New Makeup Releases I’m Excited For | Cruelty-free Beauty

New Makeup Releases I’m Excited For | Cruelty-free Beauty

– Hey friends, it’s Courtney. Please be sure to click that little subscribe button down below. Now, let’s go ahead and
jump into today’s video. In today’s video, I’m
gonna be talking to you all about the new make-up
releases that I’m excited for. So, I’ve been blogging for
like eleven and a half years at this point and it takes
lot to get me excited, but there are a couple of things that have just recently launched or
are launching very soon that I wanted to talk to you about. First up is Moonslice Beauty. I am super excited for the
Moonslice Beauty launch, they are a sister brand to SauceBox, who you know I love. So, Moonslice Beauty is
also 100% cruelty free and 100% vegan, and a
portion of all proceeds from their sales are gonna be going towards helping women who need help like I think with
battered women’s shelters and projects like that. They kind of list that
information on the website. They basically want to create affordable, beautiful make-up products for everyone. So, I think their price point is like $20 and under. Right now they just launched
with their first product, which are glosses. And the glosses at $7.99
each and they’re really cute. So if you’re somebody who loves glosses you should go check them out. Second on my list is SauceBox. As you know I love SauceBox
Cosmetics so, so much. They’re 100% cruelty
free, they’re 100% vegan, and they’re going through a
rebranding process right now, but they are getting ready
to start shipping out their duochrome brushes. Now, I pre-ordered the
purple-blue duochrome brushes. I cannot wait to get them. They’ll be here I think
in like two weeks or less. So I’m really, really excited about them but I wanted to make sure and let you know in case you love duochrome
stuff as much as I do, because I’m all about that duochrome life. So yeah, if you were interested in those, you should check them out, they’re available for order
now from Saucebox’s website. Number three on my list, and I
never thought I’d see the day is the Lime Crime Venus
Immortalis palette. Now this is basically
what I would almost call the goth palette of my dreams, at least according to
the photos I have seen. When I first saw this palette, I was like, “Holy crap, this is such
a beautiful palette.” It looks like if I was putting together a cool toned gothic palette, because there’s like just the right shades of blue-gray and taupes, and there’s like a beautiful burgundy, and like a pale bone white
color it looks great. So I was just like (gasps) perfect colors, it’s
all stuff I would wear, and I really, really like the Lime Crime Venus palette formula. The first Lime Crime Venus
palette that I bought was the Venus 3 palette,
which is this one right here, and I love the hell out of this. I wear this color Ecstasy
anytime I have to do a work-safe appropriate color for the office. Like, I don’t go into
the office very often, when I do, this is the color I reach for just because it’s like
the perfect sort of brown that has like a bit of purple
and burgundy and mauve. (murmurs) But it’s great, it’s
basically everything that I wanted Kat Von D’s Lolita
to be but Kat Von D’s Lolita turned orange on me and this does not, so this is great for
like a work safe color. And I also really, really
like this taupe right here just for like an easy wash
of color because its like a great brown taupe and it just
kind of makes my eyes pop. So yeah, I fell in love with this palette. Because I fell in love with
this palette I decided to buy the Immortalis palette or I will be buying it once it launches. It’s launching September
9th at Ulta’s website and I’ve got like four
thousand points saved up so I’m gonna go ahead
and buy that palette. I will say that I did think
if anybody was gonna make my perfect goth palette I
thought it was gonna be like Saucebox or Sugarpill
or Black Moon Cosmetics and here we are with Lime Crime, and I’m just like “All
right, this is awesome!” So I’m gonna buy it. Oh, I did just recently
buy the Lime Crime Venus, I can’t remember what this one is called. Venus Vivids palette. Have not had a chance to
try it but when I do I will let you know how it works for
me, I’ll have a review up. Oh, and in case you don’t know Lime Crime is 100% cruelty free, 100% vegan, and Leaping Bunny certified,
which is a gold standard. So if you’re somebody like me, I prioritize buying from brands that are Leaping Bunny
certified for cruelty free, like that’s what I look for
first and foremost because I trust Leaping Bunny. I know that when I purchase
something that is Leaping Bunny certified it’s not gonna
be tested on animals anywhere in the world. And I don’t have that
guarantee when I buy something that’s just PETA certified. So for me while I do buy from
brands that are not Leaping Bunny certified, like there
are a lot of really great indie brands who don’t have
Leaping Bunny certification who I know are 100%
cruelty free like Fyrinnae, they are 100% vegan. But I just, I feel safer
when I buy from Leaping Bunny approved brands. That’s why I use their list all the time. All right, number four on my list is Besame Cosmetics and it’s
their Briar Rose blush palette. They actually came out with
this whole collection that’s Sleeping Beauty Disney-themed
and I loved, I love Sleeping Beauty because I love
Malefiecent because, I mean who wouldn’t love a witch who changed or a fairy who changes
into a big ass dragon? Like I’m all about that! Hell yes! Sign me up for that life! But I really liked how
this collection looked and when I saw the blush
palette, I went (gasps) “Oh my god, it’s so beautiful.” And when you look at the
palette it looks like it’s all cool tones and I was like,
“Oh, I want to buy that.” But I’m not gonna buy that
until I can find swatches online from a real person. Because when I looked
at the swatches online from Besame Cosmetics website,
the swatches were all really really warm-toned and while in the palette it looks very cool-toned. Until I see it on somebody
else who is a real person (tongue clicks) not gonna buy it. But I’m super excited for it
because it looks beautiful I… I find it really frustrating
anymore that, when I try to go look for reviews on
products have just launched or are getting ready to launch, I can’t find blogger reviews anymore. I can’t find reviews from real people. Instead all I find are
like the crap you see on Allure or Glamor or one
of the magazines sites and it’s just like the promo shot that they got from the brand and
there’s no actual useful swatches or anything cool. So yeah, that frustrates me,
but I’m keeping my eye out. If you happen to see somebody
who has the Briar Rose palette swatch, please link
me or let me know somewhere in the comments because
I wanna go check it out. Number five on my list
Coloured Raine Power palette. Now I’m sure this doesn’t
come as any surprise to you because of the fact that I love purples that when I saw the purple –
the Power Palette come out, that I had to buy it, this is what the palette looks like. And the descriptions of the
colors made it sound very, very inviting, and it’s
supposed to have a couple duochromes. I haven’t had a chance to
swatch it or wear it yet because it just arrived, but I am so looking forward
to playing with this and seeing if I love it. When I look at it in the pan,
I’m like a little worried because I feel like it leans
maybe a little bit too warm, but we’ll see once it’s swatched. I am sad to say it is limited
edition because I am so fucking over limited edition everything. I get so tired of that. But I’m all about that purple life. All right, so number six on
my list is Haus Laboratories. In case you don’t know, Lady
Gaga decided to create her own beauty brand called Haus
Laboratories. They are a hundred- percent cruelty free, and they
launched on Amazon in July. So I preordered a couple items,
and they’re not gonna ship until like mid-September?
So towards the end of this month, or towards the end of
next month, I should be able to give you a review on them. I was excited for her launch
because I really wanted to see what the products were gonna
be like, and I’m curious to see if they’re innovative,
and fun and exciting. I ordered two sets. I ordered
their Ripped set, which is like a lip liner set, and
then I ordered the Glam Attack eyeshadow duo thing, so I’m
hoping that they don’t suck. What I did not like about
Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories launch is that she launched
with bundles on Amazon. I’m fine with just
exclusively selling on Amazon, that’s cool. But having bundles
like you’re QVC just seems like it’s right out of the late
90s. Like why? Nobody wants that. People want to be able
to buy things individually, or they want to be able
to save money on sets. But even then if your brand
is brand new, and nobody knows what your products are like,
why are people gonna wanna take this risk in buying a set? I took a risk because I’m a
beauty blogger, and I’m like “well, if I hate it, at least
I’ll save you guys money, but I’m out the money.” So yeah,
wasn’t thrilled about that, but I am looking forward to
seeing if the products are good or if they flop. Number seven on my list
is Glow Hero Skincare. Now, if you have not heard of
this brand, it is brand new, but I bet you’ve probably
heard of the cruelty-free site Cruelty-Free Kitty.
Cruelty-Free Kitty is a blogger, started a couple years ago,
and she’s been very active in the cruelty-free community.
I feel like a lot of people talk about her site, and so
you probably have heard of it, and she decided to launch
her own vegan skincare line. I was very excited to see this. She is exclusively selling on
Amazon right now, and the only product that she has launched
right now is a rose quartz facial roller. I don’t have
any facial rollers, or if I do, I think I have like a black
one from Colourpop but I’ve never used it. So I probably
need to get on that train, but I was really, really excited
to see her launch her own brand, and I wanted to show
support for someone else in the cruelty-free community.
So if you are a cruelty-free person, you may want to go
check out her line. Or, well, the one product she has so
far. But it’s still exciting, so congratulations, Suzie,
for launching your line. And last but not least is Aromaleigh. Aromaleigh right now has
set up for pre-order, their Fall 2019 collection, and I
believe that they’re doing like a relaunch of a limited
edition collection they did like a while ago, and I think
it was either Hannibal-themed or Sherlock-themed. It’s
called “This is My Design” and I can’t remember which it is. Apologies for the confusion on my part. But the colors look really nice. And I did preorder a couple
of the shades in some other stuff, so I’ll have
that to review later on. But if you’re into indie
makeup, I definitely suggest checking out Aromaleigh,
and they have weekly sales that change all the time.
So you can almost always find something on sale at their site. All right, so that’s it
for my makeup releases I’m excited for. Please
be sure to let me know in the comments below
what you are excited for. If you like this video, give
it a thumbs-up and share. If you didn’t like this
video, hit the thumbs-down and tell me why, what I can do to improve. I mean, I’m just telling
you what I’m interested in and why. If you’re wondering what to
watch next, check over here because I’m gonna link
you to something awesome that I think you’ll love. And YouTube’s gonna suggest
something right here that is perfect just for you. I’ll see you next time! Bye!


  • RinaReviews says:

    I am so excited for the Immortalis palette! Their Venus III was also my first LC palette, and then I got the Silver XS and Venus XL2. I love love love their shimmers, and their mattes have been good to me too. Immortalis just looks so perfect. I love cool-toned neutrals and it looks like a perfect all-in-one palette. Can't wait to see what you think about the Vivids palette.
    That blush palette is so stunning. I've liked pretty much everything I've tried from Besame (which in all fairness isn't much). An Instagram user @vickymousehouse has a motd using the blush palette.

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    I just received the Power Palette and the SugarPill Fun Size Palette, both of which I was excited for. I'm super-excited for the Besame Sleeping Beauty Collection. Maleficient all the way! I ordered the eyeshadow and blush palettes, and the lipsticks. I'm considering the LC Immortalis palette. That the gray is bluish is sealing the deal (I don't look good in pure gray shadows).

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