I am channeling, in this video I am definitely
channeling okay guys, hi I’m Maryam welcome back or welcome to my channel if it’s your
first time seeing me. In today’s video I am going to be reviewing, giving a verdict and
of course conducting a tutorial on the new ColourPop X Sailor Moon collection. I am very
excited about this collection because I am a 90’s kid who grew up watching Sailor Moon,
if you are not familiar with this cartoon, basically it’s a Japanese animation cartoon
that was based on a Manga and it became popular in the 90’s was translated into many languages
including English, so I watched it, Lee did not watch it that was very surprising to me,
more on that later. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this video thank so much for watching and
for subscribing, hit that notification bell so you could see all of my Wednesdays and
Sunday’s videos. I hope you like this very whimsical fun look that’s very different from
me but actually not so different, because this reminds me of me like 20 years ago, Let’s
hit it ColourPop X Sailor Moon. Okay so I just got this ColourPop X Sailor
Moon PR package in the mail yesterday but unfortunately I didn’t save the PR package
because I just wanted to get through my unboxings, I really wanted to keep it flowing and out
of my place, so I am sorry about that but I do have one package saved right here and
I will show that in a bit but, let’s talk about all the products that I have here in
front of me. The first thing that we have available in
this collection is the pretty guardian Sailor Moon pressed powder palette, this is what
it looks like, I’m not really sure what this outer packaging is called. But I kinda remember
it being used very often back when I was a kid. This is what the colors look like, very
pastel, very on theme with Sailor Moon, super pretty, super girly I’m into it. This eye shadow palette with 12 shades is
only $20.00, that’s awesome. We also have 2 blushes also with that same duo holographic
type of packaging from the 90’s. We have 2 colors of blush here, Cat’s Eye which is the
coraly golden tone with some sparkles and also From the Moon which is the pink. Blushes
are $12.00 each, we also have 2 glittery obsessed shadows, and this is what the outer package
of the glittery obsessed shadow looks like, Sailor Moon there she is, so cute. Totally inspired by Sailor Moon with today’s
hair in case you guys didn’t notice, each glittery obsessed glitter gel is $9.00 we
have Moon light Legend, pink with sheer holographic glitter and we have Moon Prism power which
is the purple-er with sheer glitters and holographic stars and moon, so cute. Next up we have 2 lip bundles with a lip gloss
ultra-glossy lip and an ultra-blotted lip in each duo. So, the first lip bundle is called
daylight, in it we have Usagi which is the ultra-blotted lip and Moon Tiara which is
the ultra-glossy lip. This lip bundle is $15.00, or you can get one of the shades for $8.00.
The second lip bundle is called Moonlight Lip bundle, we have Bun Head in ultra-blotted
lip and Sailor Moon, the ultra-glossy lip. Just gonna compare the 2 ultra-blotted, although
they look very similar, they are actually just a bit different. So, Bun Head, which
is this one here, is just a little bit more pink and Usagi is a little bit more corally,
water melony and the same with the 2 ultra-glossy lip glosses. Moon Tiara is a pale almost nudey
peach and Sailor moon is more of a peach coral, both have gold sparkles. Now that we have talked about everything I
think I owe you guys some swatches but my swatch model does not know about Sailor Moon,
he actually had no idea what Sailor Moon was, he’s been fired for today’s video, I’m gonna
have to do my own swatches he is just not welcome here. Apparently he was a duck tale
sort of guy, duck tales, Chippendale, Voltron, I don’t even know I did watch duck tales when
I was really, really, really little but all the other cartoons that Lee is familiar with
I am just not, we are not the same age category, we are not the generation so our cartoon taste
just never overlapped. Anyways let’s swatch some of these starting
with the eye shadow palette. I am going to go straight across the rows starting right
here with Shining Moon pretty good, next we have Twilight Flash I don’t know if you can
see that, it’s there but its barely there. Ohh Silver Crystal is next gorge, ColourPop
generally excels in shadows like this alright not bad. Next up Full Moon, oh this Silver
Millennium is like a cream, next we have kinda like a chunky glitter but it swatch surprisingly
nicely, and here comes Luna the cat, next we have Justice the yellow wow, Tuxedo Rose
that looks pretty vibrant, here comes love because Sailor Moon wasn’t just about finding
Eloy it was also about love and miracle romance. And here we have all the swatches, not the
best swatches I will be honest but the colors are definitely on theme, definitely feels
very magic girl, magic cat, magic in general and also very celestial. Alright lets swatch some of these lippies,
ultra-blotted lip in Bun Head, Bun Head that’s me. I’m not really sure what’s the difference
between the ultra-blotted lip and a liquid lipstick is, does this actually dry down to
a matte, I’m not sure but we will see. Here we have Usagi, Usagi is Sailor Moon the girl
by day. I get what they were trying to do with this ultra-blotted lip, kind of like
a hint of color, maybe perhaps a stain, very Japan animation-esque but I’m not feeling
it, this is kinda just barely there for me, we will see how it feels on the lips but so
far, this just ain’t my jam. Next we have Sailor Moon which is the gloss, just gonna
pile this on, on the back of my hand, since it’s almost impossible to do a straight swatch
with the gloss and last but not least we have Moon Tiara. And while we are at it lets also
swatch the blush. Here comes Cat’s Eye, okay and here is From
the Moon, generally speaking I am kind of a fan of ColourPop blushes just because they
are pretty easy to wear, they are not too, too pigmented, I hate a super pigmented blush
I far prefer a buildable, sheer to buildable blush, and I feel like theirs do deliver.
And the colors are generally always on the flattering side. I am not going to swatch
the glitter gels because I will be applying those to my face in the tutorial portion of
this video, plus the packaging is sheer so you can definitely see what it looks like
without the swatch. Alright and now onto this look, let’s make sure we are heading straight
into character, fix that hair, fix my galactical earrings, fix my buns and I am ready to get
started. For my eyes today I am thinking a grippy primer
all the way, these are ColourPop shadows, these are not Natasha Denona, these are not
Pat McGrath, these are not Jaclyn Hill formulas for Morphe, these shadows are ColourPops they
are not by any means in the same category as the ones I had just mentioned so they absolutely
cannot go without a primer, so I am gonna use my Fenty Beauty primer on this eye here
and then I am actually gonna use a different primer for my other eye just because I want
to test it out, I am going for this P. Louise base in Rumour 2, I used this one in my previous
eye shadow review video and a lot of you guys wanted to know more about this base and since
it’s so popular on the Gram so I figured today is the day. I’m gonna apply just a smidge,
I honestly don’t know what to spread it with because I generally see people spreading this
primer with a brush, gonna go for this Hourglass brush, hopefully it’s good enough. I realize
that this is a much more opaque base but I will keep that in mind for my verdict, don’t
you worry. I don’t know what kinda look I’m gonna create
for this Sailor Moon transformation, I’m not really going for a transformational look I’m
just trying to stay a little bit more in character and just be a little bit more whimsical and
playful, just because it’s so fun and it takes me back to my childhood and I definitely wanna
play and hopefully if this look comes out great, then it can also inspire some of you
who are major Sailor Moon fans. Let’s dip into the yellow, Justice quite, quite, quite
a bit of dust with that one but it’s gripping honey and it’s gripping good. I’m gonna pack
that on first using this Morphe X Jaclyn Hill JH34 brush, this yellow has some golden sparkles
in it as well but because I have the grippy primer, it’s actually applying and gripping
quite well, I’m glad I’m testing out a yellow again in this video because in my previous
Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette review P. Louise base made the yellow look a lot more orange
so let’s see what happens with this case. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about
at all I will include that video that I am mentioning right up here for you guys to check
out and if you are not subscribed to my channel at all and you are just so confused as to
why I would be referencing another video well here is your opportunity to subscribe because
we like to keep it continuous and we like to tell a much more wholesome story rather
than just episodal fun, what am I saying. The point is if you love make-up, if you love
reviews and also if you grew up watching Sailor Moon, subscribe. Now I am just gonna go ahead and take a smaller
brush, JH35 and dip into this shade here Shiny Moon and I am gonna very gently go over the
top border of the yellow, barely touching the yellow, coming very, very close to the
brow just giving it a much smoother transition so it’s not like skin and then yellow, quite
like how both bases are performing with these colors thus far, and so far I have no complaints
about the colors and how they are applying but mark my words, I’m speaking from experience
here, if I did not apply a sticky base and if I had just gone in with my concealer and
with my powder on top instead of the primer, this is not what this first step would be
looking like, because face it their shadows are just not as pigmented as some of the ones
that I mentioned before, but then again there is a lot of people who probably don’t prefer
super pigmented shadows just because they want it to be a lot more wearable and a lot
more buildable so again, it’s a matter of preference. But for a Sailor Moon inspired
look I want these shadows to truly colour pop and I want them to appear just as they
do in the pan, that bright and that vibrant, is that too much to ask for? Alright what do we do next, any ideas I guess
maybe perhaps I should go in with that Tuxedo Rose coral shade here and JH40 brush, and
start applying this shade right above my crease/right above my fold again first packing it on and
then just gently blending it with the yellow. In theory because both of these colors are
very warm they should blend well into each other and I think they are, let’s try that
on the P. Louise side going right above the crease, all the way in like that and again
with just small strokes, little circles, little tiny back and forth strokes, I am blending
that coral shade into the yellow and only at the border, oh this is looking so fun,
so summery, so festive. Going back with a pinch more yellow and just
back and forth cute, cute, cute. Next up same brush just gonna clean it off on a dry paper
towel, I’m gonna pick up the shade Love right next to it, dust that off and continue in
the same exact pattern, just this time I am going straight across my fold not really above
so essentially I am creating a rainbow, starting with the nude and then yellow and then coral
and then the pink. Same thing on this side, boom these shadows have a lot of dust and
fall out but they are not sticking to me foundation and my concealer, the only particles that
are sticking are they sparkles from the yellow which is not ideal, and I don’t think that
it is killing the look too much. Gonna add a bit more pink right here in the outer corner,
a pinch more on this side, blend I feel like we could still pull of a cute look if we try
really, really hard. Next I’m gonna grab a pointy Fenty brush,
this one is the 220 precision brush right here into Miracle Romance and I am gonna plop
that all over the movable lid, in my case there is so little space left but that’s okay,
man there is a lot of fall out with this, man there is a lot trying to stay positive
guys, trying to stay positive. Also is it me or is my Fenty primer gripping these shadows
better than the P. Louise, and the P. Louise base is like a cult following people are obsessed
with it, I don’t know you guys, I don’t know I feel like my Fenty is a super duper solid
primer, is it working or is it not working I don’t know. Alright what are we gonna do for the bottom
lash line, we are gonna to that Miracle Romance and we are gonna add that all the way across,
kind of a wash though I don’t want it to be too, too pigmented and it’s also kinda helping
me cover up all of that fall out, let’s blend that out with this brush here that has just
a little bit of that pink shadow, not bad kind of interesting. Next, let’s pick up Luna, Luna is the shimmery
shade here, shimmery lavender almost periwinkle shade and using this tiny Lancôme brush,
ohh those pigments just got in my eye, I’m gonna use my fix plus real quick just to spray
my brush I’m gonna use that to adhere the pigments but I still them flying into my eye
and it actually makes my eye burn. Stay positive, stay positive, stay positive, I’m gonna pick
up a little bit more of that Miracle Romance, I’m gonna seal that on top. Put a little Luna
in the inner corner also a lot prettier here, that was a wise choice. Gonna clean off this tiny brush and I’m gonna
dip into this silvery golden shade that feels very, very creamy, Silver Millennium, edge
that right underneath my brow arch, add that little bit of sparkle. I am also gonna take
just a little bit on my ring finger right here and just kinda stamp that right along
my temple, also my cheek bone. That is looking very, very pretty, very, very ethereal and
I feel like this was a good trick, a good hack to get rid of some of those sparkly fall
out particles and just make them blend a little bit better with my look, as if I meant to
put them there. I guess we are going for whimsical today guys, very, very cute. I kinda want to try out one more shade and
it’s this Silvery Crystal which is actually kinda peachy to me, let’s see if I can add
a bit of that right here to my brow arch right on top of the Silver Millennium, I don’t know
if there is a difference but I kinda just wanted to do that and it feels good. I am
thinking I need a nude liner in my water line, we are not going for big old Anime eyes but
I would like a bigger brighter eye for this look, the nude liner that I am using is from
Awake Beauty which is Tarte sister brand, I gotta say I quite like it, once it’s on,
it’s on and it’s not going anywhere. Next up its time to dress up the look, which
blush should I go for, let’s go for a bit of both clearly, gonna pick up From the Moon
and while that is pigmented, I’m gonna bring that all the way to my nose almost is in a
emo girl start, I think these type of colors really do pop on my skin tone because they
are so much cooler on my skin tone whereas a more warm color, like this one Cat’s Eye
is a little bit more wearable on my, but we are not going for wearable today. I like the
blush, very effective, very cute I am just layering some of this mascara. For the lips let’s go with this Usagi blotted
lip, which is actually quite subtle and quite wearable, definitely probably will be a good
type of product to use for one of those reverse ombre lips, like a Popsicle lip, very Japanese
inspired lip, let’s go for Sailor Moon on top. Now I definitely think I am ready for
the glittery obsessed, I’m gonna us just a little bit of the Moon Light Legend, pat that
on my temple, kinda into my hair line and let’s also add that to my inner corner. Just
a smidge for a hit of sparkle, let’s go for Moon Prison Power, oh this one is so cute,
I’m actually gonna try to isolate some stars, add them here to my lids, there is also some
moons in here so I am gonna pick them up from the back of my head first, okay just sporadically
dot them to this are here, this is definitely very, very fun and I am gonna stop right there. At this point I need a set of really bomb
lashes, how about these Barbies from Pur. Lashes are on and I just love these for this
look, I knew they were going to be great, barbie lashes, anime kinda goes hand in hand.
I also used a bit of this freck, freckle make-up this tiny guy right here and just to add a
major cluster of freckles all over my cheek bones and my nose, I quite like it I think
it’s really fun, particularly for this very youthful look and I feel like I am ready to
go somewhere. Clearly, I am going nowhere and all I am gonna do is sit back here and
take some selfies of this look but I gotta say this look is fire and it’s taking my back
to my childhood and I am fired up and I am ready.
Going back to this ColorPop collaboration with Sailor Moon and my verdict which I am
ready to deliver right now, let’s start with the good news. Good news is that I really
like these lip products, I think the bundle themselves are really good and I quite like
the glosses and even the ultra-blotted lip, I didn’t really know what exactly it was,
how different it was from a liquid lip but I get the idea and I think it’s cute, for
$8.00 each or $15.00 a set, this is a great deal and I recommend it. If you love glitter
gels, these glittery obsessed glitter gels are awesome, especially this one given the
fact that it has some stars and some moons, so it’s perfectly on theme with Sailor Moon,
there is just such a pretty happy lavender color. I also like this one though I probably
am not gonna get much use out of it but again, if you are someone who is into glitter, who
is int this theme then you would find a lot of use in it. Blushes, great quality, very cute, very on
them, love the colors, both I would say are very wearable even though they look very vibrant
and now we have reached the moment when I get to score this Sailor Moon pretty guardian
palette by ColourPop. Alright without beating around the bush too much I am going to be
completely transparent as I always am, these shadows are not the greatest by any means,
you absolutely 100% need a sticky grippy type of base, a primer to grip onto these pigments
that are honestly very, very dusty, they are very flaky, there was a lot of fallout and
they are not super easy to blend or super easy to work with, I think for a theme like
Sailor Moon, ColourPop just needed to amp up the quality just a little bit because we
are used to vibrant colors. Regardless of the fact that they are pastels I think the
pigmentation should have been just a little bit more. I am going to go ahead and give
this palette a 6.5 out of 10. It’s kind of on the good side of average/the low side of
good. So a 6.5 in my opinion is a fair grade especially given the fact that this is a $20.00
palette so that’s fairly inexpensive. Those are my 2 cents, those are my final thoughts,
I am sorry to have disappointed you if I did but I hope I was able to make it worth your
while with this fun and vibrant look but then again this look is not really complicated,
there is not a lot of color gradation there and basically it’s just a rainbow from the
top to the bottom which is very simple. We have come to the end of the video, so I will
see you guys in my next one, thank you for watching and for subscribing, if you are not
subscribed yet then what are you waiting for, click on the subscribe button so you could
watch more of my videos, I will see you guys next week, actually in 3 days muah!


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