• KathleenLights says:

    Taking a moment to talk about how HARD it was for me to film & edit this video. I had the worst anxiety yesterday & I paused filming this video twice just to scream & cry. I had so many racing thoughts I couldn’t even form sentences correctly… I can’t even explain it to you because it came out of no where for no reason. Anxiety will do that sometimes. It took me a lot longer to edit this because I stuttered A LOT more than I usually do. Anyway hahah super random but I just wanted to let you know, we all have days where we just wanna scream and cry & that’s ok. Life is about pushing through them though. I love you guys and I hope you enjoy this video!!! Regardless of all the jump cuts lol

  • Jaewon Kim says:

    0:04 I literally Laughed Out Loud

  • CreepyAtTheDiscoToBattle !! says:

    When you said "is gonna be a quick video haha no" lol live for it. Love your makeup, and hair. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Rachel P says:

    I saw the email for these from Coulourpop last week and I was like Kathleen is probably already on this! I can't wait to buy these sets! I want to try Peony and Rose! Love this video, thank you! 😘

  • Constance G says:

    If I drank I would be wasted if I took a shot every time you said glitter girl! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Haya Elrayes says:

    Can you fill out this survey please:)

  • Emma Schaub says:

    I would love a summer dewy grwm using mostly cream products! I feel like I have no idea how to use cream products!

  • Twin Peaks says:

    when Kathleen says it'll be a quick video like Kathleen cmon 😑

  • Katrina Harris says:

    Can you make a video showing how to use cream products with powders?!

  • Stacey Baade says:

    ❤ your hair!!

  • Brianna Schiraldi says:

    I love u❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Naima D. says:

    Do you think the blush stix can be used on the lips?

  • Veronica Rios says:

    Some of these are bright neon pink like a pale pink ah I want the matte ones

  • Chelsea Sehon says:

    What’s a good cream bronzer? 🧐

  • Chelsea Sehon says:

    Thank you for being your honest true self. 💖

  • Stephanie Mañalac says:

    I LOVE YOU! ❤

  • Elizabeth Erickson says:

    That “ha ha, nope” at the beginning killed me 😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth Erickson says:

    That “ha ha, nope” at the beginning killed me 😂😂😂

  • Beki Toole says:

    that 'haha nope!' is literally the most relatable thing I've ever experienced in my life

  • kisekina says:

    You work so hard! I really appreciate how you push through your struggles to get videos up for your subsribers. Do take care of yourself first though! We love you and won't think any less of you if you have to delay a video to look after yourself. <3

  • Christy Woods says:

    Oooh,I bet I will love sideways to!You and I always love the same blushes and bronzers, are both Aquarius 🤗

  • Leila Reda says:

    More zodiac videos PLEASE ! 💜💜💜

  • Christy Woods says:

    I dont like the 2nd trio with pink blushes.Too pink. I love peachy or earthtones blushes,very few pinks.but I Love that soft Laura Gellar blush else got bout 6 months ago in boxycharm.its so beautiful!

  • Christy Woods says:


  • Madison Patrick says:

    skin looks rlly rlly good!!!!!!

  • Yuki Yeap says:

    please put subtitles in ur videos pls <3

  • Loan Cao says:

    your lashes are so long. Would you recommend lash serum for someone who wants long lashes like yours?

  • Agnes Kiocho says:

    Suggestion. Try bringing down your cam/tripod a bit lower. Your cam being kinda high forces you to chin up. It strains your throat, which you must take care since you need to talk a lot as part of your reviews.

  • Noona says:

    13:04 You named Invite Only and Roosevelt as each other.

  • Patty's Kloset says:

    "haha nope" we don't mind a long video! I love the CP highlighters! amazing!

  • loonafanclub says:

    “haha nope”


    Please review the Juvias place foundationnn love you 🥰

  • Dance Girl says:

    After you used the highlighter as a blush topper I could not stop staring at your cheeks, SO GORGEOUS AND GLOWY!

  • Elisa Roura says:

    Can you try the fresh insta glow

  • Tian Pomeroy says:

    Please review uoma beauty!! Love your vids xxx

  • Haley Blazekovich says:

    16:12 at the end when she says “so so so much”, it’s to the tune of kim possible’s ring tone hahaha

  • Diana Fatimah says:

    well this is pretty random but i have a great idea for make up video content and i wish that you will do it bcs i think it will be fun. "random order of doing make up"
    You will need to write all the make up items needed on papers. One for each piece of paper. Then you will choose the papers randomly and do the make up in the order you've chosen. I dont really know if you get it or not but imagine you need to wear your foundation first and then your primer🤣🤣

    Well I have anxiety too so I always admire and support you. You rock!

  • Jonna Nordström says:

    Have you tried the Smashbox LA Lights – Lip & Cheek Color Hollywood & Highlight? In Hollywood & Highlight? It’s my favorite and I don’t see any glitter.

  • Paola Frias says:

    I love the trio names and packaging. But I’m telling myself I don’t need this

  • Katie Deay says:

    Colorpop is like The Ordinary of makeup.. like they do everything right and still make it affordable

  • Kimberly Says says:

    Living for your look today x

  • Elizabeth S. says:

    I just ordered two of the cream blushes and I'm so excited to try them out😊.

  • Sunem Patino says:

    Where that desk from tho

  • mary burns says:

    Does anyone know if the blush sticks are eye safe? Love watching KL!!!

  • Viera Vida says:

    Did anyone else here the kim possible theme song when she said, " I love you guysSo SO SO much"…loved that! its at 16:12

  • Ashley Castillo says:

    We love you so much!!!! And appreciate everything you do for us. Btw, pls pls pls review jacclyn’s collection 😩

  • fluffyhuggsy says:

    Pretty please upload your favourite glowy/dewy blushes! Your videos are some of my favourites to watch. Please never stop making them 🙂

  • Ashley Moroni says:

    Anyone know which it cosmetics brush she’s talking about for cream blushes? Because when I search for it cosmetics heavenly luxe brush it comes up with different ones 😭

  • Michaela Hephner says:

    Show some love to my beauty channel or subscribe please 😘💘

  • Avius Medlock says:

    Please do a collab with ColourPop and come out with your perfect shades of creme products you'd kill it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Courtney Ann says:

    ….I just want them because I'm a sucker for puns….I don't even know how to pick blush colors for me but I want them all now 😂

  • Yumi says:

    “HAHA no” omfg hhahahahahahaha

  • eliza carbajal says:

    Colourpop is ‘affordable’ because they don’t have a lot of product in their packaging..: check oz and compare

  • Charlotte Berg says:

    Uhhhh I need this!! But I am trying to be more conscious of what I buy all the time haha

  • Ramsey Fitzsimmons says:

    This is absolutely nothing against you Kathleen, because it isn’t your fault, but if I have to get out a brush and move product around on the back of my hand to get the product to work, it takes all of the convenience out of a blush or highlight stick for me. The point for me of buying this type of product would be to simplify the makeup routine, especially in the summer time. If I have to go to a lot of work for a blush stick, then to me-I May as well go with a powder blush. Do you recommend any blush sticks or liquid blushes that can be blended out with the fingers or just very easily/quickly?

  • Jennifer_Claire says:

    If it weren’t for THIS review I wouldn’t have known about some of the shades having glitter in them. Thank you, Kathleen for always being honest and thorough with your reviews!

  • Monique Duran says:

    Love this look you have ❤️

  • Ojreader says:

    You should do a “guess that perfume” game! You’re so into perfumes, I’d love to see how many you can recognize from memory!

  • Michelle Kimball says:

    Anxiety is the pits. You’re enough, and you’re loved, and you bring so much to the table. I hope you’re doing much better now!!

  • Sarah villar says:

    I want the poppy set sooooooooo much. I love myself a coral blush and have been looking for a crime stick blush so I’m waiting to get it

  • JadeCouture9093 says:

    My add for this vid was your boxycharm one

  • Emma Platt says:

    I love when she does reviews of colourpop!

  • Carrie xx says:

    I wish I could get colourpop in Austria 🇦🇹

  • Raven says:

    How many times did it seem like she clenched her butt cheeks together? 🤣😂 love you!💘

  • Manpreet Dhindsa says:

    the "so so so much" at the end sounded like the beginning of the Kim Possible theme song

  • manich hang says:

    Me: I have more than enough makeup.
    Also me: Watch review and went to place orders.

  • Maja Osterman says:

    Haha nope is still the most hilarious thing ever 😂

  • Aoife Otoole says:

    0:04 OMG 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Aoife Otoole says:

    If you have bad anxiety please dont film, do whatever helps you relax x we love you x

  • Aoife Otoole says:

    Oooh you should come out with your own highlighter and blush stick with colourpop x

  • Vivian Leung says:

    Kathleen is it possible to do video on your favourite drug store vs high end highlight, please? I like what you like as in I don't like big glitters and anything too metallic, I just want something that glows but not too crazy shimmery. I am so confused looking at other youtuber's videos but it seem everyone else like crazy glittery highlights!

  • Mary Ann Koehl says:

    You are awesome
    I’m not crazy about the glittery ones but want to check out the creams! Thank

  • Caitlin Schnare says:

    Haha I can’t with the “haha nope” in the beginning. Sooo funny!

  • Eliza T says:

    I ordered the magnolias and the highlighter has such chunky glitters in it I really dislike it 😭😭 it would be inappropriate for me to wear it anywhere except going out lol. It’s TOO MUCH. Even after washing my face I could still see random glitters stuck on my face. I wish I’d watched this first before ordering lol

  • 1004 says:

    Totally gonna your favourite shades cause last time when you make your favourite colourpop blush and highlight video, I’ve found my favourite shades among your favourite (if that make sense) 😍

    Thank you so much Kathleen for reviewing this and thank you for trying your best to keep up with your anxiety for us.. love you kathleen ❤️❤️❤️

  • sabrina Bieman says:

    Hi! I think your speak very clear and your very informative. I enjoy your videos and I’m glad you posted it anyways. My husband has anxiety and it effects us sometimes but we work through it. I’m so proud of you for working through it too 💕

  • Melissa B says:

    PLEASE do an updated Best of Colourpop video!!!

  • Annastassia Murphy says:

    Can you please do a recreation of this look?! Hair and all?! 😍😍 I love it

  • Victoria Todd says:

    I am so excited to try these! Which one of the cream blushes is most like Milani Luminoso or NARS orgasm in color?

  • term cee says:

    I use silicon sponges for creme blush & highlighter. They just tap on so nicely & they are super easy to travel with. If the blend isn't what I want, I just tap/blend it out w/a blending sponge. I also use them for applying rinse off masks from the jar so I don't have to put my fingers in there. I really like that you can wash them easily to keep my skin from breaking out and they are a great multi purpose tool for me, but I kno a lot of people don't like them. I really feel like it's a tool worth experimenting with since they last forever and you don't have to keep replacing them, so less waste of product and less beauty waste for the landfill,

  • Sam Lee says:

    I love you so much, Kathleen. Thank you for this video!

  • Ellie Shanti says:

    Kat, please consider doing a brown monochrome makeup look!

  • Lorna says:

    This was so helpful! I hate glitter highlight but I love creams and I'm probably getting urth because of this video cos it was so helpful

  • sailinginthetea says:

    I’m kinda mad they didn’t name the “Roosevelt” blush “Rose-avelt” (or something along those lines.)

  • Ruby Ali says:

    I just ordered Cool It, 25/8, Hope St and Urth 😊

  • Vidisha Sharma says:

    Hi Kathleen, thanks for the reviews. I'm new to colorpop please let top 5things to try from colorpop for eyes, lips n cheeks

  • Rose says:


  • Bana Nana says:

    Love this video you so funny and pretty

  • Alison Hampton says:

    hi kathleen!!! I wanted to comment to let you know how grateful I am for you and your channel. I just started to have a panic attack and needed to calm down so I immediately went to your channel. I know your anxiety is intense but you brighten my day every time you upload. Your authenticity, genuine care and love for your subs, and your happy energy is so warm and inviting. I can’t thank you enough for doing what you do. much love for you kathleen 💛💛

  • Harrison Baker says:

    I find the content of her videos to be soooooo boring, but she has such a lovely personality I keep on coming back 🤣

  • Jessica Benitez says:

    Kathleen you could use “Acting Up” as a cream bronzer !!

  • Micah belle says:

    Did they discontinue these? I can't find them anywhere.

  • Melissa Hallisky says:

    I couldn’t take the nonstop talking, I have anxiety too but this was just manic. Hope you’re getting the help/medication you need to help control it.

  • Renad A says:

    Gosh you talk A LOT

  • Renad A says:

    Gosh you talk A LOT

  • Talia Hell says:

    9:03 and 12:56 😍

  • Grace WR says:

    So glad I got Under Pressure! Kind of wish I got Aloha though😣

  • Abbie SK says:

    Hey everyone!! Please check out my makeup tutorial I did with Kathleen’s palette!!

  • shay says:

    Wow you look like Lucy Hale!

  • emilynmax says:

    Me: knows I dont reach for or prefer cream products
    Also me : let's Kathleen try to talk me into it

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