stay talkin till they knock his ass out🤣💓

  • Gripco1 says:

    Jeffrey, I’ve wanted to say, your teeth are stunning!!!! Also, what do you know about how this affects infants??

  • Lisette Sanchez says:

    Once i chocked on ice and i fainted but it melted got smaller and im alive🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Ashley Leah says:

    K this is what I have. I didn't know there was a medical name for it but everything you describe is what I go through too. Thank you for giving me the name for this condition. I've seen a doctor before for it and he said there was nothing wrong with me.

  • Shelly Grace says:

    Please do the teeth video

  • Bright Pixie says:

    Hey Jeffree, I have the same thing and I have had since 8 years old and I am going to be 34 years old in November. I have to have it done every 2 to 3 months and I also have a lot of other stomach issues to go along with that and it's no fun, really does sucks.. Love you!!!!!

  • Amanda Smith says:

    My mom has the same thing as you, I usually have to help her get it to go down. It’s sad and I feel bad for her but sometimes she can puke it up and get it out

  • Quainterri Shockley says:

    I woukd go back to if they can open ir a little more.

  • Brittney Nelson says:

    Wow this is crazy that I know exactly what you are going through. My ex boyfriend went through THE SAME THING. He never went to the doctor for it until I told him it’s not normal to choke on food and then throw it up. Well he wouldn’t really throw it up, a lot of spit would come up and then he’d chug HUGE amounts of water to get the food unstuck somehow.

    And he had problems with the SAME FOOD!! Steak and hotdogs and bread lots of the time.

    I totally understand what you’re going through. I feel for you Jeffree, I love you!!!! ♥️

  • andrea hinkhouse says:

    I need an appointment I think you answered a lifelong struggle for me!!!!

  • Sandra Avalos says:

    Tbh anesthesia kinda feels weird (my chest started hurting for a random reason :/)

  • KC Sunshine says:

    Ive had issues swallowing but dont believe it was physical, think mine was emotional anxiety related. My daughter went through something similar at same age as I did as a kid. Odd

  • Elissa Evans says:

    Jeffree I understand what you have my son was born with it and the day he was born he could not hold down any of the formula they would give him so he had to take little at a time he had his first surgery when he was a day old so he could at least have formula

  • intown girl says:

    You scare me!

  • Ashley K says:

    Omg i think my husband has this same condition!!! We live in bumfuck town tho n Doctors dont give 2 shits about us natices here. That is so awesome tht u put this out there i think it will help people who have this and dont kno to realize what is wrong with them or loved ones and seek help!!! Thank you so much!!!

  • Judy Mosier says:

    Omg I think I have this. So happy I watched this.

  • Missy Sue says:

    Thank you for sharing! I think my sister may has this medical problem. I will be having her watch this video tonight! 💖

  • K Kay says:

    Thank you for this video. You always make me feel better about life..🥰🥰
    Also, this was very kind if you to share about your personal life .💜💜

  • Cheryl Medeiros says:

    Makeup is on point here! Always is but the colors here is Popping!

  • Breanna Fairris says:

    Why does Jeffrey actually look normal with no eyebrows

  • Breanna Fairris says:

    He just got an iv in his arm and didn't even flinch I'm always like "bitch no get away from me"

  • Kat says:

    ‘D jokes out the way’ lmAo

  • Miranda Marie says:

    Talks about a medical condition

    Me: " litterally the only person i know of who can pull off no eyebrows".

  • lizziegeedee says:

    Aawwwww Jeffree I work for a GI doctor and they do these procedures every day!!! I feel bad you were so scared!!! I hope this video encourages more ppl to see a doctor!! EoE is SO treatable!

  • Jessica Cole says:

    A yr ago for reasons still unknown my throat swelled & I could still breath but I couldn't really swallow & when I actually was able to it felt like I was swallowing broken glass. Any fluid I swallowed went partially down into my lungs because the swelling was keeping the epiglottis open. I'm so glad you got the procedure done because a wk of that shit was way more than I could handle it sucked. I hope it's held up

  • Heather Meader says:

    I love you both & 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️😇😇

  • Veronica Hiser says:

    OMG JEFFERY! That take of you coming in and out of the surgery had me dying lmfao! “She doesn’t want to get married but she’s thirsty” lol

  • Jessica Cole says:

    Jeffree did you say for your first meal "I want Nathan's a** even though I know it's a lot of calories" lmfao. I love anesthesia videos & this delivered very well.

  • Tami Delaney says:

    I think I have this?

  • Selin Gunderen says:

    Jeffree, you’re hilarious under anesthesia. It’s not that you’re not normally, but it’s really funny

  • Gåčhå Šüñfłöwër says:

    Pls let this be a normal video. With Jeffree no way

  • loo legaspi says:

    wow i love your make up. wowwwwwwwww love the color combinations

  • Shinaz Bakar says:

    I just saw the inside of Jeffree Star………………………………

  • Eva Popova says:

    Shedding off your childhood pains means that you have outgrown your parents and finally able to grow up and be happy!

  • Allie Rowe says:

    Jeffree on anesthesia is honestly the funniest thing ever he sounds drunk 😂😂💀

  • G.D. Romanov says:

    I’ve had the same issue all my life. When I try to explain it to people, they don’t get it. Good to know it’s not that rare. Eating bread is the worst.

  • Miss Bumblebee says:

    I have esophageal dysmotility…so when I swallow food my throat does not like to squeeze the food down all the time.. instead It will tighten so you can feel the food stuck while still being able to breath… I have to constantly chew longer then most ppl and take smaller bites… If I try to swallow water to get the food down that starts to make me chokes and to not be able to breath… This is so crazy I random clicked on this video to watch and I didnt realize we shared similar medical issues, my doctor told me its so rare to have someone with this condition at 27 years old and that we have no cure… only thing they can do is stretch my esophagus

  • Charlie Theory says:

    That is still the most beautiful eye lewk iv see on you, Jeffree. I live and breath for that sunset fantasy bitch.

  • Conor Brodie says:

    Loopy Jeffrey 😂😂

  • Deanna Lachelle says:

    I have something like this with my chest and food getting stuck. My mom does to. It’s super painful and sometimes it takes hours to go down. My mom has had food “stuck” for over a day before. Glad you got help. I really appreciated you sharing your stories.

  • Zaphiro Carabantes says:

    Crapper barrel?? Omg 😂

  • Emily Hamilton says:

    You guys are so awesome for sharing your story and then reading about others who have the same condition!! Crazy world! BUT THAT EYESHADOW 😻😻😻please keep being you Jeffree 💕

  • Not The Mama says:

    Omg I didn't know was a thing because I have the same thing. I remember telling me family about this and never paid my me any mind. Fml

  • Haley T says:

    The esophagus of it all

  • Haley T says:

    I actually have only choked once in my life was in elementary school sucking on the round peppermint candy and I laughed, when i inhaled it shot down my throat and was stuck I had never felt so panicked I couldnt even yell !! Then I got it to go down after like 30 seconds of panicking my eyes watered like I was so scared 😂

  • Haley T says:

    I love this video!!

  • Blogger Rach says:

    So glad you two got this done together. I've heard about this when I was in college. Take care of yourself both if you.

  • Shawna Varela says:


  • Cookie Cat says:

    My grandmother has this

  • MissAlexis TheFam says:

    I actually have the same esophagus problem. Every 6 months to a year, they dilate my esophagus or I will chock on everything, including water! Will just sit in my esophagus. It's uncomfortable an annoying. I don't have a gag reflux either, so if I choke, I call 911. But like you, I have avoided everything I have ever choked on! Ty for sharing an opening up! I'm an og from the beginning! 🤗

  • MissAlexis TheFam says:

    You did so much better than me! I freak out an Idk why! I also coughed alot!

  • Abby Hall says:

    We are twin boo boo

  • Alexis Padilla says:

    Its he gay

  • Erika Ojeda says:

    What happened to the Hi How Are You? 🥺

  • Erin Shanahan says:

    OMG my friend just sent me this! I have EOE too!! I’m curious what your numbers are?? I am 205.

  • Iamdaniii _ says:

    Actually I am a 13 yr old and I have trouble swallowing and my food will get stuck it's been happening for 1 year and I want to thank you for publishing this video and helping me learn more about this condition 🙏🏻

  • Pilarteresa Cintron says:

    Thank you for this video Jeffree, due to Eosinophelia I also suffer from this condition of the esophagus. Greatly appreciated.

  • Flora Pol says:

    Guuuuurrrlll I can now confirm that you are as beautiful on the inside as well as the outside ❤

  • jamaica uy de guzman says:

    jeffrey is the person who knows what he wants to be

  • jamaica uy de guzman says:

    Jeffrey is the most beautiful woman i see in my whole life

  • jamaica uy de guzman says:

    Jeffrey is the most beautiful woman i see in my whole life

  • Itz,Me The Fantastic Girl well i always play roblox says:

    i thought ur girl

  • Mive Ramos says:

    I am so glad you made this video because the first time that “choking” feeling happened to me I thought I was going insane. I tried to explain to the doctors what it was and they diagnosed me with a food disorder. I told them I could eat but swallowing was difficult for me. I just had to eat super slow.

  • Krystal Grant says:

    Honestly, this is very helpful information. My husband has this issue, and it's HORRIBLE to watch because I can do nothing. The food gets to a point where it won't go down, and you can't get it up. He just has to work through when this happens (a few times a year) until he can get to where he can get it up. It makes me happy to know there is actually something that can be done for this! So, thank you Jeffree <3

  • Michael Roberts says:

    I remember when i was put under it was the weirdest shit ever

  • Kathryn Swink says:

    My 83 year old father also has esophagus issues. We have to take him in every 4 months to get botox injections to release the muscle because his esophagus closes up. We tried to widen his esophagus first but that did not work for him so we moved on to botox. So far the botox has worked great. He is able to feel the food dropping down now unlike before when he could feel it getting stuck or puking it back up.

  • R edita96 says:

    jeffree i love your gradation eyeshadow😍

  • Derin Mina says:

    İt is funny😊

  • Amanda Spano says:

    I have the same thing had it done and it worked so happy u had it done

  • Iqra Jee says:

    Jeffree ❤

  • Beef Tacos On a Tuesday says:

    Am I the only one who just noticed he doesn’t have eyebrows

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