Holy moly This sounds pretty cool, so you’re supposed to be able to apply this over. You’re already done make up that name It’s like your morning cup of coffee your 3:00 p.m.. Piece of chocolate and your post-workout glow all rolled into one Okay, so I’m going to give you my final thoughts on both of these of brand-new hourglass products Hey guys welcome back, thanks so much for stopping by today, I’m another product review product review for You today, we’re going to be reviewing two new brand new products from hourglass cosmetics they are from the veil line and one of them is the Retouching fluid the other is the translucent setting powder so if you want to see how these products work how they look on the skin How they wear keep on watching today subscriber shoutout goes to Jade I’m not even gonna try to pronounce your last name SLA Ugh, thank you so much for commenting on my recent video I really really appreciate your support if you want to subscribe or shout out. Don’t forget to come in and me comment section below Definitely hit the notification bell, and I would love to show you some appreciation okay guys so as per usual Let’s check in and see what it is that this product claims. We’re gonna start off with the veil I really really like our last cosmetics I’m a big fan of their brand, but they are very very pricey so of course we want what they say to Show in the product we want? We want the claims to be founded and basically this is another translucent powder It is formulated with light reflecting particles to blur imperfections Packaged in an innovative innovative Sifter designed to dispense the perfect amount of product So this is supposed to blur the appearance of pores fine lines and wrinkles for an airbrushed finish So I’m going to apply the powder so right now in my face I have the wet and wild photo focus foundation and just a little bit of concealer And we’re going to see how this powder works, okay, so I’m using my it cosmetics Heavenly skin brush now There’s some in the little well here of the powder, but I actually they say that this is Kind of an innovative packaging, but I actually find it a little bit challenging to use But I have a little bit on my brush here And I’m just going to begin to press it into the skin You I Mean it’s definitely sitting kind of lightly on the skin, which is nice. It’s not feeling overly heavy or cakey And I’m just concentrating in the center of my face and then working it outward Yeah, I mean pretty good, it’s definitely translucent. There’s no color, that’s coming off of it it Is doing a nice job? Smoothing out the skin I’m not like blown away by it my world is not Shattered with Joey yet, but I mean it’s okay It’s definitely settling in a little bit on to my fine lines under my eyes Which you guys will see when I zoom in but I mean yeah, it’s pretty good So I’m going to do the other side with a slightly damp Beauty Blender So how I’m getting the powder out is I’m just closing it and then like trying to get a little bit on the lid or I mean in the well and Then that’s kind of what you get let’s see Okay So that’s kind of probably the easiest way I found to get powder out All right, so I’m going to take a lot on the Beauty Blender and just start Pressing it So what do you guys think I mean when I’m looking in the viewfinder I definitely see a very smooth complexion a very varied mattified complexion which is nice It’s not sitting super heavy on the skin. It’s not really kicking up It definitely is settling a little bit into my fine lines But that is pretty typical for me for any loose powder They pretty much all do that Okay, so this is what we have let me zoom you guys in so you can see how it sets on the skin Okay, so I don’t see anything outwardly wrong with this powder by any means um So this is a very very very nice translucent powder I love how it’s just smoothing everything out making you look super airbrushed. It’s not sitting on the skin or making me look cakey Is it like the most life-changing product I’ve ever used no probably not so the next one We’re gonna. Do we’re gonna try is this little Retouching fluid this is another brand new product, and I picked this up because I was really curious I’ve never had a product that I can apply Over my skin, that’s already done and powdered That’s a liquid without it looking super weird, so you’re supposed to be able to apply this over your Already done makeup that means you’re all powder bronzer and everything like that you’re supposed to be able to apply this over top all those products and It’s supposed to look really really good, so I tend to think this is like really gimmicky like do you really need this? $34.00 product, I don’t know we’re gonna find out. I am NOT one to retouch my makeup throughout the day It’s just the nature of my job doesn’t really lend itself to that But if you are somebody that likes to retouch if you work at like a makeup salon or a hair salon Or you know you want to keep your appearance up throughout the day Maybe this could be a really cool thing for you. There are one two three four five There’s six colors, so it is somewhat pigmented meaning like it has some pigment behind it It’s not just like a clear brightening fluid, but it’s supposed to do Basically, let’s see. It’s a complexion enhancer weightless oil oil free fluid adds Just the right amount of brightness coverage and hydration to your skin during the day It’s like your morning cup of coffee your 3:00 p.m. piece of chocolate and your post-workout glow all rolled into one, so it’s supposed to cancel out all this illuminate darkness and Retouch fading makeup without caking or creasing, holy moly This sounds pretty cool, so I got the color vanilla And I was watching a little video the owner of her. I think she’s the owner of hourglass How she did it she put it like all under her eyes like this It’s definitely a thinner consistency and maybe I’ll do a little bit just to brighten up the center of my forehead bring some life to my Skin why do I feel like I’m so bright right now. Yeah a little bit down here Cupid’s bow bridging the nose Let’s see if this really brings so much light back to the skin, so I’m going to take my finger I Will say it definitely brought some life to my skin it definitely you can see that it illuminated the center of my face there Which is really nice um? I’m not it actually looks really good on top of my powdered makeup everywhere except under my eyes I don’t really love how it looks under my eyes And I will zoom you guys in so you can see aside from that I’m actually kind of impressed because I Thought this was going to be sort of a dud and kind of like I I do I’ll be honest I really do think it’s highly highly highly unnecessary, but that’s just my personal opinion um especially for $34 like Is it really worth it? I don’t know, but yeah, it looks good everywhere on the skin except around my eyes So let me show you that real quick so As you can see it’s just kind of kicking up on the outside a little bit Settling okay on the nose Okay on the forehead and Okay on the chin and fine on the upper lip so it’s just really That under-eye area that I’m not a fan of and honestly that’s probably where I’ll be most apt to use it I mean if if I used it anywhere else on my face. I’d probably just use like a little bit of a highlighter Okay guys, so I’m gonna give you my final thoughts on both of these a brand new hourglass products um You know I love our last I’m a huge fan of the brand, but I am a little bit underwhelmed I’m just they’re not bad products by any means um I just don’t find them to be like revolutionary in my makeup routine The translucent powder is good. It’s nice. It smooths. The skin. It’s not overly cakey Is it life changing? I don’t know I don’t I don’t really personally think so And then the retouching fluid is better than I thought it was gonna be But the place I would be most apt to use it would be under my eyes throughout the day and I didn’t love I just don’t love how it made my makeup settle under there when I put this on top of my already powdered Under eyes, I just feel like it made things separate a little bit, and it might look better from afar, but up close I don’t want to look like a huge cake face, so I I Don’t know. I can’t really endorse this fully. It’s not a bad product by enemies It feels good on the skin it brightens my complexion it definitely brings life to my face Which is really really nice, but it’s just not something that I feel like it’s something I feel like I can live without like if I returned it. I don’t think I would miss it Do you know what I mean um? All right guys so that completes my video I really hope you liked it if you liked my review my review videos don’t forget to give it a thumbs up And to subscribe to my channel of course comment down below as always and don’t forget to check out my community tab Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you next video. Bye


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