One Brand Tutorial Black Moon Cosmetics | Cruelty-free & Vegan

One Brand Tutorial Black Moon Cosmetics | Cruelty-free & Vegan

– Hey, friends. It’s great to see you. Welcome back. For those of you who don’t
know me, I’m Courtney, I’ve got Nyx and Pheadra hanging
out behind me on the bed. You can see Nyx is like
right here, the black dog and Phaedra’s passed out back on the pillows, the white dog. So for today’s one brand tutorial, I’m bringing you the brand
Black Moon Cosmetics. This was a reader request. This is an Indie Brand that
will be available at Ulta very very soon. So what I love about them
is that they’re cruelty free and they’re vegan and they’re Gothic and they’re Indie. And they make some amazing lip colors and I really like their eye products too and their highlighter Catshark
is my absolute favorite. So anyway, I’m going to go
ahead and take you through putting together a tutorial
using their products. I’ve already prepped my eyes with Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in Sin and I set it with my Cozette
beauty setting powder. We’re going to use the
Black Moon Cosmetics, Orb of Light palette. And I’m going to go out
of my comfort zone today and try this ugly ass mustard
yellow color right here. I will apply Harvest with the Goss 5 brush along my lower lid. All the way in and all the way out. I’m going to basically take the
color just a little bit past where the fold of my
eye is right down here. And then start working it
up and into the crease. I’m putting my brush, when
it’s packed with product right here at the outer part of the eye and filling that in. And then once I know that
most of the product is off of the brush, I’m going to
drag it up through the crease of my hooded eyes. And just start blending it a little bit. I’m going to switch to my Sigma
E25 brush, to soften this. I’m going to go back with
the Goss 20 and continue to build up this mustard yellow color. And I’m just continuing to lightly shade at the inner crease, to help me, well I’m really trying to help create the illusion
of a crease on my hooded eyes. I hope you can see that. I really just lightly blend
in this mustardy color. And I’m putting a little bit
of the mustardy yellow color on the outer half of the lid, but I really don’t want a lot there, I just want a little. Okay, so once you have this
Harvest color where you like it, the next step is to put
on color on your lid. I’m going to use this color
from Black Moon Cosmetics, called E.T. And I’m really just putting
this onto my mobile lid. And I’m doing the blink cut crease method, although I’m really not going
to be cutting the crease so much as just kind of bringing see more to bring the sparkle up to. I really like the doe-foot
applicator on this. To let me round out
the shape of my crease. And I’m going to drag a little
bit of this lime green E.T color down at the inner corner a little bit. I’m going to layer a little
bit of Black Moon Hydrogen which is their blue liquid eye shadow, one of their blue liquid eye shadows. Just right at the outer one
corner or whatever of the eye. Although, wow, shit. I’m going to find a little
brush to blend with really fast. We’re trying the Real Techniques
brush for blending this. Well, that kind of looks cool. Okay, so what I ended up doing
was blending the blue color from the outside in with the green and I really think it looks cool. I’m very excited about this. I’ve wanted to play with
these guys for quite a while. I just haven’t had a chance until today. I’m going to line my upper lash line with the Balm’s Schwing Liner. I don’t know, eyeliner is always such
serious business for me, I can’t talk while I’m putting it on, at least not easily. Alright I’m just going
along the lower lid again and around the outer, part of the eye here. Add a little bit of dimension or contour right to the outer part of the eye. I’m basically shoving the brush
under the socket of my eye. And then I’m going to go
back to the Sigma E25 brush, and just soften that. And I’m just using this to
clean up all around the edges of Harvest. So my eyes are mostly done. The next part I’m going to put on is the Danessa Myricks Prism FX Lotion. And I use this as my primer, but this a complexion product
that can be used as a primer worn on it’s own, mixed
in with liquid or cream, blushes, highlighters, pretty
much anything you want. It’s an awesome product and it is my holy grail primer these days. It just works better
than anything I found, even the hourglass. I’m going to use the Idun
Minerals Dark Perfect Brows in Dark just to give my
brows a little bit of shape, I needed to do that, they’re
very sad at the moment. Since my hair is freshly
dyed, ’cause I saw my stylist, Cliff on Friday, you can probably tell, this isn’t going to match my hair, ’cause my roots are blue black or it looks like a black and blue. The mid section is a
beautiful deep violet purple and then the ends are the
neon blue that I’ve been doing for a while. Electric Nirvana. I am going to try a new foundation today. Because I need to test more
of these foundations out. This is the Osmosis CC Cream
in the shade Porcelain. I’m really excited about this product, because when I swatched
in on the back of my hand, it looked like it was a
perfect match for my skin tone. I asked Osmosis what they
recommended for application and they said just use a
foundation brush or your fingers. That was one pump of the foundation. I have basically glopped
it onto my cheeks. I’m going to dot this around
a little more at the center. And go back. I am using my Urban Decay
Optical Blurring brush. This is my favorite foundation brush. I use this and a flat brush most everyday. And the reason why is because the flat brush
usually makes it easy to dot around the face, especially if I’m mixing
up my own custom blend foundation by mixing in the Prism FX. And then this one just does
a great job of blending and making it melt with the skin, so that it’s not too heavy. If you ever have problems with
your foundation application and you’re struggling and you
just feel like it doesn’t look quite right, I always recommend
after you use your brush, go back with either your fingers or with a camp make up sponge,
’cause it’ll help suck up any excess make up that’s on your face. I feel like this is a
dead on match for my skin that looks great. And it is the perfect amount of coverage with the two pumps that
I used for my taste. So I hope this wears well,
’cause it looks great. I’m going to contour my cheeks with the Nudestix Sculpting Stick. Alright I’m using this Nyx
brush to try to blend this out, ’cause it’s pretty dense. Okay, so Black Moon
doesn’t have any blushes, but I’m going to use one
of their highlighters, because this is a weird
look that I’m doing. I’m going to use Shroom as my blush. Oh that is Shroom on my cheeks
as kind of like a blush. I know that Black Moon Cosmetics
has an iridescent green however I don’t own it. I’m going to use the closest
thing that I have to it, which is Melt Cosmetics Shadow play. But any sort of iridescent
green highlighter you can go to. And I’m basically just doing this as like a green highlight on my cheeks. And now I’m going to go
to Squid by Black Moon, which is their pure white highlighter. I’ve forgotten that I do want
to highlight around the eyes with Shadowplay that
the Melt Cosmetics cover so I’m using my Kat Von
Dee Shade and Light brush and highlighting right under
the outer part of the brow. And then blending with the
larger end of the brush. And I’ll highlight a little
bit at the inner corner. Out of this color right here,
in the Black Moon palette. By the way, I hate it when
palettes don’t have the names of colors right here, but on the back, and then I have to go look at the back and see which one is this, so yeah. I’m going to use that
color, which is called Cold. And I’m going to use my Makeup
Geek Chiseled Cheek brush, ’cause basically I just
want to get a little bit more definition going ’cause
I have all this shimmer on my cheeks. And it occurred to me
that, well, you know, there’s a great taupe in that palette, so. I’m going to use my big
ass Saucebox powder brush to just kind of lightly, blend in A’SQUIRREL over my cheeks, ’cause I put like three
cheek products on . I’m going to line and fill out my lips with Tarte’s Blackberry lip pencil. Alright, now that my lips
are lined and filled in with the black lip pencil and any black lip line pencil will do. I’m going to put on Black
Moon Cosmetics Murmaider. Which is like this blackened teal that looks fucking amazing. Ah, I love this color so much. Alright, so this look is very
much out of my comfort zone. It is using colors I don’t normally wear, aside from the lips. But I’m very very excited to have it done, share it with you. Just let me take off my little headband. Oh my God, my hair’s tangled. Alright so the last step
would be to add your mascara or false lashes, or
whatever you’re going to do. I have lash extensions so
that’s why I didn’t do anything with mine. Oh and I think I guess
I should do something on my waterline, ’cause it
looks a little unfinished. Let’s see, do I have
like a weird liner color we can put in the waterline? I want to line my lower
waterline with the Urban Decay, Walk of Shame pencil,
which is just a pale nude. Alright, let’s zoom in so you can see the finished look up close. Honestly, I love these colors together. I would’ve never worn them
together before today. But I’m really really into how this looks. I think this is cool. I hope you enjoyed this
mostly one brand tutorial featuring Black Moon Cosmetics. Again, like I said they’re
one of my favorite brands. They are Gothic, they’re
Indie, they’re cruelty free, they’re vegan. They basically check all the boxes for me, so I’m really really excited
that you can now find them at Ulta too. Let me know your thoughts
on this unusual look in the comments below. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and share. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video.


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