NEW IT COSMETICS CONFIDENCE IN A FOUNDATION REVIEW |Natural Light,Wear Test,Close ups!|Beauty Banter

NEW IT COSMETICS CONFIDENCE IN A FOUNDATION REVIEW |Natural Light,Wear Test,Close ups!|Beauty Banter

Swollen pregnancy face kinda hot. Yeah, oh my gosh. Hey guys, welcome back things much for stopping by today I’m going to be reviewing for you the new it cosmetics confidence in a foundation So we’re going to be applying it Zooming you in nice and close with the macro lens so you can see how it lays on the skin We’ll test it in natural lighting and also check in with you a couple times throughout the week to let you know how it wears So if you want to see all that good stuff And if you want to see me apply it right now and let you know my thoughts keep on watching If you haven’t already done so definitely go ahead and hit that subscribe button if you like Foundation reviews hit the like button as well if you’re excited to see how this particular Foundation works or if you like it cosmetics in general And of course hit that notification bell so you don’t miss anything and I love to read your guys’s comments So leave those down below. Okay. So basically I went to Sephora one day and the it cosmetics Display was out. They had their new foundation. I absolutely loved the cosmetics confidence in a cream. I think it’s fantastic so when I saw this foundation I was like Okay, cool. Let’s give it a try like, you know, I have faith in their products I think they have a lot of really good stuff. So I wanted to just give it a shot So you guys know I like to get little samples. I don’t really have the budget to be buying Foundations like left and right so when I can get a sample I do and that way if I don’t like it I don’t have to bring a whole bottle of foundation back to the store and return it I feel like that’s kind of wasteful review interestingly I’m looking at the Sephora website right now and it only has 3 out of 5 stars and 66 reviews, which is not very good I picked up the color 200, which basically I just went to the display I picked one off that looked close to my skin tone. I swatched it and I’m like this looks good. Let’s try this one I didn’t get color matched or anything like that But now that I’m looking at it it says it’s called medium shelf or cool undertones. I don’t actually have cool undertones I’m more of a neutral to warm undertone. So had I known that going into the store I probably would not have picked up this color. But with that said when I did try it I tried it once last week I wore it to work. Um The match seemed to actually be pretty good so I didn’t see the undertones listed at the store so just keep in mind they have a lot of shades and I love when a range contains information about the undertones It’s super super helpful for matching if you know what undertones your skin has But if you’re not sure just go ahead and ask someone at Sephora to color match you just kind of takes the guesswork out of it, but you know I was Just wanting to run in and run out So I just kind of grabbed a color and went with it but the nice thing about samples too is you can ask for two or three different colors so you can test out even the color match and make it’s perfect for you before you buy the Full-size product. So this retails for $32, which I think is pretty reasonable for a foundation it’s got one ounce or 30 milliliters and It says it’s full coverage coverage. It has a matte finish and it’s for normal dry combination and oily skin So all those skin types out there. This is for you aside from maybe sensitive skin Yeah, so the the reviews are definitely interesting um like I said I had a good initial impression of it when I first put it on but Now I’m kind of questioning how it’s going to work when I’m trying it again now All I have on my skin is like a lightweight moisturizer because I didn’t want to put a primer on and taint The application at all or taint my opinion of it by the primer that’s on it. So basically what I’m gonna do Is when I want I want to really see the coverage of this product and when I want my fullest coverage, um, Emily focus Swollen pregnancy face kind of hecha. Oh my gosh I’m also finally I haven’t had any hyperpigmentation throughout this whole pregnancy, but I’m getting it now which is like Okay, let’s wrap this up before the dark spots get any worse because I’m definitely seeing them creep out So like I was saying when I want a full coverage Look, this is like what I do on clients when I’m off low coverage. I use a flat brush This one is just by Sephora she’s a support foundation brush, but they sell these everywhere and I like to essentially take some on a flat foundation brush and Basically apply it And I like to just do kind of one section at a time and Then take a damp sponge. This one is by Real Techniques and Blended it That way the product doesn’t set too much before you get a chance to blend it, so I like to just do one section And then blend it so as you can see that coverage right off the bat is really nice and full I Have the same experience when I was putting it on before work the other day. I didn’t um Put as much on obviously But I found that it covered really well in really quickly and the blending was really nice. So I’m having the same experience right now. It blended like a dream. Um color is good for me No complaints with the color even though it does say cool undertones. It seems to match me fine. So we’ll go with that Take a little more on the brush. Just Kind of paint it on We’ll see how it sets down today But when I was using it before it says a matte finish, I would kind of characterize it as more of a satin finish I felt like it had a little bit of a glow to it or a little bit of a sheen Which I prefer over a full matte foundation So we’ll see how it behaves today So that is half and half I know that my skin doesn’t have a ton of breakouts, but hopefully you guys can see the difference It’s kind of just like a perfected but healthy look It blended so so well, it’s not clinging to any patches at all I Don’t know. I feel like as of this moment right now. I think it looks really really nice let me um let me go ahead and zoom in with the macro lens so you can see the foundation on the skin no foundation versus foundation and Then we will apply it to the other Part of the face. I did not put any concealer under my eyes So just kind of ignore that area, but we’ll zoom in compare then I’ll finish the face I’ll powder everything and we’ll talk about it again. So I will be right back for this event Okay, awesome, so I’m going to apply the foundation to the other side the same way I’m going to start with the flat brush, but I’m actually going to blend it in with Another brush instead of the Beautyblender just so we can see or the Beauty sponge not the beauty blender Just so we can see how it blends with a brush. I have a feeling. I’m going to prefer it with a sponge But just for the purposes of this review you want to see some people really love Blending their foundation in with a brush. I used to only blend my foundation with the Sigma f80. That’s like exclusively what I used before I really got into the sponges so Some people really like this technique So what I like to do is kind of do like a stamping Motion to really get the full Amount of coverage I Mean it again. It’s blending really nice and quickly. I’m not having to like work for it too too much Which I like but I’m thinking I mean I’m liking the finish and the coverage better on the sponge side As opposed to the brush side. I just feel like it’s a nicer more natural smoother finish The only thing I don’t like about using a flat brush like this is I feel like I lose some product on the actual brush itself Again just stamping it. I do feel like this foundation benefits as pretty much all foundations do in my opinion from the moisture of the beauty sponge I Just feel like it helps it look more like skin But I’m not hating Certainly not hating how that blended in Alright, let’s see I Don’t know I really I’m sort of confused about the negative reviews at this point because this is now The second time I’m trying this and I’m really liking the finish. It’s got like a little bit of a Like I mentioned before a little bit of a sheen to it, so it makes the skin look really healthy But there’s also like a glow and a perfected nough stew it Then I’m gonna finish the whole entire face powder concealer the whole drill I’m going to show you guys actually should I show you a natural light with just the foundation? probably So I’ll show you natural lighting with just the foundation then we’ll powder everything and I will let you know how things sit on top of it and then we’ll We’ll chop Okay So this is natural lighting guys, I don’t have any lighting I’m just in front of my mirror and this is how the foundation looks my This side is the brush. This side is the sponge again. I don’t have a concealer or powder or anything else on So you can see what you think I mean it looks pretty natural for the amount of coverage that I’ve been on honestly Okay guys, so I have finished my face I did setting powder a little cream contour Concealer blush bronzer highlighter the whole deal and I have to say everything is sitting really nicely over This foundation. I’m not having any weird patching or any places that anything is catching and looking odd I think everything laid over top really well. So that is certainly promising Sorry that my brows aren’t done. I’m actually filming another video next comparing two different brow products so I wanted to leave my brows bare, but let me go ahead and so obviously right now ish probably I’ll segue into my check-ins with you that I do throughout the week to tell you how this product has worn how it looks throughout the day any downfalls in that sighs This is awkward. But I did not feel like setting up my tripod in my ring light and all that stuff So I’m just checking in with you on the floor of my guest room slash nursery So I’m impressed with how the Foundation has held up. It’s actually looking really good I’m not overly oily or shiny or anything like that. I do have a little bit of separation on my nose I feel like it clung to the dry patches ever so slightly Which is interesting because it’s about the certs. Oh It’s definitely like more of a sort of luminous foundation, I guess. No, I don’t know I don’t know if I would call it luminous, but I do find that if you do have like loose skin With dryness it might cling a tiny bit. Not too bad. I don’t know if you can see it on my nose at all But overall I’m really happy with the way. Otherwise, I wasn’t like it’s exceptionally hot and sweaty today but as you can see my oil is Pretty well controlled. It’s not bursting at the seams anywhere. So I’m happy with the wear for my first check-in thumbs up Hey guys car car check-in This is my second check in with the foundation and I am again pretty happy without war The only thing I noticed was on my nose again, there was a little bit of separation So I think it really benefits from being applied with a damp sponge I applied it with a dry sponge this morning and I do feel like that Prevented it from being like as emollient and like settling into the skin as much as it would have with the damp sponge But I’m just like too lazy in the morning to wet my sponge So if you have very very dry skin, I would definitely caution you with this foundation. That’s kind of one thing I’ve realized from wearing it throughout the week is if your skin is very dry and flaky I would probably avoid this one unless you really really thoroughly moisturize with like intense moisturizer prior to applying it Other than that, I do feel like it controlled my oil pretty well. I don’t have a lot coming through So again just sort of that dryness on the nose. So if you have Skin, that’s prone to dryness. I would definitely use a damp sponge to blend this product in but if your skin is severely dry I’d probably just skip this foundation altogether or you know, you could always get a sample But it definitely was giving me some problems on my nose. I probably need to exfoliate a little bit more in that area So yeah, that’s my second check in for ya. I Love the full coverage. I love that it maintains a natural Look, it does set down fairly matte But I feel like it maintains a little bit of a satin finish that helps the skin look its best and just look more natural The powder products and the cream products that I put on top of it Settle beautifully I had no issues with how any of my products matched with the foundation I don’t really have any downsides I’m sure I will mention some downsides during the where tests if there are any but as of now, I’m happy with this foundation I would recommend this foundation if you’re looking for a new one Absolutely 100% It’s one that I would consider getting a full size up. So that is my review guys I really really hope you liked it. I hope you enjoyed it Definitely hit that subscribe button if you want to see it more and let me know in the comments section What foundations you would like to see reviewed or just how you feel about the style of the reviews that I’ve been doing lately? I love your guys’s feedback. So thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you Madeline. Bye


  • Merrily Mari says:

    Really appreciate the close up shots

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    Congratulations! Love your reviews!

  • Beauty Banter says:

    1:00– Description, reviews, my color
    4:09– Application with beauty sponge
    6:55– CLOSE UP side by side comparison
    8:02– Application with a brush
    10:36– Natural lighting
    11:24– How powder and cream products lay on top of foundation
    12:12– Check ins/ wear test!

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    If I had your skin I would just use Drunk Elepant D-Bronzi drops and moisturizer and call it a day. You have great skin! Love your reviews.

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    I have to try more from It cosmetics- other than their CC cream I haven't really dabbled!

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    I've never tried IT, their shade range for WOC has always been trash. This is the first release I've ever considered; the reviews are so mixed though…

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    Great review, thanks doll. And congrats on the bundle of joy! I love your background, but it played against your skintone & the foundation a bit?

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    Love this video! Really appreciate the natural light with only the foundation on, I feel like a lot of youtubers only do natural light once the full face is on

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    I can’t tell you how awesome it is that you use a macro lens to show how the foundation actually looks on the skin. I wish everyone did this but I also feel this is what sets your review apart from the rest. And I’m sure you have your reasons for needing all the ads but I just wish there were less. Thanks!

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    I LOVE how you zoom in, all these Youtuber’s describe how it looks but I need to see it people!!!! 😆 So thank you for that, definitely subscribing! 😊

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