Neutral Eye with a pop!

Neutral Eye with a pop!

Hey, everyone, and welcome back to my channel. This is the look for today It’s super Super neutral on top and super bright on the bottom I was getting kind of tired of doing the same looks and using the same palette so I wanted to do something Extremely different than what I usually do and here it is I hope you guys like this video if you do Please [give] it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe starting off with my hD lifting concealer and brightening We’re just going to run that all over the lid by using a flat Brush if you notice right now. I have ghosts I don’t know What was happening there, but we’re just going to run that in and blend that out to give our eye shadow really good base I’m tired of using my morphe Palette even though it is superior and so good But I just needed to use something else so this time I decided to go with my sephora chroma color eye palette which is also Exceptional and I really love the pigmentation, but it is huge going in with this warm Light cafe latte color and rubbing that into the crease with this fluffy brush And we’re just going to use that as a nice transition shade We’re not going too heavy-handed on the lid because we do want to keep it super neutral Feet now taking this fluffy brush. This is number 105 From it cosmetic. It’s just super fluffy. I’m just using that to really diffuse any harsh lines Going back into the chroma color Palette [we’re] going to take The champagne color and put that on the lid I am going to use this fluffy brush because there was no additional product on it And it’s what I had in my hand at the time I’m not using it for any specific reason, but just to put on some eyeshadow Same Palette lighter champagne color I’m using my MB for 17 from Morphe what that is is? It’s a super dense brush So it’s really going to take the pigmentation from the eyeshadow and apply it to your skin without diffusing anything I wanted to use this for a brow highlight. I epically don’t use anything with a shimmer because I Feel like I look like a drag queen when I do that which [is] fine If that’s a thing totally go for it, but I like a more neutral highlight But I really like this color and wanted to put it there in in the inner corner Now taking a mixture of these two eyeshadows We’re going to go ahead and put this into the crease only now for those of you. Who have smaller eyes This is really going to make your eyelid look bigger, and it’s going to give the illusion that your eyes aren’t so hooded so I like [to] do that to just make it so that the eyeshadow by my lashes Pop and So that I don’t look like my I surface is so flat Going back in with this fluffy brush again with no additional product We’re just going to wipe [that] out with some blending motions windshield my shrimp my shirt Windshield wiper motions or just little circles to just blend out any harsh lines that you have within that crease Now I’m going to be taking just a little bit of black any black eyeshadow that you have I took it from the chroma color Palette with the MB 417 because I just wanted to deepen up that outside because it wasn’t giving me the pop that I wanted but again We’re just gonna blend that so it’s super diffused, but making it look [like] I have a shadow within the crease of my eye Now going in with my black eyeliner from it cosmetics I’m going to tight line my eyes for some reason my eyes have been super irritated lately So I have to go in and touch them don’t hate me Now we’re going to go in and curl our lashes And put on a couple of coats of tart lights camera lashes because we are going to put on Falsies But we’re just going to give our eyelashes a nice base And those are the lashes that [I] didn’t show you o lord those are Miss adoro in number 43 this color is called Turquoise shimmer and this is by Sephora this also comes in the chroma color palette I did notice with these pencils that when they get into the water line they don’t Leave a lot of pigmentation on it however when you do put them on the skin. They are beautiful But I wanted to put the lighter color in the water line So I really had to kind of pack it in there And I really wanted to start the blue wing with this color as well Just to give it a little bit a lighter effect on top now this is number 009 blamed Blue, and this is by Scandalous us by Rimmel scandalous eyes this pencil is Amazing I was so impressed when I put this on my eye It was just so creamy and went on and this particular night I was out for a really really long time and it did not budge It stayed super pigmented and it stayed under my eye for the entire night And I think it was like 99 cents, which is amazing because I need to have all of them. I want all the things You can see how happy. I am right now Going in with my morphe M 168 this is just a condensed little brush I’m going to take this teal color I was not flicking you off But I’m gonna take this teal color and I’m going to run that to set the eye Liner under my eye and [just] give it a nice little insurance so that if it did move which it didn’t But if it did move it it would have a place to fall and the blue Underneath would then be able to catch it also this is going to allow me [to] kind of blend out my wing so it doesn’t look like I just Put a line right next to my eye and look like it’s infused with the color on the outside of my eye Same Palette warm topi color. We’re gonna run that under the eye, Jessa you can give it a little bit of shadow so that that blue will just Really really pop not that it needs any help But I just wanted to put the contrast of something a little darker under something a little lighter Now taking this kabuki, brush. I’m just going to take and clean up any fallout Not that I had a lot, but just any from that brown color Now taking my tart lights camera lashes. We’re going to go in and do our lower lash line this color is [7-11] Chestnut it is from wet and wild and the reason that I’m lining my lips Like this is because we’re going to go over it with a lighter lip liner and a lighter lipstick But what it’ll do on the outside is it will cast a shadow so that your lips look bigger I don’t necessarily need my lips look bigger because they are kind of Luscious already, but I do enjoy it for some reason. I wanted these like giant lips So what you’re going to do is you’re not going to touch the corners of your lips You’re just going to line the underneath kind of in the middle and then you’re going to line the top of the Cupid’s bow And what that’s going to cast a shadow with in the middle and make your lips look powder now You don’t want to go packing this on or it’ll be Cholo city so don’t go and really really line it You just want to kind of give it a shadow, but you want to do it light enough So that you have enough to blend it out, and it doesn’t leave those harsh lines in there Now going in with my lip liner. This is number four and all natural from Milani We’re going to go and over draw our lips a little bit But just so we can get over that line so that you can’t see the brown lines on our lips And then we’re gonna fill everything in so it’ll give our lipstick a good base now again this is another habit that I need to get out of this is number eight in [Rosetta] rouge by Kate Moss and Rimmel and we’re Going to take that and put that all over our lips Now going in with my lip gloss in Buxom. This is in the shade [Booya] we’re going to take that and put that on the middle of our lips in [the] middle of the bottom in the middle of the top and this is going to make everything look super pouty and That’s the finished look. I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did, please give it a thumbs up aw So if you’re feeling a little frisky share it with your friends on some social Media Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time freaked out perfect This is bond summon. Oh yeah, seriously. It’s whoo yeah


  • Jen Novak says:

    I want all the things!

  • AndrewsOffDay says:

    That pop of blue looks so great, Amber!

  • Glam Gorjezz says:

    Hey beauty , came across your channel , your so talented and beautiful! I'm in the makeup community and I want to keep in touch with you to do collabs or etc here on YouTube one day! Hope you could stop by channel and check out my videos! Hope to hear from you xoxo πŸ‘―πŸ’œπŸ’œ

  • Carlynnfaces says:

    This look is so gorgeous! :)I love using blue eyeliners.Β 

  • addie nicole says:

    Hey, I'm pretty new to YouTube and I really want 200 subscribers! I subbed would you mind subbing back? πŸ™‚ have a great day! I love how you added the pop of color! It makes it very bold and pretty

  • MyBeautyCorner says:

    Β Hey I SUBBED!!:)πŸ˜„β€Keep on making videos, dont give up:) πŸ˜ƒ Also can you SUB BACK??:DπŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒβ€β€ Youtube friends?:)ο»Ώ

  • CrystalVanity says:

    I love this look! Especially the pop of color! I totally have to try this look. I wanted that sephora chroma palette but I didn't get it it's so beautiful tho!!! Great video! I really do like this look!

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