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– Hey friends, welcome back. It’s great to see you. I’m Courtney and I’ve got Nyx
and Phaedra right behind me on the bed. And today I’m going to be bringing you an all one brand tutorial with
the brand, CLOVE + HALLOW. The packaging looks like this. I recently bought a bunch of their stuff to do this tutorial because
some of you had asked me to do a tutorial with their products. So, I’m going to do my makeup
a little bit differently than I normally do. I’m going to start with the
foundation first and, (chuckles) and I am going to use my
Danessa Myricks Prism FX Hydrating Lotion before
I put on the foundation just so that I have a nice base. This is my favorite primer and this bottle is almost all gone. But this is a very light-weight primer and it just gives this subtle
iridescence to the skin that I think looks beautiful when you do it under your foundation. I completely killed this bottle and I’m opening up a new one to finish putting it on my face. You have to excuse if my
lips look a little wonky, it’s because I just 21
lip swatches on my lips and my lips are very tired. So with the CLOVE + HALLOW
concealer and foundation line, I bought Shade 2, which is
supposed to be like Fair Neutral. Because Shade 1 was Fair Cool Pink and cool pink makes me look sunburned, so I figured I’d go for
the more neutral tone. Even though typically
it’s going to be darker than the other one and be the wrong, it’s going to be too deep
depth-wise, but we’ll see. I am going to kind of I guess put this around
my face and blend it out and see how that looks. So this is my NYX Total Control Sponge and I put on CLOVE + HALLOW Shade 2, which looks deeper than my skin tone. I don’t think this is
going to be a match for me, but we’re going to, we’re going to see what it looks like on anyways. Now CLOVE + HALLOW doesn’t
have their own primer. I checked. ‘Cause I was feeling a little guilty for using the Danessa Myricks
even though it’s my favorite. But CLOVE + HALLOW, they do
not make their own primer. I do feel that actually that
blended out really nicely. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe Shade
2’s going to be perfect. Right now I’m just putting
this around my face where I have the most
discoloration and redness. And blending it out with
my little makeup sponge. Okay, so I just put the
CLOVE + HALLOW Shade 2 all over my face and I actually feel like it looks pretty good. I’m surprised, very, very surprised ’cause I thought this was going
to be way too dark for me, but I think it looks good on the skin, at least under my studio lights. I’m going to use the pressed
powder that matches it, which is this right here. And just kind of set that on my face. Now, I also bought this
Hydratint in Nakey, which is supposed to be a blush. And it looks like it goes on, this looks like a nail polish bottle to me ’cause that’s what it looks like. So, I’m going to I guess try to figure out where my blush should go and
then blend that shit out. See, this is why I did
not like liquid blushes. ‘Cause I am not very good with them. And I might put them in the
wrong place on accident. Although, I think this
is a nice nude blush. Yeah, I don’t really find
the CLOVE + HALLOW applicator for blush to be useful at all. It literally is like a little
nail polish bottle (chuckles) and you’re going to need
to use your fingertips or somethin’ else to blend it out. So, I just, I mean, I want to say, hey, at least you tried to make
something cool and different with your nail polish blush,
but I really don’t like how, yeah, I don’t like the, I
don’t like it for application. I’m using Urban Decay’s
Enigma eyeshadow primer. So, for my eyeshadow, I’m actually going to
this color right here, which is the bronzer from CLOVE + HALLOW. And the color’s called Cabo. And I’m going to build this
color up along the lower lid. So the reason I bought this instead of the only eyeshadow pallette that CLOVE + HALLOW makes is because the only
eyeshadow pallette they made just looked so boring to me, I didn’t want to spend money on it. But I figured, well, I
could try their bronzer because spring is here,
summer’s around the corner, people are always going to
be asking about bronzer. And it’s something that I
do like to use as eyeshadow on rare occasion, so I figured
I’d give this color a try and see it worked for my skin. And I’m using the Goss 05 Brush
just to build the color up along my lower lid. And then bring it into my crease. And I’m using a Sigma E25
just to blend this out and soften it. So, as I’ve mentioned, CLOVE + HALLOW doesn’t
have an eyeshadow primer and I didn’t like the only
eyeshadow pallette they had, so I bought the bronzer to put on my eyes for a sort of nude eyeshadow look. I’m going to try this color right here from the Hi-Lites pallette,
which is by Lime Crime. I think the color’s called Celestial. And I’m just using a flat shader brush to put the highlighter onto
the mobile part of my lid. And actually I think I’m going
to add some of the pink shade., and the pink shade is called Heaven 24/7. Just because I feel like it’ll, I don’t know, look better. And I’m just running this
brush that I’ve already used for blending over the top of it. Mostly the goal for me when
I have eyelash extensions, like I do now, is really,
really light makeup that makes my eyes pop. And this seems to work pretty well, so. I have to say I like the bronzer. So the next product I have
to put on is their lip color. And I’m going to grab a dark pencil because I need something
to outline my lips. I’m going to use Melt’s Latex pencil just to outline my lips before
I put on the liquid lipstick. So that’s Latex outlining my lips before I put on CLOVE + HALLOW Jetsetter. So this is Jetsetter. And I need to add a
little bit of highlight to my face. Going to use the blue, what is this? Celestial from the Lime
Crime Highlight pallette that I bought. And just put a little bit
of highlight on my cheek. And I guess I’m going to
take some of the pink shade, which is Heaven 24/7 and put that, just a little bit of that
right below the highlight on top of the blush and
ew, yeah, that’s cool. I should do my brows ’cause they look like
they’re a little unruly. So let me groom them into place. I don’t think CLOVE +
HALLOW has a brow product, so I’m going to use my Lime
Crime Bushy Brows in Smokey. And I don’t know if it’s
’cause of where I’m at since I’ve had my brows
tinted or whatever, but this color actually looks
like it’s perfect for me now. And I think I tried it before
and felt like it looked green. So, I don’t know what’s up
with that, but I’m really happy over the fact that it actually looks good. Oh, and I guess I should add
a little bit of highlight under the brow or something. I’m going to use Halo,
the white color from this. Alright, so let me zoom in, so you can see the
finished eye look up close. So here’s the finished eye look up close. Keep in mind, this is really simple. So I hope you enjoyed this tutorial featuring CLOVE + HALLOW. My initial thoughts and everything are I really do like how
the concealer foundation looks on my skin. I felt like the bronzer worked well for me for eyeshadow and contouring. I really, really love this dark lip color, which is called Jetsetter. Hell yeah, I think it
looks great with my hair. I like the blush but I don’t
like the blush applicator. I feel like it’s just a pain
in the ass to work with. So while I think this
is a really good color and I liked the formula, I
don’t like how it’s presented. I feel like they could
improve upon this packaging. But yeah, that’s it. Let me know your thoughts
on CLOVE + HALLOW in the comments below. Have you tried this brand? Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video.

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